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[Fanfic] Destiny Breaker

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hello! this is my first time doing a fanfic, all critics all accepted, this is only the prologue, its gona be a nanofate story but a little diferent


Destiny Breaker


There was fire, dead bodies all over the place, the land had changed its shape into a wasteland, in the middle of it, 2 magicians could be seen:

Magician 1: “So it was really sealed huh? How long will the seal last?”
The fist magician asked, presenting wounds all over his body, barely standing, his device fissured all over.
Magician 2: “I don’t know, perhaps 800 years… maybe 900”
The second magician stands also but with a sad look on his face took his device.
Magician 1: “But to think that from 30 magicians top class inside the barrier and 50 outside keeping the barrier, only you and I survive inside, and most of the outside magicians where scattered by the after explosion”
The magician was feeling funny, like if it were a bad yoke or something.
But it wasn’t to be unexpected, it was meant to be that way, almost unstoppable, the miracle was that they could seal it.
Magician 2:”I have to make the modifications, i don’t have much time, they will be here soon”
The magician took is device that was in his hands and stated to casting something onto the book.
Magician 1:”so you really are going to do it? Betray your knights? I never understand that side of you, they were great, Signum was an example of loyalty even thought you treat her so bad, Vita was also a fun knight, always getting angry by little things, but even so you still…”
Magician 2:”I was…happy to be their master…I was proud”
The first magician was more than surprised by his friend’s words, so surprised that it pissed him.
The second magician notices that and couldn’t help but make a smile and, without stopping what he was doing answered his friend question:
Magician 2:”it must be… really awful to be summoned again and again, to serve masters that don’t deserve your loyalty… but it most be worst to appreciate your master…and see him die again and again, I think I preferred to be hated and forgotten than to be loved and be a burden”
The magician said while making the modifications to the book, trying to be concentrated.
His friend kind of understands the words, even trough he couldn’t accept them.
Magician 2:”Even if I hate myself for doing this, this kind of magic must disappear, just look at this place”
Magician 1:”That’s your excuse for modifying the tome of the night sky?”
Magician 2: “that magic must disappear, even I don’t know if the modifications will be effective, but as long as it erases that magic from it. I must take the chance for future generations!”
Magician 1: “even if it will kill you in the process? For a “king of the night sky” you aren’t very cleaver are you?”
Magician 2:”heh maybe not, but I couldn’t make any other choice. You know what to do after this right?”
The magician keeps his work going, almost finishing it.
Magician 1:”let me see, destroy every trace of that magic from existence and knowledge for the world, and create a brotherhood to make sure that no one will ever come close to it, it seem that you picked up the easy way”
The second magician looked weaker and weaker.
Magician 2:”Dont say that...this is the end…I am terribly sorry for what I am doing, Signum, Vita, Shamal, Zafira, but that magic must disappear, even at the cost of my soul and your corruption, may the future brings you freedom from this curse, I don’t ask forgives, and I hope that in that future, magicians greater than ourselves will take care of it, for we could not”
Closing his eyes he finished, in that same instant, the book disappear, and the magician fell to the ground and never move again.
Magician 1”…”
He wanted to say something but decided to leave the scene with no words and only thoughts.
Magician 1: (may the future bring freedom huh? Then I will work hard so that future be liberated from that magic,and the maddness that was bring with it, and to create the brotherhood that not only lock it, but to also collect and protect from evil forces all magical treasures)
With thoughts of hope and commitment, that magician created what would be later called the TSAB.
And so 1200 years pass.

Vivio:” mama! I’m going to school!”
Nanoha:” ok be careful, I’m going to work”
Vivio: “Hey mama, today fate-mama is returning right?”
Nanoha frozen for an instant before answering
Nanoha: “Yes…she is coming today, would you like to come with me later to pick her up?”
Nanoha make a smile to her daughter.
Vivio: “Yeah!!”
And so the little girl leaves.
Nanoha: “Yeah…she is coming today…the question is why”
Nanoha talked to the one that wasn’t there, of course she was worried, fate was suddenly called by the TSAB “Fate T. Harlaown has to immediately return to Mid-Childa and stay there until further notice”
But not only that, strange things started to happen all over the TSAB, 5 magician where found death near some facilities, and a strange message came to all departments of the TSAB before Fate sudden call back

What was that message? Why can’t the TSAB detect the origin of it?
Nanoha: “what is about to begin?”
She could only hope that some answers came once her wife returned today.

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Interesting, I think it will be a good story in the future, but you need some spell checks here and there, (not That I should critisize xD)but other then that I like it. Keep at it and I'm sure it will go well ^ ^

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Interesting beginning, just a few spelling errors, but nothing to worry about. ^^

I'm curious to what'll happen in the following chapters.

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yeah mi english inst the best, even when i used microsoft word on english, it still give me some errors, i am sorry for it, thanks for the coments! i will try my best to update it once a week, its not gonna be a long story, but it will have some interesting things.

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As I told you...start writing. That is the only thing you can do right now. Spell check and stuff afterwards, right now just express your thoughts on the story you want us to see. As for it being a prologue, its actually pretty nice.

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Can't wait tah see how this progresses Zero, 'tis a very nice start of you ask me.

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ok here is chapter 1, i wanted to do it yesterday, but got traped watching nanoha movie 2 edition.
One thing before going eny further.
-when you see this on the story is mental comunication-

Name:(and when you see this on a character is internal thoughs)

this was a large chapter, hope you enjoy it, sorry if there are some miss spelings, i try to do it the best i could, hope it is readible:

