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At The End of Spring

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A new doujin from 2016 got scanlated today: At The End of Spring by Yomoyama (Kannari). I believe this was translated by Anonymous, with no groups attached to the release.

This is a 30 pages long doujin about Nanoha and Fate in their teens having their daily routines disturbed by the odd behavior of the former. This is a very cute doujin with absolutely great art, hopefully we can see more from Kannari in the future.

We hope you enjoy the doujin!



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Silly Fate, always the worrywart when it concerns Nanoha, but that's what makes her so adorable.

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Appreciate the resource and everyone's effort!
I'd like to ask a question--can I translate this doujin to Chinese and put it on Weibo?
Just want to ask permission first.
Of course I'll tag this original site and staff on.
Thanks again!:D

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We aren't the ones that translated this doujin, this got translated by an anonymous person who just shared it on the Internet. So I suppose there wouldn't be any problem with retranslating it to Chinese or posting it in other sites. You also don't need to credit this site since we are only helping with distribution.

Good luck!

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Thanks anyway!