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AlternativeS encore !?

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Fate lay on her back while looking up at the starry sky above her. The sounds of crickets chirping around her made the blonde wish to lay there and sleep after her long adventure. "Bardiche..." She spoke softly as she closed her eyes. "Are we home?"

"... I'm sorry, Sir. Contact with the central information center reveals that you have died in this world."

Fate stayed silent for a long moment before opening her eyes again. "But I died in this universe when I was nine, there is no way I would be registered on Mid Childa."

"You died in action six years ago." Fate sat up at those words. "On a mission gone wrong... Nanoha died with your other self."


"... A scan reveals that your daughter jut recently had her address listed, would you like her work address as well?"

"Is she there?"




Fate looked up at the large neon sign above the door to the fancy night club. The title Peaches lit one letter at a time, making her wonder if the address was right. After confirming with Bardiche, the woman went to the front door, ahead of the line waiting to get in, and shows her military identification. "I'm here looking for someone," she stated. "Please let me by."

The bouncer scanned the monitor being emitted from the intelligent device before stepping out of the way. Fate thanked him softly as she brushed past, scanning the area before coming to a dead halt when she caught sight of center stage. Her daughter was mostly undressed, dancing around a pole while others were holding up money to her. "...Bardiche?"

"Her device is not with her."

Fate nodded and watched for a few more moments. "But that's her...I'm sure of it...?" Despite her words, she was unable to make the connection. In her shock, she allowed the girl to finish the song and walk back stage. Following, Fate maneuvered through tables until she came to the door guarded by two large men in uniform. "Excuse me, was that girl on stage Vivio Takamachi?"

One man stayed silent while the other spoke while not looking at her. "We are not allowed to say names of the people working here. If you wish to contact Eyes, you may request a room with her."

Fate brought up a monitor and showed it to them. "I am-"

"Oh, a member of section six." The guard noticed, cutting her off. "The leader is here, if you talk to her, she may give you some more information."

"Hayate..?" Fate turned to where she was being pointed to and saw her friend laughing it up with some people she didn't know. "Excuse me," she whispered to them before walking to the woman. "Hayate?" When she wasn't looked at, she spoke louder. "Hayate!"

Hayate turned to the voice and instantly went stiff at what she saw. Her drink fell from her hand and clattered on the carpeted floor beneath her. "...Wha..." Her words couldn't be completed.

"Was that my daughter?" Fate pointed back to the stage, where a new girl was dancing. "Hayate, answer me!"

"You..." The short girl stood up, ignoring the sudden silence of her friends around her. "You died... I..."

Fate cut her off. "I can explain later, right now, tell me that wasn't Vivio." Her friend was shaking her head, eyes wide. "Hayate!" Grabbing her friend's arm, she pulled her along to the door. "Was that my girl!?" A meek nod made Fate have a flash of anger mixed with confusion. As they approached the two guards again, Hayate could only meekly nod at them to get entrance to the back.

The blonde walked into the room and looked around before seeing Vivio plucking a bottle of champagne from a huge container of ice. The heterochromic girl was laughing happily before her eyes took hold of Fate. Confusion and disbelief came immediately, and she looked at Hayate for confirmation. Getting no help there, she turned back to Fate. "Vivio," the mother spoke sternly. Before anything else could be said, Vivio's knees gave out and she fell to the floor as she fainted.

"Vivio!" Hayate darted forward, kneeling by the girl along with Fate. "Vivio, wake up." A few small pats to the cheek make the blonde slowly open her eyes and try to get her bearings. "Good... Now, now... I... God, just say something, Fate-chan! What the hell!?"

"Long story." Fate helped Vivio up, who was still struggling to even stand properly. "Lets go somewhere we can talk."

Before anyone could say anything, a new voice made them look to the door where a blue haired girl was rushing over to Vivio. "Vi! You okay!?" She ignored Fate and instantly tried to get Vivio to lean on her instead. "Thank you m'am, I got her from here."

