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[Fanfic] The Alone Star.

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--------------------------------------------The Alone Star-----------------------------------------

Author Note : Well as I Read a lot of manga and I listen to violin music I’ve been inspired.
Well I know right, I also need to finish Strange Event and Amnesy. I already know all the rest of the stories in my mind so don’t mind much about it.
The Alone Star is based on the fact that Nanoha is a very Famous but Alone Star. Somes event will happen in her life make it change.

Note :
The First song is Chelsea Girl by Tamura Yukari,
The Violin song is Shadows by Lindsey Stirling.

Here the Story begin.


Fate’s POV. :

“Do you know? White Devil is in concert today!” said some voices.

Fate was walking in a Park to go at hospital visit her mother, Precia, who was very sick. She stopped when she heard of the “White Devil”.
White Devil was a singer, a very famous singer. Fate always heard of her but she has never seen her on the T.V. or in concert, since she wasn’t really interested.

“-Don’t you think she is incredibly beautiful? Aahh I admire her so much…”

“-Yes.. I’ll go to the concert! I love her performances.”

Ever and ever Fate heard speak of this singer, not knowing much of her.

When she arrived at hospital, she headed to the room 125, which was the room of her mother. She knocked on the doors and heard the usual “Come In” of her mom.
She entered the room, and seen Precia watching T.V.
Fate didn’t pay much attention of the T.V, and greeted her mother.

“-How are you today, okaa-san?”

Precia faced Fate and smiled, responding:

“Pretty fine, and as you see I got nothing better, but watch the T.V.”

It was the pub when she took a look to the T.V.

She looked back to mother and asked: “Did doctors say something about your illness?”

Fate’s Mom looked at her legs, answering: “Apparently, I won’t be able to walk again…”
She turned her look over the windows to look what was going on outside, and she sighed.
“Ironic, isn’t it? Two month ago, I walked like those kids, but I think, I’m making too old now…”

Fate felt sad, as she couldn’t say anything. But she suddenly felt, her mother’s hand patting her head while saying: “But its fine, I’m going well, even if sometimes it hurt a little” and she gave a big smile to her daughter, like she was saying “anything is ok, you shouldn’t mind about this”.
Fate couldn’t hold to let a smile tears falling of her eyes when she saw this big smile.

“Now go Fate, I’m sure you got business to do, like do papers or help to your work.”

Fate did what Precia told her and she bowed to say good bye to her. As she was heading to the exit, she heard a beautiful voice that came from the T.V, but she didn’t though more about this voice.


Time was passing and Fate was still hearing of this White Devil, this famous singer. She though “What does this woman have, to be this famous? Maybe I should go to one of her concert.”

And… She bough a premium entry ticket for White Devil’s concert at the Tokyo Dome.
“Uuh.. Wow, She might be really famous to perform a concert at Tokyo Dome.”

The Day of the concert as finally came, and Fate had a VIP place because of her ticket.
Yes. Testarossa Family was a rich family, and Fate was the second daughter of the family. She had one big sister who died in some strange events.
Lights were switched off, and scene lights started with the entrance music.
“Glorious Entry of the singer, uh.? Let’s see if this entire rumours about her, are rights.”

White Devil come on stage she looked really happy.
Fate was a little shocked when she saw her, and though that she had seen her before somewhere.

“Hello all, How are you today??” She shouted.

The public answered still shouting “Fine!!”
“Ok! Theeen… Music, Start!”

The first music she sang was really nice, and enjoyed.
Well she almost sang all the music she had but at the end she said responding to public wanting “another”

“Hummm, I got a surprised for you, but first I’ll tell you how I started my carrier!”

Public said “Yaaaaaaaaay ! Go White Devil!”

“Well, At the first I wasn’t a singer at all, I was used to play violin…”
“As I though… I have seen her playing violin, but where?”

