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Das Resultat sagt alles


Translator’s Notes


            The translation of the Bible passage in chapter 24 is taken from the Authorized King James version.

            In the original text, the characters’ full names were usually written in Western order, with given name followed by family name. For example, Nanoha’s name on the grave and letter were written as Nanoha Takamachi,” in katakana. Hayate was the exception to this. When written out in chapter 11 it was Hayate Yagami,” but whenever she said it herself, it was Yagami Hayate.” For this translation, we chose to keep her name in Western order throughout for the sake of consistency.

            Readers will no doubt notice that many portions of this translation contain sentence fragments, odd comma placement, and other examples of imperfect English grammar. While occasionally unclear, we believed it necessary for maintaining the tone, flow, and meaning of the original work.



German Notes


            As the final chapter implies, Das Resultat sagt alles” means The result says it all.”


            Chapter numbers are written in German from 0 to 26. The final chapter is instead numbered “unendlich,” meaning “infinity.”


            Chapter titles:


                        1. Schicksal - fate / destiny.

                        2. kennenlernen - getting acquainted.

                        3. Bewusstsein - consciousness / awareness.

                        4. Zusammenarbeit - cooperation / collaboration.

                        5. Antwort - answer / reply.

                        6. schmerz - anguish / pain.

                        7. Ratschlag - counsel / advice.

                        8. Entschluss - decision / resolve / determination.

                        9. Hitze - heat / passion.

                        10. Sturm - storm.

                        11. Betrieb - operation / undertaking.

                        12. Stimme - voice.

                        13. verurteilen - verdict.

                        14. Käfig - cage.

                        15. Erbsünde - original sin.

                        16. Testament - testament / a will.

                        17. Elegie - elegy.

                        18. Anzünden - kindle.

                        19. Verbindung - bond / relationship.

                        20. rufen - call out.

                        21. Unschuld - innocence.

                        22. Mutter - mother.

                        23. Ende - end.

                        24. Name - name.

                        25. meine Liebe - my love.

                        26. Nanoha (Corresponds with the title of chapter 1.)




                        Aufhebung - In this context, cancel; release.

                        Blauer Vogel - Bluebird.

                        endlich Taufe - final baptism.

                        Erbsünde - original sin.

                        Erst, Zweit, Dritt, Viert - first, second, third, fourth.

                        Ich danke allen Leuten - I thank all the people.

                        Lösung - password.


            German has different rules for capitalization than English, hence the inconsistencies there.




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