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Dazzling Sun

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It's the first day of the month and it has been 31 days since our last release. Our newest scanlation is finally ready to be distributed to all the fans. This is the first doujinshi we translated from Dateni. He has done some NanoFate web comics that you can find in his web site, but he seems to be new at publishing doujins. Hopefully we'll see more from this artist.

This doujinshi is a pre-Strikers NanoFate story where Nanoha and Fate go at their first date taking a walk in the beach. It's a sweet doujin showing us the tender moments of our favorite couple.

This is also the first release of our newest translator ighk, so we would like to take this chance to tell you welcome to the translation group! If everything goes well, you should see more from her in our next release.

Finally: Please enjoy this scanlation and let us know your thoughts and comments.

Raws: 闪光家族大家长
Translator: ighk
Proofreading: raizoo, Konagami03, Kivani
Editor: raizoo


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Joined: 05/30/2010
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Yay! First thing I see when I wake up early in the morning <3 A NanoFate doujin update *^* WOO *downloads*


Haha cute :3 >__>; Although... on a side note... it's giving me inspiration to continue what's remaining of my angst... which is a good thing it's just that I find it weird o-o

Courtesy of: ayahdiamon -- --

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Joined: 08/22/2009
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Nice, cute doujin ! :3

Thanks to everyone for the works on the scanlation !

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Joined: 09/03/2010
Posts: 528

YaY!! a new doujin!!!

Thanks for the hard work you guys!! 8D

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Joined: 05/25/2010
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*DOWNLOAD* thx for the new scanlation
It's been a while since I logged in for the last time (even if I'm always here ^^)
Keep up the good work! And good luck with your angst Sigurd-san :)

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Joined: 09/16/2010
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*GET* lovely new Doujin!
Thanks for the trans guys X3

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Joined: 09/22/2009
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Welcome ighk! :)
Thank u for the new release ^^

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Joined: 03/08/2010
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I haven't been forum-ing lately, >_<! It's because College loving to hog me. T_T Please tell College to let me go and get a time with my lovely NanoFate friends. T_T

Well, at least I would still be working for doujins for you guys, it is a pleasure to make you guys happy. >D!

And thanks for the compiled works Haru-san! *salutes*

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Joined: 11/21/2009
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Thanks for translating XD
Hoping for a new release soon~

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Joined: 11/04/2010
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YaY!! a new doujin!!!