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[Fanfic] Destiny Breaker

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okay here is chapter 12! great things will happen so enjoy! thanks as always to all the reviews!

Chapter 12


“What are you talking about Vita?!” Hayate was in shock in front of Vita’s words, Vita, on the other hand, was surprised by Hayate’s reaction “…After the first explosion, I went to check on you, and on the way I meet Signum, she told me you were okay and that we have our orders: I would take the Wolkenritter unit to this northern base and in case we encounter enemies forces, prevent them from taking the base, or in the worst case re-take the base, when I ask her what will she do, she said she have another mission to accomplish…”

Vita’s words make no sense, Hayate was sure Signum didn’t misunderstand her orders, the only other possibility was impossible….how could Signum do something like that? Even if that was true, why weren’t they in the north…?

Suddenly they herd an explosion coming from the south “Impossible!!” Hayate’s face became white “Vita, We’re heading south!!” Vita didn’t understand why Hayate wanted to go south “But Hayate…”

“NOW!! I will tell you on the way, there isn’t much time!!” That last word made Vita immediately follow her, and they flied in direction south “Mistress Hayate, don’t worry we will make it…” Rein talked to Hayate through the Union with her, but Hayate was lost in thoughts “(why are they in the south?! How could they know?! This is impossible!!)”

Some minutes earlier in the southern TSAB warehouse base

As Signum said, she and Isaac arrived to the base used a warehouse in a few minutes, the place looked deserted, as a warehouse it was, there wasn’t to many important things in there, so it wasn’t a high security facility, plus Hayate actual regulation of increasing personnel in the other facilities left this base almost empty, that’s why Signum had doubts about the book been here. The base was composed by three buildings, but Signum noticed something strange…

“This…this is a magic field” Signum got close to the entrance and place her hand in the field “This field…is from mistress Hayate, so it is true…” Signum wondered why the field was here; probably was her master’s work, but if she really moved the book and didn’t tell anything to her knights, how did that information reach the enemy? “Signum-san?” Dr. Isaac toke her out of her thoughts, “is there something wrong?”

“No… don’t worry about me, first of all we most destroy this field, it seems to be really strong so if you…watch out!” Signum saw something coming while she turned to speak to Isaac, so in a quick move she pushed him and move away, in that instant a pink beam passed between them and impacted against the field, destroying it and also destroying the entrance of the base.

“Takamachi…Nanoha” Signum murmured while Nanoha descended from the sky “Signum, Dr. Isaac, I’m sorry about that but as you know time is against us, is the book inside here?” Nanoha talked to Isaac without averting her sight from Signum; Signum noticed that sight, Nanoha didn’t trust her “…We believe so…” said Dr. Isaac standing up, he noticed Nanoha's sight “but we also believe that this is an enemy trap…” But Nanoha only smiled at him “Don’t worry, if the enemy show up I will take care of them, as I said we don’t have much time, with that impact TSAB soldiers probably will come here, I don’t know how's the situation on the other bases, so lets take advantage of the confusion while still exist.”

Signum look at Nanoha, then close her eyes “Takamachi Nanoha, go and take the book, I will stay here.” Nanoha look at her and then nodded “Takamachi-san allow me accompany you, if I can I want to do anything on my power to help Harlaown-san” Nanoha smiled and nodded at him also, and they entered the facility, Signum stay in the entrance, wondering if it was Nanoha the one watching them, but in that moment “Signum…”

Agito appeared in the scene, flying with an angry face “Why have you done this, why have you betrayed your master? We don’t know each other that well, but I know you would never betray your master, this isn’t you, so why?”

Signum looked surprised at the presence of her union partner, and for a few minutes remained in silence and when Agito was about to lose patience “Tell me Agito, what is loyalty?” Agito was surprised at the sudden question “Is it giving your master what she wants, or is it give her what she need?” Agito didn’t understand what Signum was saying, but she continued “I saw Mistress Hayate crying and suffering over this case when she thought no one saw her, my master tried to burden everything by herself, but each day that passed, the burden become worse, Dr. Prowder arrest, Takamachi Nanoha and Testarossa seeing it, the book being her responsibility…my master appreciate her friendship with Testarossa and Takamachi very much, that’s why everything was hard for her.”

“Even so that’s not a reason for…” but before Agito could finish Signum interrupted her “did you saw Takamachi Nanoha’s eyes? I did, her eyes told me that she would fight anyone that stand in her way to save Testarossa, I saw that determination in her eyes, but what was in my master’s eyes? Regret and sadness… in all this days that’s the only thing I saw in her eyes, she can’t fight Takamachi Nanoha under this conditions, if the circumstances were different it would just be another fight, but this time there is a life in risk, a battle between them would mean someone fighting to save Testarossa, while the other would be someone not trying to, how would Takamachi Nanoha see my master? Probably as a monster that doesn’t want to save her friend, and probably my master would think alike and that’s something my master shouldn’t think… she doesn’t deserve that…that’s why I decided to avoid them from such a fight… that’s why I’m standing here…even if they call me traitor…”

“Singum…that’s…” But once again Signum interrupted her “it’s okay if you don’t understand it Agito, if there is a chance that this conflict shatter their friendship, that’s something I will prevent…there isn’t much time, I sense them, you should leave this place or they will think you’re also a traitor…” But Agito only look at her “Signum, you once let my former master die with honor, that’s why only for once I will accept this whim of yours… but there will be no second time!” and before Signum could thought about her words, Agito made the union with her.

“Agito what…” Signum was surprised “I told you! only for once I will accept your whim…” Signum wanted to complain, but accepter her partners feelings “Agito, thanks, and I’m sorry”

Signum felt her master coming closer; there was no more time, so she slowly unsheathed her sword and put a cartridge on it “Laevatein, would you walk with me…even through shame?” to which her wepon only answered “explosion” Signum smiled at her sword, but there was no more time, a few minutes later two magicians descended in front of her, her master, Yagami Hayate and The knight of the Hammer Vita.

“So…you really are here Signum…” said her master with a voice filled with sadness and surprise, Signum remained in silence, the smile she showed to her sword disappeared under a mask of seriousness, which reflected no emotion “Signum! What are you doing here?!” Vita’s voice, angrier even more than Agito's when she appeared, yelled at Signum “When Hayate told me in the way here I didn’t want to believe it! But here you are! Helping the enemy! Why would…” but before Vita could keep yelling at her Hayate made a gesture with her hand to stop “Knight of the Sword, Wolkenritter Signum, I as Queen of the Night Sky, master of the Tome of the Night Sky, command you to sheathe your sword and let us pass!” Hayate’s voice never sounded so firm, a command that shouldn’t be ignored, and yet silence was the only response from Signum, neither she comment anything nor sheathed her sword, she simply stand there.

From the interior of the base was heard an explosion “they destroyed the second field…there isn’t much time! Sheathe your sword knight!” but again Signum ignored the command “I had enough!” Vita’s sudden voice surprised both Hayate and Signum. Vita rushed in a melee attack against Signum with Graf Eisen, but Signum easily flied up “Hayate, I will take care of Signum you…” but before Vita could finish her sentence a wall of fire blocked the entrance to the facility “no one will leave this place…” were the first words of Signum to her former comrades “if you want to pass, you will have to defeat my sword…” those words made Vita even agrier “Eisen!” she yelled, “Schwalbe Fliegen (Swallow Flier)” her weapon said, then Vita hit the four ball that went in Signum’s direction, who already have a fire sword prepared on her hand “Karyū Issen( Fire Dragon Flash)” Signum wave her hand and not only destroyed the Vita’s Fliegen, but also attacked her, forcing her to fly.

“Signum! Vita! Stop this!” Hayate screamed in disbelief of what she was seeing, her knights trying to kill each other, but her voice couldn’t be heard by Vita, who was taken over by her anger, and Signum who ignore her.

“You always let your anger control you Vita, I told you so many times to control it or someday it would take your life in the battlefield…” Signum calmly talked “Shut up!! Eisen!” Vita yelled angry “Schwalbe Fliegen” this time Vita used six ball and shot them in different directions “That’s not going to work Vita, Laevatein!” Signum rise her sword “Schlangenform (snake form)” the now whip moved to block the coming balls, “Eisen!” Vita used eight more balls and shot them, then rushed against Signum “Raketenform!” Signum rapidly destroyed the coming balls and saw Vita coming to hit her in a melee attack, which was blocked by Signum’s Panzer Schild (Tank Shield).

“Why! Why have you done this! You were supposed to be our leader!!” Vita yelled angrily, but Signum still maintaining her shield lift her body and in the moment she release the shield hit Vita with a falling kick, which send her to the ground, Vita rapidly get up but Signum used her superior speed to appear next to her “Hiryū Issen (Flying Dragon Flash)” the attack send vita against a wall “Schwertform (Sword form)” said her weapon while returning to its original form.

Vita rapidly stands up, wounded but still with a strong spirit, the difference of power between her and Signum in union with Agito was large, but she simply didn’t want to give up “Enough!” Hayate’s voice finally reached Vita “…Hayate! I’m not…” But Hayate’s eyes tell her that that was an order. Vita could be angry, but Hayate’s orders were absolute.

Hayate walked between Signum and Vita and faced the Knight of the Sword “I will ask only once more, sheathe your sword Signum; don’t force me to do this…” She said while raising her device, to prove that after that warning a battle would come. “Signum…” Agito communicated with her “If you keep this, there is no turning back, if you rise your sword against your master, even if they forgive you, you wont forgive yourself, Takamachi Nanoha and the other guy should have taken the book by now there no reason to…” but before Agito could finish her words, and explosion could be heard in the roof of the facility behind the fire wall.

15 min earlier

“Takamachi-san” Dr Isaac talked to Nanoha while they run through the facility, Raising heart said she detected similar energy as the one that protected the entrance of the facility a few meters ahead, the base was really empty, probably to give the impression that nothing important was there “I want to tell you something about what we may find ahead” Nanoha listened to him while she keep leading the way under Raising Heart instructions “This is my first time in a battlefield, as a doctor I usually treat wounded people, but never in an actual battle, but I want you to focus on getting the book, no matter what may happen to me, I want you to take the book and save Harlaown-san”

They both sopped in front of what was apparently their destination, another magical field was set in what looks like a room “Dr. Isaac, I appreciate your words, but if I abandoned you to save Fate-chan, she would be angry at me for letting an unarmed civil and friend be wounded” she smiled at him “let me take care of this field, Raising heart” she pointed her device at the door “Divine Buster” Raising Heart said and with the beam blow away the field, they entered carefully, Nanoha pay especial attention to her surroundings, she knew someone would attack them in the instant their guards been down. The room was mostly empty, but is showed signs that there were things moved not a long time ago, probably that was Hayate’s doing, the day she brought the Book of Origins, and ahead of them, in some kind of large flask was apparently what they came looking for.

A book similar to Hayate’s Tome of the Night sky, but with differences, the more evident one was the symbol in its cover, it was a strange design, but it looked like some kind of shield with light comming from the middle of it, they slowly got closer to it, Nanoha hold Raising Heart tightly, ready for whatever may come.

“It seems there is no enemy ambush? I thought that they… Takamachi-san!! Watch out!!!” Dr Isaac in a similar way Signum did with him, pushed Nanoha with all his strength, making her fall to the ground, Nanoha sensing the danger in his voice, rapidly turned and aimed at the enemy, but there was no one behind them, then she suddenly turned at the sound of running steps.

“Kommer! (come!)” She saw Dr. Isaac running in the book’s direction and yelling something that she didn’t understand, the book shined at response of those words and broke the flask that contain it, Isaac lay his left hand on it and again said something she didn’t understand “Store Velsignelse! (Great Blessing)” and the book disappeared, while his body was covered by a blinding light, he turned to Nanoha.

“It’s a shame Nanoha, but this game is over, I win.” he said while smiling at her.

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Signum action's look perfectly in character now we know why she did it.
It's the absolute proof of loyalty for a knight, to be ready to shame herself and hurt her mistress, all for her mistress' sake.

Nice twist with Dr. Isaac, it didn't excepect that, nice work !

At first, when Hayate was suspicious, I was too, but since after he seemed to be truly sincere, I dropped my suspicions.

