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Alicia's drabble stories

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Well these dont really have any homes to go to so I'll make one. I poke around with these but never really know of a place to put them. So I'll put them here (hope you guys dont mind) This first one was a little something I made as a continuation of Satashi's crack ending from the Chiken suit route (you guys know what I mean lol)

Vivio walked down the street along the busy shopping center aimlessly as the events of last night replayed over and over in her mind.

"Don't speak to me."

Einhart's voice was clear each and every time it replayed. The girl looked up slowly and stopped in her tracks. There in front of her, coming out of the store, was Einhart Stratos. Vivio was torn between needing more time to sort out her apology and wanting to resolve the matter quickly. Unfortunately for her, the few moments she stood there deciding were just enough time for Einhart to notice her and start walking the opposite direction

"Einhart! Wait!" Vivio called as she ran up to the girl. "Please wait!" she grabbed the other girl's hands.

Einhart turned and glared at the blond before turning back and beginning to walk away once more.

"Wait!" Vivio called again and got in front to block Einhart's path.

"What do you want, Vivio...?" Displeasure and slight anger in her voice

"I...I wanted to apologize about last night" she looked down apologetically "I honestly thought you would laugh."

"Why would I?!" she snapped "And first of all where did you even get such a crazy idea?!"

"I wasn't sure what I should do..." Vivio kept her eyes lowered "so I went online to talk to my friends on the Anime Suki forums and they told me that the suit would make you laugh..."

"So you went online and asked your friends to answer my feelings for you?! And you were hoping it would make me laugh? Well it didn't"

"I know! And I am sorry"

"Put yourself in my place, Vivio" she put a hand on her hip "You had written that letter to you over a hundred had asked me with all the seriousness and respect it deserved. Now I came to you and answered you in a chicken suit. How would you feel?!"

"...probably just as horrible as you must have felt."

"Good. Then you understand. I'm leaving." she passed the Christmas-eyed girl

"No, wait!" Vivio spun around in another attempt to stop Einhart. "I want to make it up to you..."

"There is nothing to make up. I have received your answer. As I stated in the letter, I wanted to find out if these feelings of mine were genuinely my own or if they were lingering feelings from the former emperor." She looked down and tried to bite back the water forming on her eyes "I honestly wanted to make things work--to make things wonderful. I wanted these feelings to be my own...I even took the risk and honestly laid myself out before you. If you truly wanted to go with could have just told me instead of trampling on my feelings like that."

"Einhart...I didn't mean to!" Vivio was now desperate "Please believe me!"

"I'm sorry" Einhart shook her head "but right now there is nothing you can say to me that will change anything."

Vivio stood there, stunned and unable to say anything as Einhart turned her back once more and began to walk away. Tears began to mar her eyes as the utter failure of her attempt to reconcile was just shot down before even being given a chance. She wanted to run...somewhere--anywhere. She wanted to run and cry her heart out. So she did. She put power into her legs and tried to cross the road to head home

"Vivio!" Einhart's voice broke her out of her trans just as she took 3 steps away from the sidewalk.

"...?" Vivio looked towards Einhart's direction then back in front of her. "...!" she gasped as the horn of a vehicle reached her ears. Her body went in shock as the sound of brakes grinding pierced the sky.

"Move, you idiot!!" Einhart's voice came loudly from her left side.

The next thing Vivio saw, was darkness filling her vision...

Yep, its angsty thanks to RadiantBeam lol. GO shoot her for this one XD

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This part is the Omake special written by DezoPenguin in response to the above short that I wrote

"Ein! NO!" Vivio screamed, suddenly realizing that the other girl was lunging towards her. Injured feelings or not, Einhart's reflexes came from the heart, and what came out was not the bitterness that would be glad to see someone hurt or dead, but a reflexive urge to save.

Only, Vivio realized, Ein was late. She could push Vivio aside, but if she did, she'd end up getting hit instead.

Don't let me mess this up! Vivio thought, desperately. She braced herself, shifting her stance slightly, and as Ein reached out to shove her, she hooked her arm under Einhart's outstretched arm, locked it, and pivoted Ein's body away, using her momentum to carry her out and around Vivio so she was on the other side of the blonde from the truck, then pulled her in hard against her, wrapping both arms tightly around Einhart and holding her as close as she could.

The truck slammed into the teenager a second later. The grill crumpled, the radiator burst, and the engine block compressed about three inches before resistance overcame momentum at last and the truck stopped.

"Ein, were you trying to get yourself killed?" Vivio sobbed against her hair. The shimmering rainbow-streaked white of the Saint's Armor slowly faded from around Vivio's body. "You hit me harder than this stupid truck in practice!"

Einhart blinked. She hadn't, clearly, thought through the logistics of risking herself to save someone whose automatic defense was better than most people's active shielding magic.

"I...I..." she stammered. She'd been so hurt, and yet--

What neither girl realized was that the truck itself had been damaged in the crash. The sudden stop had jarred loose some of the wooden planks in its cargo area, allowing what it was transporting to escape.

At least, they didn't notice, until a hen landed on Vivio's head. Einhart looked up at it, blinked once, and all her confusion was swept away in a fit of the giggles.

"So..." she managed to gasp out, "You're telling me the suit was really just your sense of style, then?"

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this was really awesome!! i love these one shots. and that last thing with the hen on vivio's head...cracked me up! haa


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LOL, the chicken suit never dies!

NanoFate fans please don't send me hate mail... I promise to turn back into a ferret and leave Nanoha (and her waifu) alone XD

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Another random I did during lunch lolz

Nanoha slowly opened her eyes and found herself surrounded by white nothingness...her body seemed to float in this vast void.

" I?" she spoke aloud as if to confirm her own consciousness

She spun around several times to see if there was something, someone, anything that could tell her where she was.

"This is odd" she started to recap everything "I remember being in a battle with Vita-chan against some enemies...I remember my body starting to feel completely heavy so I wanted to end everything really fast." her mind began to fast forward to the events "and then..." she gasped "No way..."

"Welcome..." a voice called out to her from behind.

Nanoha spun around really fast and saw someone she recognized


The blond haired girl looked at Nanoha and smiled a little before taking a few steps forward

"Fate-chan, what is going-"

"Ah, there you are" another voice came from behind Nanoha once again.