“I loved Violin, and a day my professor said me to try to sing on one of my music. I accepted and did what he offered me to do. A producer wanted me to sing more and found out I had a big talent to sing. And I became singer. But now for the last song I would like to play the last song I wrote.”
Not waiting for the public to answer a security man gave to White Devil a Violin and she started to play.”

“I know this song, long time ago, someone played it for me…”

The end of the concert came and, Fate was really satisfied, but has a weird feeling in the chest. Her heart was burning wanting to know more about the White Devil.
She ran through the corridors, stopped to ask to a security man where was located the singer room, and continued her way.
When she finally arrived to the room, she arranged her hair, her clothes… and then knocked on the door.

“Yes, May I know what this is for?”

Fate didn’t say anything; she just waited for the singer to open her door, backed against the wall, with the arms crossed. When the door opened, Fate just bowed to salute the singer.

“Fa—te ?” White devil said opening chocked eyes.

To be continued…

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Nice start. Is the "White Devil" wearing a mask or something like that? Can't wait to find out more~

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Well the "White Devil" isn't wearing mask or anythings ^^

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really interesting!hope you do more~

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Looks interesting, curious to see what happens next.

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Anyways, I would like to take your curiosity on White Devil Last word. She says "Fa--te ?", of what Fate she talk ? Fate, the Fate ? or maybe both ? ah ah ;) I'll let you tell me of what Fate you think x)

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.......Fate.....fa-te.....I think she just met "her fate"/! >-< like in "destyny"

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Ah Ah maybe, but I'll post the next chapter tomorrow since I am writing the Final Chapter of strange events right now. I am trying to make it long as the three ones before weren't really developped. Hope you won't be too impatient lol x).

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NANOHA-SAMA! MORE PLEASE! ~Sincerely Fate-sama <33

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hehehe :D You know I got an entire chapter waiting to be tip on computer and posted there :D I'll upload it soon~~

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I don't know if I should be doing this, but as a challenge for myself I rewrote the whole chapter. I know I have chapter two and chapter three written on some paper in my room and that I never computerized them. Anyways, for whoever is willing to read, once again, this small chapter of a story I had thought of a long time ago, here it is. Enjoy!

Spoiler: Chapter 1 - The beginning
Fate’s POV. :
“Did you know? White Devil is in concert today!” said some voices.

Fate was walking in a Park to go at the hospital to visit her mother, Precia, who had been very sick for a few months. Her pace was fast and yet, she stopped when she heard of the “White Devil”.
White Devil was a singer, a very famous singer. Fate always heard people speak of her, yet she had never seen her on the TV, nor in concert since she had never been interested in the matter.

“Don’t you think she is incredibly beautiful? Aahh I admire her so much…”

“I know right… I’ll go to her next concert! I’ve been in love with her performances since her debut!”

“Wooah… You’re so lucky… I wanna go too.”

Every single days of her life, Fate would hear of this “so amazing” singer, this “so beautiful” girl.

Lost in her thought, as she had resumed her high-paced walk, she arrived at the hospital and thus, headed to the room 125, room where her mother had been admitted. She knocked softly on the doors and heard the usual “Come In” of her mom. She quickly did as ordered and entered the room, seeing her mother watching TV. Fate didn’t pay much attention to the least and headed near the bed to greet her mother.

“How are you today, okaa-san?” Precia faced Fate and smiled.

“Pretty fine even though I have nothing better than to watch the TV. What about you?”

“I’m fine myself, thanks you.”

Fate took a quick glance to the screen which was on the advertising session. She looked back to her mother.

“Did doctors say something about your illness?”

The old woman averted her look toward her legs, under the blanket while sighing out of sadness.

“Apparently, I won’t be able to walk again…” She turned again her look to the windows, looking outside at the sky as if her wings had been cut forever, which was indeed close to her reality, even if it wasn’t her wings.

“Quite ironic, isn’t it? Two month ago, I was walking like those kids, but I think, I’ve just gotten too old…” Her voice went lower and lowers until the silence filled the room, as a sad atmosphere had fallen on both of the women.