I'll look forward to the next chapter !

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What an awsesome chapter! It keeps me glued to my screen.
I didn't expect Dr Isaac to be a bad guy O.O[img][/img]

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I didn't see this plot twist coming, is the doctor controlled by some 3rd party or is he the real mastermind?
Also this part showed us what Signum real motivation was.
Next part should be a blast!

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okay here is chapter 13 have fun reading XD

Chapter 13


“We didn’t make it on time?” Teana watched an empty cell, next to her was Fate “We didn’t see it coming…” Fate wandered her sight through the cell, until something caught her attention; she went and pick it up “A chess white queen?” When she was wondering what kind of joke was that, something else got her attention.

“….is…Nak…sub…any…?” she noticed a communication through open channel “It seems the communications are almost restored” Teana commented, and then the voice became clear “This is Nakajima Subaru, someone responds” both Fate and Teana got surprised “Subaru? Is that you?” Teana was the first one to answer, even with the communications restored, the video signal wasn’t “Tea? Tea! Are you okay? What a relief! I was worried that…” but before Subaru could continue Teana started to yell “Idiot! The whole TSAB is upside down! Where are you?!”

“Don’t yell at me…I also have a hard time…” she sounded sad on the other side “What? What happen?” Now Teana stopped yelling and asked worried “well... me and Nanoha-san fight and…” That surprised Fate “Subaru, this is Fate, can you explain us what happened?” a little scream could be heard from the other side, probably of surprise, then Subaru told them what happened earlier “I woke up a few minutes ago, the others are still unconscious apparently, I been trying to communicate to ask for a medical team”

Fate thought a few minutes, Nanoha attacked Subaru, who was commanded to stop her, and then disappeared, that sadden her, but she knew what Nanoha wanted. She and Teana when to check on Vivio before coming to the east prison, but the TSAB had already sent soldiers to the school, that wasn't surprising, in case of crisis, the hospitals and schools have teams assigned which should act immediately to ensure the civilians safety “Teana, take a medical team and go assist Subaru and her team, Bardiche, track Raising Heart signal”

“Located sir, fifth-teen miles south” Fate smiled at her device for the fast response, like if it would have known that that would be her order and tracked the signal before she asked, then look at Teana “I will go to were Nanoha is, if we need your assistance I will call you” And Fate rapidly went outside “Fate-san!” Teana sudden call made her turn “Be careful, I’m worried about what Bardiche said, the book according to the last report I delivered to Hayate-san was supposed to be on the North, I don’t know why she is on the south, but you probably will find enemy forces” Fate nodded and smiled at her “That’s precisely why I need to go” and she left.

“Ok, Subaru, I will bring the medical team soon enough!” Teana assured to her friend “Okay!” was the response on the other side, obviously happy.

Southern TSAB warehouse base entrance

The three magicians watched at the explosion above Signum’s firewall, in the roof of one of the buildings “So you failed Takamachi” Signum said, if Nanoha would have obtained the book, there would be no reason to leave the base through the roof, so that means only one thing. “Takamachi? Nanoha-chan is inside?” Hayate was surprised at this, Signum only looked at her, then kneel before Hayate while lifting her sword with both hands in a gesture of giving her sword to Hayate “Mistress Hayate, I have no right to say anything at this point, but apparently Takamachi failed in her purpose, I think we should assist her now, I would like to ask you to leave my punishment for later if it could be possible.”

Hayate was surprised at the sudden change of Signum, five minutes ago was ready to die there and now was willingly giving up “…” Hayate take her sword “Hayate!” Vita’s voice would be heard, probably worried about what Hayate would do with the sword, Hayate lift it and burry it a little in front of Signum, to her surprise “…We will talk about this later; now take your sword knight…” Hayate was obviously angry at how things were but she knew Signum was right, Signum toke the sword and the firewall disappeared, allowing the magicians to go in direction of the explosion, where they saw two persons flying.

10 minutes earlier

Nanoha was surprised, no to say in shock. After the light leaved Isaac, what looked like a barrier jacket was in his body, a open silver long coat, in his chest and legs could be seeing something like a light armor, but what really caught her attention was what was on his left hand

A silver and white shield, in the middle of it was the same symbol that was on the Book of Origins “Oh! I’m glad the modifications were made on time! You know Nanoha, originally this was a cloak, but I really like how it looks now” Isaac said with a smile like a little kid, enjoying what he had.

“…wha…eh?” Nanoha couldn’t answer; her mind was in blank “ha! What is it? Still impressed? or perhaps that’s shock? Well probably is the second, I would be if I had to face your actual reality, you know Nanoha, is not like you can’t understand what happened, but your brain refuse to accept it, because it means the end” Isaac smiled.

“What…do you...” but before Nanoha could finish her question a finger of Isaac’s right hand denied in front of her “please just wait a moment, I know I owe you all an explanation, but I don’t want to say five times the same thing so why don’t we take some air before the rest come?” with that Isaac pulled back his denying hand and something like a energy short spear appeared in his hand, which he throw it to the roof, and explode, allowing a exit “Shall we go Nanoha?” and he started to fly on the hole’s direction “Ah! Wait!” Nanoha follow him rapidly not to miss him.

Once they were outside, Nanoha finally reacted “You…You betray us!” Isaac smiled at her and nodded “that’s it, but just wait a moment; look here comes your friends” Nanoha saw Hayate, Signum and Vita arrived at their position, Hayate’s and Signum’s faces were in surprise seeing Isaac with the barrier jacket, his smile widened “what happen to you Vita? You fought Signum? It seems like someone had a hard time, you really tried to defeat Signum huh? on the other hand, Signum look like nothing, so big was the difference of power?” he was obviously enjoying the situation “what did you say?!” Vita was angry but Signum stopped her, Vita look at her a few seconds then resigned herself.

“Well” he started speaking again “It seems everyone is here, I would love Fate to also be here, but since Nanoha is here, Fate mustn't know about…” but then his eyes saw something and his never disappearing smile got even wider, a yellow light was getting closer, it was Fate.

“hahahaha! This couldn’t get even better!” He said happily, when Fate arrived she was surprised, but not as much as the rest “…so it’s true…” Isaac smiled at her “oh? What was that? You suspected on me?” He keep talking, Hayate and her knights were in guard of whatever may come out now that he has the book, besides they didn’t know what abilities it had, so they couldn’t move, Fate slowly moved next to Nanoha.

“Save her…” a voice surprised everyone, was Nanoha’s “save Fate-chan…you now have the book…you can…” she was almost supplicating but she was cut by a sudden laugh “HAHAHAHA!! Nanoha you cant be that naïve!” he was laughing so hard he had to breathe rapidly so to not be breathless, everyone looked at him in shock and anger, after a few seconds he stopped “oh god…that was fun…” he said regaining air “Nanoha, tell me, do you really believed that the Book of Origins have healing powers? That “it could heal even the gods”? hahaha!” Nanoha was in shock, how he could now that? That’s what Yūno discovered for her in the Infinity Library, how could he know about it if she didn’t tell anyone?

“The book never had such powers, what you see on my left hand is the Book of Origins Form, is a shield, it has no healing powers” Nanoha move her sight to the burgundy eyes, then back to Isaac “what about Fate-chan?” she was getting nervous, Isaac smile change to a sad one “nothing can save Fate…” those words shocked all the presents, Nanoha felt her breathing faster, little by little fragments of that dream returned to her mind, the hospital, the cemetery, the pain “you’re lying…” Fate, finally reaching her, put a hand on Nanoha shoulder, not losing sight of Isaac, not knowing what would he do “you’re lying!” then Nanoha rise her device pointing at him “Divine buster” Raising Heart commanded, but Isaac didn’t move, and a magic circle appeared in front of him, protecting him “so that’s the famous divine buster huh? It doesn’t seem so powerful” the beam didn’t break his protection.

Hayate noticed that his defenses were really strong, he didn’t even use his hands to create a shield, but it automatically appeared in front of him “but you don’t let me finish my talk Nanoha, that’s your problem, you shoot first and ask question later” he denied with his head “I will say it again, Fate can’t be saved…because nothing is wrong with her” everyone were in shock once again at his words “what?! What are you talking about?!” Hayate raged this time, he turned to look at her “exactly what I said, there is nothing wrong with her, from the very beginning that “disease” or whatever you want to call it never existed” he now was grinning “it was actually pretty fun watching you all fighting each other over a lie”

“But what about the analisys?!” Nothing makes sense to Hayate “well I created that remember Hayate? So it wouldn’t be hard for me to add a little “exception” to my program, like “when you analyze Fate’s blood, give me this result”, you see? Is pretty simple” and then he started to laugh again “is impressive the power of lies” he said while watching at the sky “they can destroy friendships or even start wars” he looked at Nanoha “but you know Nanoha, is not really that lies start wars, but love” he smiled at the two aces “is because you couldn’t accept her death that all this happened, if you could have simple accepted the reality presented to you, everything would be different, but humanity can’t live without love, because love is the source of happiness and so they can’t live without war, because someone always will be on your way of happiness, is love what push people to madness, don’t you think so, little white devil?” he smiled at Nanoha’s face that was still trying to put her thoughts in order.

He then turned to Signum, for a few seconds watch her then simply lost interest “whatever” he said, Signum didn’t understand his sight “love is a powerful feeling indeed, can make brothers fight each other, or friends betray each other, can even make people sacrifice themselves.” He smiled “anyway I'm getting off the point, the thing is I really thank you all for the way you acted, that’s why as a reward I will tell you everything.”

He made a pause to see their confused faces, “well I should start form the very beginning, otherwise there is no way you will understand, oh by the way Hayate” he looked at Hayate who was still on guard waiting for an ambush or something “there is no reason to be so worried about the surroundings, no one is coming, I work alone.”

“What is that supposed to mean? What about the White Wolf Group?” Hayate tone was harsh, but Isaac just smiled “you are seeing it, the” and he made a short laugh “White Wolf Group is conformed by only one person, me” then he made a bow, Hayate was in surprised, but didn’t believe him, he could be lying “Just who are you?” and he lifted his head and smiled at her “is not who, Hayate, but what” Hayate looked at him wondering the meaning of that “I am the Book of Origins” he said with proud in his voice.

Kasirganin Forveti
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Plot twist! ... though it didn't come as a suprise for me after chapter 12. Since the doctor apparently was the only one working on his project he could easily manipulate certain results. That much was apparent and I wonder why they didn't do independent tests to be sure of the outcome(also looking over the machine and programming to be extra sure). Nice, Fate won't die... because of her rapid cell aging.
I am just waiting for you to make them fight, where Fate gets severly injured. You took so much drama out of your fic! Bring it back! ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ

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it's good that Fate won't die but the Dr. is the Book of Origins O.o Can't wait for the next chapter :)

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Isaac plan was machiavelical, he played very well with Nanoha's buttons, to make her do the job, using her fear of losing her beloved.

I'm glad Fate isn't infected by an uncurable disease and in full health
Nice twist !

I see on the pic, you use the Bright Shield Rune from Suikoden II for the Book of Origins symbol, which is a very good choice.

Looking forward to the next chapter !

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thnaks for the reviews, yeah langrisser, I love suikoden 2 and probably will use a copuple of things more of it, I'm sorry Kasirganin Forveti if the twist in this chapter disapointed you, i use drama as an engine for the characters to move, but I'm not fan of it, anyway soem more things are yet to come, next chapter will be the Book of Origins history and i will try to complitely oveil the master plan XD, hope you people stay with me to the end of the fic XD

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ok! here is chapter 14! i wanted to post it earlier, but the page was down, is good to have it back! enjoy it!(if you can, hehe)

Chapter 14


“What?!” everyone was surprised at Isaac’s revelation “now I feel better, you know, is hard to talk in third person, I know some people does, but for me is really rare, and talking about myself as if I wasn’t was really complicated…” Isaac commented with a face that denoted joy.