"That voice!" Nanoha stiffened before whirling around and looking at its owner "It cant be!"

A tall woman with long Mauve hair began to walk towards them. Nanoha raised her guard and tried to protect the girl behind her.

"Precia Testarossa..." she breathed

Precia stopped about 3 meters before looking at Nanoha.

"It's been a while...White mage..."

"You know my mother?" the girl behind her finally spoke

"Dont worry, Fate-chan" she summoned Raising Heart in excellion mode "I won't let her hurt you again"

"Fate?" The girl walked from behind Nanoha and in between the weapon and her mother "I'm sorry...but I am Alicia Testarossa, her daughter."

"Alicia?" Nanoha slowly lowered her weapon "How? Why?" she began to get confused.

Precia walked up to her daughter and pulled her back slightly, giving Nanoha some room to come to the realization that she must have already known.

"Am I..." she looked up while her lips started to tremble "...dead?" she dropped to her knees "No...I cant be..."

Alicia walked up to her and gave the trembling girl a hug "Its ok..."

"No, its not ok!" Nanoha stood up suddenly, knocking Alicia back. "I'm sorry!" she quickly apologized.

"Alicia..." Precia's voice came from behind them "I need to talk alone with this white mage."

"Yes, mother" Alicia got up and patted Nanoha's head reassuringly one more time "Dont worry, you'll be ok" she smiled once more before running off

"I cant be dead..." Nanoha once again tried to deny what was in front of her "I cant be!"

"And why not?" Precia asked in a calm voice

"Because!" she shouted "Because I promised Fate-chan I'd return! I promised I'd come back to help her study for her officer exam! Because she has been working so hard for this..." she began to cry "because I wanted to be by her side again..."

"I see" the older woman noted "So you have that kind of relationship with Fate" she tried to pat Nanoha's shoulder

"Get away from me!" Nanoha jumped to the side and rolled a couple feet "I'll never forgive you for what you did to her!" she raised Raising Heart once again.

"What then? Are you going to kill me?" she smirked "When I am already dead?"

"I hate you, Precia Testarossa!" she screamed back.

"Ah ha ha ha ha!" she threw her head back and laughed "You...hate me" she smiled "That must be hard on you..."

"What do you mean?!" Nanoha grit her teeth, finding everything hardly amusing

"If you hate me, then you must also hate yourself." She paused to let her words sink in before continuing "Because if you look in the will see me"

Nanoha's eyes widened "No way! I am nothing like you!" she tightened her grip on the staff

"Dont be so sure of yourself, white mage." she took several steps towards the now shaking Nanoha "Our actions and thinking are very much in tune"


"You would do anything for her..."

"Stop it!"

"Go to any lengths..."

"You're wrong!!!"

"All for her sake..."

"THAT'S NOT TRUE!!!!!" she screamed at the top of her lungs as she fell to her hands and knees. Her words denied it...but in her heart she knew what this woman said was true.

"When Alicia died..." Precia stopped right in front of her "I was devastated. I had lost the one person that mattered the world to me. I went to forbidden research, I pushed myself day in and day out almost without rest, spent my entire income on research and development, spent many hours swallowing my own blood when my body started to break down, I broke many rules--even forced myself to be an outcast. All of this--ALL OF THIS, white mage, for my daughter." she waved her hand and several screens opened showing Nanoha and Fate in combat on different missions

"..!" Nanoha gasped as she saw the images of her flying to Fate's rescue, always taking the damage so that her partner wouldn't have to, always smiling and never showing her weakness even though her body was screaming in agony.

"Yes..." the older woman confirmed "you are doing everything for her. You destroy yourself just so she will be safe. You push yourself just so you can 'protect' her. You stand up against the entire world just to be with her...and yet" she looked down into the scared blue eyes "you are doing everything I would have done...and if something were to happen to would do everything I have done."

"" Nanoha said very weakly, still trying to deny that she and the woman in front of her were the same on any level.

"Time is short..." she looked over at Alicia who was walking over to them again "you must return to your world." she took Alicia's hand "Before you go...let me give you my first and last piece of advice."

Nanoha stood up and looked at Alicia then moved her gaze to Precia

"Alicia and Fate aren't the same as me" She began "However, as I have proven, you and I are alike" her gaze never breaking from Nanoha's "That's why...if you hate me..." she smiled gently "...Take care of yourself..."

Nanoha opened her mouth and said something but her voice was inaudible. A blinding white light began to illuminate everything and swallow up the images of the two in front of her. Before she passed out again, a small voice reached her ears...

"Please don't die...for the sake of my sister..."

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Nice ficlet !

In a sense, Precia is right about Nanoha, the two have someone they loved with all their heart, and became (or could) when their loved one passed away tragically.
And I'm sure Nanoha could became crazy if she lost her Fate, but the kind who let herself dying of grief.

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Nice short there Alicia, I like the contrast, or the lack of contrast between Precia and Nanoha.

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This is nice, Nanoha finally admits to herself that she wants to be with Fate. I'm also glad to see that Alicia and Precia are reunited at the end.

I think Alicia-chan should take more lunch breaks though... XD

NanoFate fans please don't send me hate mail... I promise to turn back into a ferret and leave Nanoha (and her waifu) alone XD

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Alicia, you write so well!! i was so touched by what precia said. i mean, i've realized it too from other fanfics, but this definitely puts it in better perspective. please post more of your ficlets! they are awesome


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Here is a challenge I was presented. Setting is a few days after Season 1

Spoiler: Monster
Nanoha woke up with a start to the sound of loud clanging from what seemed to be outside of her room. "...?!" she got up and reached over to the small desk near the bed and grabbed Raising Heart, silently activating her barrier jacket almost out of habit. She walked around towards the cafeteria area of the Asura and noticed that the walls had what looked like rips and slashes on them, almost as if a battle took place. "Fate-chan!" she thought as she charged into the room.

There in the middle of the room with wounded arms and her hands clutching her head in what seems to be pain, was her target.

"Fate-chan!" Nanoha ran up to the other girl only to be knocked back by what seemed to be a barrier.

