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[FanFic] The Crises Chronicles

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A normal day to the fullest turned into a nightmare in just three seconds. Here I am, groveling, struggling to break free from these rough hands that once promised to protect me forever… He led me to my fate. AU, school setting. NanoFate.

So yeah... a fanfic from fanfiction by Mello-san

The Crises Chronicles



Plip! Plop! The resounding drizzle of rain echoed into the tunnel. The man of 17 years had cornered her. A shriek that was quickly muffled spread like wildfire within the enclosed space. People passed by, taking no notice of what was happening beside them. A loud crack of thunder roared, signaling the start of a heavy downpour.


~Nanoha POV~

"… It looks like it's going to rain. Do you want to go on a date to the movies instead of the park?" popped the question from my boyfriend.

"Yeah, I'd like that," I answered halfheartedly. Truthfully speaking, I would rather go home and sleep after that incredibly long and boring lecture.

"Great, I'll meet you outside the gates!" he hollered back at me as he raced out of my classroom.

I sighed, continuing to file my books into place. Jail Scaglietti. That is the name of my boyfriend. He is a genius, energetic, popular, and somewhat crazy. He asked me out one month ago and I reluctantly agreed.

Recently however, I have begun to develop feelings for someone else. The only problem with that is she is a girl and she already has her eyes set on some other person. Ever since then, I have been planning on dumping Jail and asking her out just for the heck of it.

I guess today is the day…

I quickly finished placing my books into my bag and dashed out.

"Jail!" I called out to my purple haired sempai. "Before we go, I need to talk to you about something…" I trailed off at the end when he suddenly grabbed my arm and we hurried to find shelter from the light shower that had already begun. He stopped when we reached a tunnel, the dim lights inside, flickering on and off.

"Sorry, what was that?" he gestured for me to continue where I left off as he ruffled his wet hair.

"Umm… I want to break up with you," I stated clearly, grabbing his full attention the second I finished.

"Come again?" Jail asked, his golden, cat-like eyes glowing with malice.

"I said I want to break up with you, Jail Scaglietti. I want to go out with someone else," out came the reply that seemed to be much colder than I intended.

Jail's eyes grew wide and quickly narrowed in a split second. "Care to tell me why? Am I not good enough? I'm popular and smart! Gorgeous, even! What gives you the right to dump me?"

I flinched from the sudden angered voice he used. He grabbed my shoulders, shoving me into the brick wall of the tunnel. My back stung for a moment before I could answer, "I have a crush on someone else… Now let me go."

"Ha… Ahahaha!" Jail's soft chuckle shifted to maniacal laughter. "You're not the one who's dumping me… because I am dumping you," he declared after his amusement subsided. "However… I think it's a waste that I haven't done anything more with you besides holding hands… What do you say? Care to try it with me? I'm fairly experienced, you know."

I gasped in sudden realization as to what he meant. "Let go! I said we're through!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. It echoed but there was no response.

In a flash, he tore my uniform open. I shrieked out, "HEL-!" but he crashed his lips into mine and muffled out the last of the word. He just stole my first kiss that I was planning on giving to her… That thought made my blood boil. I pounded my fists on his chest and continued my, what seemed to be futile, protests. Cars drove by and people sauntered off, paying no mind to what the two of us were doing.

I closed my eyes, hoping, wishing, that everything was just a dream.

"Move, would you? You're blocking the way," a female voice informed. I heard bickering and then…


That reverberating sound made me flinch.

"Hey you! Now you're the one in my way. Move it or lose it, girlie," the same female voice continued.

I slowly opened my eyes only to find an angel. She had silky, long blonde hair, porcelain skin, deep, vibrant, burgundy eyes, and a perfect frame. She sported my school's uniform but I have never seen her before… Right now, I was just awestruck. She snapped me back to reality when she voiced out again, in an exasperated tone.

"Look, will you move or do I have to beat you up like I did to this guy here?" she held up Jail by the hair and threw him over to the side like a weightless feather. She glanced over at her pink haired companion who I didn't even notice until now. "How much time do we have left?" she asked in a soft and gentle voice.

Her acquaintance shifted, taking out a pocket watch from her coat pocket, stared at it for a second, and then stoically stated, "… We can still make it if we bust our hump. Just leave her there. The guy's knocked out cold. He won't be able to do anything more."

The blonde turned to me with a smirk, a finger pointing at Jail, and said, "If you want to continue where you left off with this guy; then do it where other people won't gag from the sight."