Chapter 1
The Meeting

Once Vivio came back from school, they departed to the TSAB arrival harbor, where they will wait for Fate.
Once there they saw something strange, they weren’t the only ones waiting for Fate’s arrival.
4 soldiers of the TSAB where there also, and Hayate was there discussing with them.
Nanoha: “Hayate-chan! What’s going on?”
Hayate: “Nanoha-chan! They say that they’re here for Fate!”
Nanoha: “What? Whose order is that?”
Soldier: “Sorry ma’am, we have our orders, we need to escort enforcer Harlaown, nothing further was told to us.”
The situation was getting worse than Nanoha anticipated, but she remain calm and talk to the soldiers.
Nanoha: “Communicate with whoever is in charge and tell him or them that I will escort enforcer Harlaown to where she is supposed to be.”
Soldier: “But…we have our orders.”
Nanoha: “We don’t want this situation to get worse than it is right?”
With that Nanoha made a smile that even her own daughter knew was not to be playing with.
Soldier: “…A minute please…”
The soldier rapidly made a call, after a few minutes the call was cut.
Soldier: “Instructor Takamachi, you have been authorized to escort enforcer Harlaown; I will give you the place.”
Nanoha smiled
Nanoha: “Thank you!”
Vivio: “Nanoha-mama victory!”
They laughed at the comment, but something else was in Nanoha’s mind.
Nanoha: “By the way Hayate, what are you doing here?”
Hayate: “Probably the same as those soldiers, I was told once Fate-chan arrive, Follow them. I was discussing that there were no reason to escort us, and just told us where it was, but they didn’t want to listen to me, and then…”
Nanoha: “…I came”
Hayate: “That’s pretty much the history.”
Nanoha: (So even Hayate-chan was called, but why not me? This is too strange)
Soon after this pass trough Nanoha’s mind, Fate Ship arrived.
Vivio: “Fate-mama! Welcome back!”
The little kid run as soon as she saw the figure came out of the ship
Fate: “Vivio! What are you doing here?”
Fate embrace the kid as she reached her.
Fate: “Nanoha? Hayate? What’s going on?”
Fate feel the situation strange.
Hayate: “For the moment let’s talk to Vita-chan to take care of Vivio and head to our destiny.”
Fate: ….
At this point Fate understood what was the meaning of they presence.
In the way they told Fate what happened a little before she arrived
Vivio: “So Fate-mama, how long will you stay?”
The little kid was eager to know how much time they have
Fate: “I don’t know sweetie, but I don’t think it would be much; I just have to talk to some adults, and then probably I will be gone again, I’m sorry.”
Fate was worried, this was really sudden, but she is an enforcer, that’s what she decided to do, and she wasn’t going to lets something like this stop her.
Fate: “By the way, Nanoha…”
Nanoha: “It’s not my fault! They weren’t going to let me pick you up!”
Fate: “They were under orders you know, is not like they where mean to you.”
Nanoha was a little upset at the comment
Nanoha: “So are you going to stand for them?”
Fate feel the irritation on Nanoha’s voice
Fate: “Ah! You know that’s not it, don’t get mad.”
Nanoha: “Anyway let’s take Vivio to Vita’s”
Once they left the child, they headed to they destination: TSAB General’s Office
On the door was someone that they knew.
Fate: ”Isn’t that Dr. Isaac?”
Nanoha: “Ah! That’s right! I forgot to tell you, he’s been here a lot lately.”
Hayate: “So this is the famous Dr. Isaac Prouder?”
Dr. Isaac Prouder was a famous doctor who was part of a powerful family with lots of resources, who’s now was in the TSAB with he’s new medical program, which was a great success, and the TSAB ask him for the installation on their facility.
Dr. Isaac: “Takamachi-san, Harlaown-san, you arrived; you must be Yagami-san? It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
Hayate: “So it’s to me, I have heard a lot about you, Dr. Prouder.”
Dr. Isaac: “Just Isaac.”
He was standing right in front of the TSAB General’s Office.
Nanoha: “I don’t think that’s coincidence for you to be in front of our destination.”
Dr. Isaac: “I wish it would honestly.”
Fate: “So Dr. Isaac, based on your response, I assume you know why we are here?”
But Dr. Isaac was surprised at the comment
Dr. Isaac: “The TSAB haven’t told you anything?”
The 3 magicians denied with the head
Dr. Isaac: “What are they thinking? ...This is going to be bad…anyway let’s enter, all your answers lies here.”
Once they entered 3 generals where waiting for them. The one on the middle started to talk
General: “Welcome, please have a seat.”
The 3 magicians sit on the places designed, but Dr. Isaac passed through, and stand in the middle of the room.
Nanoha: “What’s going on? Why where we…”
General: “All your questions for later Instructor Takamachi, please Dr. Isaac, Begin”
Nanoha was a little angry but let it pass, and look at Dr. Isaac.
Dr. Isaac: “ok, as you all know, I have been here lately installing my new program witch, by using nanomachines, do a full body scan at a cellular level, and is able to detect, past, present, and future Diseases by using probability methods based in cellular composition. Please look at the screen”
In the screen where presented 2 similar cells, that look really similar.
Dr. Isaac: “now I will force “time” into the cells, which will make the cells “fell” like if more time than the real one is going on”
At first the magicians didn’t understand what the point of it was, but then the second cell rapidly started to dissolve, while the first one remained intact, until the second one disappear.
Dr. Isaac: “the “time” I forced into the cells was 2 weeks, as you can see the second cell totally dissolve, while the first one didn’t have a change, based on the fact that both cells came from different persons what can we tell?”
Hayate: “that somehow the second person is…dying more fast that the first one?”
Dr. Isaac: “Exactly, for some reason the 2 person cell composition is rapidly dissolving, and we have no idea why”
Nanoha: “so what, is that one of your patients?”
Nanoha made a question without thinking, or maybe because she didn’t wanted to think, because based on how things where going, there was only one possible answer.
Fate: “…the cell that disappear…was mine?”
Nanoha and Hayate turn suddenly to Fate, at the obvious answer that no one wanted to know.
Dr. Isaac: “I’m afraid so”
Nanoha: “B-But wait a minute…That doesn’t make any sense! It took 2 weeks for Fate to come back, if that where true then she would be gone already”
Dr. Isaac: “that’s because what I show you was simulated, based on strict parameters, what’s happening to Harlaown-san is inconsistent, is not following a strict patron; some times it’s faster, some times slower”
Nanoha: “Even so doesn’t make any sense, you have been here just recently, how did you get the samples so fast, doesn’t that take more time? you want me to believe that form one day another Fate-chan is dying?”
Dr. Isaac: “The fact that I’m installing the program now doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that the TSAB send to me the samples of all soldiers to star right away the tests.”
The conversation was becoming more and more aggressive, and Hayate follow.
Hayate: “Anyway, what now? How do we stop this? Why is this happening?”
Dr. Isaac: “for the question why, I’m going to be frank, the theory I’m managing is that “Harlaown-san is a failure as a human””
Nanoha: “What did you say?!”
At this point Nanoha was really angry, not particularly to Dr. Isaac, but at the words he chose, but at what those words reminded to Nanoha and especially to Fate.
But before things would go out of control, Fate took Nanoha’s hand to calm her.
Fate: “Nanoha, is all right, those words…cant hurt me anymore, so don’t worry”
And Fate smiled to Nanoha in order to calm her.
Nanoha: “Fate-chan…”
That calmed Nanoha a little, but she knew that Fate words weren’t sincere.
General: “Instructor Takamachi, even through we know how you must feel, we will not tolerate this behavior, next time you will be expelled from this room, is that clear?”
Nanoha: ”…Yes.”
Dr. Isaac: “what I wanted to clear was that “project Fate” seems to be a failure, that’s the hypothesis 1, the second one would be that some estrange agent has entered Harlaown-san, for any of this options there would be a possible solution”
Hayate: “And that would be?”
General: “Are you still with that Dr. Isaac?”
Dr. Isaac: “At this point, in the 2 weeks I study this, couldn’t come with a solution, the last time I asked the TSAB rejected my idea, but now, I think I can have the support of the 3 top aces of the hole Bureau”
Fate: “What are you talking about?”
Dr. Isaac: “Jail Scaglietti”
Fate-Nanoha-Hayate: “what?!”
What is Dr. Isaac thinking? Why Scaglietti? And what’s going to happen to Fate? Stay tuned!

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Interesting, so Fate's body seems to degenerate because she's a clone, and they'll have to ask Jail about it ?

I'm curious what our favorite crazy mad scientist will say.

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Wow this is really interesting i can wait for more and good job :3

~what happen if nanoha and fate are real~

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I, I don't know what tah think of this. This reminds me of another fic by the way, something about Fate dying slowly and Nanoha going into a type of depression about it. Anyways, good job with this chapter, can't wait for the next.

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:O im going to do something like that but thats not going to be the main theme of this history, i asume there were histories like this, but stay with me a little to see how things develop.

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Interesting so far! Will be popping back in to read the rest, for sure :)

I like it ^^

Everyone has some little pearl of wisdom here, usually. I don't know any. My signature can teach you nothing, people. Forgive me :D

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very excited for more...please update soon!

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Hm, I'll give you some tips since you asked for it, but even I'm not perfect, so follow them at your discretion.