"Stay away!" Fate screamed! clutching her head harder "Just...stay back Nanoha..."

"Fate-chan what's wrong?" the girl dispelled her barrier jacket and tried to approach slowly "...!" but realized the barrier was still optimally active. " to me..." she begged.

A few moments passed before the blond seemed to finally pull herself together and looked up at Nanoha. Her ruby eyes were incredibly frightened on a level which Nanoha had never seen before, making the brunette freeze all her actions.


"NO!!" she screamed again and clutched her head harder.

"Fate-chan..." Nanoha began to cry "Please! What is wrong?!"

Fate breathed deeply for several more breaths before it seemed she recovered again.

"The secret side of me, I never let you see..." she clutched her head "I keep it caged but I can't control it" she raised her hand towards Nanoha while backing up slightly "So stay away from me, the beast is ugly...I feel the rage and I just can't hold it"

"What is it Fate-chan? What beast?" she looked around and was about to ask Raising Heart to do a scan of the area.

"It's scratching on the walls, in the closet, in the halls..." Fate continued with eyes wide open "It comes awake and I can't control it"

"Where is it?" Nanoha raised her guard and summoned several orbs in case there was an outside attacker.

"Hiding under the bed, in my body, in my head...Why won't somebody come and save me from this, make it end?" Fate screamed more to herself than to her friend. "I feel it deep within, it's just beneath the skin...I must confess that I feel like a monster"


"I hate what I've become, the nightmare's just begun...I must confess that I feel like a monster" was the only answer the blond gave, her body visibly shaking in horror.

[Area clear] RH responded after actively searching.

"Fate-chan! Get a hold of yourself!" Nanoha forced herself through the barrier, shattering it after some effort before dispelling her jacket. "What are you talking about?" She cupped the blond's face in her hands and forced eye contact.

"My secret side I keep hid under lock and key...I keep it caged but I can't control it. 'Cause if I let her out she'll tear me up, break me down." Her eyes looked like they stared more through Nanoha than at the blue eyes. "Why won't somebody come and save me from this, make it end?!" she began to shake her head in anguish as the vision of Precia filled her eyes.

"Fate-chan..." Nanoha thought to herself "Are the effects of her mother's soul still controlling her?" she bit her lip a little bit at how helpless she was.

"I feel it deep within, it's just beneath the skin...I must confess that I feel like a monster" she began to claw at her skin as if she tried to rip if off her body "I hate what I've become, the nightmare's just begun!! I must confess that I feel like a monster!!"

"Fate-chan stop!" The brunette grabbed her friend's hands and pinned her down on the ground. "Please! Stop!"

"It's hiding in the's teeth are razor sharp..." she struggled with all her power against the girl who was trying to save her. "There's no escape for me, it wants my soul, it wants my heart..." she stopped struggling for a moment and looked up with her eyes full of tears. "No one can hear me scream, maybe it's just a dream..." she made contact with Nanoha's eyes "Maybe it's inside of me...stop this monster!!"

"I'll stop it!" Nanoha was now desperate "Please! I'll do anything! I'll stop it!" she cried again as the ruckus finally brought Admiral Lindy as well was Chrono, Yuuno, and Amy to the scene. "Just please! Return to yourself!"

"I feel it deep within, it's just beneath the skin...I must confess that I feel like a monster!!" she screamed out as the others came to help Nanoha restrain her "I've gotta lose control, she something radical...I must confess that I feel like a monster!!!"

"I'm sorry, Fate" Lindy went behind her and knocked paranoid girl out.


"Will she be ok?" Nanoha looked at her friend in worry through a glass window.

"Her body will be ok" Lindy noted "but her mind is still in turmoil from everything her mother did to her." she continued grimly

"Fate-chan..." she leaned her forehead against the glass as if it would somehow allow her thoughts to fly over.

"I'm sorry Nanoha-chan, but I would like to ask for your help. Probably only you can restore her mind now..."

Nanoha looked up at the sad woman next to her before turning back to the girl strapped to the medical bed. "I'll do my best Admiral Lindy..." she nodded "I'll do my best..."

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Is Nanoha going to Fate's mind to help her getting rid of Precia ?

Sounds very interesting.

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Skillet's song *.*

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ooh this sounds really interesting!!! i hope u cont.


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Here since people in the chat-room wanted a "Higurashi Bad End" for The Game...

Spoiler: "Hows this for a bad end?"

Nanoha slowly came to her senses and tried to move her hands to rub her eyes.

"...?!" She recovered quickly, noticing that she was tied to some kind of cross shaped device with her arms out to her sides "What the hell?"

"Nanoha!" Fate's voice caught her ears "Nanoha!" it was nearby, but she couldn't move and see exactly where it was coming from.

"You're finally awake..." a similar voice called from behind her.

"...!" The brunette gasped as Alicia stepped into her line of sight "You murderer!!" she screamed

"Ah, so you saw that huh? Fu fu fu~"

"How dare you?!" she bit back "Killing everyone! Killing Hayate-senpai?!" she cringed when a smile traced along the blond's features "What are you going to do to me?!"

Alicia didn't respond and just narrowed her eyes, the very action making Nanoha reel back in utter horror.

"I'm planning to kill you..." she answered after some silence


"No!!!" Fate's scream could be heard from the room next door "Dont kill her!"

"Ahahahaha!!!" the older twin responded "You are begging me to spare lives now? After what you did to me?!" she yelled back in fury "You took away the one person I loved..." she pulled out a knife "So I'm going to do the same!" she plunged the knife into Nanoha's left arm

"Uaaahhaaa argh!" the girl screamed as pain shot through her body

"Let her go!" Fate screamed "I dont care what happens to me! Just forget about her!"

"You want me to to just forget the suffering I endured because of what you did?!" she plunged it deeper, causing the girl to scream louder

"Stop it!!!!"

"Listen well Fate!" she wiped her face from the blood that was spewing everywhere "Feel the very suffering I felt!"

"No! No no no!!!!!"

At this point all Nanoha could do was scream. Words were not longer able to form in her mouth as the pain registered all throughout.

"Fine...: Alicia pulled out the knife before turning her attention to Fate's direction "If you say 'I'm sorry' a thousand times...I will let her go."