Her friend grabbed hold of her wrist and began to drag her out into the pouring rain. I stared at the blobby silhouette that quickly turned into a speck at the end of the tunnel. All that could be heard afterwards, was the thick rain that came crashing down.

And that… was how I met my fate.

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Wow it's cool I like it :D

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Yeah, here's Chapter 1 before I forget to add it again...

The Crises Chronicles



The bell chimed, signaling the much anticipated lunch break. A brunette sat quietly in her seat, sketching to pass the time while her thoughts drifted to the events that happened about two days ago. Out of nowhere, a bento box was placed in front of the said brunette, followed by a question: "Mind if I sit here?"

Chapter 1: The Fall

~Nanoha's POV~

I looked up to see who had asked that question. "H-Hayate… O… hayou," I replied in a slightly stuttering voice.

"I'll take that as a no, then," Hayate immediately sat down, her brown hair softly shifting in place.

I'm nervous… Sure, Hayate's one of my best friends but that does very little to ease my anxiety especially since she knows…

Knows what, you ask?

She knows that I have a major crush on her 26 years old cousin. As weird as this sounds, I've been falling for a teacher whose ten years ahead of me…

"Nanoha?" she called my name, snapping me from my train of thought.

"N-nani?" I replied, a blush painting my face.

"You seem out of it. Is there something on your mind?" Hayate asked. "Or rather… is there someone on your mind?" she continued with an amused look on her face.

"Yeah… someone has been on my mind recently…" I answered honestly; the face of the angel who supposedly saved me, immediately came back into my mind.

"If it's Jail, just get over him already. He's not worth it… I mean, he's a maniac," she informed me as she stuffed her mouth with food. "I mean, just look at what he did to you," she said in a fearful whisper.

Was she seriously suggesting that I missed that lunatic?

"No, it's not him. I told you, I broke up with him. I got over it the moment I dumped him…"

"Ouch, that's got to hurt the poor guy. Ahaha. You just broke his reputation as a heart breaker." She giggled a little before continuing with a question, "Then who is it that has your mind so preoccupied? I mean, it's rare enough that you've been single for two days now but to think you have an interest in someone you're not sure reciprocates the feeling is unusual, indeed… Tell me, I must know."

Someone whose name I don't even know, that's who…

"I sort of… don't know the person's name…" I barely managed to whisper out. I was so embarrassed. Hayate was not making this any easier either.

"Hm?~~ Do tell me the details on appearance. I guarantee you that I know that person," she offered me, wearing the disturbing grin of a hyena.

Well… she is popular. It's not that unexpected if she does end up knowing her. I mean, that blonde girl was a total jerk but she's beyond gorgeous, which means she'd stick out like a sore thumb…

"Uhh… Blonde. She was blonde and had burgundy eyes," I answered a bit hesitantly.

Hayate took in all the information I stated while nodding to herself. Then her eyes widened and her chopsticks dropped to the ground with a light clack. "BLOND? Did you just say 'blond'?"

I nodded and Hayate fell silent.

"… I think I know who you're talking about but I really hope I'm not right," Hayate continued as she packed her bento away and turned to look at me. "Come on. I need to confirm if my girl and your girl are the same person."

"H-hai!" I agreed and hastened to her side. We left homeroom and I followed after Hayate.

Is it just me or is she turning redder by the minute?

We came to a halt in front of another class. 1-6, the renowned 1st year advanced placement class…


Hayate slid the door open, revealing a neat and orderly classroom. My best friend stood silent and all eyes focused on the two of us. Hayate strolled in as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

I have to give her credit for being so confident…

Then she stopped. I peeked from my friend's back to ascertain that this was the right person.

There, in front of her, sat a long blonde haired girl. She wore think rimmed glasses and had her hair in two separate braids but I could tell it really was her; the girl that's been plaguing my mind ever since I saw her.

Something feels different about her… There's no doubt in my mind that it's not just me who would think she's totally hot if they saw her the way I did… but why is she putting on the face of a nerd?

"Harlaown," Hayate began. The blonde twitched upon hearing her name and shifted her gaze from her book, over to Hayate.

So her name is Harlaown?

"Yagami-san," she retorted as she closed her book.

Hayate gestured over to me, "Does this girl look familiar to you?"

Harlaown gazed at me for at least three minutes, her expression displaying deep thought. The next second, a smirk formed on her features. "Nope, can't say she does," she finally answered.

Hayate stated in a relieved tone, "I see…"

"U-umm… Th-Thank you for saving me!" I blurted out despite the fact the blonde had just specified that she doesn't remember me.

All eyes fixated on me and I felt my face heat up.