Fate felt weak toward the whole situation but she couldn’t prevent the whole events from happening nor she could jump back into the past to tell her mother of her illness. The air around her was heavy and she couldn’t dare saying anything as her voice wouldn’t even allow her to. She suddenly felt her mother’s hand patting her head as she looked up to meet her gaze.

“It’s alright, I’m going well, even if it’s been hurting a bit every now and then.” She gave a big smile to her daughter, her eyes full of confidence even if a bit of uncertainty remained.

“Everything is ok Fate, you shouldn’t worry too much over this”. Fate couldn’t hold the small tear from falling down on her cheek as her mother wiped it away with her thumb caressing her cheek before pushing her gently.

“Now go Fate, I’m sure you’ve got business to attend, like doing papers or helping at work.”

Fate nodded simply and smiled before bowing and parting with her mother did. On her way back to the entrance, she heard a gentle voice near in the hall, a gentle yet worried voice which soon after passing the voice, she thought she heard it a second time, yet coming from a TV. She shook her head left and right to let away the thought and exited the building.

Time passed and Fate still heard of this White Devil, this famous singer. A small thought of going to one of her concert crossed her mind. She didn’t know if it would be a good idea, but she felt as if she, at least once in her life, had to.

And as she began to think more and more about it, she eventually resigned herself and bought a ticket for the upcoming concert of the infamous White Devil at Tokyo Dome.

While buying the ticket the only thought that crossed her mind was how famous she must be to be able to perform in such a place.

Finally the day of the concert had came and Fate headed to the VIP access. She had bought one of the most expensive tickets because she just didn’t feel like standing for 2 whole hours. The ticket also granted her the right to visit the backstage and have a private talk with the singer, which she didn’t really care about.

Fate was rich lady born in the high society. Her last name, Testarossa, was one of the most known names in the country due to her father being a famous business man. She had never lacked of anything, nor suffered from anything if not from the lack of presence of both her parents when she had been younger. They both were workaholics and the only thing that settled her mother down had been, unfortunately, the revelation of her illness.

Lights suddenly went off, bringing the blonde back to reality as she quickly took a seat and looked toward the scene. The spotlights shone above it travelling on the stage, some sparkle fell on the stage and music started announcing the arrival of the icon.

“Glorious entry of the singer, uh? Let’s see if these rumors about her are worth being here”

The White Devil jumped on stage made a few cartwheel and took a grab on the in-stage microphone. She seemed so happy that soon the crowd started cheering louder than it previously was, when we could hear some declaration of love being shouted across the huge room.
Fate felt a bit disturbed when she took a closer look at her, as if she had crossed her path before but she could not remember where nor when.

“Howdy everybody! How have you been since last time?” She shouted as the mass answered.

“What are you feelin’ today?” She continued equally louder.

“Awesome!” The crowd quickly shouted back as she began to move around the stage waving to her fan.

“You guys are so cool tonight! To reward you…” The girl paused a bit as she turned round and then made a V-like symbol with her hand facing again the crowd.

“Music… Start!”

The first tune she sang was a rather cheerful one. The singer sang happily her lyrics and danced at the same time the choregraphy, which, anyone could tell, had been really worked on. The second music was a sad on, totally contrasting with her previous tune, telling the story of a girl who had everything and fell into despair as she lost her mighty position of power over people. The third one had both cheerful and sad moment, counting the story of lovers who were tore apart and reunited once again in the end. The fourth had a nice rhythm, a lot of bass and sounded quite electro yet the singer carried out perfectly.

As timed started to quickly pass-by, the music enthralling every person present in front of the cheerful girl, the music soon came to an end, revealing to every charmed fans an out-of-breath girl who was standing on the stage smiling. The cheers exploded and quickly enough the people got together to shout to ask for an encore.

“Eeeh! What about I tell you how I started! Then I’ll let have a surprise for you!”

The audience cheered once again in approval.