1. Try writing numbers as "one" and not "1". It gives your piece a more professional look. Also a larger number like "26" should be written as "twenty-six".

2. When writing dialogue, don't use the colons. A story is not a script Another thing about dialogue is that it's just as important to use it for visualization, as to an actual paragraph or phrase used to describe the situation.

Hayate: Hey Fate-chan, how are you?
Fate: Everything is fine, but I wish Nanoha would stop flipping my skirt.

Hayate turned around and grinned at Fate, "Hey Fate-chan, how are you?"
"Everything is fine," Fate paused and sighed, "but I wish Nanoha would stop flipping my skirt."

See? There's a big difference, and the section option looks a lot more human than the first option when it was just two robots talking.

3. For your typos, it's okay. Honestly, when I first started writing fanfiction when I was around thirteen or so, I was much, much worse... I didn't have microsoft word, I had very little knowledge of grammar, and well... I was pretty much as dumb as a rock (though I still am)! All you have to do is keep practicing and watching other authors. :] Actually, a better idea would be to become an author's apprentice. I've had a few of my own, and now they're off doing who knows what. o_o; I probably destroyed their careers as ff writers. :P

Don't rely on Microsoft Word, that stuff is only good if someone has a firmer grasp of grammar, and even with that, Word can still cause a lot of problems. A running joke in my stories is "Fate Testosterone" mostly because Word wouldn't accept "Testarossa". Fail, I know right? :P But what Word lacks, a real person can compensate for it.

4. Never be afraid to ask for help! We're all writers here in one form or another. If we want people to realize the pure epic win and awesomeness of NanoFate, we have to band together and help each other out. No one is perfect (except for Fate), we need someone else to complete us and fill in what we lack. For me, it's my wife that completes me. I do the writing and I think I'm doing pretty well at that, but what I lack is a good grammatical know-how, and this is where my pretty lady comes in. She corrects and guides me in the right path (although at times she's just there to annoy me).

So please, never be scared to reach a hand out and ask, because I'm sure there's someone out there who will accept that hand, but if you ask, I'd gladly help. =)


Now back to my watermelon. Omnomnomnom. - 3-;

Dreams do come true! 8D

( ì x î ) I feel sorry for that little girl. Lol

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thanks for the tips! yeah! everyone told about the "script" thing, i will try to make it good form chapter 2, i will change the numbers, it was more simple with the "45" insted the "forty-five" but its ok.
I will try to make it right until the end, is gonna be a one in a life time, so gotta make it right, thanks again for the tips!

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Np, np. I just thought I could help in someway or another since you've contributed so much to this website. :)

I got yo back bro! <:

Dreams do come true! 8D

( ì x î ) I feel sorry for that little girl. Lol

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ooh interesting story!

those are great tips yuki-san!!

well, update soon.


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ok here is the chapter 2 it seem every time chapters are longer and longer :P hahaha hope you enjoy! every critisism is wellcome!
As every one suggested me i changed the "script" style to a normal one XD