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." Fate started

"Ahhhh!!!!!" Nanoha screamed yet again as the knife was stabbed into her other arm

"I'm sorry-I'm sorry-I'm sorry-I'm sorry-I'm sorry-I'm sorry...!!!" the desperate sister sped up even faster to the point where you almost couldn't understand what she was saying.

"Ha ha ha ha ha!" she pulled the knife out and watched as Nanoha almost blanked out "you see that? shes trying so hard to save you. Have anything to say?" she tilted her head

"...I...won't scream anymore..." she breathed out


"You...want to...hear me get revenge...I wont...let you torture...Fate-chan any...longer..."

"HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" she threw her head back "You hear that, sis?! she says she wants to help you!"

"I'm sorry-I'm sorry-I'm sorry-I'm sorry-I'm sorry...!!!!" was Fate's only response

"We'll see how long you can stand" she began to stab Nanoha in her shoulder, her chest, her arms...but despite all the pain, Nanoha kept her screams in check

"Fate...-chan" she mustered her energy in between stabbings "I'm going...*guh* ahead of you *hack* know that *ugh* I'll be waiting..."

"That's enough!" Alicia screamed as she plunged the knife into Nanoha's heart

"Nooooooooo!!!!!!!" Fate screamed as she heard the strike

"Good bye...Takamachi Nanoha..."

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I wonder what would have happened if you posted this in the RP:

Nanoha-san: YOU ***** I TOLD YOU NOT TO POST IT.
Alicia-san: *shrug* You were too busy chatting with people, I got bored.

*put epic battle here*


Lol Oh btw... this made me sad :< I feel bad for Fate...

but... the reactions Nanoha-san will have... just don't make me sad xD

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Oh the horror.
Actually, that wasn't as bad as I thought it would/could be. ~.~

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No! Nanoha died!

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Psssht....>.>.....<.< It seems you DID post it. I'll let it slide this time...only because it's 1am...>.> but...yeah...I got nothing...<.< lol


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Spoiler: Moni's Diary
June 2nd Year 0075

I don't know how long it was since I regained consciousness...nor for how long I was knocked out. I don't know much of anything for that matter-I cant even remember how I got here. What was I doing here? Why did i suddenly wake up in the middle of nowhere? Why cant I remember anything that happened before I woke up? Why can't I remember who I am...?

I got up slowly and looked around, eyes wandering the surface of what looked like the remains of an old battlefield. My body was heavy and my throat was pretty dry, it seemed that I have been laying there for at least several hours--maybe even days. I stood up slowly and glanced down when something feel from me and onto the ground. Curiosity got the better part of me and I reached down to pick up the item. "M.O.N.I." was the only thing written on it. Unsure of what to do with it, I placed the item in my pocket and assumed the name for my own.

The heat of the sun bore down on me forcing me to seek shelter in whatever I could. After several minutes of walking...I managed to find shade on the side of a damaged building. I slowly forced my heavy body to lean against the wall and sit down. My breathing was ragged and sweat was pouring down my face. I didnt think I would take any more of this, I needed to find water and I needed it soon.

"This is StarS 3" a voice called from the other side of the wall. "the area in point delta five is clear, there are no signs of--"

[Alert] another voice called out in what seemed to be a robotic tone

"What is it Mach Calibur?" the voice asked

[Life-from identified within 25 meters]

I wasn't sure what to expect. The sounds drew closer and closer and all I could do was sit there and wait, I had no weapons on me and I most definitely lacked the strength to mount a suitable defense. The only thing I could do was wait for a chance to escape. What happened, however, was not what I expected. The person jumped the corner and skidded several feet before coming to a halt. It seemed to be a girl riding on what seemed to be wheels at the bottom of her shoes.

"Hey! Are you alright?!" she rolled up to me and knelt down

I braced my body in preparation to escape before the girl leaned back and touched something behind her ear

"Command, this is StarS 3, I have an injured civilian here. Requesting evac and preparation of medical supplies." she released the earpiece and took my wrist slowly to check my pulse "You'll be fine" she reassured.

She pulled out a small canteen of water and helped me drink a little bit. The dryness of my throat forced me to cough up the water

"StarS 3, prepare for transport" a voice called back through the receiver as a small green circle began to form beneath us.

My mind tried to process everything that was going on, but my body was still too spent to provide the energy. I found my vision slowly blacking out as my eyes closed and welcomed the darkness...

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I have a bad feeling about this "diary"

I wonder what Moni-chan will think when she see's this ^ ^; Glad or confused?

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More of confused...

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Yeah, Moni will be confused.

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ohhh....I'm also thinking..."Scared".....>.>

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Yes all of that is right !! i am confused and scare....

~what happen if nanoha and fate are real~

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This is for Laevantine... hope its up to standards XD

I call it

Spoiler: A one Knight stand
"I don't understand anymore..." Fate sighed as she walked down the street late one night. She had yet another fight with Nanoha over how they were raising Vivio. "Nanoha just doesn't understand!" she said to herself as she kept walking "What will she do if Vivio grows up to finally meet the real world? If shes always being under strict control and shielded from the world...argh!" Fate stopped and grabbed her head

"Sounds like you are having a bad night" a voice called over to her, making the blond look up at the person walking towards her.


"Care to join me, Testarossa?" the knight held up her bag which contained a bottle of wine in it

"No, I don't want to impose and all..." the blond smiled and shook her head

"Judging from how you look, you cant go home right?" the knight deduced

"Giku" (sound effect for gulp)

"I take it the reason is Nanoha-san right?"


"You are too easy to read" the pink-haired girl sighed "Come on, my apartment is this way." she continued walking

"Eh? You have an apartment?!" Fate's eyes widened "Since when!?"

The knight didn't respond, knowing that the curious girl would follow her even if it was against her will.


"Come in" Signum said softly. The blond young lady stepped inside, looking around curiously, a pleasant smile on her face.

"Is this really your apartment?" Fate gazed in wonder at the small, yet neat and organized home

"Yes it is" the knight replied. "Well...come on in and make yourself comfortable. Can I fix you a drink or something?" She bolted and chained the door, then walked to the already closed drapes and tugged them a little bit tighter.

