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Hey just a oneshot was supose to go longer but desided not too! T.T
has Nanofate (no duh) and TeanaxSubaru in the begining!

It was a warm and sunny day out the birds were chirping, the sun was shinning and....."SUBARU!!!!" and Subaru was in trouble with a very pregnant Teana again...."WAH!!! Teana no throughing things! No not the rocks!" Teana looked pretty pissed as she ran after Subaru. "how many times do I have to tell you?!! I dont want to cuddle when its hot out!" "Ah!! Gomen gomen! Teana! You just look so hot when your sweetie!" teana blushed. "SHUTUP!!" "wah! Not the rocks again!"

"Huh? There at it again?" Fate was sitting under a tree in her combat clothes. She felt good to get out of her stressful life for awhile. And today was so nice on Mid-chila So it was the perfect day to relax. "I wonder when Subaru will learn not to cuddle with Teana when its hot out?" Fate chuckled to herself as she watched the two run around.
It took her back to when her Nanoha and Vivio had gone to the beach on earth and Nanoha chased Fate for sticking sand down her bikini bottoms. Fate laffed at the memory.

"Fate-mama!" Fate snapped out of her memories to see her daughter runnign tword her. "Vivio!" Fate yelled back smileing. "FATE-MAMA!!!" vivo yelled as she jumed into Fate's open arms. "Hey Vivio Im glad to see you too." She laffed. 'I think shes gotten bigger' fate said to herself. Vivio was always so happy to see her because Fate was always so busy, with either missions or in her stuffy office working. "Its been two years Fate-mama!" Vivio said teary eyed. "huh?" Fate looked at her puzzled. "waht do you meen honey?" Vivio put her head on Fate's shoulder and sighed. "You said you'd be home sooner." She sniffed a little bit. "Oh, Vivio its ok Im here now right?" "Hai." Vivio mumbled into Fate's shoulder. Then Vivio's head shot up her red and green eyes staring into red burgandy eyes. "Are you coming home now?" She asked hopefuly. "of coures I am! I was just relaxing a bit from my last mission Vivio I didnt tell anyone I was back. Im sorry. I was about to come home anyways." "Good, uncle-Yunno is over again. Him and Nanoha-mama have been together alot lately....So I left us and wernt really coming home..."

Fate looked shocked. "Vivio no matter what I'll always come back." She smiled as best she could with out showing her sadness. She once made a promise to her selfe that she would never break down infront of Vivio. "Come on vivo lets go home." fate said with a smile holding onto Vivio a little titer so she wouldnt fall and they began to walk back home. "Fate-mama?" Vivio said worried. "hai Vivio?" Fate looked at her. "What happened to your shoulder?" 'Crap' Fate thought inwardly. "Oh nothing honey I just had an acceident no worrys!" Vivio looked at Fate with big eyes. But fate couldnt look at her she knew those eyes coudl see right through her.

Finaly they arived home. Fate let Vivio down. And straightined her clothes. Vivio opened the door and yelled. "Im home "Nanoha-mama!!!" A short brunnet with long hair and slate blue eyes came out of the kitchen. "Ah! Vivio! Welcome hom-" Nanoha stopped in mid-sentance stairing at the long haired bloned in front of her. "Hello Nanoha." Fate said breatelesly. "F-F-Fate-chan?" Nanoha said tears in her eyes. "Nanoha?" "Fate-chan?" They staired at eachother for awhile. Hurt in Nanoha's eyes and regret in Fate's. Suddnely yunno came in. "Ah! Fate-san! nice to see you!" he said with a smile. "how are yo-" "Yunno?" Nanoha intorupted him. "Please take Vivio and you out side for a bit?" She said in a husky voice. Yunno said nothing only nodded and picked up Vivio. "Come on Vivio lets leave your mamas alone for a bit ok?" he said Vivio nodded. "hai" She mumbled. when they were finaly out silence followed.

Finaly Fate broke the ice. "Nanoha I- ah....Its nice to see yo-" *SLAP* "Ow what wa-" *another slap* "Will you please stop let me explain?!" Fate yelled holding her cheeks. *PUNCH* Fate yelled before grabing her nose. "WHAT THE HELL!!!" She bent over in pain. she felt hot liquid poor out of her open wound 'Shit!' She cussed inwardly. "TWO YEARS FATE!" Nanoha was mad. No she was sad but shode it with anger. "NO CALLS! NO MESSAGES NOT EVEN ONE HELLO TO US TO LET US KNOW YOU WERE ALIVE! DO YOU KNOW I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!" Tears began to fall hard out of her eyes. "I-I thought you were dead Fate! Do you know how much it hurts? Do you?!!!" Nanoha wrapped her amrs around herself.

"Nanoha listen please?" Fate said wipeing the blood from her nose. I couldnt talk to you I was on a mission were I couldnt do that..." She wrapped her arms around Nanoha. "Im so so sorry i made you and Vivio wait so laong." At first Nanoha didnt respond. Fate loosened her grip on Nanoha and said sadly. "I understand you and Yunno are dateing now? I swear I wont ever come see you again but I want you to know...I love you Nanoha!" With that Fate let go of Nanoha and began to leave. "NO!!" Naoha grabbed fates sleave. "Fate-chan.." Fate looked at Nanoha with sad eyes "Yes Nanoha?" "fate I-I-" "Yes Nanoha?" "I- oh this!" She through her arms around Fate's shoulders and pressed her lips to Fates. Fate supprised at first kissed back. Then Nanoha broke the kiss. "I love you too Fate-chan."

"Nanoha-" Fate winsed. "oh! Fate-chan! Your bleeding!" Naonha said worried" Fate scrached her head "Ya I was going to Shamal but I wanted to rest for awhile!" "Why didnt you?" Nanoha said. "I wanted to see the woman I love most." She smiled. "Oh Fate! You ediot!"
With that said she through her self at Fate carefuly and they sharred another kiss.


Sorry I know its short! T.T I swear I'll make a better one soon!

-Nanofate forever!- (Love Jack)