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Comissions open

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commissions are open now! So if anyone wants to commission me to do something for them, post it here or you can email me:

All types are accepted. AlternativeS was a commission, and so was Of Mothers and Daughters. So it can be anything from a simple story to a novel sized one, to anything in between. Sex stories are okay as well (obviously) and are the easist to write so if anyone wants those, they are normally done fairly quickly.

Price is $10 USD for every 1,000 words. That is a guideline and isn't set in stone. For example, Mothers/Daughters was a 30k word commission, and they paid for 30k words, but ended up with 37k words total. those extra 7k words were free, as they were needed to complete the story. At the same rate, if the story ended up being about 28 or 29k instead of 30, no reimbursement would be given. If it's more than that, then a refund will be given to you.

Longer commissions are turned into a physical book and mailed to you free of charge (the one who did Mothers/daughters is getting a book as well).

Visual Novels are available as well, though the price on them will depend on what you want. If you're interested in those, I'll type up a post for it here as well.

I will write anything, but currently Vivio/einhart are my most favourite thing to write about, so any story messing with them will probably get done faster and smoother than other things :P

any questions, feel free to post here, or if you want a lemon/sex and are embarrassed, just email me. Your name won't be given to the public :D

Of course, comissions have the option to remain exclusive.