“That’s ridiculous!” Hayate was the first one denying his words “it doesn’t make any sense! You can’t exist separated from the souse of your power!” Isaac turned smiling to Hayate “Oh! But I can! Hahaha! Well, in fact you’re right, but there are exceptions, but let’s do this form the beginning, once you listen you will understand everything”

Isaac then looked at Nanoha “tell me Nanoha, what you think of Mid-Childa’s magic?” Nanoha didn’t understand his question, but she knew he would answer himself “a magic that requires really large and concentrated amounts of magic to kill, why humans would create such magic?” He looked at everyone wanting an answer that never came and continued “look at Belka’s magic, is really simpler to kill with it, now why is that difference? Well, if you think about it a little question would rise “what if Mid-Childa’s magic is an alteration of another ancient magic style?” what would you thing about it?”

“There was a magic a long time ago, very similar to Mid-Childa’s but at the same time completely different, the main difference was how easy it killed its opponent, it was called Sindarin’s magic” he looked at the sky, like remembering “it was really a powerful magic, but as everything that surrounded humans, it corrupted them, and soon those who have power started to think they should rule the world, while others defended the freedom of people; soon the conflict began and with it, the wars” he flied a little forward and then backward like testing his flying abilities “on the “defenders” side was the user of the Tome of the Night Sky, not corrupted yet the Tome and the user was also a woman, but her powers alone weren’t enough to stop the violence, so the defenders decided to create a support book using the knowledge in the Tome, they wanted to create something with the power to protect themselves and those around them, but that also could destroy their enemies, infiltrate their defenses, so the result was me, the Book of Origins, apparently they created me so I didn’t need a magician to interact, probably because they couldn’t trust in unknown magicians”

He made a pause and look at their faces, the Belkan knights were concentrated in his moves, while Nanoha and Fate were side to side ready for any possible attack “you should all relax a little, I will tell you when we will fight, hahaha” he laughed and smiled like if it were funny, Hayate warn them no to attack, now they needed information about him, even if they couldn’t trust him, it was better than nothing “anyway, when I was created, my first assignment was to support the Tone of the Night sky user…” and now he made a pause and look at Hayate, but at the same time he wasn’t looking at her “do you remember Rein when you asked me if we knew each other from somewhere? Back then I answered no, and technically I wasn’t lying, I didn’t know you, but did knew the former you, the old avatar of the Tome” he said with a grin “what you probably recognized was the little magic that my body emits, is weak enough to don’t be considered magic by humans, but you probably felt the “familiarity” on it, and that confused you”

And without waiting for an answer he continued his story “together with the defenders, the Queen of the Night Sky and her knights, and after some years we stopped the wars, well actually we finished the wars since we kill those that didn’t surrender, and peace came to the world, so my task changed, as a defender, I was commanded to protect humans and “bring an everlasting peace” they said” he laughed again remembering it “I didn’t know how to do that, but I was proud, like a child when his parents praise him, I wanted to serve humans and bring them peace, and so I remained as their protector, and the years went on, the user of the Tome of the Night sky died from age, and the Tome chose a new master, and when I thought that the peace would last forever, things changed.”

His face for the first time changed, the smile disappeared “you know, I never understand that side of you humans, after some years like 150 or 200 years, conflict started to rise among those that once fight side by side, and wars began again, I was a little surprised, but thought that you will eventually find your way back to peace, like in the past. At first I was trapped in the middle of your wars, trying to fulfill my duty and bring peace, but humans didn’t listen to me and went on with what they thought was right, so after some years, I simply decided to watch, and I realized that you repeat things, over and over, when the generations change, you repeated the same steps form the past, it was almost ironic, those that once were allies become enemies, and those that once were enemies, made an alliance to fight their former allies, and the cycle repeated over time, again and again and again, like a movie, and with time, I started to predict the outcome, not because I was smarter, but because I saw it happening before”

He made another pause, his face now showed anger “one day I finally got tired of it, of waiting for you to come to your senses, I was really angry of how useless humans were, how stupid can you be to repeat the same mistakes again and again, and then I lost it, I let those feelings control me, and started to kill humans, allies, enemies I didn’t care, they were all the same” then he made an apologizing smile “that was my fault, I shouldn’t have let my anger control me, but you know what was the funny part? They set aside their differences to fight me, can you believe it? They fought countless wars over the years and then joined because of me; I couldn’t believe the irony of it”

His eyes move to Hayate again “the back then “king of the Night Sky” was one of the “defenders” that fought against me, you should have watched them, I stopped counting magicians after the 40th, they even set a barrier to fight me, back then I was blind with anger and it was a long battle, but as you know, I lost” he made a funny face thinking about it “I don’t know what he did, but somehow, the King of the Night Sky divided my magic, separating me from my source but not destroying me in the process, I guess the Tome really had interesting abilities back then” he closed his eyes smiling “in the end, they sealed me, probably because the Tome wasn’t strong enough to destroy me, or perhaps they knew that was their fault from the beginning”

“Inside the seal I didn’t lost consciousness, but at the same time there was nothing on it, only blackness, I don’t know how long was I sealed, but it was a long time” he smiled at Hayate “the truth is I was really happy inside the seal, it calmed me a lot, and I finally understand what was that “everlasting peace” humans couldn’t find, inside that seal, in that darkness, there were no conflicts, no greed or desire, no seek for power, no hate, no suffering, and that was wonderful, such a perfect world, and then I wondered were humans go after their deaths, and I thought that probably a place like that, in that moment I understand everything, why humans killed each other, with fought wars again and again, I was so ashamed not to realize it before, but now it was all clear, I knew how to bring peace, so I waited until the seal broke”

“After my release, I found myself in some ruins, I noticed most of my power was left in my other half, although some abilities remain on me; I felted my other half really far away and back then I didn’t thought about it, but I guess humans didn’t wanted me to have contact with my other half, or that anyone use my power, so I assume they divided in two groups, one guarding the book, and other guarding my seal, but apparently time was a silent killer with my “guardians” hehe” he laughed at the thought.

“I went in direction of my other half, even if I felted it far away I wanted to reach it, soon I found a city and at first I was scared, humans were so different, the structures of the city also were different, and a group of kind humans toke me in, probably thinking I had amnesia or something, they speak a language I didn’t understand, but during the first wars I used to infiltrate enemy camps as a refugee of war, so using those skills and over time, I managed to master their language, although it wasn’t easy, it toke me 10 human years to fully understand the society I was, and that was almost 300 human years ago.” He grinned at the aces.

“Once I understand your society, I realized that my other half was really far away, so I decided to start from zero and I got a job and married one of my “saviors” that fall in love with me, obviously she didn’t know my true identity, and at first I was worried at the fact that we couldn’t have children, but thankfully that’s not a rare case in human society” he started laughing “you should have watch her, she was so in love, when we first adopted a child, I told her not to tell him anything about he being adopted and pretend he was born inside the family, she was so happy and tell me I loved our son so much” he laughed at it a while, while the aces look at him with horror, probably guessing what came next “as I told you before, some magic remained on me, one of the skill that I still possessed was something like what you call “transformation” magic, it allowed me to change my physical form, but the main flaw was that it has to be my same height, for example, I couldn’t transform into a child, so…”

And Hayate interrupted him “so… that story about the curse of your family, when your grand grandfather and so on reached the age among 18 and 22… that was…” but he smiled at her “exactly Hayate, if you want to talk about a curse, that would actually be me, so every time my “children” reached certain age, well, I think you can guess it, hahaha!” he laughed really hard, and when he clamed down, continued “you probably have a picture of how things went on the “family” side, so let’s focus on the other side, during my “first” generation, the TSAB administrated the planet I was, and I knew that I could use them, even if they weren’t the people guarding my other side, I only needed to get close to it, so I started a “friendly relationships” with the TSAB; during my “second generation” I started gaining money and influence, and, using the TSAB travel system on administrated planets, found that my other half was on Mid-Childa, which was under control of the TSAB, but they were really a strong agency, so I decided to once again watch over things until I found my chance”

“During my “third” generation I focused on learning about Mid-Childa’s magic system, and realized how similar to Sindarin’s magic was, also I studied history from various worlds, there was no trace of Sindarin’s magic in any history book, but I didn’t wanted to do a full research because of the TSAB. By the way I realized sadly that humans weren’t able to find peace in any world, but this time I didn’t blame them, since they didn’t saw what I did; finally during my “fourth” generation, which you would say my father’s generation, something incredible happen, you” and he looked at Nanoha and Fate.

“I had many friends in the TSAB back then, mostly because during my researches I found valuable material for the TSAB that I “kindly” give to them and to the Infinity Library, and when the Jewel Seed Incident toke place, they talked about how promising your skills were, I got interested specially in you Fate, your circumstances really caught my attention, and gave me an idea, but first I needed to know how close could you two be, because humans friendships sometimes don’t last long, so you could say I was really supporting your friendship” he smiled and then move his eyes to Hayate “I was surprised during the Book of Darkness Incident, I investigated a little about it before, but didn’t wanted the TSAB to suspect anything about me so I left it on hold, actually I was going to investigate further once I got my other half, thankfully that wasn’t necessary.”

“When the Book of Darkness Incident began I was actually worried, because was the same non-administrated planet when Nanoha and Fate lived, I was actually surprised how different the Tome was, starting from the knights, and then all that drama about it taking the user’s life, I have a theory about it, and I think is related with the vanishment of the Sindarin’s magic. Thanks to that Incident, I knew that their friendship would last the time I needed it to last, so I started to move things, send my back then “son” to Mid-Childa, not because of you of course” he pointed at Nanoha and Fate “but because when the time comes, I wanted to be closer to my other half, and form there think how to bring you to Mid-Childa, but thankfully you came by your own foot”

“Thanks to my many years collaborating with the TSAB sending my “son” wasn’t a hard deal, so I wanted him to study medicine, if you were gong to be the heroes, I wanted to be close to you somehow, so I decided with medicine I could assist the TSAB and eventually find you, but thank god I leaved my planet on time, I didn’t expected the explosion, I mean there were signs, but as you know, humans don’t really believe until is too late, and the TSAB policy doesn’t allow them to interfere with those kind of things.”

“Once my son fulfill the age I needed him to be, I started to get things ready, once the planet exploded, I only needed to be a little sad a few months and then return as a genius ahhaha!” he made a pause and continue “then came the internal help. And actually it was easier than I thought, been the TSAB such a large agency, some people are easy to “corrupt”, and I knew all my time saving money would come handy, so my first step was getting to know you two, specially Fate, since she was being an Enforcer saving children and fulfilling mission, I decided to create the orphanage to win her trust. The second step was creating my program, which was harder than I thought, but I made it real, the only thing was the little “Fate’s exception”, thanks to our meets on the past I had a sample of her blood, which made easier the “false results”, the third step was bribe someone in the Infinity Library to put a certain book inside, which would eventually would be found by Nanoha in her search for a cure, I knew TSAB would deny access to my other half, and I also knew Nanoha would call certain ferret to search for it hahaha, The fourth step was creating a ghost terrorist group to keep the TSAB entertained, Nanoha and the rest would be focus with Fate’s disease, but the TSAB needed an opponent, and if you add the fact that the enemy “could be inside”; that would give me some time, most of the basic was done, but then an uninvited guest appeared…” he made a sad face.

“Jail Scaglietti” answered Fate before he could say it “correct Fate, I didn’t expected the JS Incident, actually I wanted to use the Section 6 created by Hayate as scenario, unfortunately Jail acted first, so I waited, mostly because Jail was a threat, he was the only person that could bring my hole plan down, so I needed to get rid of him, once the JS Incident was over, I waited a few years, mostly because I needed a contact in the prison he was, and also because I needed to create the explosives to kept the TSAB worried about the enemy, and when the time was right, and after taking care of my “assistants”; I started the game with Jail’s death and the White Wolf message as the beginning, Jail had to die because he, as Project Fate founder, could knew my “disease” was fake, and also I didn’t like him” an smile appeared on his face “let’s say that nanomachines can be very useful in many aspects hahaha, anyway, Jail died in the moment I was showing all of you Fate’s “possible death” hahaha”

“The White Wolf group message was send by me from the inside one of the days I was installing my program, and the call about the Book of Origins was made by a magician bribed, I most say humans will never learn, they betray anything for something like money, oh in case you may be wondering, I exchanged my money to Mid-Childa money over the years.”

