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Choco Me Baby

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Hello, everybody! Things are going smoothly in the translation group with our old members and the integration of new people to our team, so for your enjoyment we'll be getting a few new doujins done this month if everything goes well.

The first one that we have ready is Choco Me Baby. It has about 40 pages, and is a compilation of two stories made by two different artists as you probably can guess from the preview. The first part was made by Saganami and the second by Sea Star. The plots are similar: we're presented with two sweet stories about Nanoha and Fate's first Valentine's Day.

Please enjoy this current release and we hope you enjoy our future projects. Your comments are always welcome. Happy Holidays~

Raws: 闪光家族大家长
Translator: ighk
Proofreading: raizoo, Konagami03, Kivani, hyarare
Editor: raizoo


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Funny, I was just wishing at this exact moment for something new. C: Made my day.

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Very very cute. Hayate's commentary made me laugh in the first story. The story by Seastar was also heartwarming. :D Good work!

Edit: Arisa's scary face is scary.

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Great release, thank you, the stories were definitely very ... sweet (apologies couldn't help myself). I chuckled at the end of page 33 too. Suddenly WHITE DEVIL MODE ACTIVATE.

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Haha... Poor Fate got bullied so much in both of these stories. Thanks for the release! :)

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Thank u!

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Thank you so much! Both stories were so sweet^_^

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Thank you for this release ^^

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Really cute and funny, thanks for the release xD.

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I have too much time, ugh...
But I'm too lazy to make a real comment, so I will just make a list of random thoughts I had:

  • Lol at page 7: this is how everybody must see Fate! Not that they need to, 'cause she is just like that*swoon*
  • Arisa's tsundere behaviour... reminds me of the A's comics. You know, when Fate smiled at her... hehehe
  • Man, if I were Fate I would totally take the "And eat me next" present, too.
  • I bet Nanoha blew up the bakery making the chocolates for everyone.
  • Fate, be happy! That's like free chocolate for the next month! What could be better than this?!
  • "Taken care of"? Wh-what do you mean...? Ha-haha... Nanoha! Put Raising Heart down!!

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It's a sweet release, thanks for the hard work ! :3

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it's awesome♥♥♥ thx for the release... keep the good work up lol

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NanoFate Valentine chocolate is a classic, loved both parts of this doujin.

Somehow this doujin made me want to see how Hayate would give to/receive from Valentine chocolates from her personal harem.