Chapter 2

Everyone was surprised at Dr. Isaac’s words, “What about Scaglietti?” Hayate was the first one asking “Well, he was the founder of the Project Fate so he’s like Harlaown-san’s...” but before Dr. Isaac could finish the word “father”, Nanoha interrupted him “He is not...” like if she could predict his words. the hole room was field with silence for a few moment, until Dr. Isaac started again “anyway, he knows more about the project than anybody else, if there is something wrong or not, only Scaglietti have the answers” Fate wanted to say something, but then “Scaglietti is an extremely dangerous man! We don’t if he would cooperate, or what will he want in exchange, we can’t negotiate with him!” then Dr. Isaac look at the general's eyes and said “Then you can just let Harlaown-san die” that once again triggered a look From Nanoha, but she understood what he was saying “I agree with Dr. Isaac” she said “certainly Scaglietti is dangerous, but we need to find what is wrong with Fate-chan!” then a discussion between the aces and 2 of the generals started about Scaglietti when the central General's cell phone was heard, he apologized and took the phone “better be important, I’m in the middle of a...” but the general’s voice was stoped by the response from the phone “When did that happen?! Are you sure?!” He was alarmed “yes, yes I understand, yes, wait, no, tell her to wait...” then he looked at Dr. Isaac once and cut the call “people, I’m afraid we will have to postpone this for later...” Nanoha didn’t liked that “what? But we are still discussing!” she wasn’t going to let things end like this “we will have to postpone this because Jail Scaglietti was found dead on his cell” surprise could be seen in every member of the room “we still don’t know the cause, that’s why...” and he look at Dr. Isaac once more “we would like you, Dr Isaac, to accompany Dr. Shamal to do the autopsy” but Dr. Isaac looked unsecured “why would you want a civilian Dr. to do a military autopsy?” but the general only said “Can you do it Dr.?” he though for a second, then looked at the aces “Ok, I will accompany Dr. Shamal” the General seem pleased “thank you Dr, and sorry for the troubles, we will continue this when Dr. Isaac and Dr. Shamal have done the autopsy” even through Nanoha didn’t like it, they left the room and decided to go to with Vivio and Vita until Dr. Isaac returned, but then “Takamachi-san!” he came running to where Nanoha, Fate, and Hayate where, and he bow “I’m sorry if I disrespected you or your family in any way, it wasn’t my intention, but if I did, I apologize, I was just trying to make a point” Nanoha was caught off guard with Dr. Isaac attitude “, don’t worry! I must apologize also for everything inside there” Nanoha somehow managed to apologize and also bow, “I must go now, Takamachi-san, Harlaown-san, Yagami-san” he look at the 3 magicians and leave “what a strange guy” was Hayate only commentary.
The time passed, and Vivio was playing with Nanoha, who was acting strange since they leaved the office, and Fate, while Hayate was watching them –anyway it’s strange- Hayate started to comunicate telepathically with Nanoha and Fate –why would they send Isaac with Shamal? He is a civilian Dr.; and this is a military base, this really is strange, they must be hiding something- she did so to not alarm Vivio –certainly is strange, even Dr. Isaac noticed it, but the General didn’t seem to care- said Fate while running behind Vivio –by the way from where do you know Dr. Isaac? He seems to know you two well- Hayate asked really interested –its not the big deal, I think we told you a while back, he is the one that took care of most the children Fate-chan save during her missions, the TSAB took care of some, but they told her this was no Day-care center, so in one of her missions he appeared and said he would create a orphanage so they could live there until someone adopted them and this was what? Six years ago? - Nanoha told Hayate –wow! How kind from him!- Hayate was really impressed –he is really a kind person, back then he told me he was really impressed for what I was doing for those children - finished Fate making a smile to Vivio.
It was getting late, and Nanoha and Fate started to wonder if they must send Vivio home with someone when a soldier came looking for them “ladies, Dr Isaac and Dr. Shamal have returned, and you presence is needed at the TSAB General’s Office” said calmly the soldier “ok we shall go again then, I’m sorry Vita-chan, but I need you to take care of Vivio a little more” said Nanoha “Its ok, just leave her to me!” responded Vita, and so the Aces took direction to the TSAB General’s Office.
“Seem we are all here, first of all, Dr. Shamal, what were the results of the autopsy?” the General inquired, Shamal took a step forward “Yes, the body didn’t seem to have external wounds, and the analysis we made on Scaglietti’s blood denoted there was poison on it, so Dr Isaac and I arrive to the conclusion that he either committed suicide or was murderer, been the second one more likely” once again the shock was on everybody’s faces, how was possible to murder Scaglietti when we was locked in the TSAB prison? One of the most secured prisons on the universe? “...Thank you Dr. Shamal, you can dismiss” said the General and Shamal leaved the room, while Hayate make her a gesture with the head that Shamal notice. Once they ensure that Shamal was out, the general asked again at Dr. Isaac “is everything as Dr. Shamal said?” the question was strange and this time pissed Hayate “you don’t trust in the opinion of one of my knights?!” Hayate was really angry this time, but the General didn’t pay attention to her and keep looking at Dr. Isaac “...Yes, It is exactly as she describe, the murder theory is most likely, that and based in how good the timing was, make it almost certain” Dr. Isaac was obviously talking about how they needed Scaglietti now “with Scaglietti’s dead we have lost all possibilities to know if what’s happening to enforcer Harlaown is natural or not” the right side general said, Dr. Isaac looked troubled, like if something where on his mind “it seem then that there are no more options” the general of the left added “what! That can’t be true! There must be something we can do!” Nanoha raged, and then Dr. Isaac look at her, then at Fate, who noticed it, and said “...there is one more option..” everybody look at Dr. Isaac, “wait, you just said a while ago that Scaglietti have all the answers, what are you talking about?” Hayate asked, really surprised at Dr. Isaac’s comment “...a couple of days ago a received a phone call, at first I though it was a joke but now I’m not sure anymore” where his first words “what phone call? From who?” Fate asked because she feel something was strange in Dr. Isaac attitude “I don’t know, but it was strange, when I picked up and asked who was no one responded, and when I was about to hang up, a voice came and said “once all options run out, ask them about the book of origins”” the Aces didn’t understand Dr. Isaac words, but the Generals from the TSAB where pale, “when did you receive this phone call and why didn’t we know about it!!” One of them inquired “huh? I think it was two or three days ago but...” before Dr. Isaac could finish his sentence another one pick up his phone “I want a soldier to investigate Dr. Isaac Prouder phone calls in a period of seven days ago until now!!” they were really alarmed “wa? What’s happening? I don’t understand!” Nanoha was trying to catch the attention of the generals who were lost at the moment those words came out form him “Dr. Isaac I have to ask if you have talked this with anybody else” even in astonishment he denied with the head “ok, we need time to analyze this information, for the time being, you, Dr. Isaac, are unauthorized to leave this base, and you three are to remain this conversation as classified” the general in the middle commanded “wait! What’s going on?! You are asking for us to keep silence on something we don’t fully understand!” but once again the general commanded “you will have your answers when the time comes Instructor Takamachi, for the time being, if you don’t want to share Dr. Isaac actual position I recommend you to follow your orders,” and the general look at Dr Isaac “I’m sorry if you think our method are “rude”, we appreciate everything you have done for the TSAB, and that’s one of the reasons we will not lock you up for now, as long as you can stay without causing troubles to our soldiers, also we will allow you to communicate with your workers but under supervision” Dr. Isaac make a complicated expression “It looks lime someone planed this very well, at least I will not be in prison” then make a hard smile.
Everybody leave the room, “well Nanoha-chan, Fate-chan what are you going to do now?” was the question of Hayate, not knowing what to say “I think we will head home, it’s been a long day, and maybe tomorrow we will have the answers we desire? Right Nanoha?” asked Fate, making a little smile, but Nanoha was thinking I everything that has happened today, and how fast things where going “Nanoha?” once again Fate asked putting her hand on Nanoha’s shoulder “huh! Fate-chan! Sorry I was... a little distracted... yeah let’s go home, let’s pick Vivio” Nanoha tried the best she could to smile. Hayate and Dr. Isaac saw the two of them leave while Hayate wave them, “by the way Dr. Isaac” she asked seriously “would you mind to come with me to my office? I would like to have some words with you” he look at her and closed his eyes and make a smile “there is nothing better for me to do, so I think I will take your offer Yagami-san” but then once again he looked at the pair that where no longer there “but sure karma like to play bad jokes on people” Hayate was surprised at the commentary “Karma? That mystic balance in witch if you do good things, good things will happen to you?” Dr. Isaac nod with the head “you know, I always though no matter what would happen to the world, Harlaown-san and Takamachi-san would always be happy, that they will never face real losses, but momentary pain, but what I saw in...” but he stopped, that wasn’t the place to talk about that, the generals make it clear, Hayate nodded at his words “please follow me” she wanted answers, he have some.
The Takamachi family arrived at their home “I’m home!” yelled the little Vivio “so Fate-mama, how long will you stay?” Vivio inquired to her mother, with a sad expression waiting for the worst answer “I still don’t know sweetie, but it seem it will be more time than expected” was Fate answer, and Vivio make a big smile “I will make dinner, you Vivio go and take a bath” Nanoha hurried Vivio to do so “yeeeeeeees” was the little kid answer and run to her room.
“I will help you” offered fate her assistance “no, you just arrived, don’t worry, I will make something light, why don’t you read one of your books, or watch TV?” Nanoha denied “but I can...” once again, now putting a sad expression, Fate try “I said NO” was Nanoha final word, so Fate decided to read, or at least pretend to read, but her mind was somewhere else (...was the doll mean to broken from the begging...or wasn’t I allowed to this happiness for been a failure...mother) with though directed at those that were no longer on this world, Fate keep a book in her hands.

- I bet the TSAB didn’t expected to see Jail Scaglietti die while they where discussing whether to use him or not, but this only the begging, and if they let the weigh of events crush them, this will not be fun, how much will you be able to keep my rhythm before you brake, TSAB and aces? - A dark hand that lurked in enemy territory started to make fun of those who were still in the beginning of the storm.

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Oh no ! our favorite crazy mad scientist is dead, TwT, I'll miss him...

The plot thickens, a new ennemy appears in the shadow, I'm curious to see the next part of the story.

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interesting!! the plot sure thickened.

ah, i'm so sad for those two (N&F).


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Nice work Virus-san! I did not expect that! You becoming more like...*kof* Kof* Er...nevermind.
I liked the whole change a writing styles too. I can't wait for the next chapter. Update soon~
BTW Keep up the good work, I can see your progessing just fine. Pish-posh! Who needs Microsoft works! xD

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okay here is chapter 3! this was even longer that the other one, but its just that i wanted to end it like it ends, as always enojoy and sorry for the miss spells.

