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Catastrophe Part II & Colorful Star Rendezvous

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Hello everyone! Carefully following our NanoFate-overdoses-masterplan, here we are again in a new Sunday with a new double release. Today is the turn of Colorful Star Rendezvous by the circle Clospitz, and the long awaited sequel Catastrophe Part II, by hachikai.

"In this endless darkness, you are the star who gave me light". Colorful Star Rendezvous is a 36 pages long story about 17 year-old Nanoha and Fate going back to Earth together during holidays, meeting their friends, spending time together, and thinking about how fate brought them together. There is even some NanoFate sexy time in this doujin!

We won't spoil anything about Catastrophe part II, we will just ask you to enjoy the ending of this great love story. If you haven't read Part I yet, you can find it here.

As requested by some of our visitors, in our next release we will upload a couple of adult doujins, so be prepared. We hope you have fun with this weekend release. Comments and feedback are appreciated.

Catastrophe Part II Credits:
Raws: ShiroAka ◄► Translator: kasu1127 ◄► Proofreading: Crazyla ◄► Editor: depression76

Colorful Star Rendezvous Credits:
Raws: ShiroAka ◄► Translator: Hiku08 ◄► Proofreading: Crazyla ◄► Editor: depression76


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Thank you guys! Awesome work!

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Joined: 05/30/2010
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*cries of happiness*

I kept reloading the page waiting for the release I don't regret anythings

*cries more of happiness*

Awesome job is awesome guys... T v T Thanks you so much for those two doujins !

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Joined: 08/22/2009
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These doujins were touching, good work, guys ! :3

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Yeah! Thank you so much both are really good!

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Thank you sooo much!!! Thanking you greatly for these doujins!! x3

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Finally~ *-*
Adult dj? If there's no futa, It'll be certainly aweeeesome!!

Thank you so much, Catastrophe was heart-breaking. I mean, Fate-chan and Nanoha's "silence" side was heart-breaking. It hurts to see a hypothetical situation where our beloved NanoFate isn't NanoFate like we all know they are~
I think it's the first time I saw them discover and convey their feelings with so much paaaain ;~;

Thank you so much. That was a unique story!! And the NanoFate-overdoses-masterplan is working pretty well I gotta say ^^

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*reading the postscript page*...

...wait, wat?! This dj took 2 years to be released after the first one?
Glad you got it finished D8"

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Fate always (well, a good amount of times) starts crying during their sexy time. XD -SHOT-

Anyways, thank you so much for all of the releases!! I feel so spoiled to be able to read so many NanoFate doujins recently. *^*

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Hihi, so true! I think it's cute. Even if the tears interrupt the sexy moment, it's the way Fate-chan shows how important everything with Nanoha is :3

There's so many emotions in sex ;~;

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Agreed. XD

And besides, a crying Fate is just too cute for words. >w< ♥

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*cries of happiness as well* Thanks so much for the release. It was dramatic, but it made me drawn...o__o Fate is a baby. :3 A baby in a good way. Haha!

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thank you again for the release~~
I have been waiting for Catastrophe II, love the drama :3

Thanks to depression76 for the Signature XD

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Thanks for the release.

For the Catastrophe II, did Hayate really do a kiss mark? or it was a trick she did to help Nanoha and Fate opening their mind?

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I don't think Hayate is the buddy who always help them whenever they want a hand here.
Fate-chan was really damn tired, uh? Because trick or not, gosh, if you didn't feel someone's kissing your neck, you were groggy! D: Neck's a sensitive part, you know o////o...

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I love Nanofate...but I felt bad for Hayate...SHOW HER SOME GOOD LOVIN' SIGNUM!

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T^T, I felt like crying along with Fate at the beginning of Catastrophe part II. Nanoha, why on Mid-Childa you dated Yuuno!
Wow, Hayate really a better friend than I thought
To think that she sacrifice her own happiness so her loved one happy.
Thank goodness, we get fluffy Colorful Star rendesvouz to counter the angst
Thanks for your hardwork everyone.
Sorry if rooting for you guys is all I can do XP