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4 MekiMeki doujins

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Hello everyone! Recently an anonymous person translated and edited 4 doujins by the circle MekiMeki, you may have seen 3 of them in this thread.

The scanlated doujins are Hinamatsuri Honey, Magical Love Potion, EGOIST and Omnibus 2 Special. So if you like Mekimeki doujins, make sure to not miss any of them!

To avoid confusions, there is actually another translated (but not edited) MekiMeki doujin titled Bara no Tsubomi no Okurimono that was previously linked in this thread, but oddly Omnibus 2 Special was translated and edited instead of this other doujin.


Hinamatsuri Honey
Magical Love Potion
Omnibus 2 Special

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Very cute and sweet doujins!

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Reading these doujins was sure a trip!

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I really enjoyed reading this beautiful doujins!


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It's nice to see Chrono, if only for Sir to commit attempted murder for almost touching Nanoha XD
We'll put it down to a crime of passion :3

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Thanks for the awesome doujins!
I love them all :D

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Thank you! I really like Mekimeki's art.