He smiled and looked at Nanoha “when we chatted in the TSAB General Office, you remember you got angry at me? Well that was intentional on my part and I apologize, I wanted to upset you, what I didn’t expected was that Fate would accept death the next day, god I was so surprised, at first I thought you also accepted but watching your face I knew Fate decided on her own, so I move on with my plan, later that day I called you remember? so you could calm down and stay still until I finished with the explosives, I programmed them to set in a certain day all at once with some time differences, I linked the explosives system with the TSAB computers, and from my hospital set the times, I knew I was being investigated, so I rushed to hide the detonations programs and set the jamming to set off before the explosions, eventually the TSAB arrested me as I predicted and I let them take me with some blueprints about their bases, I use them to know where my other half, what I didn’t expected was you to be there, and with that the stage was set, I only needed to watch and prey everything will go my way”

He then turned to Hayate “I must say Hayate you humans believe everything people say to you, I said a couple of beautiful things and you all thought I was a good guy, hahaha; What I didn’t expect from you was to move my other half after my arrest, although it was a good idea, the fact that I could feel were it was cause this situation, and also I didn’t expected Signum to betray you, or at least pretend to, but once again I only needed to invent “someone” that tell me were my other half was” and he smiled at Signum.

Isaac remained in silence a few minutes to let the Aces understand the situation “what do you think? Pretty sad story right? But don’t worry, I’m searching for the happy ending…” he looked at the distance like if he could saw something “TSAB troops will probably come here in search for you so, before that happens, can we have a little private party?”

And so the mask had fallen away, the strings of the puppets were now visible, and the hands of the primal mover exposed, and with it, the battle between Isaac and the Aces began.

PD: I hope this sounds coherent XD

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The book of Origins is a crafty one, and he certainly knew of to push everyone's right buttons to make his plan work. He also seems to be a NanoFate shipper. ;3
Also, it seems the Sindar have migrated very far from the Suiko world. ;3

Looking forward to the next chapter.

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Wow o.o ... You have a lot of imagination ... it's impressive

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sorry for the late update X_X have a few problems with this chapter XD but here it is enjoy it as best as you can

Chapter 15

Battle in Daylight

“TSAB troops will probably come here in search for you so, before that happens, can we have a little private party?”

With that declaration, Isaac made a battle stance, and soon a short energy spear appeared in his right hand. The Aces knew the time for getting information was over, although Hayate was obviously disappointed, she expected Isaac to reveal something about his power, but he was careful enough not to say anything about it.

With a smile Isaac watched his situation, Hayate, Vita and Signum on one side, while Nanoha and Fate on the other, although he was in disadvantage, he knew Nanoha and Fate didn’t represented a threat, since they were still limited by the TSAB, so he focused on the Mistress of the Night Sky and her knights.

“You know Vita” he look at the knight of the Hammer, who look at him really angry “people say that no defense can resist against your hammer, I wonder about that” he look at her obviously making fun of her “I am sick of your talk! I will show you how strong Eisen is!” and with that Vita rushed for an attack.

“Vita don’t be fool! That’s what he wants!” Signum scream behind her, but Vita wasn’t the patient type, and all that chat really pissed her, besides she was angry of how things end up, and she knew this guy was behind everything.

“Tödliche Strafe! (Deadly Punishment)” attacked Vita, but just as when Nanoha attacked, a strong magic shield block the attack, Isaac then move to the left to have clear vision of Hayate and throw his spear.

At first Hayate was going to block it, the spear didn’t looked powerful enough to break her defenses, but then “mistress Hayate evade it!” Rein desperate call force her to evade the attack “Rein what was that for?” Hayate asked her device, not understanding why she asked to evade, but the spear that passed by Hayate’s side turn and attacked again, resembling attacks like Plasma Lancer or Divine Shooter.

“Mistress Hayate I don’t know why, but Mid-childa’s and Belka’s defense shields can’t block that attack, please warn the others!” To Rein response, Hayate couldn’t avoid speaking loud “What do you mean we can’t block them?!” this caught Issac’s attention.

“Oh? And I thought it was strange for you to evade it” he was smiling while thinking everything make sense “I underestimated the Tome of the Night Sky, if she recognized my magical energy, the possibility of recognizing this magic was high” he said while putting a finger on his forehead, like scolding himself “I wanted to see your surprise face when your magic shield couldn’t stop the attack, but rein ruined my fun” he returned to his old smile “What you are watching Aces, is the last trace of the Sindarin magic” the spear that pursued Hayate was finally stopped by Hayate’s Atem des Eises - ("Breath of Ice"), and soon after explode.

“Although is a little different form the original form” he said while creating another spear “back then they used something like Nanoha’s magic, obviously not that powerful, but the power was enough to fulfill its purpose, so when I was created they decided to fight fire with fire, mostly because only Sindarin magic could overpass magic defenses, which made it a complicated magic back then, the Tome of the Night Sky also have this magic back then, but apparently things changed hehe” and he grinned at Hayate.

Vita attacked again trying to break his defenses but was meaningless “I know you like me a lot Vita but I need some space you know” and he move the short energy spear in his hand like a sword, but before he could touch Vita, she evade the attack moving back quickly with her Pferde (Horse Speed) “Damn you!” she was really angry at him.

Signum, on the other hand, used her speed to be behind Isaac while he attacked Vita, and try to hit his back, knowing her fellow knight could evade the enemy attack, but to her surprise a magic shield appeared to protect him, and Isaac used the impulse of his attack against Vita to turn and hurt Signum lightly on her abdomen; while she was in the middle of her attack “Tsk…” a little pain could be heard form the knight, that rapidly stand back.

“That was a nice plan Signum, unfortunately for you, my defense system isn’t a normal one” se said while playing with the sword on his hand “This is my first defense system, mmmmm, let’s call it the “Hayate System” hahahaha!” he laugh like if it was really funny, but since no one follow his laugh, he stopped “is a system that activates only to defend me, and it doesn’t respond to my command, is something like breathing, its just there, is the weakest of my defenses, and putting it on TSAB magical measure system, you would call it an S class defense”

Hayate and her knights couldn’t believe what they were listening, not to mention Fate and Nanoha, if what Isaac was saying is true, most of the attacks wont even reach him, and he also mentioned this is his first defense, which means he is prepared for even stronger attacks.

On their side, Nanoha and Fate decided to test how strong was in fact his defenses -Fate-chan, let’s try and attack him with a multiple direction attack with your Plasma Lancer and my Sacred Cluster- Nanoha used her telepathy to communicate with Fate – Very well, let’s try that- with that both Aces moved in opposite directions, and even trough Isaac noticed it, he didn’t move, he wanted them to attack him, to prove his point.

Their devices charged the cartridges, and several pink and yellow spheres appeared across them “Plasma Lancer!” Fate yelled “Divine Cluster!” Nanoha raged like answering to Fate “Fire!” “Shoot!” with the last command, the spheres guided by them attacked Isaac in every possible direction, but Isaac just smiled, in the last moment, several shield appeared to protect him, but what bothered the Aces was that Isaac didn’t even move his hands, like he said the shields appeared to protect him, Isaac didn’t more nor commanded anything for the shields to appear.

“Is such a shame that you both be limited, otherwise this battle would be different, but as long as you remain as you are, no matter what attack you use, they will never reach me” he said with a smile and closing his eyes “but is true that you will be bored if I focus my attention only on Hayate and the others, so for now” and he lifted his right arm with the short spear “I will give you something to play with while you think how to overcome this uncomfortable situation” and with that Isaac throw the spear to the Aces, but as soon as his hand was free, he create another one, and again throw it, and when the Aces were about to respond to Isaac attack, the spears divided in smaller pieces, creating several energy orbs, which forced the Aces to stop their attack and use their speed to evade them, since their defenses wouldn’t be able to block the attacks.

Meanwhile, Signum and Vita tried several attacks, but as before, Isaac defenses appear no matter from where they attack, and Vita was starting to get really pissed, since Isaac every time she attacked, he mocked about the so call “Knight of the Hammer” wasn’t up to her reputation. Meanwhile Isaac kept throwing the short energy spears in Vita’s and Singum’s direction, but strangely the spears didn’t returned.

Nanoha and Fate evaded as they could Isaac’s attack and used hey own energy spheres to counterattack the enemy ones.

-Vita don’t fall on his game, he is trying to force you to be reckless, also I think he is planning something- Signum communicated with Vita –Shut up you too! First of all is your fault that things are this messed up!- the Knight of the Sword remained in silence, while they retreated to think in a better strategy. Hayate wanted to help the others, but her attacks were too powerful and they still where in the middle of Mid-childa.

“I know!” Isaac toke the knights and the mistress out of their thoughts “why don’t you use the attack you used on the Saint Cradle engine? That’s your stronger attack isn’t it?” he keep making fun of the knight, and by now she was beyond angry.

“I will erase that stupid smile form your face! Graf Eisen!” Vita raged with Fury and his device only answered to her will “Zerstörungform (Destruction Form)” while Vita’s hammer changed, she turned to Hayate in search for approbation, after all she was their master, Hayate look at her, and saw the determination on her eyes, so he accepted Vita’s silent request, while Vita smiled –Signum, listen to me, I will attack that bastard with my Zerstörung Hammer (Destruction Hammer), I want you to use your full power Sturm Falken, let’s show this bastard he chose the wrong era to come back!-

Signum look quickly at Hayate for confirmation, and then at her fellow knight –very well Vita, we will follow your plan- and then she looked at Isaac “Laevatein” she named her device while combining the sword with the scabbard “Bogenform (Bow form)” were the words form her device while changing into a bow and she pulled it back creating a arrow, but this time the arrow was surrounded by fire, while Singum’s wings burned with more power than before, Vita used that time to move to a side of Isaac, that watched everything and enjoy it.

“Let’s go Eisen!” Vita yelled while rushed in Isaac direction “Jahowl!” raged her device while charging the cartridge and starting the propulsion, Isaac look at her smiling, while creating a spear with more magical energy concentrated “come knight!” he was conscious of Signum attack, but he was prepared for it, and for the first time in that battle, a magic circle appeared at Isaac feet.

“Zerstörung…!!!(destruction…)” she yelled while Eisen charged a cartridge after the other, at that moment Isaac released the spear in Vita’s direccion “…Hammer!!!” Vita attacked with all her strength, she saw Isaac release the spear, but she decided that no matter what happen she wouldn’t stop.

At the moment of Impact, Isaac right hand was placed facing the hammer and he yelled something in a strange language “Lysende Eksempel! (Shining Light)” in the moment Vita’s hammer was about to impact, a different magic shield appeared, it wasn’t like his first defense, but at the same time, wasn’t the one that appeared at his feet, it was a square shield, while Vita impacted the shield and wanted to destroy it, Isaac's spear penetrated her armor and now was half way inside, but Vita didn’t care to slow down, or bother about the change of shield, she wanted to hit him.

On the other hand, in the moment Vita’s hammer impacted, Signum was ready to release her bow, “Fly high, my falcon!” Signum yelled at the sky, “Sturm Falken! (Storm Falcon)” answered Laevatein, and the arrow flow in Isaac direction, surrounded by two spirals of fire, this was Signum’s strongest attack, and was even more powerful due to her unison with Agito.

But Isaac made a full smile, while he removed his right hand from the square defense, which didn’t disappeared with the movement, he pointed his hand in Signum’s direction, creating another square defense, in which the arrow impacted, but also couldn’t break it “It seems your falcon can’t fly that high, Signum” he ginned at the Knight of the Sword, while Hayate watched in disbelief how the two strongest attacks from her strongest knights were stopped at the same time.

While both attacks tried to break the defense desperately, Isaac lowered his right hand and just like in Vita’s attack, the shield didn’t disappeared, he smiled at Hayate and then he looked at Vita “tell me Vita, did you ever heard the phrase, the bigger they are, the harder they fall?” and with those words he lifted his right hand and emulated a gun with his fingers, his smile became twisted “bang…” he said in a small voice, and the spear in Vita’s Body explode creating a large smoke, from were soon the knight appeared falling to the ground, in her hand fall Eisen with her “And so the first knight fall” his voice sounded amused.

