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3 NELx3NE Doujins

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Triple release! Brolen is back, this time with 3 new doujins from the circle NELx3NE: FatexFate!, Fate-chan Fight! and Fate's Short Time Travel. We hope you enjoy them.

Summary: These 3 comedy doujins are from 2013 and 2014, they're 24, 24 and 32 pages long and tell stories mostly about young Nanoha and Fate in situations such as fighting a skirt-flipping lost logia, Nanoha accidentally turning young Fate into an adult, Fate being paranoid over Nanoha's mysterious absences and playing detective, and young Fate traveling to the future by mistake. There is not much romance in these doujins made by Yukiharu but they're a lot of fun and have great art and style.


FatexFate!: MediaFire -
Fate-chan Fight!: MediaFire -
Fate's Short Time Travel: MediaFire -

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Those doujins were quite funny !

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Yes, I like the art a lot too.