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Device cosplay help

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I hope this thread will serve as a helping guide for those who have question on making cosplay stuff for your nanofate cosplay ^o^

I saw the Bardiche Assault and Raising Heart Excellion device on youtube. Yesh, it was a magnificent piece of work. I can't make that for now so.

My question is, what material can you suggest for making Divider?
I saw a picture of someone making Shin Sonic form of Bardiche in this forum, but I can't find the picture anymore.
I'm interested on the material that has been use for it

I hope someone can help me :)

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Insulation styrofoam and a hot wire cutter work well for shaping.

White irrigation PVC pipe looks great as a weapon shaft if you take some fine sandpaper to it. it also friction fits fairly nicely if you use a section with the pre-formed pipe connector. (To break it down for portability). Spraypaint takes reasonably well to it if it has been sanded also.

Which divider are you looking to build? I'll just take a guess with:

Luckily for this there's no translucent portions (As a Bardiche might be constructed to have). The hot wire cutter is likely going to give you the easiest time to form all the major parts. Consider using balsa wood though for some of the smaller blades since insulation foam won't take that kind of detail as easily. Build it in three main sections:

* the gun
* the main blade
* the rear blade underneath and behind the gun grip

to fit them together, I'd suggest using pipe connectors set into your foam forms. It's mostly going to be trial and error to find what will work the best. If you know you'll always have the space to transport it full size, then you might as well just save some cash and use some dowels instead to stick it together.