He quickly search Nanoha and Fate, while Signum’s arrow still tried to break his shield, Nanoha was charging her Starlight Breaker, angry at how Isaac attacked Vita, yet she knew the attack wouldn’t penetrate his defense, Signum rapidly flied in Hayate direction, whom flied to catch Vita, and Fate had several spheres acting as a shield to stop Isaac’s possible attacks

“VITA!!” Hayate quickly hold her knight before she hit the ground, Vita tried to get up, blood came out from her mouth, and more blood could be seeing in the place of the explosion, but she wanted to stand up and keep fighting, but Hayate didn’t allow her to return.

Isaac look in disappointment at Hayate and Vita “I wanted her to slowly hit the ground like in the movies…” he said with a sad face.

He then returned his eyes to Nanoha, and waited a few moments for her Starlight Breaker to be ready, probably collection her own magic residue, Fate’s and even his, he assumed, “Fate-chan!” was the signal for Fate to move away from the attack range “Starlight Breaker!!” but the moment Fate move away from the shoot range, several spears awaited her “!!!” this were probably the spears that Isaac used against Vita and Signum and got lost in the battle, in the moment she saw them, they divided in small energy orbs, some of them were in her direction and others in Nanoha’s. So Fate split her spheres using 3/4 of them to defend Nanoha, and use the rest and her own device to protect her vital points.

The Starlight Breaker clashed against the square shield, but as predicted, didn’t break it, Nanoha saw the orbs coming in her direction, but also saw the yellow spheres that stopped in her vital points, and got ready for the impact. Since the orbs were weak divided, the damage wasn’t as big as Vita’s, but Nanoha barrier have some red points on her back and legs, while in Fate’s case, some blood could be seeing in her arms and legs.

Soon the impact of the SLB ended, Signum’s arrow lost its power a few moments ago, and from those two attacks, an unwounded Isaac emerged, the shield beneath him finally disappeared “well, nice try I guess” he seemed pleased “by the way that defense, is my second defense system, that I will call “Fate System” and I will reserve the way it operate, but I will give you that it’s a SS defense according to TSAB measures” he grinned and look at Hayate “don’t worry Hayate, she won’t die from that attack, she didn’t die from the wounds from the Saint Cradle Engine and I held back so is okay, but what’s more important…” me smiled down at Hayate, like if it was the most natural thing to do for him “let’s make a deal”.

PD: by the way, the language Isaac use is Denmark

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I wonder how our Aces will win against someone with such a powerful defense, and about the deal Isaac will propose.

Looking forward to the next chapter.

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I wasn't disappointed, just not really suprised as I had some doubts about the doctor's intentions before. So yeah.
I'm just putting the next chapters on my Archos(That damned old thing! Want the new one!) to read it tonight, because I don't want to sleep, ...just for the lulz. And because I want to listen to Nana-sama's songs some more.
Will comment on them in the morning.

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Yay I cought up! xD aaaaand man did I miss out! There's action everywhere!! I can't wait for the next chapter Virus-san~~ I shall be waiting patiently :3

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Did I say 'in the morning'? No, of course I meant 'several days later', that was just a... typo, yeah.
So, I'm waiting for the Three Aces' Solution to Beat a Magical Tome Gone Wild™ 2nd Edition. I hope you will update soon.

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sorry for not posting last week, i have no excuse,other than been lazyness X_X but here is chapter 16! i will try to get the next update friday or saturday to catch up!
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Chapter 16

The Deal

“Let’s make a deal” Isaac said smiling down to Hayate “what?” she couldn’t believe what she was hearing, what was this deal he was talking about?

“Let me explain the current situation to you…” and with that Isaac rise one finger on his right hand pointing at Vita “first, even though she won’t immediately die from that wound, is not like she is perfectly fine to continue this battle…” then with two fingers of the same hand, he pointed at Nanoha and Fate “second, they may not be as wounded as Vita is but, limited as they are, they represent to threat to me, even that last SLB; I may have used my Fate System to defend myself, but with my Hayate System would have been enough, no offense” he said smiling at Nanoha.

Again moving his hand, this time with three fingers showing up, he pointed at Hayate and Signum “and third, even though you are a SS class magician, you almost didn’t participated on this battle, that make me think that in some way you are also restricted, probably because of your own power, and the only person in full power who could continue this battle is unable to break my defenses, that’s why…” and me made a pause to see everyone before finishing his words “…I want you to let me go.”

Shock could be seeing in the Aces’ face “You really think we can let you go?!” Hayate knew he was plotting something “listen…” but Isaac interrupted Hayate “I know letting me go like that is not possible, that’s why I’m calling for a deal, right now you have no chance to win this battle and you know it, or at least not without involving civilians, and I don’t think that’s TSAB policy” he smiled at his own comment “that’s why the deal is this, you will let me go now, and in four days we will battle again, you will have more than enough time to heal Nanoha’s and Fate’s wounds, and also remove the limiters on them, Vita probably won’t heal on time, but is not like if she would make any difference…” Isaac smirked at a pissed Vita.

“I…Will show you…!!” Vita wanted to fly and hit him hard with her hammer, but Hayate held her so that won’t happen, Vita was in no condition to keep fighting like Isaac said “I hate bad losers you know…” he made a disappointed look to Vita before continuing “anyway, I will chose a battleground were you, Hayate, will have no limitations at all, and in exchange for letting me decide the place, I promise not to kill any human in this four days, and with them, you can plan a strategy to defeat me, since now you know most of my abilities; I really don’t think this to be a bad deal for you”

Certainly Isaac’s deal, given the current situation, wasn’t a bad deal at all, but it didn’t make any sense “Why are you doing this?” Hayate couldn’t avoid questioning him “if your objective is ultimately to kill us all, why making this deal? What will you obtain in four days?” Isaac face change with the last question “you really believe I’m plotting something and I need those four days to accomplish it? You know I could deny your words Hayate…” and the smile returned to his face “…but that would be a lie, hahaha!”

“Certainly I have some ulterior motives to call this four days truce, but is not like if it doesn’t come handy to you too, right now things are really messed up, and you need time to get everything together, besides…” his smile widened “…I’m giving you four days also because I like you all.”

“HUH?!” Vita’s voice expressed probably what all the others were thinking “yeah I know, I know, I’m the enemy; but I can’t avoid it, you make me remember how I used to be, so if you want to protect the illusion in which you live, I will give you the chance, besides, is not like it will make any difference anyway, but I think it will be better for you to fail knowing you did everything you could to stop me.” He closed his eyes while still smiling “so what do you say?”

In all this time, Nanoha, Fate and Signum remained in silence, this was Hayate’s decision, and they would respect it; in the worst case, the whole city would become a battlefield, so it wasn’t an easy decision “Can we trust your word?” Hayate finally asked “mmmm” Isaac smile disappeared while he made a face like if really thinking how to answer “certainly from what happened this days, it would be impossible from you to do so, my whole plan was based upon a lie, so you can’t really be sure if I will fulfill my part of the deal, in that case…I know!” he made a face like realizing something and the smile returned “what about this, you can have the TSAB follow me, that way you will know if I break my part of the deal, you can establish a magic perimeter once I find the location for our final battle, I will probably stay there until the day of battle comes, what do you think?”

From Isaac words, it seemed like if he had some place on mind, but he didn’t reveal anything. This was a risky bet, but right now Hayate had to think for the civilians, if there was a possibility to avoid them from being involved “What if we accept your deal, but then decide to attack in less time that the one established?” that was Signum’s question, before Hayate could say anything, and with it Isaac’s face changed again “I really wouldn’t expect such behavior form a knight like you, Signum, but if that situation occur, I would be really disappointed, probably to the point to lost interest in all of you and probably start avoiding fighting with you, while killing any human in sight merciless” Isaac’s face wasn’t smiling, but at the same time wasn’t serious, it looked like what Signum proposed would become a funny situation for him.

“Then Lieutenant Coronel Yagami Hayate, how is going to be?” his eyes were focused on Hayate, she closed her eyes thinking what to do, when she opened her eyes, she looked at her friends, they eyes told her that they will respect her decision “…We accept…” Isaac couldn’t avoid the full smile that appeared on his face “Smart decision indeed, Lieutenant Coronel, in exchange for your positive answer, let me give you another explanation of my power, the spears I used on this battle, and the variation of it, are the only attack abilities I posses, I swear on my name as a magical book, no other magic attacks are within me” he looked once again to everyone before starting to leave “Oh by the way…” he looked at Hayate once again “I will be heading north now, tell the TSAB soldiers to go north if they want to find me, and tell them to keep distance, even though I agree to be followed, I really don’t want them too close you know, otherwise I will now be held responsible” and smiling again he waved his hand while flying in the direction he said.

“Was that the right decision to make Mistress Hayate?” Signum asked Hayate while still watching Isaac leave “I really hope so, but as we were, we had no other option, besides he is not the only thing I’m worried right now” soon Nanoha and Fate descended from the sky “Are you…two okay?” Vita asked “we are fine, what about you Vita-chan?” a worried Nanoha asked “I hate to admit it…but like he said… I’m not going to die of something like this…although it hurt pretty badly”

A small laugh came from the group, except Hayate, that decided to scold her knight for making such a dangerous attack and not back off when she was stabbed. Soon the TSAB troops arrived the scene, at least a small group leaded by Teana and Subaru, Hayate look a them, and then to Fate “Enforcer Harlaown” her tone was different from the one just a moment ago, now was serious “please remove Lieutenant Signum’s and Captain Takamachi’s devices and put them under arrest.”

Fate look at Hayate first surprised, but she knew that was the right decision to Nanoha and Signum's actions, she also knew that inside that mask of seriousness, Hayate was also hurt by that declaration, she then put her right hand in her forehead “Yes sir” answering like her device, she looked at Nanoha and Singum, and extended her hand so they could give her their devices, which they did without resistance “Nanoha, Singum….” Fate looked at both of them with a sad smile “you are under arrest.”

At first some soldiers tried to put some binds around them, but Fate denied, while saying that there was no need, other soldiers then came with medical assistance and started to attend first Vita, then the others. Vita was send to an hospital given the seriousness of her wounds. Since Nanoha, Fate and Signum’s wounds weren’t too deep, they were treated fast, and soon a truck for prisoners arrive to the scene, called by Teana, following Hayate’s order.

Some soldiers remained in the scene to start cleaning the place, while the Aces and Signum get on the truck, the four of them were on the back, but only Hayate and Fate remained with their barrier jackets. Soon they arrived to the TSAB central base, were Nanoha and Signum were escorted to a looked room, while Hayate and Fate were ordered by the General to make a full report of the situation, and only after that they would talk.

Knowing the battle would come irremediably in four days, Hayate told a soldier to take not only Nanoha and Singum’s devices, but her and Fate’s also for maintenance.

“So Shari is also here?” Fate asked Hayate while still writing her report “Yeah, the TSAB said that –it would be a waste to have her talent frozen with the rest of Enforcer Harlaown unit- so they place her here until things calm down” Hayate made a pause on her report to drink her coffee, it had been a long day, and now they were writing a full report, which would probably lead to a great discussion with the superiors “when we were send back, she joked thanking me for finally being able to have vacations” they laughed at the comment, then Hayate asked in serious tone “Fate-chan, when you arrived to the warehouse base, you weren’t too surprised by Isaac betrayal, what did you discovered?”

Fate look at Hayate and answered “Well, basically was Teana who found out, we decided to investigate together, and searching in some old documents of the TSAB, we found information of Isaac’s father…or his previous self…and investigated his bank accounts, we found a connection to one ghost account that was registered under a different name, apparently during his grandfather generation, he changed his last name with his back then wife, that was Prowder, and so using his former name, he created what would become the ghost account, it seems Isaac put money on that account in his father’s generation during a long period of time, then according to the bank statistics, a lot of money was withdraw a month ago, so Teana and me guessed that if Isaac’s family was really part of the terrorist all along, that money was used or either to buy weapons on the black market, or to bride someone inside the TSAB, so when the explosions started we thought that they wanted to free Isaac, but when we arrived to the prison were he was…” but Hayate finished for her “Signum had already free him huh?” Fate nodded “We were far from the bases, so I tried to contact Nanoha but the communications were jammed, so after making sure Vivio was okay, we went to the prison”

They continued with they reports for about another hour “That should be it” Hayate’s report focused on the attacks to the bases, as well as Signum’s course of action, while Fate’s was more centered on the investigation behind Isaac, and part of Nanoha’s behavior, with the information they got from Subaru, both reports ended with a full detail of Isaac’s actions.

