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[Fanfic] 6th Division: Recollection

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“Hurry up!” The voice was harsh and quiet but still carried a voice of authority with it. The people who heard it all doubled their pace to unload the shipment from a warehouse into a large truck. “The distractions we planted are failing one by one, we don't have time!”

“Sir,” A new person ran up to the one in command, barely noticeable in the darkness of the night. “Group B just contacted us... They were all wiped out.”

“Damn it.” The first person looked around the dark warehouse and cursed again under his breath. “The greatest heist of all time and they go and mess it up... No matter, what we're after has to be here somewhere.” His eyes scanned the boxes that still needed to be loaded up. A group of no less than twenty were currently running everywhere as quietly as they could, grabbing objects and passing them up to people in the truck. “Screw the rest, when we're done let's get out of here. I don't want want to end up failing because of some idiot group missing their post.”

A new voice echoed loudly around them, making everyone stop in their tracks. “Abandoning your comrades? Pathetic.”

“Who's there!?” The commander yelled out as he raised his staff to a ready position. People around him grabbed magical guns from their pockets and started pointing in random directions. “Show yourself!”

“Lay down your weapons and surrender. I won't give you a second chance.” The voice was a little cocky and definitely masculine, although held a hint of childness to it, as if the owner of it was still a teenager.

“Like hell we will!”

“...You were warned.”

Silence came all at once, the only sounds being the heavy breathing of the tense people and the sounds of the night. Slow steady footsteps came as the people walked around to try and find the intruder but still silence hung thick around them. One of the men slowly walked around a corner of boxes and held out his gun charged with magical rounds. He himself had no power but his weapon could still kill with one shot and he knew it. This fact gave him the courage he needed to snarl as his continued along his way. Turning again he came face to face with two cold blue eyes in the darkness.

The others only heard a muffled scream before silence came again, making them all drip their weapons tighter. “Come out, come out, where ever you are...” The leader sang out as he scanned the area with his magic. Nothing came to his call, revealing that their opponent was either magicless or could conceal himself very well. “I'll make you a deal,” He spoke again, eyes still moving. “come out now and we'll kill you quickly instead of slowly!” The comment made some of his men snicker but another muffled cry instantly cut the mood back to seriousness. “Come out!” He barked finally.

A third man turned and had just enough time to scream fully before being silenced. Gunfire rang out heavily in the direction, shouts and screams flying thick as the battle was engaged officially. Panic swept over the people as they fell one by one by the invisible enemy. Black mist swirled around in the night, moving around with the darkness as if it was one with the very element. Another person was engulfed in the mist, screaming out loudly before falling to the ground. People charged the area but quickly screamed in terror as the mist engulfed them and their bodies suddenly attacked.

“Shed some light on it!” The commander ordered loudly. Flashlights came on everywhere, scanning the area but only catching the tail end of the black smoke before it was gone again. “I've heard about this...” His eyes lit up. “It can't be... Turn on the main lights!”

“But sir we'll be seen!”

“ DO IT!” A couple of people responded to him, running to the main breaker box by the door and slamming up the large switch. The lights overhead made a small sound as they ignited, slowly starting to illuminate as they warmed up.

A female's laugh echoed around them as the lights charged up. “You're doing to be seen, sweetheart.” It whispered into the wind, making the ones left standing look at each other confused.

“You could help you know, Princess.” The male seemed amused by the new voice. “Or are you still off duty?”

“You are too.”

“Like I could turn down some fun.”

Another giggle, the lights now starting to flicker to life now that they were charged. “Okay, okay... hmmm....” More lights started clicking on and the black mist faded out slowly, revealing the silhouette of a teenager. “How abooouuuuuuuuttttt........” The mist started fading more but only the blue eyes could be seen. “Ifrit!”

The roar of a beast rattled the walls as the last of the lights came on. The black mist was gone now and in it's place stood a demon holding a spear. Long horns came from the man's helmet and trailed out behind him before curving up slightly. Red dragon scales graced the helmet that covered glowing yellow eyes, Across his cheeks stood red quarter moons bisected in half with a curved line. Shoulders were spiked with black horns jutting out from the red dragon scale armor that also covered his chest. Long black claws came where his fingernails should be, hands covered by the same scales that the rest of his body had. Moving down to his feet, the armor took on the look of a dragon's foot with two claws on front and one single one where his heel was. Slowly the man gripped the spear in his hand and turned to look at the ones remaining. “If you want to run, I suggest you do so now.”

