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All the circles magic in magical girl nanoha

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In many Web I search about magic circles In magical girl Nanoha
let,s see it

This circle for Nanoha & Fate & chrono

Maybe This for All

this For enemy

IS power for Doctor and enemy Group

caro circle


circle book Of Darkness

Thanks For watcing

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THANK YOU! Thi is what I searched for the whole time! Now I can make my rem- Well Thank you for sharing!!!

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Lets see:

1st one: Midchilda Circle (everyone trained there pretty much uses it)

2nd: Belkan Triangle (pretty much only Hayate's group uses it)

3rd: Not too familiar with, will have to do more research on it.

4th: Inherent Skill as stated above (Used mainly by Type Zero, Type 1 and Type 2s)

5th: Dragon Clan summoning circle (from what I understood, there's like 3 clans that use this)

6th: Belkan summoner's circle (Dont know how many others are left other than the 2 we know of)

7th: Well that one is pretty obvious from the photo XD

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Actually the Belka triangle is also use by the uses of Modern Belka which is just like regular Belka but the cast that use this style is less interesting than the Wolkenritter. Even so there are others uses of Ancient Belka, because as a lost style is actually pretty common. Just like flying, everyone can do it in the first two seasons and then they can’t… Bullshit. Anyway Belka. Aside from the Yagamis there are a few others that use Ancient Belka: Vivio, Einhart, Carim, Material D, Yuri, Victoria and maybe more characters which either doesn’t appear in the manga or anime or a complete waste of time. And the Church Knights also do this style… And the Church Knights also do this style… you know is moments like this when I belive Chrono was just playing with Nanoha and Fate when he said back in A’s he didn’t know the type of magic the Wolkenritter were using.

Anyway since we say the circles let’s say how they works. The thing is… nobody knows. I mean for the lot of things they say about it. Even have an entire manga episode as epilogue in StrikerS when they could not stop talking about the differences between Belka and Mid-Childa magic… nothing really comes out of it. I mean Nanoha is the ultimate Mid-Childa mage and Signum is the perfect Belka Knight and they fight, so the narrators they bring in for the fight is all excited about it. And she didn’t say anything of value. In the end what is the difference? Originally it seems that Mid-Childa is use for shooting magic from the distance while Belka was use to upgrade hand on hand combat and better in close range. And that was fine, nice and simple. But Fate is Mid-Childa and she has a lot of close range attacks, Hayate use Belka and I don’t believe she can actually use her magic in close range so… yeah, the difference don’t work quite well there. Also they try to use a most complicated explanation that says that Belka focus more on the power you have at birth while Mid-Child doesn’t but is weird and makes even less sense when you consider that magic powers grow with time and develop with age, so unless you need to make up some bullshit to make this have sense it doesn’t. In the end the true difference between Belka and Mid-Childa magic is… they circle, quite and simple.

Belka has a triangle, Mid-Child a real circle so that is it. There is no other difference. And to keep it that way if you really want to know the difference between Modern Belka and Ancient Belka is simple: there is none. So far both Belka styles seem the same to the point when you even ask yourself why they even bother in make it look like to different styles when in reality looks the same, does the same and works the same. Weird.

The summoners circle is more interesting. You see being a summoner is actually a Rare Skill. That means that not everyone can do it. Rare Skills are just random magic power that actually look kind of magical that some guys have for no good reasons. In that enters Carim’s future poems, Verossa’s dogs and read mind powers and Hayate’s ability to take any spell from any mage and use it. So Caro and Lutecia are two especial girls with rare powers the difference is that Caro uses Mid-Child magic and Lutecia uses Belka but that is all, there isn’t any real story behind it. So don’t bother thinking too much in to it. I did it and all I get was a headache and two hours of my life wasted… I need to go out more.

Inherent Skills are the best. These powers came with cyborgs. The thing about them is that there is no way the skill can be teach or learn by another person. Is build in to the cyborg specific parts like Due’s Liar Mask that allows her to transform and trick any sensor, Uno’s super secretary power that allows her to be a good assistant (If you think I am making that one feel free to check it out) and Quattro’s power to be a terrible cliché character I mean to hide with illusions… sorry, my bad. So the thing is this powers don’t need magic, is say that the cyborgs take the magic generate by their liker cores and transformed in other thing to use this power (Come to think about it this will make the Numbers and the Nakajimas the best option to fight the Eclipse Drivers in Force and yet I don’t believe they actually go to the battlefield) so only Jail and his plot convencience power can also use this kind of circle.

And about the unknown circle I don’t know what it tis but I do know you forget this one:

The Eclipse circle. This is the one the Eclipse Drivers and Strosek Reactors use.

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....If I have any questions about the series, can I just ask you?

Q: Where am I?
A: Everywhere.

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Sure, feel free to do it

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Sans knows everything there is to know about this series bro

and bigages

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The way I think about it is that each circle is a generalized representation of a certain magic system. It should be noted that it is implied that the systems developed independently of one another, each within a separate culture, and so there is bound to be overlap. I don't remember anyone in-universe saying that either system focused exclusively on one style of fighting, just that there was a general tendency toward a preferred style. The fact that the two systems can do roughly the same thing in the end is just like saying how Windows, Macintosh and Linux all do effectively the same thing; it is true that they accomplish the same goal, but the underlying architecture and processes of the systems is quite different. Such a difference within Nanohaverse magic is embodied in the different appearances of the two circles (yes, I know one is a triangle).

Tl;dr: Think of Mid-childan magic like Windows and Belkan like Macintosh OS.