“Now we have to convince them to let Nanoha-chan and Signum go, to avoid court martial for direct betrayal to the TSAB, while we think how to stop Isaac, all together in four days? I think I will quit being a Lieutenant Coronel” Hayate lamented while they were walking to the TSAB General office “don’t say that Hayate, you are really good, and about Signum…” they stopped right in front of the TSAB General’s office “is not that I want to avoid responsibility about what happened today, but I really don’t think she is the kind of person that would betray you, I think she had another motive unrelated to me” Hayate look at Fate and sighed “I know, but at the same time I can’t understand why she did such thing, and besides, I don’t think they will be willingly to accept our point of view so easy.”

And together they entered the General’s office.

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It seems eeveryone will have some very hardd days before the fight.

Looking forward to the next chapter.

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sorry for not posting for such a long time, but here I am XD, and to compensate here is not 1 but 2 chapters! the end is getting closer! XD

Chapter 17

Chapter 17


Silence; it was the only thing allowed in the TSAB General’s Office, an hour passed since Hayate and Fate arrived, once the reports were delivered, the General started to read them, no word shared between the Aces and the General, and so an hour passed in silence.

-Hayate, I have to go and pick up Vivio, is there any way to leave this room? - Fate asked a little worried, she knew there was no way to leave the room right now –Don’t worry Fate-chan, I already send Zafira to pick her up, they should be here really soon, let’s concentrate on Signum’s and Nanoha-chan’s situation now okay?- Hayate calmly responded –really? Thank you very much Hayate, I owe you one- to Fate’s response, Hayate made a little smile, and they continued to wait for the General to finish reading the reports.

Meanwhile; in a secured room of the TSAB.

Nanoha and Signum awaited the end of the meeting, they knew the TSAB protocol, and they knew things weren’t going to be easy, the TSAB have low tolerance for traitors, and their situation was complicated. Signum was with her back against the wall and her arms crossed over her chest, while Nanoha was sitting on the ground with her arms around her legs. Agito was placed in a different room for security reasons.

“Hey, Signum-san, you think the meeting is going to be long?” Nanoha asked, trying to break the silence of the room, but from the beginning, Signum wasn’t a talkative person, so her only answer was “who knows”.

“I hope Fate-chan doesn’t forget to pick up Vivio, although I wouldn’t like her to see us in this situation nyahaha” She tried to joke around to release tension, but only got a sound of affirmation from Signum.

She even tried to know what motivated Signum’s actions, but since no answer came from Signum’s mouth, she knew she wouldn’t answer.

“Hey Signum-san…” the change of tone in Nanoha’s voice catch Signum’s attention “does…does it make me a bad person if, even in the situation we are in, even after what happen with Isaac and the Book of Origins…I feel nothing but relief right now?” Nanoha’s question was filled with confusion, she knew it was bad to feel that way, but to that, Signum’s responded “no, it simply makes you human” and so silence once again filled the room.

Somewhere in Mid-Childa’s sky

Two magicians pursued Isaac under Hayate’s orders; it didn’t take them long to find him, he was flying in direction to the north, just as Hayate told them, however their task was to follow, and to inform their position to base every thirty minutes.

“I still think we should confront him” one of the magicians tried to convince the other “Don’t be stupid Subaru! Hayate-san’s orders are clear, we must avoid any direct confrontation unless he does something suspicious and civilians’ safety may be compromised, other than that, we must just follow him” Teana reprimanded her friend.

An hour passed since they find him and started to follow him, his speed was average, faster than a normal magician, but slower than the Aces or even Subaru’s speed “what I want to know is why I am traveling in your back” Teana asked a little embarrassed “there was no other choice, Hayate-san said there was no time, we couldn’t wait for more reinforcements or a ship just because you can’t fly” Subaru answered with fake seriousness.

“Anyway this is strange, I can’t see him perfectly from here but he doesn’t seem to be injured, and he isn’t that fast, yet Nanoha-san and the others were more injured, especially Vita-san, also why is he alone. I wonder what happen in that battle” changing the subject, Subaru’s attention returned to Isaac “I don’t know, but if Hayate-san order us not to confront him, and given Nanoha-san and the others injuries, he isn’t someone to be taken lightly” Teana also focused her attention on Isaac.

“Soon we will leave the city, I wonder where is he going” the city limits could be seen, after that, there were no edifications near by “I think I know where is he going, but if what I am thinking is right, this is going to be a long travel” and so they continued their persecution of Isaac.

TSAB General’s Office

Another hour passed when the General finally finished reading the reports, he let a long sigh escape his mouth, and look at the Aces “So, is this all the information?” was his first question “this is the information we could get from him, as well as the events that happened since this morning, as well as the curse of action of Captain Takamachi and Lieutenant Signum” Hayate stand up while answering, Fate did the same next to her.

“Captain Takamachi actions were somehow predictable, but that’s precisely why the TSAB decided to let you in charge of this matter Lieutenant Coronel Yagami, what we didn’t predicted was Lieutenant Signum’s Betray…” but before the General could continue, Hayate Interrupted him “I don’t think Lieutenant Signum betray us, I sure that just as Captain Takamachi had her reasons, Lieutenant Signum had her own motivations”

“I don’t care about motivation Yagami, neither from Captain Takamachi nor Lieutenant Signum, each person is free to made their own decisions, as long as they acknowledge that their actions bring consequences to themselves” he made a pause and then continued “illegal use of magic, illegal air space use, fire on TSAB soldiers, destruction of TSAB propriety, resistance to authority…” he let another sigh “and now we have a terrorist that, from what I read, not only got possession of the Book of Origins, but was a former part of it, allowing him to use full potential of a Lost Logia that was under TSAB protection since it’s creation, how am I supposed to take all this information if not as a fail from your obligations Yagami?”

Hayate wanted to say something, but this time was the General that interrupted her “and if that weren’t enough, you made a deal with this terrorist, since when the TSAB makes deals with possible universe threats?” this time was Fate who defended Hayate “Sir, I don’t think Lieutenant Coronel Yagami was wrong in her judgment, the battle resulted different from what we would have expected in a worst case scenario, Second Lieutenant Vita was severely injured in the battle, while Captain Takamachi and myself were magically restricted by the TSAB, leaving only First Lieutenant Signum as main attack force, since Lieutenant Coronel Yagami magic abilities would have put in risk civilians, the deal proposed by Isaac, even him being a criminal, would ensure the safety of the civilians while allowing us to study his abilities for a future confrontation”

“That is if the Book of Origins keep its word, otherwise we will have death civilians all over Mid-Childa, and then what?” harsh tone filled the General’s voice “in that case I will take full responsibility for my decisions.” Was Hayate answer, serious tone on her voice.

“…anyway” the general made a tone that indicated he wanted to end the meeting “if what the Book of Origins said is true, in four days from now there will be a mayor confrontation, and the TSAB can’t ignore the fact that Captain Takamachi and Lieutenant Signum will be needed in such battle, as well as we can’t ignore that this situation became like this due to their actions, so we will set a martial court date for both of them after this incident be resolved”

Basically the TSAB was going to use Nanoha and Signum and then put them in trial as betrayers “Wait a minute!” Hayate wouldn’t allow that “you can’t just use them as weapons and then put them in a trial!” but the General only look at Hayate indifferently “what about putting in danger the universe population to save one life? Don’t you think that’s bad also? Or just because there are acquaintances of yours is okay?” again harsh tone in the General’s voice.

“In that case” Fate interrupted them “we can’t accept TSAB conditions” this surprised the General “we want Captain Takamachi and Lieutenant Signum free of all charges, that’s the only condition we ask for to end this meeting” now in the General’s face was not only surprise but disbelief “excuse me? I think I misinterpreted your words Enforcer Harlaown, did you just said you want exoneration for all charges?” but in Fate eyes only determination could be seen “yes, that’s exactly what I said” now Hayate was the surprised one.

“I think you should read more what you write Enforcer Harlaown, did you miss the part when I enumerated the charges against both of them?” the General didn’t liked when people mess with him, but Fate didn’t stand back “no I didn’t sir, as well as I didn’t miss the years of service we have all serve under the TSAB command, not only Captain Takamachi is the best soldier of the TSAB, acknowledged with the title of “Ace of Aces”, but also served as an excellent instructor; her students are promising members of the TSAB, while Lieutenant Signum assisted in several high class missions of the Enforcers under my command and under others, the only think I’m asking is for they to be recognized for they accomplishments as members of the TSAB and be forgiven due to their carriers”

“…You are asking to much from the TSAB Enforcer Harlaown…” but Fate still didn’t stand back “the Wolkenritter unit is one of the best units of the TSAB, and each member as accomplished the most difficult missions since they are in the TSAB, and Captain Takamachi also accomplished several missions that no other magician could have accomplished, almost dying fulfilling her duty once if I’m allowed to remember you, and once she recovered she returned to her duty”

“We the Aces and the Wolkenritter unit are the TSAB’s best soldiers, and if I am allowed to be rude, the TSAB wouldn’t be as it is now if it weren’t for us, for our hard work and the results we deliver, we had win battles that otherwise were lost, this one will not be an exception, all I am asking is to for the TSAB to acknowledge our years of service, and allow Captain Takamachi and Lieutenant Signum to be free of all charges, so we can focus on fulfilling this new mission.”

Hayate was speechless; this was the first time she saw Fate act like that, so serious but a the same time so harsh against a superior, the General on the other hand remained in silence for a few moments, looking at Fate into the eyes, until he finally closed his eyes “You better bring the results you talk so much about, and notice that this kind of “favor” will never repeat again, this meeting is over.”

“Thank you very much sir, we will not disappoint you” and so Hayate and Fate leaved the room.

“Remember me to never make you mad like this” Hayate still couldn’t believe her friend attitude, to which Fate let a long sigh and lean her back against the wall “I though I was going to die there” to which Hayate started laughing “hahaha! But thanks to that, you managed to free Nanoha-chan and Signum from all charges, way to go!” and she patted strongly Fate’s back.

To get to where Nanoha and Signum were confined, they had to pass the entrance of the TSAB facility, once there Hayate decided to part ways “aren’t you coming to see Nanoha and Signum?” Fate asked, looking at Hayate in wonder “not right now, I send Shamal to check on Vita, but I want to make sure she is okay, I will return in a while, tell Signum we will talk later, also do me a favor and check the reports of Teana and Subaru, there should be a while by now, the fact that the meeting wasn’t interrupted probably is because nothing big happened, but please make sure and tell me if anything happen.”

“Okay, don’t worry I will check that, you also tell us how is Vita, and be careful” and with waving hands the Aces said goodbye to each other, Fate would check Teana and Subaru’s situation and then look for Vivio and Zafira, to then finally go to were Nanoha was.

Chapter 18

Chapter 18


Subaru and Teana pursued Isaac for about three hours after they leaved the city, the last report was fifth-ten minutes ago “Subaru, I’m going to report again to the base” Teana informed her friend, who was surprised at the declaration “but Tea, there haven’t pass the thirty minutes yet”

“I know, but soon we will enter an area with strong jamming, and we will be unable to report back, so I will inform about it and that we will contact back as soon as we can” and so Teana send the message to the base “what do you mean we will report as soon as we can?” Subaru understand that there was something behind Teana’s words “if what I’m guessing is right, he is going to stop soon”

And so, as they followed Isaac, Subaru saw some ruins ahead “ruins?” and Teana told Subaru to slow the speed, from the beginning they kept distance with Isaac, but now Teana was even more cautious, she even had Cross Mirage already on her hands, and as a response from their actions, Isaac stopped.