"I have her." The tone of voice made Syn instantly stop and look at her. "...Heterochromia?" Fate whispered in amazement.

"Who tha'hell are you?" Syn shot at once.

"Syn-chan, not now." Hayate tried to soothe her.

"I'm... confused..." Vivio looked at the woman supporting her. "Fate-mama? Is that you...?"

"I want to leave this place. Hayate, get her some clothes to wear."

"Here," Hayate got Vivio's jacket and draped it over the girl clad only in lingerie. "We can go to a private room."

Fate nodded and lead the small group out of the silent back room and back into the loud club. Forced to wait until they got to their location, Vivio stumbled along, now completely unsure of what to say or even think. Syn shot the older blond a nasty look but let her guide her girlfriend

"Excuse me," a new voice came up. When it was ignored, it followed them. "Hey, are you Vivio?" Again the person was ignored by the group, save for Hayate.

"If you want an autograph, come back later, she's busy right now."

"Hey!" The voice followed them to the hallway near the side of the club that lead to many rooms. "Saint Kaiser!"

The group stopped in their tracks and slowly turned to look at the person who had called the title. A woman stood before them, dressed in a barrier jacket. She pointed at Vivio. "You are the Saint Kasier..."

"Who are-"

"Einhart?" Fate asked in confusion.

Syn stepped forward. "Now look here-"

Einhart met Syn's eyes and faltered. "And you... The same eyes as the lost king..."

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:O Wow... >_> an alternative... alternative O-o

My brain just died XD

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Poor Fate, lost again in another parallel world, when will she comes back home ?

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O.O WOW.....AlternativeS all over again XD

P.S my brain hurts (lol)

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lol not really going to to continue this, just wanted to see what people thought :D

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It was fun to see this situation, though I'm happy that in the story Fate could go back to her family.

By the way, what happened with the images in your photobucket account? I would like to have at least the images in your post of our frontpage back online D:

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I guess they didn't like Puppy!Einhart in it,because that's teh only NSFW image I had in that account...

I have to make another photobucket account it seems. I'll re-upload soonish.

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You should write alternative AlternativeS for every universe you have written.
Enforcer Fate in Saved by the Bell...
TWO Fates, one much older, in the Section VI-verse.

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an athletic Fate living anormal life meating a battle hardened and trained military!Fate who can use magic...

Nanoha: *drools*
Fate: Hey!
AltS!Fate: Um... hehe?

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This is too good.

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My brain gone all fuzzy.

did fate just end up in the 'PS! Vivio' universe? @.@

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yup yup yup

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she's gonna have an epiphany seeing vivio in action lolz

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That she will Depression, that she will. Hay Tori luv, hope ye update this soon, 'twas fun to read.

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wow, what a teaser!! now THAT was a crazy read ;P


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wow the all thing sound funny, I really like to think of fate traveling for alternative world... but this made me remember a little another anime......

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So mixing PS:Vivio with AlternativeS plus adding Einhart in fighting spirit to already big mess?

A bit of my rant.

I'll admit that the only thing I didn't like in PS was that Syn wasn't strong enough to bring Vivio back to normal life by dropping adult industry, and instead accepted what became of Vivio.

Fate learning what her daughter had to do to keep living after she and Nanoha were killed and maybe accepting Vivio as she is now before she would leave (like Syn did) or condemning her that she choosen to sell her body, an easy money coward way in my opinion, would be an interesting appraoch.

Plus now with Ein showing up as possible rival and a person who would want to fight with Vivio who had thrown away her magic/legacy long time ago due to her mothers death, it could be interesting to see her struggle now to get it back after learning by fight with Ein or by Fate influence what really is important to her, like Syn being injured by Ein for example(nice twist with another Belkan King I say), could bring such reaction.

Yup would be interesting thing to read with so many possibilities.

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somehow..i would like to see the continuation of this...but, poor fate..still far away from home...