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Baka Survivor Returns

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Hello everyone! Here's the last release scheduled for this week: Baka Survivor Returns. Because when NanoFate is not enough, you can't go wrong with some Raijin/Seikou (the counterparts of Nanoha and Fate from the PSP games) by Saganami.

This doujin is the sequel of Baka survivor so if you haven't read that yet, you may want to click this link. In this sequel we will see the continuation of Raijin's desperate efforts to get Seikou's attentions, this time while they're on a date. Our favorite couple also has a role in this doujin.

Please enjoy this release. Feedback and comments are appreciated.

Raws: ShiroAka
Translator: Kanna Rei
Proofreading: Ulandus
Editor: ShiroAka


Torrent: NyaaTorrents
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Oh my god.

Poor Raijin. I feel like crying ;A;

Thanks for the release!

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Tsundere is too difficult indeed, poor Raijin :p
Thanks for the release, very fun ! :)

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Joined: 04/30/2011
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Hey, on page 12, first panel...

Is that the Sekiha Love Love Tenkyoken?!

On a side note, I just realized that Raijen is the only other typical Tsundere in MGLN apart from Teana. And considering the popularity of the 'Tsundere' personality type in anime, I find that rather interesting.

Also, comic is hilarious.

You know you spend too much time on spacebattles when you start mistaking trees in picture thumbnails for mushroom clouds.

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Thanks for the release ^^.

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Poor Raijin, maybe next time she'll win.

Thanks for your hard work, guys !

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NanoFate raburabu rank just 10 !!?
Shock!! :o!
I thought they're at least level 30 or more XP
Hilarious story by the way, poor Raijin .
Thanks for the hard work though. Ganbatte for the next project

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These ranks are like skill ranks scaled to a maximum value of 10 (since love obviously is a skill), not to be confused with experience levels governing your HP and all.

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Dear god, dating is like an RPG?! But I hate grinding! T_T

No wait, with Nanoha and Fate setting up the scenario, it's more of a table top RPG then isn't it?

Go Raijin! Roll the #### out of that 3.14159265 sided dice and win Seikou's heart! (Yes, it's the dreaded pi die. No, you can never roll the exact value of pi. Yes, that means Raijin is screwed.)

Poor Raijin... I wish I could say that with a straight face XD Sorry blue girl but your misery is my joy.

Poor wait, lemme just control myself before I continue... Poor Raijin, surrounded by people who are so mean to her. Sometimes I wonder why she even bothers staying with the other Materials if they're going to treat her that way and DAMMIT I'M SMILING AGAIN!

Heh heh, thanks a lot for this doujin~~~ ^_^

Cardboard box is here!

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Sorry but it's completely impossible to say what you tried to say with a straight face...

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Thanks for release.

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Thanks for the release... Poor Raijin, guess she just have to try harder in setting up the perfect date with Seikou haha.
oh man just lvl 10? well atleast Seikou admitted she is level 1.
really funny on how Seikou suggested she would act in their date. walking Raijin with a collar and leash. LOLZ.
One must think who is the tsundere really haha.
hmm i just DL the first baka survivor, and a small question, is the last pages, is Load the one asking Seikou for a date?? Is that the same with 'nene-san'? :D

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It says something about the power of Fate's love when her mirror image is still head over heels in love with the mirror image of Nanoha.

They are mirror images of Fate and Nanoha, by rights they shouldn't be romantically attracted to each other at all, they should actually be chasing boys somewhere...

Could it be that Fate and Nanoha at this age were every bit as much rivals and competators as they were lovers? Cause if their rivalry were inverted- it would come back as romantic attraction, maybe?

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Have you even played the original Battle of Aces where the dialogue pretty much confirms the three Materials as Omnicidal Maniacs bent on bringing the chaos of destruction? They won't have any romantic attractions to ANYONE.

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I'm pretty sure the only omnicidal maniac is Load. Seikou felt like she had to do it and Raijin... well, she was kinda asking for it I guess >_>

Cardboard box is here!