"No, no thank you. Nothing for me. This is a lovely place you have here."

"Thanks. I like it. Sure I can't get you anything?" Signum asked again

Fate lifted her head slightly as a little laugh escaped her lips.

"Really, no. I think maybe you're a little nervous here, mmm?"

"I just wanted to make your stay a little comfortable" the older woman responded, going to the kitchen and grabbing two wine glasses. "So, what happened?" she asked as she sat down and opened the bottle

"Thank you" Fate took the offer glass and quickly chugged down its contents, much to her companion's surprise "Its Nanoha..." she sighed and held her glass out as Signum refilled it. "She just doesn't understand how strict she is being with Vivio" the blond sighed heavily

"You just wish she would lighten up a bit"

"Yes! Oh god yes...I just don't want Vivio growing up not understand a single thing about the world we live in. I-I-just...argh! It frustrates me each time we fight like this." she held her head in one hand while the other unconsciously gripped her glass harder, a notion that didn't escape the knight's notice

"You haven't changed at all, Testarossa" the older woman moved closer and took the glass from the blond's hand "You are still as readable as ever" she placed the cup on the table before patting the blond's head in a way that she knew would be comforting

"Why..." Fate spoke softly as she felt the familiar comforting sensation "why do you always know how to handle me..."

"Its because I've always been watching you, Testarossa" the knight smiled a little, which was rather rare for the usually stoic Signum

'Its just like before isn't it...?" Fate smiled to herself while looking down at her hands "Whenever I've had a problem-especially with Nanoha-you've always helped me out."

"Like that time you told me about that boy who confessed to you in high school...or about the time you failed that test because you were sick and you were too scared to tell Lindy about it." she chuckled "Or how about--"

"Ah! I get it!" Fate cut her off, hoping to salvage what she thought was left of her dignity. "But were always there for me..." she looked ahead of her "and all I have ever done was cause problems for you. I'm so sorry."

"I feel it is part of my duties...and as thanks for saving me back during the incident with Aruji Hayate." she leaned back on the couch while continuing to pat the blond "So I have learned how to take care of you."

"Thank you, Signum" Fate turned her head and looked up at the pink-haired knight "thank you very much for all you've done for me over the years."

"Dont worry about it. We are partners remember?"

"Yes, I are always one step ahead of me. That is why..." she leaned in closer

"O-oi! Testarossa!" Signum began to get alarmed "W-wha...?!"

"I dont know how I can ever thank you this is the only way I can..." she looked up earnestly "please...just for tonight...?"

Signum tried to protest...wanted to protest...but somehow her body wouldn't respond to her mental commands. Even though she had done a perfect job of hiding herself beneath her fierce exterior, she couldn't help but develop some kind of feelings towards the girl shes been watching over for so long. Her body began to tense up as Fate started to rub herself all over.

"You have to relax a little. You are wayyyy too tense." the blond started running her hands over Signum's body while slowly unbuttoning and parting the knight's clothing, exposing the pink bra underneath


"Hmmmm~" Fate smirked "I didn't think you could make that kind of voice. She felt an intense gaze on her as she removed the other woman's skirt.

The clang of the hooks hitting against each other echoed through the quiet room. Signum felt the tightness around her waist loosen. She felt her body slowly lift itself off the couch, allowing Fate to pull the skirt down her legs.

"Your legs are so long and white...I'm a little jealous" Fate smirked to herself a little bit, allowing her hair to tickle the other girl's exposed legs "Fu fu fu~ a little sensitive aren't we?" she cooed

"N-no they're not..."

"You don't need to be embarrassed" Fate breathed as she slowly slid up Signum's body, confirming every inch of the exposed skin with her intense gaze.


"Shhhh~" Fate silenced the protest by placing her index finger on the girl's lips

The knight could feel a small warmth forming inside her body, she didn't quite understand it completely herself but...she felt relaxed even though she was in an embarrassing situation.

"So, how does it feel to be watched?" the blond lifted herself slightly and looked down at the deep blue eyes below her.

"I..don't know. This is the first time." she turned her head away embarrassed

"That's not a real answer! I don't care what you say. Just...tell me how you feel right now."

Signum felt her body relax more and more at the gentle words. She could feel a small wetness between her legs start to form, wetting her pink panties as well.

"Ne..." the blond spoke again "come on, tell me what you feel right now."

" are so naughty...nnnkkmmm! she tried to suppress a moan as Fate leaned down and licked her neck.


"Fwaa...first...I..." her mind was slowly losing its ability to form a coherent sentence. As time went on, her lower lips were dripping more and more. She knew she had to do something, but she was just getting even wetter.

"So, you are getting wet by just me watching you. Does it feel good?

"No, I'm...not." the pink-haired girl turned her head away from embarrassment

"Lair" Fate smiled "Look at how wet your crotch is!" she slid a finger down to the soak panties and slid her finger up and down the slit, causing the knight to gasp in surprise "It feels good, doesn't it?"

"Nggg...maybe just...a little."

"So you finally said it" Fate lowered her head a little more "You are so cute Signum." her words turned the girl below her into a incredibly red tomato "Ne...can I...continue?" she asked gently


Fate slowly began to remove Signum's jacket and shirt, allowing the knight's warm body to be relieved by the cool air that entered through the open space her blouse made when it was being removed.

"Signum is so pretty...your breasts are also so big..."

"D..don't stare so much..."

Despite what she said...she didn't resist any. Just because she felt embarrassed didn't give her the right to say "no" to Fate, who was expressing her thanks in a rather...peculiar manner. It was embarrassing enough to be stripped like so by her...but the fact that they were staring at each other made it even worse. As their eyes met again, Fate smiled a bit embarrassingly while Signum's face felt warm and a great amount of juices came out and coated the area around her crotch.

"Show me more..." Fate cooed softly

"Mmmmm...mffff...mmm." the pink-haired girl turned slightly sideways and undid the hook of her bra. Her unsupported breasts fell and were bare for all to see. She enjoyed it when her nipples brushed against the bra as she took it off. Her nipples haven't been touched much at all, but they were surprisingly hard and erect already.

"Signum's breasts are so pretty..."

"No they're...not."