Chapter 3

After they saw Nanoha and Fate leave, Dr. Isaac and Hayate went to her office.
“Please, enter” where Hayate first words after opening the door “Meister Hayate, well comeback!” Rein happily receive her master. “I’m back. Rein, I brought a guest, Dr. Isaac, she is Reinforce Zwei, the avatar of the book of the Night Sky” the little avatar nodded happily “Hello, well co-“but suddenly she stood still looking at Dr. Isaac, then she floated over him really closely “Do we... know form somewhere?” was Rein question “Huh?” was the sound emitted by Dr. Isaac and Hayate. “Rein! You are being rude to Dr. Isaac! And what is that about knowing from somewhere? Did you meet Dr. Isaac before?” she looked at Dr. Isaac but he denied with his head “This is the first time I met her; so she is the avatar of the book of the Night Sky? It’s a pleasure to meet you Reinforce-san” Dr. Isaac said with a smile “oh-ah I’m sorry! I didn’t intend to be rude to you Dr. Isaac, it’s just...” but she didn’t know how to explain herself “Ha ha! Don’t worry! I was also surprised, but perhaps...” Dr. Isaac then make his smile even bigger “...I could be a reincarnation of a magician known from one of your former masters, so you recognize me from then” he was obviously joking “that wouldn’t be impossible, Rein is actually the reincarnation of the former avatar, maybe she felt something familiar on you, some emotion left from her former self” said Hayate following Dr. Isaac smile, who seem to have trouble trying to figure out if she was been serious or was just following his joke, “I’m sorry once again Dr. Isaac! Let me introduce myself, I’m Reinforce Zwei, I really don’t know why I felt that way...” but he denied her words “I told you not to worry Reinforce-san, I was also surprised, and right know I would like my family to be alive so I could figure out some of our ancestors” he commented “what happen to them?” Rein asked in wonder “Rein!” Hayate scolded her “don’t worry Yagami-san, it is okay, as for your question, you could say my family is under some kind of “curse”” he answered “curse?” now his words caught the attention of Hayate “yeah, this began in my grand grandfather generation, in my family, for one reason or another, we are born as only child, and every time we reach the age between 18 and 22, something mysterious happen to our parents, in my grand grandfather case, his parents die in an accident when he was 19. When my grandfather fulfilled 21, my grand grandfather and his wife caught a mysterious illness that took their lives” as dr. Isaac continued, Rein draw closer to Hayate to grab her “and again when my father fulfilled 19 my grandfather and his wife where killed in a robbery, my father understood something strange was going on, so he tried to search for the cause but didn’t find anything, he asked this matter to be investigated, but it is kind of a impossible situation to begin with, and was tilde as “coincidences”. Time passed, he meets my mother, they got married, and soon after I was born. They send me to Mid-Childa a couple of years latter where I became the person that I’m now” Hayate wanted to ask a question, but she also know that I may be hard for Dr. Isaac to talk about it, so she intended to stay quiet “and like you may be wondering...” he understood Hayate’s intentions “my parents die when I was 22, well I really don’t know if that counts” Rein and Hayate tilde both her heads in wonder of Dr. Isaac words “my home planet explode” and they where really surprised “it was really crazy, a dark hole passed at a certain distance from the star of the system, producing a solar radiation that impacted on the planet’s magnetic poles, making everything turn into hell, and soon after, my planet disappeared from the galaxy” and so Dr. Isaac finished “I’m sorry to hear that Dr. Isaac” Hayate apologized “like I said don’t worry, I been recollecting books from different worlds, but none of them seems to tell me anything, so most of them end up in the Infinity library. Anyway, I don’t think the reason you brought me here was to hear my past” Dr. Isaac’s comment toke Hayate thoughts out of the strange event that surrounded his life, and make her returned to why they where there “Ah! That’s right, I’m sorry” whether she was conscious or not, or whether if she wanted to get distracted from what she wanted to hear, was something Dr. Isaac couldn’t understand, she go to her desk and invited Dr. Isaac to sit “Rein, please close the door” Rein did as she was told “ok Dr. Isaac, I would like you to explain me everything again, but this time from the beginning” Dr. Isaac looked at Hayate but didn’t complain “exactly about 6 moths ago I finished my last medical program, and started to use it at my facilities” Hayate stopped him “you said that your program was able to detect past, present and future diseases, how did you manage to test that?” Dr. Isaac understood the nature of Hayate’s words “I never forced my program into anyone, certainly there has been some “beta test” on patients, but they decided to take the risk based upon the fact that they all where terminals, you can call me whatever you want, but some people can’t be saved, and they decided to offer their self, not only for their own hope, but for those still to come” she seem to trust his words, and imply him to continue “about two month ago, the TSAB accepted my program as a success and ask me to install it on their facilities, I told them I would require at least a month to start the installation on all facilities, but they told me that they respected my work, and for so they asked if they could send some samples to test right away, I don’t have to tell you that all of them where high rank officers, including you, Yagami-san, Takamachi-san, and Harlaown-san” Hayate started to see why things developed so fast “so you got the samples about two month ago?” Hayate inquired “that’s right, obviously I was asked to do thing “right” and started from top to bottom, I didn’t care because I knew sooner or later all people would be tested, and about a moth ago I tested Harlaown-san’s blood” he make a stop “it was really strange, we normally induce cells to what I call “time acceleration” to test different environments and see how they react at terminal diseases, we also test a beta configuration on the nanomachines to try to block the corrupted cells to see if the disease stop, but her cells... At first I thought the sample could have been corrupted so I asked the TSAB to send another” his face was really of a sad person, someone that has encounter something terrible “I think I remember talking with Nanoha-cha- I mean Takamachi-san about Harlaown-san been asked for an extraction and send of blood samples about that time” Hayate said, Rein was hearing surprised at what they where talking, but never make a comment “I got the new samples 3 weeks ago, tested them again, and the same problem emerged so I decided to inform the TSAB about it, they seems to be already alarmed at something else when I contacted” he finished “what they probably where altered was that strange message that the whole TSAB got and was ordered to be silenced” Hayate decided to show Dr Isaac the message, he was already involved in this situation “ this some kind terrorist group? The White wolfs? And this origin they are talking about, could it be the book of Origins I was told?” Dr Isaac asked Hayate “probably, I would like to hear about that phone call” she inquired “well, after I told them about the situation, the asked me to try find out some short of “cure”, but no matter what I did, nothing change, that’s when I asked them about Scaglietti, I knew Harlaown-san’s past, so I thought he could tell me what was going on, but they refused, no matter how much I told them I needed him, so on one of those day when nothing seems to work out, I got the phone call” he once again finished “can I ask you something? You said a little ago “some people can’t be saved”, then why are you trying to save Harlaown-san? You have been locked here because of what you said about the book, but if it weren’t for that...” Hayate make her final question “...” first there was silence on Dr. Isaac, probably because he didn’t expected the question “certainly some people cant be saved, but that doesn’t change the fact that some people deserve to be saved, that’s why I am a doctor, and that’s why I help Harlaown-san, I saw in the past what she does, and I believe that she and her family doesn’t deserve this” was Dr. Isaac answer, witch make Hayate do a even bigger smile “I appreciate your time Dr. Isaac” Hayate happily thank him “don’t worry, now if you excuse me, need to make a phone call to my employees telling them that I will be here for at least tonight, and I need someone to “supervise” me” he get up trying to laugh, wave at both Hayate and Rein and left.
(It looks like he was saying the truth, I didn’t see anything suspicious on him, not even when I show him the communicate, not even when I pressure him about the reason to save Fate-chan, he was sincerely surprised, and he’s will to save Fate-chan was real) Hayate thought to herself “Meister Hayate is there something wrong with Fate-san?” Rein took her out of her thoughts “It seems so Rein” (that’s right, something is wrong with Fate-chan, and somehow is related to this mysterious Book of Origins... If not, why would someone call Dr. Isaac and tell him about that? And how did this group find about the Book? And what is this Book? There’s also the matter of the dead magicians, is it related? Too many questions, and no answers...what are we going to do...Nanoha-chan, Fate-chan...) Letting herself be engulfed by her thoughts, Hayate remain in silence.
“...” she was lying in the bed with Nanoha at her side, thinking about what had happened that day, and what was coming, Fate knew Scaglietti was needed, Dr Isaac said it clearly, but now he was dead...there was still the matter of this Book of Origins, could it cure her? Or was an enemy plot? “...Fate-chan? What is it?” Nanoha hugged Fate in the Bed “ah, Nanoha, where you awake?” Fate asked while accepting the hug, “are you worried about what happened today, and what may the TSAB resolve?” Nanoha asked back “...I don’t know...” it looked like Nanoha could read Fate’s mind “don’t worry, its going to be all right, we are together, so we can work thing out” Nanoha tighten her hug around Fate “I know, you have always been there for me... you have always helped me...” but what Fate was really scared wasn’t about TSAB decision, but what would bring with it, if the book of Origins really exist and were proved to be able to help her, will the TSAB hand it? If they not, what will Nanoha do? How far will she go to obtain it, and how far was Fate going to let Nanoha go, and waht if the book was in fact dangerous? “... You know Nanoha... we will always be together...” and Fate kissed Nanoha “yes, we always will be” but Fate’s words have a hidden resolution.
A bright morning it was when Nanoha woke up, she felted a little cold, so she intuitively search for the heat factor that were supposed to be on her side but didn’t found it, so she decided to get up and search for her “Vivio! its time to get up!” while she get out of her room, she passed through Vivio’s room to Wake her up, then headed to the kitchen “you are early this morning, that’s unusual” she said to the blonde that was preparing breakfast “It-Its not that unusual! I also like to do things for you and Vivio!” pouted Fate “Nyahahaha!” was the only response she got “mou!!” she pouted again but then Nanoha greet her with a kiss “good morning a thank you for the breakfast” soon after Vivio Joined the Table where they have fun until it was Vivio’s school time “Today Fate-mama will take you to school” Fate took Vivio “Yes?! Cool!” was Vivio happy response “See ya later Nanoha-mama!” Vivio waved at her mother “take care and be a good girl!” Nanoha waved back, but soon after they left a communication from the TSAB arrived, demanding their presence.
“Nanoha, I just left Vivio at the school” Fate was calling Nanoha form the car “Fate-chan, I got a call from the TSAB a while ago calling for us, come to pick me up, and we will head to the base” was Nanoha serious response “Ok, I will be there in a couple of minutes” (so, this is it huh?) Fate though (let’s hope all my fear be just that, fears, because if they are not, am I strong enough to make the decision I must make?) while having this doubts, Fate arrived at the Takamachi House.
“So you two are finally here” Hayate greet her two friends on the TSAB generals Office “Ok let’s go, let’s see what they have to say” Nanoha was impatient to know what was the truth was, what was TSAB resolution based on the incidents of the day before, and how would they proceed in order to save Fate.
Hayate, Fate, Nanoha and Dr. Isaac entered the office “greetings, I see we are all here” once again the 3 Generals where there and once again the one in the middle start the talk “Dr. Isaac, we have checked the call you mentioned, it seem to be exactly what you told us” (so he wasn’t lying after all) though Hayate “You have already checked that? I wasn’t even a day” but he was really surprised “you are underestimating the TSAB, Dr Isaac, but that’s not the matter, right now...” and the General looked at the Aces “Enforcer Harlaown” Fate stand up “Dr. Isaac seemed to be unable to find out what was wrong with you, and now the man who were supposed to have the answers, Jail Scaglietti, is dead, on this matter, we as representatives from the TSAB, seeing that there is no actual cure to what’s wrong with you, decide to suspend you from your activities and froze your unit until a new Enforcer be available, you will still receive, nevertheless, your payment, that’s all” those words where like a bomb on the room “What!! What are you talking about!!” the first one to rage was Nanoha “She is right! What is this about suspend her and froze her unit?!” and Hayate followed “Aces, calm down, as Dr. Isaac said, there is no cure for what Enforcer Harlaown have!” the General on the left replied “what are you talking about!! What about what Dr. Isaac said yesterday! That Book of Origins?! what is that?!” once again Nanoha leaded the rage “there is not such thing inside the TSAB, and even if there was, this is obviously something planed by the enemy!” the General on the right said, clearly implying something. The confrontation go forward and backwards from the Generals on the sides, to Nanoha and Hayate and vice versa, only 3 person remain in silence, The General on the middle and Dr. Isaac, that where both looking at Fate, and Fate who seemed to be thinking something “That’s enough!!” and then the General on the middle stopped the discussion “listen, a lost logia inside the TSAB with that description exist” the Generals on the sides looked at him in amazement, “then why-” before Nanoha could make her question, she was interrupted again by the General “but such Lost Logia is out of any discussion, that’s our resolution putting on consideration the common good and what the TSAB represents” Fate looked at the General, who never stopped looking at her, as neither did Dr. Isaac “but that is-!” this time, before Nanoha could said anything, Fate’s arm on her shoulder stopped her “that’s enough Nanoha...” and she smiled at her “Fate...chan?...” but Fate didn’t listen to her and took a step forward “I, Enforcer Fate Testarossa Harlaown, accept TSAB decision, and will follow the proceeding that be required” the hole room where at astonishment at Fate first words on the room, not only Nanoha and Hayate where palid, but the Generals and even Dr. Isaac were impacted at the declaration, those where Fate Words, those where the words that hidden a profound resolution. Those where the words form a decision.