“Well… At the first I wasn’t a singer at all, I used to play the violin. I was quite good!”

Fate got lost in her thought once again, knowing her impression of having meeting her before was linked to the fact she used to play the violin, and deep inside of her, she knew she had met her before. Maybe she even had been close with her. Or maybe she was just being silly of over thinking about something that, to begin with, may have never happened. Yet she didn’t want to believe so.

“I loved violin, and one day, my teacher told me I should try to sing one of the music I had composed. I accepted and did what she offered me to do, I wrote some lyrics to match my violin score and my teacher played it for me. Soon… a producer wanted me to sing more and found out I had a big talent to sing that would have gone to waste if I had never tried thanks to my teacher. That was what the producer said. That’s how I started. But now for this last song you’ve asked me I would like to play a song I composed a long time ago, and rearranged. I won’t sing this one.”

A man came from backstage and handed a violin to the singer and as soon as the girl had the violin in hands the crowd shouted words of supports, of love and of happiness. The singer rose the hand to acknowledge them and as soon as she did, the silent filled the air and the sound of violin resonated perfectly.

“I know this song, long time ago, someone played it for me…” the blonde haired girl said in a whisper.

The end of the concert came and Fate was really satisfied, yet she now had a weird feeling. Her heart was burning wanting to know more about the White Devil. She didn’t remember the last time she had been so eager to know more about someone. She wanted to know why her heart felt this bothered about the fact she had seen her before not knowing where or when.

For once, she thanked the fact she had bought by pure randomness this VIP ticket, allowing her to meet the singer and visit the backstage. She headed there showing her ticket to whoever asked her to and scanned the area to find the private room where the singer was resting. After she found it she gently knocked on the door, replacing her clothes and hair, to keep her tidy appearance.

“Yes, May I know what this is for?”

Fate didn’t say anything; she just waited for the singer to open her door, backed against the wall, with the arms crossed. When the door opened, Fate just bowed to salute the singer.

“Fa—te ?” White devil said, opening chocked eyes.

To be continued…

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More please!


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This is completely different from the second chapter I had written about two years ago, the story felt way too childish and I wrote a whole new chapter 2. Enjoy!

Spoiler: Chapter 2 : Is it Fate?
Chapter 2 - Is this Fate ?

“Fa—te...” The White Devil said opening huge chocked eyes as she had seen something she had not thought she’d ever see.

The burgundy eyed girl, who had just bowed to the singer, was just as confused as she seemed to be. How could it be that she knew her name was the question crossing her mind. There was no ways she could know it, or at least, that was what the blonde believed, and yet again, her heart kept telling her something was not right, that she obviously had forgotten about something important.

Fate was now dumbfounded, unable to know how to react to what was happening and yet she extended her hand.

“Nice to meet you, Whit--”

“Takamachi Nanoha.” As soon as she had tried to address the singer with her stage name she got cut by the least telling Fate her real name that none knew so far. She had no clue why she’d do so and she just smiled, the confusion starting to fade away. The singer shook Fate’s hand as a greeting.

“Good evening Miss Takamachi, my name is Fate Testarossa. I must say, you gave a very beautiful performance earlier, I was not expecting it to be this great, no offence intended of course. You quite surprised me with that last music you played on the violin.” Fate said, feeling slightly confused as she didn’t know herself she could speak this much with a perfect stranger.

The singer, who had regained her composture, smiled back to the only person who had bought the ultra expensive VIP-Access to her concert, something that had never happened before even if most of the tickets usually got sold.

For a few seconds, Fate lost herself in the pretty face the woman before her was doing. She had no idea someone could look this beautiful as she remembered the gossip she had heard few weeks ago on the singer, telling that she was, indeedly, very beautiful.

Her hair was of a very beautiful auburn shade, perfectly fitting her deep blue eyes, hypnotising anyone who would be willing to get lost in such a beautiful gaze. Her face was slim equally fitting her perfectly cut body, highlighted by lovely attributes. The woman certainly didn’t lack of anything and therefore left no doubt she must be courted by many men.