“I knew it, this was his target” Teana speak softly so only Subaru could hear “in the investigation we did on him with Fate-san, he visited this place several times along his life, so once Hayate told us to go north to follow him, I thought this would be the place, but this couldn’t be the base of his group, this place is often visited by archeologist, and due to the continuum jamming, the TSAB have soldiers all around the place, a large group would be to suspicious to not be seen”

“Why would they build a city in the middle of a jamming area?” Subaru’s question forced Teana to hit her “Don’t be stupid, in the time this RUINS were build the jamming probably wasn’t considered as such, perhaps they somehow felt it and thought it was the energy of their gods or something like that, who cares? Our mission is to…” but Teana couldn’t finish her sentence, she saw Isaac waving in their direction, they were supposed to be out of visual range, but Isaac’s hand movement seemed to indicate they were spotted, right now Teana tried to think the best curse of action, leaving the place was not an option, there were archeologist and soldiers of low rank in the ruins, so they will have to somehow secure they safety “Subaru get close to him really carefully, if anything goes wrong, I will be the bait and you make sure that the civilians and the low rank soldiers leave, this is the best we can do.”

“But I’m more used to close combat, shouldn’t we invert the roles?” Subaru tried to make her friend change her mind “I need your speed if something goes wrong, besides we don’t know what abilities he posses, if he end up being a long range magician you will be in disadvantage, I can manage better this kind of situation, come on let’s go” and with that the conversation ended, and they proceeded carefully until Isaac saw them.

“So there was someone following me hehehe” he smiled at seeing the magicians that were after him “and they even send the kids, those Aces must be really short-staffed” Teana took the opportunity to get down from Subaru’s back and analyze Isaac, he really seemed unwounded, fully armed with some kind of barrier jacket, so he was in contron of the Book, but it didn’t make sense, how can someone fight the three Aces of the TSAB, plus two Wolkenritter knights and still be unwounded? Also, he seemed to not notice their presence; then he just guessed someone would follow him?

“Well you must have heard something from Hayate or not, but we are in some kind of short peace for four days, and my part of the deal is not to hurt anyone, you see the problem is I chose this place as my battlefield, and I want everyone out of it, from this moment on and until the Aces came for the final battle, no one can enter this place, so I need you to tell them to leave this place” he said while pointing at the people below, that already noticed their presence and were watching what was happening.

“How can we trust what you are saying is true?” Subaru asked even knowing what would probably be the answer “you can’t, but the fact that the Aces let me go should be proof enough, you have been following me the enough time to know my speed isn’t the best, so the Aces could have followed me themselves, the fact that they didn’t and the fact that they send you after me should tell you that something else is going on”

“But---“ but before Subaru could answer him, Teana stopped her “enough Subaru, do what he said, go and warn the people down there this place is now under TSAB control, and they have to leave immediately, show them this identification that proof that we act under high commands orders and the soldiers will follow your orders with no questions” Teana give the identification to Subaru, that leaved the place, but kept her Wing Road activated so Subaru could use it if something happen.

Isaac just watched Subaru go and speak with the people, some complained about who knows what, and started to leave the place, meanwhile, Teana didn’t lost sight of Isaac and every movement he mad, keeping her fingers on the triggers, if he would show the minimum sight of attacking the people, she would stop him “you don’t have to be so tense you know, I said I’m not going to hurt anyone, and I will fulfill my part of the deal” he smiled at her, and that smile was starting to annoy her.

After a few minutes the people leaved the place, the soldiers make sure no one would stay and Subaru returned to where Teana was “everybody had leave the place” was Subaru’s report “I appreciate your efforts private Nakajima” Isaac said with a smirk “now I will have to ask you to also leave, the TSAB can make a magical perimeter around this ruins if they want, I will not leave this place, also I don’t want to see any magician bothering me or I will not be held responsible for their safety….oh and also…” he look at them again “give a message to the Aces for me, tell them to “enjoy the best you can this last four days” hehehe”

Subaru wanted to answer him something, but again was stopped by Teana, who told her they must leave. The last think they saw from Isaac was when he descended to the center of the ruins and just sited on the ground.

TSAB base

After picking up Vivio, Fate went in direction of where Nanoha and Signum were, Zafira accompany them while Fate tried to tell him what happened without giving to much detail so not to scare Vivio. Once in the room, she did the same with Nanoha but telepathically.

-I’m sorry for causing so much trouble Fate-chan…- Nanoha apologized for what happed, not only during the day, but also for what Hayate and Fate did for her and Signum –Don’t worry Nanoha, I’m the one that always causes trouble to you, so it was nice to change roles for a change- Fate answered smiling at her.

“Signum, Hayate said she wanted to talk to you later” Fate look at the knight who just look back at her and nodded, and she and Zafira were about to leave when she said to Fate “Is a good thing you are okay Testarossa” and so she leaved the place, leaving Fate, Nanoha and Vivio.

“Nanoha-mama, does it hurt?” said Vivio looking at the bandage in Nanoha’s legs, since she was now wearing the uniform of the TSAB, the short skirt revealed the bandage around the legs, just as it did with Fate, who was assaulted a little while ago with the same question “No Vivio, right now id doesn’t hurt” said Nanoha smiling at her daughter.

“I think you should go home with Vivio Nanoha, I have to stay for some communications from Teana and Subaru, and also I would like to check on our devices, once I finish with it I will report it to Hayate and then go home.” Fate told her giving her the keys of the car.

“You don’t know how much time it will take you?” Nanoha asked a little worried, Fate and herself weren’t as injured as Vita, but they needed to rest for what will come in four days “Subaru and Teana had to report every thirty minutes, I don’t think it will take too long, but I don’t want you two waiting 3 or 4 hours if that’s what it take them to be in place designed by Isaac”

Nanoha accepted and toke Vivio with her. An hour after they leaved Hayate returned to the base “hey Fate-chan, any news from Teana and Subaru?” was the first think she asked “not yet, the last comunication was about 45 minutes ago, Teana said about a jamming area and that they didn’t know if how long it will take them to regain communications, according to the last triangulation of their position, they should be close to Mid-Childa’s Ruins, that’s the only place with such strong jamming area, How’s Vita?”

“Stable, the doctor had to do a little surgery, but said she is going to be okay if she rest, Shamal stay with her to do some magical healing, but there is no way she is going to be available for the next battle, nor I have intentions to bring her. Why don’t you---“but before Hayate could finish her sentence and an incoming communication appeared on screen.

“This is Private Second Class Teana Lanster, reporting” Hayate rapidly answer the communication “Teana; this is Hayate, what happened?” Teana move to a side to show the ruins behind her “Hayate-san, Isaac has decided this place as a battlefield, according to his word, you have some kind of deal with him, we managed to take the civilians out, and we are now trying to establish a magical perimeter, but we need more people to cover the hole area, also he threaten us that if we come too close to him, he will began hostilities against us, we await your orders”

“Good job you two, what he said is true, I will send soldiers to establish the magical perimeter, don’t provoke him under any circumstances, once the perimeter is set, I want you and Subaru to be back here, you understand?” Hayate wanted to make sure no one provoke him, if he was going to keep his word; they will also do the same “Yes ma’am!”

The communication ended, and Hayate let a sigh, “so… the Mid-Childa ruins? What does he want there?” she couldn’t understand his way of thinking, but she would have to if they wanted to have a chance in four days “probably pick up the place for the jamming, that way we can’t see what he’s doing, and if we try to stay to close…” But before Fate could finish Hayate finished for her “he will began “Hostilities” huh?” Hayate wanted to rest, since the beginning of this case she had very little sleep, and now they had to plan some strategy to fight him but before that “you should go home Fate-chan, I have to speak with Signum, and probably will do the same after that”

“Okay Hayate, don’t be too harsh on Signum, I really think she had a good reason” And with that Fate leaved, she knew once she were at home she would have to report everything to Nanoha “a good reason huh?” Hayate remained thinking about what Fate said, but there was no point on thinking, now she needed answers.

And so day zero ended, four remained.

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I wonder why Isaac choose to go to those ruins. Now the Aces will have to hurry to find a way to beat him.

Looking froward to the next chapter.

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Ah.....cought up :3 I need a new update xD sooo...the final fight will come soon? Let's just hope our Aces win >:3

Update soon Virus-san~

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sorry for the long wait (work is killing me X_X) anyway hey here's an update! and not only one! not only two but TRHEE chapters! XD enjoy them! thanks for all the comments, the final battle is now at the turn of the door!

Chapter 19

Chapter 19


TSAB Maintenance department

Since yesterday’s incidents, request have been coming to the maintenance department, damaged devices, request for different equipment, and so on, leaving the place in a bureaucratic chaos, and at last hour yesterday, an order from high commands came to put priority to the Aces’ devices check.

“I really need some vacations” Shari sitting on her desk checking all the paperwork from the different requests, while sending orders to her now unknown subordinates due to the overwhelming work.

“Finieno-san” a window appear in front of her requesting her attention, was one of the unknown subordinates, when she tried to remember in which team he was “I’m part of the team that is checking the Aces devices, we have a little problem”

“A problem?” Shari asked, now that she knew to what team he belong, she wondered what kind of problem could they have with a simple check, she personally took a quick look at the devices yesterday, and except for Vita’s Graf Eisen, they were in good conditions, so there should be no problem with a standard calibration and such.

“Yes, please take a look at this” the soldier passed the information so she could saw it “we have been getting these errors since yesterday” Shari took a look at the information provided “this is really strange, it doesn’t have any sense” Shari looked at the information of the errors “is this the only report of errors you got?” she asked him “actually no ma’am, there is another one” and so the soldier passed the other information.

Shari studied the information received, frustrated “this doesn’t make sense either, is almost like…” and she understand something, she then studied further the information “the only way to this to make sense would be…” she inserted some data to her computer, and then…”this…this is ridiculous!” she then switched to the soldier “I want you to call the Aces, tell them that I need them in the maintenance room four, I will be there in a minute”

The soldier, confused, nodded at her and proceeded to follow the order.

30 minutes earlier

“Hayate-chan” Nanoha was on the roof of the TSAB, Hayate was there watching at the distance “Oh Nanoha-chan, you are earlier today, what is it?” Hayate smiled at her and asked “since Vita is in the hospital, I thought I should supervise again the forwards, and I also wanted to talk to you”

“Oh? And what would the great Ace of aces want from this simple Lieutenant Coronel?” they laughed at the commentary “I just wanted to apologize for the troubles I caused, even thought I don’t apologize for the decision I made, I know I caused you and Fate-chan a lot of troubles”

“So Fate-chan told you about our little chat with the General” she laughed “don’t worry too much about it, I understand your reasons, and it seems I need to understand Signum’s reasons as well” Nanoha stand next to her “you talked to Signum I assume?” she asked to Hayate “yeah, short of, and I was here thinking of everything, it almost looks like is my fault that things ended like this, maybe if I had managed things differently…” but Nanoha give a little hit on Hayate’s head “don’t say that, things just got complicated, it wasn’t something we could predict, we only acted as we thought was right, and besides if you have you blame someone, most of the responsibility fall upon me”

“Yeah, you are right, when this case ends, we have to go around the city and just forget about everything, we will drink like there is no tomorrow, and of course, our great Aces of aces, it will be all on you” they laughed “hahaha! But what about Vivio?” Nanoha followed what she thought was Hayate’s joke “don’t worry, Shamal and Zafira can take care of her, or maybe we can arrange a pajama party with her friends, you just leave everything to me, hahaha!”

After they laughed for a while, Nanoha talked again “it seems like if it was a long time ago the last time we laughed like this” Hayate only nodded at her “a lot had happened recently” and then something came to Nanoha’s mind “you know, I was really surprised when the STAB just stay back that easily, I thought things were going to be more complicated” but Hayate only laughed “even more? But is not like that, the fact is the just wanted the responsibility off them” and Nanoha look at Hayate in wonder “first of all, it was their fault to give Isaac such a freedom before the incident, and they knew it but is easier to say –the aces own us a favor- than to say –we screw up- so is not that surprising”

They were going to keep chatting but then someone came to the roof “Lieutenant Coronel Yagami, Captain Takamachi” the soldier approached “Finieno-san request your presence in the maintenance room four immediately, we have already contacted Enforcer Harlaown, she said she will be here soon” they look in wonder at the soldier “she probably finished the maintenance on our devices, we better take them out of there, I heard the Maintenance Department is a chaos right now, so if we don’t take them, they will probably lost them hahaha!” they both laughed and leaved the roof.