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Apparently Isaac's family is really unlucky °.°; I'm curious to his possible connection to the Tome of the Night Sky.

I'm not surprised at Fate's decision at the end of the chapter, she always think of Nanoha's safety before her own (I'm sure Nanoha will still do anything in her power to save her beloved).

I'll look forward to the next chapter.

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Its good and give a tinge of mystery here.. like it so much, but I only have one prob.. can you make it into paragraph or leave some space in between too make it much easier to read? thank you and no rush =)

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ok i will try to add that into chapter 4 lets see how that goes, thanks for posting XD

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Great job Virus-san~ There, were few mastakes, but they were less then the others :D, your getting better at this really fast. Can't wait for the next chapter!
(poor Fate-chan!)

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ok here is chapter 4! sorry once again if there are some miss spellings! this is rather a Hayate chapter, but next one Nanoha and Fate will return XD have a nice reading!

Chapter 4
Different Path

They couldn’t believe it; Fate’s declaration was like accepting her own dead, Nanoha’s face was unreadable, was she angry or surprised? No one could tell. Hayate was also surprised at Fate’s words, the only ones that rapidly regain composure where the generals and Dr. Isaac.

The General in the middle look at Fate “We thank you for your brave words Enforcer Harlaown; we know it’s a difficult time, and your understanding is appreciate”.

“But also I would like to still have access to all my privileges as Enforcer inside the TSAB, even trough been inactive as one” Fate seem to be thinking on something and the generals also saw that “even trough we can’t guarantee you full privileges, as you have accepted our decision, we will see what we can do. In Instructor Takamachi case, we will authorize and special permission so she can remain home during this case” this conversation seem to move on but some people didn’t like that.

“Wait a minute! Fate-chan may have accepted this but I don’t!” Nanoha didn’t want to move on, this was too strange, even Fate’s decision “This is Enforcer Harlaown’s decision, no matter what relationship you have with her, you can’t change what is already decided” it seems the General will no longer listen to Nanoha or anyone else, since Fate decision was becoming their shield.

“Now that Enforcer Harlaown situation has been decided, Dr. Isaac, that phone call of yours has been clarified, and due to your support to the TSAB, we will let you go, but you have to understand that we will need you available twenty-four hours, is that clear?” this time General words where directed at Dr. Isaac, who remained in silence until now “That’s ok I guess...” his mind seem to be somewhere out of that room, like trying to decide something.