"And such a cute color of pink..." she moved her fingers to the left breast and gently passed over it

"Fwaaahhh!!" she felt her nipples get even harder from the action. They were incredibly tight, but it didn't hurt at all

"Ara...are you getting aroused?" the red-eyed girl asked frankly, engulfing the knight's body like fire "Do you want to touch yourself? You should feel free to you know" she pulled Signum up and let the knight stand in front of her

And like a well-trained dog, she began to move her hands closer to her nipples.

"Mmm, Ahh! This is bad...why does it feel so good? Fwaaahh!"

"So it does feel good huh?" Fate smiled and continued to stare

She got a nod and a muffled cry in response. Signum began to pinch them with both her thumbs and middle fingers.

"Mmmaaaahh! aahhh aahhh...mmmkkkkk!"

"And then...if I touch here...what is going to happen?" Fate asked mischievously as she lowered her hand towards the panties

"...!" Signum became so busy with fondling her nipples and so lost in the pleasure that she had momentarily forgotten that Fate was there

"Would you like me to touch it for you?" she asked with a slightly mischievous smile

The knight nodded

"No. You're going to have to hold off a little longer"

"No way..."

"If you do now, you will come right away and it will end"

"But...fwaa!" the pink-haired girl tried gyrating her hips to stimulate her pussy without using her hands. Her juices were dripping down her panties and began to make sticky noises as they stuck against her skin. Even her thighs were so wet, it seemed like she had peed on herself

"This is punishment for all those times you made me embarrassed throughout the years. This is the only time I've ever managed to see you like this. So I am not going to forgive you unless you do something even more embarrassing in front of me."

The knight couldn't help but notice that even though the words were strong, the blond sounded embarrassed as she said them. She thought it was really cute and hearing the command come out of the girl's mouth made her shiver

"H-how did this turn from a 'thank you' you punishing me?"

"Dont mind all the small details now~" Fate waved off the objection "Touch your breasts more...then I will think about touching your down there as much as you want."

The older woman did as she was told and began to use her palms to carefully knead and roll her breasts around.

"No, this is bad...I-I might come from doing this!"

" aren't allowed to." Fate said a little more sternly

"Bu-but...! Dont cruel..."

"You sound so cute...even though you act like a strong guy all the time" Fate leaned in and ticked the other woman's ear with her breath "Given how good you are feeling right now from just your breasts, I wonder how you'd feel if I also touched your down there?"

"Please...can I...touch it already?" she said in an almost desperate voice, causing Fate's cheeks to turn red as the words were moaned out

"I guess it cant be helped..." Fate slowly slid her fingers inside the bands of the wet panties and pulled them down gently, causing a lewd and sticky sound as it lowered

"Mmmm, Fwaaaa!!!"

"Hmmm you are so wet down there...why is that?" Fate teased

"You know why!" she regained some of her temperament and moved her hand between her legs

"No, you cant touch it yet. Answer me first. Why is it so wet?" she asked again

"Nnngggg..." the proud knight felt like a pet being forced to beg for food.

"You cant touch it unless you answer me. So, why is it?"

"Well..because my nipples felt really good..."

"Tell me the real reason why..." Fate's eyes narrowed as her grin increased

"It...its because..." she turned her head "because you were watching me..." she murmured

"Hmm? I didn't hear you" the blond leaned closer to hear

"Its because you were watching me!" she almost screamed out.

"What a naughty girl..." Fate smiled

P...please...can I-can I touch it now?" Signum was unable to bear it any longer, her body was quivering so much that she was barely able to remain stable.

"I wonder what I should do~~" the blond looked up at the ceiling pretending to think


"I mean, it wouldn't be much of a punishment now would it? I was thinking it would be better to let you go...dry" she looked back down

"I'm begging you...let me just touch it?" her voice was now slurring her words together

"Then will you do something even dirtier for me?"

"A-anything..." her pussy was twitching, her hand ready and waiting for Fate to say the word

"Will you let me hear more embarrassing sounds than you have already?" the blond tilted her head

"I will..I will make lots of loud embarrassing sounds so please...hurry...!" she felt an odd sense of pleasure from it all. It was as if she had become the blond's slave...

Fate just smiled happily and looked on

"Come on, please! Isn't this enough? I'm going to go crazy...Nnngg!!"

"Alright then..." she whispered into the older woman's ear "Let me see you coming while you moan loudly in pleasure..."

"Hannngggmmmkkkk!!!!" upon receiving the signal, both her hands began to focus on her pussy. She felt like she was going to go mad from having to hold it in for so long that she couldn't stop. "Ahhhhmmm!! No! I think I'm going to come already!"

"Ah! Hold it right there! I want to see more of this!"

"But...but!" her middle finger was going in and out her rapidly.

"Then I guess it cant be helped..." Fate activated a bind spell, preventing the knight's hands from moving anymore

"No...please!" Signum whined

Fate began to strip her clothes off slowly in an effort to appeal to the bound girl, as if she wanted to make her even more excited. She was slowly unbuttoning her blouse so that the bra could be seen under it. She unhooked her skirt and let go of the cloth. The skirt fell down with a soft rustle followed by the blond's blouse and bra.

"Ne...will you take this off for me?" the blond shook her his seductively as she released the binds

Signum staggered forward a little bit and, with shaky hands, pulled down the black lace panties.

"Someone seems eager" Fate teased

The pink-haired girl blushed and looked away, her eyes widening as she noticed an item that shouldn't have been left outside. Fate followed the shocked gaze and walked over to the item in question.

"Interesting..." she held up the strap-on with the double-sided dildos. "I didn't know you kept such things around" she was rather amused

"Th-that is!"

"Mmmmmmk!" Fate moaned and shivered a little as she put the item on and let the dildo on her side penetrate into her body. "Now...lie back" she ordered as she leaned over the knight

Signum could feel the tip getting close to her entrance. Fate was holding the rod down and pushing it against the other's entrance. It had yet to enter but the sound of her juices as it was rubbed against her body made the feeling very pleasant. She was feeling so good that she was afraid that if Fate had entered her with it, she would lose consciousness.

"Mmm! Ahhh, mmmm! Dont rub it...Fwaaah!"