Pandemonium reigned. Screams of terror, cries of pain and shock, blast from guns and magic from staves all mixed together in the chaos. The man moved so fast a small blur streaked out from behind him as he almost glided along the ground thanks to the two massive dragon scale wings that jutted out from his back. Only a few blast seemed to get close enough to him to touch his armor but instead of blood escaping the areas only fire flared bled out from the marks.

His attacks were fierce and quick, knocking out people when he could and injuring them to a point where they couldn't get away whenever he needed to. Flames flew thick around him as he moved, seemingly appearing from his armor whenever a motion was made. Finally when the last of the lackeys were down he turned to the man in charge before flashing forward with no warning. His spear clashed against the leader's weapon for only an instant before cutting it in half. With a smirk he pointed the blade to the man's neck and spoke to him clearly. “You are under arrest.”

“You... Why are you here? The man who's never been seen...The Black Shadow!”

“I was in the neighborhood.” The teenager answered simply before slamming the tip against the man's chest and sending a volt of electricity into his body. The man slumped over, eyes rolling back into his head.

“Nice job!” The female voice congratulated, making the teenager look up and to the side to see a female around the same age as himself. Her pink hair was long and held up in a ponytail, matching her black and pink barrier jacket nicely. A black under suit clung to her body tightly, showing off the curves she was blessed with. On top of that a pink miniskirt came from her waist and what seemed to be a tribal looking top flared to life moving to her shoulders. A pink and black cape swayed out behind her as she jumped down to ground level and walked over to the teen. “So, Black Shadow,” She said his name with a teasing tone to it. “I think you owe me one for covering you up. Dinner would be nice.”

The male laughed lightly and shook his head. “Nice to see you too, Princess.”

A giggle. “Should we report in?”

He nodded at her and turned to his device as the armor around him flared into flames. Slowly they sank down around his body and took the form of a red dragon about the size of a large dog. “Thank you, Ifrit.” Pressing a button on his spear a monitor appeared in front of him. Nanoha Takamachi smiled at the two, making both of them salute their old instructor. “Elio reporting,” Elio smiled at the nostalgia. “Warehouse F secure. Please send a team to arrest.”

“Will do.” Nanoha grinned more when the female peeked over the man's shoulder. “Hello Caro.”

“Hey Mommy.” She gave a peace sign. “For the record, I saved his butt.”

“Did not!”

Nanoha finally laughed. “You two... Come to the coordinates on the screen, you won't believe who else is here too.” Moving the screen, the images of a twenty one year old Subaru and Tia appeared. “Lutecia was able to come as well on her vacation. Sorry to ask for your help during all this.”

“Anytime!” Subaru pumped her fist in the air. “We're all going to be together again!”

“Mm,” Nanoha nodded at them before looking down at the diamond ring on her left hand. “She'll be happy.”

Hayate placed a hand on Nanoha's shoulder and squeezed it encouragingly. “Go ahead and go back. I'll cover the technical work and meet up with you.”

“Thanks.” Nanoha reached up and grasped Hayate's hand lightly before putting on a smile and turning to her old students. “Come on then, let's meet up!”

>3 just a little something.

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I would kill you if I didn't own the patience I own lol

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Mou...Satashi-san! You tease! T.T My favorite story! I need more! More, M.o.r.e, MORE!~ Hope it goes well, and I was wondering, if you finish this, will it be publish like the other stories, like Alternative's, and PS!Vivio? Favorite story from you, I would be a happy camper if it would. ^ ^

BTW when I mean "favorite story from you" I mean, that it's so far my favorite Nanofate fic~ xD

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I'm still waiting for Redemption tah be finished, though this will do fine 'till you post it. Thanks for the tease Satashi, can't wait for the rest!

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Oh, the nostalgia ;_;
I hope you can continue with this story too, though if you do I think I'll have to reread the last chapters... Or you could include a brief summary of the story, that would he helpful ^^

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I remember the 6th Division series you write, they were (and still are) some of my favourite stories, although sadly unfinished ;_;

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haaa i can't believe this was posted recently!! satashi is cruel for posting this without finishing the other story!!

oh i SOO hope u finish it though and publish it too


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I know its been over a year since this was asked but satashi are you ever going to finish the series? it really is good and I hate having to wait and reread it several times cause its so good only to get dropped with an unfinished story I reckon nanoha would SLB you by now lol.

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i second that ^^ i luv the 6th division series. they're one of the greatest fanfiction series i've ever read~ i hope u continue it~ along with vampire fate =3 onegai~ *hands a box of pocky* ^^

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Seriously Tori, finish this D: I've been telling you to for like.... since we met!! >:T besides SbtB this is your best story imo D: finiiiish~ <3

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