This… is embarrassing…

Harlaown lightly giggled and fixed her glasses before she stated one word that made me go beet red.


Hayate blushed as well, though I have no idea why…

"What's your name?" she asked me after a few seconds of laughter escaped her lips.

"N-Nanoha… Takamachi, Nanoha. And you?" I replied.

She smirked again and answered in a soft voice, "Fate… Fate Harlaown… Nice to meet you, Takamachi-san."



I like it…

It's so befitting…

"Alright everyone; go back to your seats!" the instructor announced the moment she entered the classroom.

My eyes darted toward that unmistakable voice the moment I heard it.

It's her…

Signum Levantine…

"That means you as well, Yagami. Return to your classroom," she continued; her pink hair swaying as she made her way from the door over to her desk.

Hayate's impassive appearance altered into an expressive grin as she answered, "Is that so, sensei…? If you wanted me to leave, you could have just asked nicely. How unbecoming of the great Signum Levantine to falter in a trivial matter such as manners~~"

Signum-sensei grimaced at the words Hayate directed at her. "Care to repeat that for me once again, Hayate? I didn't quite hear it," she challenged in her usual, unreadable expression.

My mind's drawing a total blank right now…

That's right; my one month long, current crush is Signum-sensei… She's the homeroom instructor for class 1-6.

Why fall for her?

Plain and simple.

She is hot.

However… Now that I think about it, Fate-chan is even hotter.

Signum-sensei is amazing at kendo; a four years straight national champion, might I add.

Shamal Klarer-Wind… is my rival in terms of love interest. I can tell Signum-sensei has feelings for her; not that I'm willing to admit it, though.

Hayate's grin grew even wider as she patted her hand onto Fate-chan's shoulder.

I don't like where this is going…

"Harlaown, what do you think?" inquired the trouble-making Hayate.

Fate-chan just scowled; all hints of her playfulness a moment ago had blown into oblivion. "I think both of you need to stop causing a scene. You and Takamachi-san should go back to your classrooms now before Signum's cap explodes."

At that comment, Signum-sensei's whole expression turned downright irritable.

Looks to me like it already exploded…

"Hai hai~~!" Hayate sang as she pushed me along and out the door. "We're very sorry for intruding, Signum~"

No, you're really not…

I face palmed and let myself be coordinated back to 1-3 for my next class with the self-proclaimed "cupid".

During classes, Hayate kept sending me notes. All of them shared one thing in common: teasing me about my crush on Signum. Some made me giggle while others got me annoyed at her constant prying.

Why can't she just let things play out as they will? Leave it to the famous so-called destiny…

When classes were over, I stayed behind a little to attend a bake sale with Suzuka-chan and Arisa-chan, my two other best friends. They live farther than I do so they always come to and from school by vehicles. To be exact, they're both millionaires so they ride limousines more frequent than not.

By the time we finished, the sun had already begun to set. I said my farewells to Suzuka and Arisa, and then started my walk back home.

I didn't get very far when the most miraculous voice seeped its way into my ears. The flawless notes overwhelmed me. The pitch, the flow, all of its qualities went beyond belief. I followed the sound, hoping to find the source.

I stopped dead on my tracks when I spotted a certain blonde sitting near the flooded banks of Mid-Childa Lake with her hair down and fake glasses no longer on her face. I inched closer bit by bit, quietly eavesdropping on her angelic voice while staring at the painting before me.

She really does look like an angel… If it wasn't for her horrid personality, I would have thought she was the epitome of perfection…

Despite that thought, I couldn't get enough of what laid before my eyes. It filled up my soul with pure bliss.


Shoot, a twig.

"Who's there?" the blonde turned her gaze over to me as soon as the sound reached her.

"Nyahaha… H-hey, Fate-chan…" I tensely chuckled, scratching the back of my head.

"You…" she began but stopped. The look on her face showed confusion but was quickly replaced by a miffed expression.

"I'm sorry; I didn't mean to eavesdrop… I just heard an amazing voice and I ended up following it… which later led me to you," I tried to explain, not sounding very convincing.

Fate-chan suddenly looked shocked. I opened my mouth to say something but…

The next thing I knew, I was shoved. I stumbled a bit, trying to gain my balance, but I couldn't stop my fall.


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Looks like Nanoha found Fate's secret.

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fate has a secret? XD

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chapter 2 is up and i'm too lazy to edit it to the exact format like the other 2 posts so i'll just give the link~ -.-"


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again, i am a very lazy person ~.~ and i find this to be much quicker XD