"I thought...I should ease it into you...mmm!" Fate responded in an equally cute voice

"I don't need please...hurry up...and give it to me!" she lifted her hips in an attempt to force it inside

" goes...mfff!" Fate thrust forward

A strong jolt of pain shot through her from the feeling of something foreign entering her body for the first time, as well as the incredible sense of pleasure. She raised her head and noticed that Fate was drunk with the pleasure she was receiving on her end of things.

"Ah! Dont push so hard!" Fate moaned

"I'm sorry...but my acting by itself...fwaahh!!"

Lewd sounds began to fill the room as the two started a comfortable rhythm. Their breasts massaging each other, their lips meeting and parting, their hands intertwined together as they shared this moment of passion. The pain slowly started to fade away, replaced by a sense of pleasure. Both their bodies were feeling so warm and good that they were getting addicted to it.

"Mmmmmaahhh...Ahh, aaahhh! Oh no, I cant stop my hips...I cant stop!" Fate increased her pace as the pleasure continued to mount "No, I-I'm going to come..mmm!"

"S...same here!" Signum called out as she felt the thrusts go deeper and deeper, grinding into her at a steady pace.

"Ahhhhhhnnnmmm!!!! That's too much...its...AHHH!!"

Both girl's tightened and arched their backs as their minds blanked out from the pleasure of their orgasm. After a few moments, Fate collapsed on top of the knight and rolled off slowly to allow them both to rest.

"Thank you very much, Signum" the blond smiled

"No, I should be thanking you, Testarossa" the knight smiled a little more broadly this time as she wrapped her arms around the younger girl "Make up with Nanoha in the morning ok?"

"Hai..." Fate nodded before burying her head in Signum's chest "I will...thank you...Signum."

"Rest well, Testarossa..."

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I approve verrrry much~
Great job - didn't think you'd write a dirty Shot, but very much satisfied *_*

Fatenum needs moar love anyway orz

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Laevantein wrote:

Fatenum needs moar love anyway orz

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no worries, i'm still die-hard NanoFate - Fatenum is jut my personal Favorite ^_^°

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@////@ I can actually imagine this happening...


Alicia... don't take over Satashi's job of giving people nosebleeds... or join her... @_@ We all gunna die if we dooooo @_@ xD

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I thought the little play on words there would have told you it was going to be something else entirely already XD

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Spoiler: Whiskey Lullaby
"Finally" Fate mused to herself "After 2 years, I finally get to go home. I wonder how Nanoha is doing? I hope she hasnt gotten herself into any trouble hehe~"

She stepped out of the taxi that took her home from the starport and paid the driver before looking at the building that she called home. She took a deep breath as if to reminice about all that happened, also to prepare herself to surprise Nanoha. She hadn't seen her lover in so long, it took all her power to keep herself from just busting through the door. She cleared her throat and slowly stepped into the house.

"Odd" the blond thought as she walked in "I wonder why the house is unlocked if there is no one inside" she stepped in and looked around at the all-too-familiar building. She couldnt help but smile at herself when she looked at the pictures of all the fond memories.

She heard a noise coming from upstairs and grinned to herself thinking that it would be the best chance to sneak up on her lover with a surprise attack from the bedroom. She slowly crepped up the stairs and situated herself in front of the door, taking a deep breath before bracing herself and sliding the door open

"...!" Her eyes went wide with disbelief at what she had seen.

Nanoha was on the bed...with Yuuno

"...!" Nanoha gasped in surprise as Fate entered her view. She quickly got off Yuuno and stared back in utter shock

Fate slowly sighed deeply before turning on her heels and walked downstairs and out the door.

"Fate-chan!" Nanoha ran after the blond, but to no avail. By the time she had gotten outside the door, Fate had already taken to the air, despite the 'No flying in city limits' rule and was soon out of sight.

~She put him out like the burnin' end of a midnight cigarette~
~She broke his heart, he spent his whole life tryin' to forget~

"Come on, Tea!" Subaru called out as she dragged her friend "Its a nice bar I found while you were out on your mission! I promise it will be fun! We can even-" the energetic girl stopped when she saw a familiar face

"What is wrong Subaru?" Teana asked and followed the girl's gaze towards the table. There, siting all alone with numerous empty glasses surrounding her, was Fate

The two girls looked at each other

~We watched him drink his pain away a little at a time~

"Fate-san?" Teana walked up to the enforcer who was still in uniform

"..." Fate responded only by gripping her glass harder and tilted her head back far and literally inhaled the tall glass of alcohol that the bartender had given her.

"Fate-san!" Subaru tried to intervene and remove the bottle, but was only pushed back by the tears that fell from the blond's face during the quick struggle.

The blond got up when the music changed and walked over to the dance floor and started dancing herself away.

"Fate-san..." the two girls could do nothing but watch as the enforcer slowly got more and more bold with her techniques, getting her to borderline misconduct.

The bartender, noticing that she was going to cause problems, asked the drunk blond to leave. Fate only retaliated and started arguing. Eventually it got to the point where it took several people to throw her out of the club.

~But he never could get drunk enough to get her off his mind~
~Until the night~

Teana and Subaru ran up to the older woman and picked her up off the ground. The two took her to a nearby hotel and rented a room. They dragged her onto the bed and stood watch to make sure things were ok

"Fate-san...what happened?" Subaru finally broke the silence and looked down worried.

"Leave..." the blond held her head and forced herelf to sit up


"Leave!" she barked out half in anger...half in despair.

"Subaru..." Teana tapped her friend's shoulder "let's go." She turned to the enforcer "We'll come back tomorrow to see how you are doing, Fate-san" she pulled her partner out the door and bowed before closing it lightly.

~He put that bottle to his head and pulled the trigger~
~And finally drank away her memory~

Fate opened the communicator to the front desk.

"Yes, may I help you?" the receptionist responded

"Get me all the alcohol you have" Fate ordered

"Are you sure? You look like you've had enough alrea-"

"Just do it!" she shouted "I just want a few more."

The receptionist paused a little bit before nodding slowly and sending several bottles to the door.

~Life is short but this time it was bigger~

Fate continued drinking the whole night. The image of what she saw forever haunting her mind. She tried to question herself: Was she lacking? Did she do something wrong? Was she not enough? Why?

