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[Fanfic] Amnesy

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Hey peoples ! :D
This is my new Fanfic, I let you discover it, tell me good and bad things in ^^.
Since I'm french I don't have a nice english vocabulary, and I know it's a little short xD.
Hope you'll enjoy ;D.

Amnesy, Chapter 1

Fates’ POV.

I remember.

We were both walking on a bridge, a small bridge. A small bridge, very small….
As usual I was talking with her about all and also nothing, but I remember this conversation.
I didn’t know exactly why, but I was feeling like :
“oh god something is going to happen, but I don’t know what.”
Yes. But you’ll say to me : “What was the topic of your conversation ?”
And, I will answer…. Death.

~ Flashback ~

I was looking the landscape when Nanoha asked me :
“Fate, Can I ask you something ?”
Well, I was a bit surprised that Nanoha asked me if she could ask me something, but I answered yes with my usual smile.
“-Naturally Nanoha, what you want to know ?
-Uuuh…Well. What do you think about….”
She stopped, and at this moment I didn’t know why, but she continued.
“…about death ?”
I stopped walking; I stared at her, with huge opened eyes.
“-Nanoha, what are you talking about ? Death ? Why so suddenly ?
-I don’t know, I just felt like asking to know your point of view about this…. But if you don’t want to answer, it’s ok, I can understand.
-Sorry Nanoha.”
I said that with a little sad voice, and Nanoha bowed to say sorry.

We continued to walk, and suddenly I felt bad. My head was spinning. I saw a girl being hit by a car and I heard in my head a female voice crying and shouting.

Nanoha asked me if every things were alright, and when I heard her voice, yes, all was gone. I was back, normal as I always been.
But this wasn’t really a dream.
It was a vision.
A vision of what was going to happen.


It was the ends of the world. All my dreams, all my life were gone because of what I seen…

I shouted all I had. I tried to jump, in vain, it was already too late.

Nanoha, lying on the ground, in a red liquid that was coming out of her body.
She had been hit by a car and I was crying and shouting all I had.
“God !! Why now ! Why her ! Why Nanoha ! Did I do something for this to happen ! Why ! Why !!! Why…”
Someone parked his car and came to me. He hugged me will I was still crying.
“I called the police, well all” said the unknown person.
I looked up to see the person, and she was a girl.
“Stand there a sec I will help our girl until the help come”

Few minuts after, help where here helping Nanoha, they said to me that she was safe, but as I could see, injured a lot. I followed them to the hospital where I waited for Nanoha to be treated.

Like five hours after her to had entered the operating room, the doctors putted her on a room and I waited her to wake up.

~ End Of Flashback ~

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Heeey, you're giving a hook for us, the audience!! :D I'm so glad you made a story like this! This isn't some kind of fluff I can see, but really, Amnesy is a story I can pretty much relate to. Hmm, and I have to say for my French Nanoha, you're wonderful in writing in English. You did your best! :)

I want to know what happened! Come update this, and cuddle me!

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Looks good~~ Do continue.^^