“Also, Lieutenant Coronel Yagami, I would like to discuss something with you, so if you have time come to my office, that’s all, you can all dismiss” The General in the middle finish and without stopping to hear any answers, the three General leave the room.

Outside the room, Nanoha was really angry about everything, about the General attitude, about Fate’s decision, she didn’t like this, but Fate was trying to calm her, “please Nanoha, lets talk in home, there you will be more calm” but Nanoha didn’t seem to listen to even Fate “But you saw them? There where making fun of us! They where just happy about your words and didn’t care about you! And what was that declaration of yours?!” Hayate also tried to calm Nanoha, but it didn’t seem to work, finally Fate convinced Nanoha to go home, where they will probably continue with the discussion “if you excuse us Dr. Isaac, we will go” and so Fate said goodbye to Hayate and Dr. Isaac.

While Hayate watch them leave, started to think the reason for her call in this incident, and she looked at Dr. Isaac that remained in silence, looking at Fate and Nanoha that where leaving and finally looking at her “So, Dr. Isaac, what are going to do now? I assume you are going home?”

“I probably will go to my Hospital; my people will start killing each other if I don’t go to control the situation” and he saw in Hayate some doubts about what to do with the reunion she had with the General “you know Yagami-san, when I lost my parents and was depressed at what to do, a friend on a train look at me and told me “I know this is hard, you seem to be really depressed, but all you have to decide is what to do with the time that has been given to you, I bet your parents would think like that”, and those words give me courage to move on”

Hayate was surprised at the Dr Isaac words (he really seems to be a nice person, like Fate-chan said) she though “I appreciate your words, Dr. Isaac, but I’m ok, I guess I will go and see what they want to tell me” and so Hayate see him until the entrance to the TSAB where they say goodbye.

Soon after she was in front of the General Private office, she knocked “this is Lieutenant Coronel Yagami” and a voice responded “please come in” Hayate did so, only to find one of generals, the one in the middle, alone in the room “please sit Lieutenant, there is something I would like to discuss with you”

At first she was surprised to see the General alone “I though this was going to be a larger meeting” the General made a smile at Hayate’s words “it seems you understand why you where called, and to answer your doubts, form this moment on, I will be the only one on charge of this case” he looked at Hayate and smile once more “you all must hate us right?”

Hayate was really surprised at the General question “hahaha! You don’t have to be so surprised, it was not like you where hiding it, especially Instructor Takamachi where really angry at us, but sometimes you cant avoid people hating you” the general seemed to be sad remembering the meeting.

“As you must have though by now, we would like to assign to you “the white wolf case”, your Wolkenritter unit is one of the best, and since we can have neither Instructor Takamachi, nor Enforcer Harlaown, or perhaps because it involves this two peoples, we need you Lieutenant Coronel, to take care of it”

Hayate knew this was coming; this is the reason for her presence in the meetings, there was no way the meetings weren’t connected the -the white wolf case- that’s why it was decided to be her “if I have to accept this, first I want all the information about it, and I mean ALL OF IT” she was obviously referring to the Book of Origins.

“It seems fare, I will answer all your questions, and give you all the data you need, plus the TSAB will guarantee anything you need for this case if you accept” Why would the TSAB act like this? Is it really such a dangerous thing this Book? This was the time for Hayate to make all her questions.

“First of all I want to know everything about this Book of Origins, when the first encounter was and what powers it have” Hayate went directly to the question she needed the answer the most “that’s something I can’t answer” but she didn’t expected that.

“Five minutes ago you said you would answer any question I have” she was obviously angry at the lack of answers at the very beginning and started to think all her answers would be the same but “Neither I can answer when was the first encounter neither its powers because its not in the records of the TSAB”

“Wha…(not in the records?!)” she though something was really strange in that statement “Wait a minute, are you telling me that the TSAB doesn’t have any records about what this Book is or what powers it has?” But this time Hayate’s question was answered with an even more strange answer “No, I’m telling you that not even in the Infinity Library is there information about the Book of Origins”

“Tha-that’s ridiculous! Even information of the Tome of the Night Sky was there! When were the Book captured?!” Hayate couldn’t believe what the General was saying “I can’t exactly answer your question Lieutenant, but I can say that the Book of Origins was already in the TSAB before its creation”

Hayate was no longer able to know if this was true or a lie “Are you trying to make me believe that the TSAB was created around the time the Book of Origins was captured?” but once again the General answered “It would be more accurate to say that the TSAB was created for the purpose of keeping the Book, all that remains form the beginning of the TSAB is an order that’s has been passed by high commanders to high commanders over the years and that is that “the Book of Origins must never be unleashed” that’s all”

This information goes beyond what Hayate expected “I’m asking you this now, Lieutenant, because this time we have a real treat” she reacted at his words “are you talking about this terrorist group, the White Wolf?” he nodded with his head “we don’t know how do they know about the Book, when we barely know anything about it, but take a look at this” he handled a folder containing some files.

“This...this can’t be!” but the General only make a serious expression “this is why we are acting so carefully, and it’s not an isolated case...” the file specificity that the signal from where the message of the White Wolf was send, came from inside the TSAB “What do you mean is not an isolated case?” things where getting strange by the second, and Hayate was trying her best to assimilate everything “look at this, is the file of Dr. Isaac mysterious phone call” when Hayate look at it, not only contained the Name of the person that called Dr. Isaac, but was in fact one of the five magicians that where found death!

“This make us believe that not only this group exist, but either is already inside the TSAB, or is conformed by members of it, not only that, the fact that they didn’t encrypt both cases it’s because they want us to know they are here” the General state “But wait! What if the phone call was made after they killed him? This doesn’t proof anything, maybe they want us to think that there are traitors inside!” Hayate try her best to defend all the good soldiers she knew.

“Th investigation state that the phone call was made before the magician was found death, so there is no mistake that it was a traitor, or was with them, the circumstances of his death remain strange, but last night after we found this, I asked information about the other four, and one of them was in charge of prisoners for a period of a week, and even trough we cant prove anything yet, it wouldn’t be crazy to say that this guy has something to do with Scaglietti’s death, this is too strange to be a coincidence”

The general have a point, coincidences didn’t happen that often, “We are checking about the three remaining but still cant figure out anything, that’s why I want you to take this case”

Hayate now was having more doubts than before, (if everything that I heard tonight is true, then the Book of Origins hide a secret that mustn’t be found out, but accepting this mission will make me a traitor at Nanoha-chan and Fate-chan eyes? Because at the end no only I would have to deal with this White Wolf group, but also with Nanoha-chan, because I’m sure she won’t let this go easily...what can I do...?) But at that moment Hayate remembered Isaac’s words and she understand that she had to make a choice.

“...” first there was silent, the General understand Hayate’s doubts, “I understand, and I will do everything on my power to stop this group from getting the Book” but the General was still unsecured “you understand how this decision will affect you right?”

Hayate only nodded with determination “in that case all that remains is what will you need from the TSAB” he commented with a smile, and Hayate knew what she needed “I will need two more persons in addition to my Wolkenritter unit, one is here, and the other is in another division, would it be ok?”

“Just name them, and they will be here in no time” was the answer of the General “they are...”

With this Hayate made her choice, one by one the Aces decided what they thought was the best, only one decision was left.

Soon after Nanoha and Fate leave the TSAB, rumors about Fate’s frozen unit started to go around the base.

