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[Fanfic] Columbus

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Vivio looked over at Einhart walking next to her on the way home from school. The green haired girl had been silent most of the day, and was wearing a black hairband instead of her usual pigtail style. It had been bugging her all day, wondering why the girl was even more quiet than usual. Finally, after another block of walking and their split up point coming closer, Vivio finally asked the question. "Do you want to talk about it?"

Einhart looked up and blinked at the sudden question. "I'm sorry?"

"You've been quiet all day..." Vivio stopped walking and made Einhart pause as well. "Do you want to talk about anything?"

"Oh... It's nothing like that, its just... Today is all."

Vivio thought about it. "The holiday?"

"Yeah, it just... makes me a little sad."

Again, the blonde had to think about it. "But... Why? Did something bad happen on today? It's the day this area was claimed for Midchilda."

Einhart started walking again, slower this time so Vivio could join her. "It's the day the Belkan empire lost power as well... The day they were defeated in battle... When even the innocent were killed to make way for the new empire."

Vivio looked down, not realizing that something like that had happened as well. "Oh... I'm sorry, I just..."

"I know, its your holiday, not mine. I don't expect others to think on it like we do... Even if I was born here on Mid like this, my past and soul is still deeply connected to it... Let's forget it, I don't want to bring down your day like this."

Vivio grabbed Einhart's hand when the other girl started walking faster. "Wait!"

"Yes?" Einhart looked back.

"I'm sorry, I just wanted to understand a little better... It was a bad question, I'm sorry for being inconsiderate..."

"Its okay."

"Yeah, but..." Vivio looked around and then pulled her friend along with her to one of the small shops that lined the area. "Here..." She picked up a black ribbon and paid for it while Einhart waited patently for her. When the blonde finally made it back, she reached up and took Einhart's headband off.

"What is this about?" The girl still let her friend scoop her hair into a ponytail, despite the question, so it could be bound by the silk ribbon.

"I may not know everything about your history, or things like that..." Vivio finished fixing the ponytail and smiled at Einhart as best she could. "And I know that just saying I feel bad for you won't mean as much as if it came from someone who truly understood, but... I do want to understand your feelings and let you know I'm here for you if you are ever sad, so... I guess I'm trying to say that I may not truly understand it all, but I'm here with you... My ribbon will stay with you for today, not so much as me mourning something I don't understand, but as a symbol that I am standing by you and what you believe and feel... If that makes sense?" She added the last part shyly, unsure if she even said her feelings right.

"... Thank you." Einhart closed her eyes and stayed silent for a small moment before looking at her friend again. "It means more than you think." In a rare show of affection, Einhart took Vivio's hand and began walking with her again, now feeling as if she wasn't as alone as she thought.

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Oh, I almost missed this fic. Thanks for the sweet piece of Vivio/Ein Satashi, it's nice to see you here.

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Cute fanfic X3 Love your stories as always. (^_^)b

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Great little short! I enjoy the quiet dynamic of their relationship shown in this one.

On a side note, is the title "Columbus" in reference to Christopher Columbus? I noticed several possible parallels in your story.

And of course, you can't miss the NanoFate ribbon parallel. Good job, as usual :)

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Yeah, it was for Columbus day/day of mourning. Wrote it to show my support of a good friend of mine <3

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question satashi: are you ever going to finish your other ficts?

Full power to weapons and engines! Lets bring it on!