"Keh" she spat out the cork of the next bottle before putting it to her lips and throwing her head back.

She tried to get angry at Nanoha. She tried to get angry at Yuuno. She tried to get angry period...but she couldnt bring herself to do it. She knew deep down, that no matter what...she would never be able to hate them.

"Its all my fault..." she told herself and continued pounding away at the alcohol. "Its all my fault..." she kept repeating the whole night.

~Than the strength he had to get up off his knees~

"Fate-chan" Hayate knocked on the hotel door several days later. She had gotten the report from Teana that her friend would be there after what seemed to be a bad night. It would have been ok, but the blond hadn't reported it at all. "Fate-chan?" she repeated when no answer came.

"How may I help you?" The receptionist answered when Hayate pressed the "Service" button

"I am Yagami, Hayate. Commander of Riot Force VI. I would like you to open this door so I can talk to one of my friends."

"One moment please"

The door opened and the short haired girl stepped in. She was stopped by the heavy odor of alcohol. She covered her nose and continued to walk in.

"Fate-chan?" she looked around and almost fell when she stepped on a bottle. The commander looked down and her eyes widened when the floor was literally covered in glass.

Her eyes scanned the room a lot more quickly as she made her way to the bedroom area. What she saw when she entered stunned her


~We found him with his face down in the pillow~
~With a note that said I'll love her till I die~

"Nanoha-chan..." Hayate went over to the Takamachi residence just over an hour later. She didnt quite know how to break it to one of her best freinds.

"Hayate-chan?" The instructor welcomed her friend in and brought her to the couch. "What is it?"

The commander took a deep breath and looked her collegue in the eyes "Its about Fate-chan..."
The mention of the name made Nanoha's eyes widen and begin shaking. Yet, she remained silent and let her friend finish what was to be said.

"Nanoha-chan..." Hayate repeated "did something happen between you and Fate-chan?"

"..." she looked down at her lap and fought the tears back for several moments before finally maintaining enough control to speak "We...had a fight. I want to appologize to her today for it."

"Nanoha-chan..." Hayate grit her teeth as she steeled herself to break out the news. "Fate-chan..." she found herself about to cry, it took all her power to maintain herself as the brought herself to say the last two words " dead."

"...!" Nanoha's head rose with incredible speed at those words. Her jaw dropped as she stared at Hayate, wishing that the girl in front of her would soon say 'I'm kidding'

"I'm sorry..."

~And when we buried him beneath the willow~
~The angels sang a whiskey lullaby~


~The rumors flew but nobody know how much she blamed herself~

Looking at Takamachi, Nanoha now made someone feel very sad. The girl was never the same since that day, she had lost a part of her that she could never replace...and she got rid of it...with her own two hands.

People began to speculate just exactly what happened. Rumors started to rise saying that she was cheating on Fate, saying that she was unsatisfied with how the enforcer was living her life, saying that Nanoha had just been lonely and offered herself to many others...

~For years and years she tried to hide the whiskey on her breath~
~She finally drank her pain away a little at a time~

"She is getting progressively worse..." Signum stated as she watched her friend and former Ace look around to make sure no one was around her before slipping a shot of alcohol to her lips.

"I didnt think the impact would last this long." Hayate rubbed her head "I tried everything I could, and I thought she was getting better." She spoke through a communication monitor "but I guess she was only fooling me."

"So it would seem, mistress..."

~But she never could get drunk enough to get him off her mind~
~Until the night~

Nanoha sat on her bed all alone that night with a bottle in her hand. Her home was the only place that she could drink in solitude without Hayate knowing about it. However the house was a double edged sword. Everything in the house held nothing but memories of the woman she loved with all her heart. Her eyes began to form tears as she reached over next to her bed and carefully propped up a picture that she had placed face down in years...

~She put that bottle to her head and pulled the trigger~
~And finally drank away his memory~

She walked over to her fridge and grabbed everything in it along with a single glass. Her heart continued to ache and all she could think of to help reduce the pain...was to drown it.

"I'm so sorry, Fate-chan..." she said aloud to the empty room between her tears "I'm so sorry..."

She hugged her knees tightly for several moments before reaching to the table and grabbing a bottle and bringing it to her lips.

~Life is short but this time it was bigger~
~Than the strength she had to get up off her knees~

She looked at the picture in her hand. The picture that had Fate smiling brightly...the picture that Nanoha herself had taken of Fate during their last christmas together. She couldnt hold back anymore. She broke down completely, letting go of the bottle in her other hand.

"Rhaaa!!!" she screamed at the top of her lungs and began to throw the bottles around hoping that it would quell her anguish in some way. She didnt care anymore...after several years of trying to fight it...she just had enough.

~We found her with her face down in the pillow~
~Clinging to his picture for dear life~

"Nanoha-chan?" Hayate called from the door the next day. Signum and Shamal accompanied thier master as a precaution. "Nanoha-chan?"

She nodded at Signum, who broke down the door and cleared the way into the Takamachi residence.

"Nanoha-chan?" Shamal called out as the rest of them stepped in. "Klarer Wind" she looked at her rings "Please let me know if anyone is here."

[No living beings detected] it responded [However, there is someone else here]

Hayate's eyes widened "Signum!" she called out

"Understood mistress" the sword knight transformed into her armor and dashed upstairs at full speed.

"Did you find her?!" Hayate called out as the finally caught up.

Signum stood motionless at the doorway for several moments before slowly stepping aside to allow her master to look inside the bedroom.


~We laid her next to him beneath the willow~
~While the angels sang a whiskey lullaby~

"Nanoha-chan...Fate-chan..." Hayate looked at the two gravestones next to each other. "I wish this had never come to be. I wish I was able to prevent this. I'm so sorry." she bowed deeply "I have failed as your commander and as your friend. I dont think you could ever forgive me...but I am truly sorry."

She slowly raised her head and turned around to nod to her Guardian Knights. The Wolkenritter, understanding the meaning, moved away from earshot and stood guard around the area.

"I hope you two finally meet each other again and settle things properly. I miss you both already." She placed the flowers down on both graves.

"Good dear friends..."

. . . Here is the song