-Eh, interesting, Fate chose to be a martyr huh? I didn’t expect that, but its no like everything will fall apart, rather this make it more exiting! The pieces are moving, but I’m still in control of this game, I think Nanoha will soon come to encounter my next piece, I’m counting on you Nanoha, don’t disappoint me, hehehe!-

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The plot thickens, and so, the book of origins is linked to the TSAB creation.

I don't know who's the mastermind behind this, but he seems to like playing the chessmaster, I'm curious to see what'll be its next move, since Nanoha will be its target, and more importantly who or what will be his new "piece".

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Wow that was intense! I also like how you changed the format, it made things easier to read and such. I'm really enjoying this Fic, I don't know why, but WOW I can't wait for the next update~

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im sorry for been late XD have some things to do, anyway here is chapter 5, now its the time for nanoha to make a choice, enjoy.

Chapter 5


After Nanoha and Fate leave the TSAB, they went to Fate’s car, where she drive back home, during the road Nanoha didn’t say a word.

“Hey Nanoha, do you mind if we go first to the supermarket? There are some things I want to buy before heading home, Vivio is still on school so I thought we could go” Fate wanted to break the silence that was among them.

"..." unfortunately Nanoha didn’t want to talk right now, she was angry, not only at the TSAB but also at Fate.

Fate bought some groceries that they needed on the house; she had to do it alone because Nanoha didn’t want to get out the car.

Once in the house, and after getting every food and other items on its place, they finally sit down to talk.

“Nanoha listen, I know my decision upset you...” Fate started to talk but couldn’t finish “upset me? Are you serious? You didn’t even discuss this with me!” Nanoha was really angry.

“I know and I’m sorry, but you have to understand, things when to fast, the TSAB wasn’t going to let us have the book, and I know you would have discussed with them, leading us to nowhere” Fate wanted to calm her down, but every word form her seem to piss Nanoha more.

“What I’m really angry at is that you didn’t count on me, we should have discussed this! What if the book can really help you?” Nanoha really was angry at Fate this time.

“What if it can?” but Fate’s sudden question surprised her “What?” Nanoha asked not understanding what Fate mean.

“I’m asking you what would happen if the book can really help me, you think the TSAB will just hand us the book?. They will not, and will you do then? Fight against the TSAB?” Fate knew that fighting against the TSAB was not only stupid but extremly dangerous “..But...” Nanoha tried to fight back, because even if she knew that was the truth, accepting that truth was the same that accept Fate’s death, and she didn’t want that.

“If you want to fight against the TSAB, I will not be there for you… if you decide to fight against them, I will be on their side” Fate words where hard, but she didn’t wanted Nanoha to go against everything she has been all this years “Chrono once told me, during the Jewel Seed incident, that you disobeyed an order to save me, you think this time will be the same? That the TSAB will let you go with just apologize?”

“...but I don’t want this...” Nanoha now was depressed; Fate words where really hard on her, but Fate approached and embrace her “everything is going to be all right, Vivio will be here...” Nanoha accepted the embrace, but couldn't accept Fate words.

“Its almost time for Vivio to get out from school, I will pick her up, are you coming?” Fate asked Nanoha “no, I will do some of the cleaning, so be careful on the way” Fate nodded but looked troubled “you... are not still mad are you?” but Nanoha only smile at her and denied with the head.

“I will pick her up and then we will help with the cleaning” and with that, Fate was gone, Nanoha still have doubts about what to do, but decided to leave them for now, and started to get ready for cleaning when she got a call, it was Dr. Isaac.

“Dr. Isaac? It’s rare for you to call me, what is it?” She was surprised, he never called any of them in the time they know him “Is Harlaown-san there?” Dr. Isaac question was rare but Nanoha seem to understand what was he going to tell her “No, she went to pick up our daughter, but she will be back in like twenty minutes”

“Listen to me Takamachi-san, I don’t know what are you going to do, but I’m not going to give up on Harlaown-san, there most be something I can do and I will do it, for now I will continue with the analysis of the blood samples, what are you going to do?” Dr Isaac question and determination to save Fate bring doubts again to Nanoha.

“I...I don’t know...” but she couldn’t answer him, Fate words where still on her mind “I see...anyway I just wanted you to know that, I got some work to do, so I got to go, this decision is yours to make Takamachi-san, but whatever you decide, I want you to know you have and ally.”

“Ok Dr. Isaac... and thanks...” Nanoha knew he will not head back his words, at least thats the person she know him to be.

“...” the communication ended, and Nanoha thoughts where on what Dr Isaac told her, on what Fate told her, and what she wanted to do, suddenly a little voice came from her

“Master, what is your desire?” It was Raising Heart, “Eh?” Nanoha was confused with the device question “beyond what other persons think, what your own desire is? What do you want to do my master?” and Nanoha then realize that the device wanted her to make a choice,leaving asaide TSAB, Isaac, and the Book of Origins, and she wanted to make that choice, but Fate words have impacted her, and she didn’t want to fight her.

“Thank you Raising Heart, but for now I just want to know if the Book can or not help Fate-chan” and with that Nanoha took her phone and call.

“Oh! Nanoha, it’s been a while since the last time we spoken, how have you been?” Yūno’s voice could be heard from Nanoha’s phone.

“Very good thanks, Yūno-kun, I need to ask you a favor, I need you to look something for me on the Infinity Library and I need you to do it without the TSAB finding it out” Nanoha told him with a serious tone, at first there was silent, like if Yūno where surprised at what she told him, but he seem to understand that this was important.

“Tell me what is it and I will try my best to find it out” was his answer, Nanoha smiled even if he couldn’t see her “thank you Yūno-kun! Listen well; what I need you to look is...”

Meanwhile in the TSAB

“ can’t be serious!” Vita’s voice reflected the knights’ surprise at what Hayate told them.

“Unfortunately this is the Truth Vita, and right now I’m in charge of keeping the Book of Origins safe” was Hayate response to Vita with a serious expression.

“...Testarossa really is a strong person...” was Signum comment about it “Takamachi didn’t seem to take it so easily”

"so thats why they send Dr Isaac with me when Scaglietti died" Shamal added with a look of understanding.

“Nanoha-chan concern is justify, and I don’t blame her, but from what I heard and told all of you, the book is something dangerous, and this group, the White Wolf, seems to be really interested on it” Hayate once again with firm tone speak “For now, the TSAB has given me the location of the book, and the authority to increase security on all facilities of the TSAB, with this, not only I will reinforce the security around it but will still give the enemy no knowledge of its location, in the next days two more soldiers will be added to our unit, they will be needed for what I have on mind”

“So are you going to bring them back? Although one is already here...” Signum with serious expression commented “of whom are we talking about?” Rein didn’t seem to keep Hayate and the Knights rhythm “you already know them rein, and are the only persons that would make a good addition to our unit” once again Signum spoke, with confidence in her eyes “what I don’t understand is what mistress Hayate want of them” Signum then looked at Hayate.

“We will talk about it when they arrive, I assume that in a maximum of 3 days we will gather all to discuss this” and with that Hayate ended the meeting with her knights.

The three Aces made their choice, although Nanoha still doesn’t know it, she is doing exactly what the enemy desire, and what will Nanoha’s decision bring? Happiness or despair? Only time have the answers.

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I'm curious who will be the two people for Hayate's unit, and more importantly, Nanoha's decision. Like Raising Heart said to her, the most important thing when taking an really important decision, is what she really desire to do.

Looking forward to the next chapter !