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Today we're releasing a sweet get-together high school doujinshi where Fate thinks about her relationship with Nanoha and makes a decision.

Nina sent us the raws of this doujinshi a long time ago, but it wasn't until it got re-scanned by someone from Yamibo when we translated this doujin, so sorry for the delay, and thanks to all the raw providers. Remember that if you find raws you can share them with us in this and this thread.

Raws: Nina.Wolken
Translator: Kivani
Proofreading: Konagami03, raizoo
Editor: raizoo


Torrent: NyaaTorrents
Direct Download:

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Thank you for all your hard work! <3

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Thank u!
And happy easter guys!

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This was very nice. Thanks very much guys and Happy Easter to you all! ^^

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Thanks for the hard work, it's a cute doujin !

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Thank you very much like always~ =D!

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Thank you!
Poor Nanoha when Fate say "I'm sorry" :))

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These two need to give classes in being a couple.

Nanoha only let the whole distance thing go a single day before demanding communication.

Nahh, their just too perfect for the real world...

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Thanks for the work ^^ (it´s great to come back from holidays and find new NanoFate :D).

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As much as I love it when Fate is all insecure about Nanoha maybe not feeling the same way, it's somehow more compelling to see that even the white devil sometimes has her insecurities about her powers of persuasion on these issues. ^^
Great cute and fluffy bit of happy feelings here, really cheered me up, thank you for the hard work!

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Naisu X3

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This made my day XDD

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Thank for for the hard work!
Been lurking for while but, now that I've joined it's best to thank you guys for your effort without anonymity ;)

Eisen, Usa-mimi Mode!

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thank you

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This was very nice. Thanks very much guys and Happy Easter to you all! ^^