And yet, as much as Fate gazed at the beautiful eyes staring back at her, she couldn’t find the said happiness that filled the air around the singer while on stage. She could only see sadness and loneliness. Fate wondered for a moment who it could be possible that such a person was looking this sad. There was no doubt that...

“Err, I’m sorry to interrupt your flow of thought but... could you stop staring at me like that, this is becoming quite embarrassing...” Finally said the girl who called herself Nanoha.

Indeed, there was no doubt that she was feeling embarrassed. Her cheeks were slightly tainted with red, a simple yet cute blush. Fate found that rather adorable.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to stare.” The blonde simply said to apologise, as she truly had not meant to stare. Yet she didn’t know what to do in this situation and noticed the growing silent atmosphere of embarrassment between the two of them. She noticed the quick glance the girl was throwing at her but as soon as their eyes would meet, she would advert her gaze away, either on the side or on the floor. As she didn’t seem to be a shy person, Fate wondered why she would do that, but took no further thought on the subject as she finally took out a personal card with her coordinate on it and offered it to her.

“I am a professional violinist and pianist; I also compose tunes and take part in famous concerts. I would be glad if you contacted me later to join efforts in writing new musics. I know this may seem weird coming from a perfect stranger but do not hesitate to do so, I’ll be waiting for your call.”

Fate smiled one last time to the singer who had taken her card with a nod, her mouth shut. She got away leaving a White Devil in her own confusion.


Nanoha didn’t know what to think. Of course she had known about the Testarossas and about that woman, but never in her artist life she had ever thought of being faced with her.

Fate Testarossa was one of the most famous composers of the country and was said to have composed multiples songs for the bests among the bests. Nanoha had thought she still had a long way to go until she reaches them, and yet, Miss Testarossa had come to her concert. Somewhere in her heart she had the feeling she knew it’d eventually come, and that she had the small feeling it’d lead her somewhere.

The violin song, of course the woman told her about it. This had been the very first song she had composed younger, and the first review she had received of it had not been nice, not at all. She had gotten depressed and flew away with the score until she lost herself in a huge garden leaded by the sweet tune of a violin. She had followed the sound until it led her to the person who played it and found a beautiful haired woman, who seemed older than her...

~ Flashback ~

The blonde stopped playing and the younger Nanoha jumped in surprise. She had felt enthralled by the tune and had sat in the fresh herb of spring listening to it. A soft chuckle reached her ears as the bay window was opened by the woman holding her instrument in her other hand.

“Are you lost?” She reached for the girl and extended her hand to help her stand, noticing the score in her possession. She gently took them as she looked the girl with an asking look, the young Nanoha nodding. She went through the score and smiled gently.

“You two think it’s not good...?” Nanoha looked down at her feet, about to cry, holding her skirt with her hands. She heard another soft laugh and rose the head noticing the soft look on the woman’s face.

“Not at all, I actually think it seems pretty good, would you play it for me?” Nanoha nodded as the older girl handed her the violin, as it was written on the score.

The small girl played her own tune with all her heart put in the performance and once it was done, she looked up to meet with the happy eyes.

The blonde woman clapped her hand, applauding the small girl. She truly enjoyed the performance she had been given.

“That was really sweet and cute, I bet you put all your soul in writing this!” She patted the head of the auburn haired girl. “No matter what people say, always remember that I will love your song, now go and prove them I am right!” The smaller girl nodded and ran away after giving back the violin to its owner and taking her score back.

After she had reached her home, she realised she had not asked the woman her name nor she had given her hers. She shook her head full of fighting spirit to move forward.

A few weeks later, she had learnt that the person was one of the most famous composer in-rise, named Fate Testarossa.

~ End of Flashback ~

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Welcome back Nanoha-sama. Will you continue retelling your story about your past experience meeting Fate? Hahahaha. I'd love to follow this.