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Einhart discussion

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1. When is Enihart going to enlist? She is the same age now as Subaru was when she joined. And her motivation is similar to Teenas, who was only one year older when she joined. Why did she go for street brawling instead of joining the armed forces like Teena did?

2. Where are Einhart's parents? Are they they reason why she couldn't join the armed forces and had to resort to secret street fighting?

3. Now that she has met everyone. Will Einhart now join the TSAB? Will she finish Jr. High first? Will she wait until Fate and Nanoha are ready to let Vivio join and enlist with her?

3. What is Chris's device mode? Does she have one? Vivio isn't using it in the mock battle, she is using her fists to launch attacks like Subaru does, why? Same with Einhart's device. And is this Einharts device lying on the ground? Or Nove's tracking device? Seems a bit large for a tracking device, we have smaller ones right now.

4. What is Einhart going to think when she finally meets Signum? I think that they would probably adore each other. Einhart taking a trip somewhere or going on a mission with Fate, Teena, Signum, Agito and Shari and learing about all their back stories, would be awesome to watch and Einhart would probably think that she was in heaven. Even if she got Falcon Punched by Signum somewhere along the line. Would Vivio get jealous of Einhart talking about Signum all the time when she got back?

5. I wish they would hurry up and get back to Ixy. I think Subaru recovering her, combined with Vivio's presence is what awakened Einharts hegemon powers. If she meets Einhart now, will she go into some kind of automatic attack mode as well? Or was that exhausted back in the adventure where Subaru found her. And why is Ixy not living with Subaru and Teena at the time of Force?

6. Where is Aunt Hayate! I want to see her reaction to Vivio having a girlfriend!
So many things I want to know and the writers are soo slow...

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Well, with Chapter 16 coming out it seems I was quite wrong about a few things.

Einhart actaully does NOT have a device AT ALL. That thing in the pictures above is actually the key to a coin locker! I was surprised that she could transform without a device. I had thought that they controlled the pocket dimension that they kept their clothes and other belongings in when they transformed. Perhaps I shouldn't of though, since Yuuno has never used a device and now that I think about it Lindy didn't when she transfomed into her "fairy" mode in the last episode of the first series...

The new development of the story is the introduction of the existence of a magical arts tourniment for young people age 10 to 19. Einhart is interesting in entering with Vivio, Rio and Corona. However it requires the use of an Intelligent Device of at least "Class 3" for "safety" reasons (to protect them if they are knocked unconcious?). Einhart doesn't have one. So Luticia suggests that they go ask a "family friend" to make a device that matches her Ancient Belkan style magic.

That friend is Hayate Yagami.

So Einhart will get to meet Signum sooner than I thought!

I got the information for the above synopsis from AnimeSuki's Nanoha disucssion thread. While I was following the thread, I found a series of posts that made me wonder if we are not soon going to be joined by another new character.

There was a question asked as to why Reinforce Zewi was not affected by the Zero Effect. It was pointed out that Unison Devices have their own Linker Cores (I did not know this). Further it was pointed out that Rein was actually made from a portion of Hayate's own Linker Core, with a quote from StrikerS Sound Stage 3 to prove it:

Hayate: Rein’s dreams, you say?
Mariel: Before it seems she was having normal dreams but this time…
Hayate: It might be the same left over memories I experienced long ago. My linker core is melded with the original Reinforce, and Rein’s linker core is born from my own core so...
Mariel: You’re saying that the memories and emotions have been left behind? That sounds like an occult/supernatural/unnatural phenomena to me.
Hayate: Well, I am pretty unnatural myself. It was a Lost Logia after all.

So now Einhart is going to see Hayate about getting a device- will it be a Unison Device like Rein? Einhart is about the same age Hayate was when she donated the piece of her linker core. Will we get another cute little character? Will it be male, female, human, or animal?

It also occured to me from reading the sound stage passage above that this idea of transmission of memory and emotion through time via magic is something the staff have been kicking around for some years now. Its starting to look like Project F was an attempt to produce on demand a rare but naturally occuring phenomonon, represented by Einhart. And it seems also that my speculation in the past about how awesome it would be if Vivio would inherit Rein and the Book of Darkness and the possibility of Ein synchronising with Rein is totally wrong. Rein was custom built for Hayate, with part of Hayate's own self, there can never be a better partner for her. In fact, it seems like we should consider Rein to be Hayate's daughter, with Reinforce Senior as a deceased "father".

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I love hayate and reinforce in magical girl nanoha
Thanks for that Tobic