After they arrived to the specified room, Shari insisted in waiting for Fate, so she could inform them about the current situation. After some minutes, she arrived.

“Okay Shari we are all here, what is it?” Hayate understood that this was no longer the deliver of the devices; otherwise she could have only delivered Bardiche to Nanoha. Shari set a few things on her computer and then turned to them “during the checking of your devices, we came across with some errors” that immediately caught the attention of the three Aces as well as their concern “let me explain this simpler, in fact…”


“Are you serious?!” the first one surprised was Hayate, she couldn’t believe what she just heard “completely Hayate-san, there is no other explanation for this errors” Nanoha and Fate were also surprised, Nanoha looked at Fate and she looked back at her, after a while Nanoha talked “what are the chances of success?” Hayate and Shari both looked at Nanoha “I would say 65%” started Shari “in theory is possible, but there are a lot of unknown factors, there are also the consequences about it, you have to understand that we don’t know how it will react, there is also the possibility of rejection, personally I wouldn’t recommend it”

“But it could be a great advantage if it works, he wouldn’t be expecting it, upon now Isaac had predicted every single one of our actions, with this maybe…” Fate words have some truth “maybe Fate-san, but you have to understand that this will bring consequences, and we are talking here about theory, the reality could be very different” Hayate, Nanoha and Fate look at each other, then all the eyes were on Hayate “if you start working on it, how soon can you have it done?” Shari looked at Hayate and then started to think “as we are right now, it would take five days” but Hayate denied with her head “we need it in three Shari, I will make a formal request to the high commands, for the time being, I want you to focus on this, add as many people as you need, but we need it in three days”

“Are you sure you want this done?” Shari once again asked the Aces, and they only nodded “ok, I will start setting the team, to finish it in three days we will have to work 24 hours on it, I will call you went it’s done” the Aces nodded at her and leaved the room.

“I still can’t believe it” Fate was the first one that expressed her thoughts “let’s not focus too much on it, tomorrow we will have a strategy meeting about how to proceed against Isaac, we can’t just sit and wait for Shari’s work, and besides even if she finish it we probably won’t have time to test it, so we need to focus right now on what can we do” Hayate stopped and talked again “Nanoha, the forwards will have to wait, right now we can’t afford any waste of recovery time or magic, I have a lot of paperwork to do so I will have to leave, the strategy meeting will be tomorrow at first hour, so be ready, specially you Fate-chan” Fate look at Hayate in wonder, then the Lieutenant Coronel show a mischievous smile “I will drag you out of bed if I had too, by any means” and Fate blushed at the tone of her words and the laugh of Nanoha.

Hayate waved at her friends and was going to return to her office, when she remembered something “oh, right” and then returned to the maintenance room.

Nanoha and Fate pick up Vivo, who was with Shamal since school was canceled until things calm down, and returned home in the family car –what do you thing about it Fate-chan?- Nanoha communicated with her –about what Shari told us? I am a little worried about the consequences she constantly remarked, but it would be our best shot, I feel we haven’t seeing the Book of Origins full power- Fate answered concerned –so you noticed too? During the last battle…no let’s leave it to tomorrow’s meeting; I’m sure Hayate will want to talk about it-

Meanwhile Vivio just looked exited that she had so much free time, and constantly asked about what to do or where to go, she understood that something was going on, and the best way to help her mamas was just acting as always, because they will not allow her to help them any other way, there was still not the time.

Meanwhile alone in a ruined city, the Book of Origins started to prepare for the upcoming battle.

Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Words from who I used to be

The second day was going to start, Hayate was preparing herself for the strategy meeting for today, when Rein called for her “Mistress Hayate” Hayate look at her, estranged by the tone that her device was using “what is it Rein?” the device thought about what she wanted to ask, then put determination on her eyes “Mistress Hayate, I have a request” and the avatar politely bow in front of her master.

The day advanced like always, Nanoha and Fate hired someone to take care of Vivio while they were at the TSAB, they couldn’t bring her always, and besides, it wasn’t such a good idea to bring a kid constantly to a military base.

Soon the spotted Hayate and Rein “Hayate we are hare for the- “but Hayate interrupted Fate by putting both hands on her face and pleading “I’m sorry Fate-chan, Nanoha-chan, I need to go now, we will talk about it later okay?” Hayate apologized to her friends and keep her way “Hayate wait! What about the meeting?” Nanoha called for her before she left “we will have to pass it for tomorrow, I don’t know how much I will be out so don’t wait for me awake!” and leaving her friends with a joke and wondering what happened, Hayate left.

Soon she found herself in the hangar, a ship was about to leave to deliver provisions to those in the magical perimeter of the ruins “I made a request to board this ship” the pilot of the ship checked the information “you are clear to go ma’am” and she get inside the ship “flight time until the objective will be two hours” and they set course “Rein, are you sure you want to do this?” and the avatar only nodded at her words.

Hayate managed to get an authorization from the TSAB to go to the ruins proclaiming that she would supervise the situation, as well as check the current state of the land that would become the battlefield, since she was still on charge of everything related with the Book of Origins, the authorization came in no time, almost every request that had Book of Origins on it were authorized in no time.

After two hours, they arrived at their destination, camps where established all around the former city, so the ships come and go bringing either provisions, or change of soldiers, since Hayate requested to supervise the situation, she would have to check on every single camp around the ruins “Rein I still think that I should go with you” but the little avatar denied with her head “the Book of Origins said four days, and also that he would eliminate any humans that tried to come close, don’t worry, I think I know what I’m doing”

“Ok, I’m still not very convinced, but since you requested this, I have no further objections, when you finish, return here, I will do the same once I finish checking everything, please be careful” and with that they parted ways.

Rein entered the ruins, she somehow knew where to go, she was driven by this unknown yet familiar feeling, like the first time she saw Isaac, which become stronger when he joined with his other half, a feeling of familiar magic like he said, of somehow sensing his presence, and driven by that feeling, she found him.

He was sitting on the floor, with his eyes closed, almost like if he was sleeping, the place was different from the one mentioned by Teana in her report, on it, she mentioned a square in the middle of city, which was the place where Isaac descended, yet the place where he was now was different, only ruined buildings were around the place, and he was sitting in what appeared to be a broken down house.

She was about to say something but he was faster “I thought I said four days to the Aces” with that he opened his eyes, but didn’t look at Rein “what are you doing here?” That question was the same that Rein repeat to her ever since she entered the ruins “…” yet she still didn’t have an answer, or perhaps she came looking for the answer.

“if you don’t have anything to say, I suggest you to leave” he completely ignored her, he was just sitting there, doing nothing, and Rein couldn’t understand the words that came out from her mouth “…is not too late” she wondered what was that sensation, why did she say that, or why did it continue “…you can still rectify your path, you just have to apologize and start all over” he looked at her, a smirk appeared in his face “what is that supposed to mean?” he’s eyes where now focused on the little avatar “what you’re doing is wrong, we as magic tomes should serve the humans, that’s the purpose of our creation, you are going against everything you are, everything you were supposed to be, what do you expect to gain from all of this?”

“Gain?” he repeated the word like tasting it, and smiled at it like if it was really fun “what do you think I am? Human?” and he laughed “I don’t expect to win anything, I’m just doing what I think is the right thing to do” and a smirk appeared again on his face “ironically, if you come to think of it, I’m just doing the same thing Signum did” and again he laughed at his words “what?” Rein couldn’t avoid certain nuisance in her voice, wondering how he could compare to Signum.

“I have been watching the Aces almost from the beginning, during all the incidents, and over the years, so it wouldn’t be so surprising for me to understand the way they think, and that includes the knights. Signum could be many things, but she is not a betrayer, so is pretty obvious her way of thinking, even thought I don’t have the details, I can assume she betrayed Hayate in order to protect her, Signum, just like in the past, is the very definition of a knight” but Rein couldn’t believe the comparison “Signum chose to betray Mistress Hayate to protect her like you said, but you have no idea how much suffering she accepted with that decision! You can’t compare to the sacrifice she was willing to make!” he just smiled at her words “why not? Just like her, I will eradicate humans, because I want to save them”

“Save them? From what?” Rein was starting to get annoyed by his words “from themselves of course, can you really tell me that you don’t understand it? You who has been right next to them all this time?” his smile disappeared and a serious tone came from him “as members of the TSAB, and especially as the device of one of the Aces, how many worlds have you seeing with humans living on them? And how many of them have, or had or where going to have wars? How many times did you intervene as a TSAB member? Humans will never understand, because they can’t, they are shackle to something they can’t see or understand, but I do, and it is my responsibility as a magic book to free them from those chains”

“if that were true, why didn’t you finished this two days ago?” Rein was pissed at this point, she didn’t know why but something about his words pissed her off “ because I want them to understand, and the only way for them to do so, is trough despair” he calmly said “Despair?” Rein couldn’t understand his way of thinking “Hope, only leads to illusions of a reality that may not exist, but in despair, only the truth remains, no matter how painful the answer is, in despair, is only the truth. Can’t understand it? hehe, of course you can’t, tell me how long have you existed? Ten years? You let the humans corrupt you and then just restarted yourself, how can you understand the magnitude of existence? But I’m different, I have existed over a millennia, I have watched them destroy themselves over and over again, can you understand what is like to know that those you serve can only achieve destruction? Or that they exist in different worlds only to repeat the same mistakes? You have not the knowledge or the right to judge me, Tome of the Night Sky”

His eyes were harsh; he believed in every single word he said, Rein understood that nothing she could say to him would make him change his mind, but even so words not of her own came from her mouth “you changed Book of Origins” was it the words or the tone she used, but Isaac was surprised, a surprise that soon vanished into a smirk “have I? I was created as a defender and act as an assassin, I didn’t change, I just understood my role, the only way to bring –everlasting peace- is through death” Rein couldn’t believe his words “you’re wrong, humans can understand their mistakes with time, my master and her friends do it, is just-“but he stopped her “how long the Aces can live? 70 or 80 more years? Then what? Time waits for no one, and human’s time has come to an end.”

“I have to ask you one more thing” Rein decided to end this conversation “Why am I here?” first he was surprised, then just decided to laugh “hahaha! You ask me that question?” but Rein just look down on him with seriousness “you know what I am asking, why have I tried to convince you? You said that during the defenders age you worked with my back then master, and you even shown some knowledge about the knights…were we friends back then?” the last question was asked with doubts, but Isaac only looked at her and closed his eyes smiling “leave this place at once Tome of the Night Sky, there is nothing else for we to discuss, even if you search the past, you will find nothing there” he said, and then smirked “one more thing, tell your master that she will see my real limits in the next battle, so to be prepared, and that I have never been wounded in battle, just a little hint for the Aces” and then his smile disappeared, returning to the exactly position he was when Rein arrived.

She knew no matter what she asked, he would no longer answer questions, so she leaved. She still didn’t understand what kind of relationship they had in the past, probably friends she thought, but what kind of friends? Like her master with the other Aces? And how did he felt during the last battle when he was sealed, or how did she felt during that battle. She leaved the ruins clouded with questions without answer.

Once she returned to the camp, she couldn’t find her mistress, so she decided to look for her, in the way she saw humans come and go, some replacing their companions, others bringing food to those that haven’t eat, and in the middle of everything, her mistress, delivering orders or organize better the groups, trying to protect everyone, yet concern could be seen in her face, probably thinking about her, about her safety and she remembered the past with her mistress, all the decision she made for a better future, and all the decision she will make along with her friends “how can you not see them like I do?” with a final look to the ruins she flied to her master, that was her place, the long past had no meaning right now, the only thing that matter was just staying next to her master, no matter what happen in two more days.

chapter 21

Chapter 21


After Hayate left, since Nanoha and Fate had nothing to do in the TSAB, they returned home, they decided to prepare some things for the meeting. When Hayate finally returned to the base, it was pretty late, so it was meaningless to arrange the meeting, so she decided to check on Shari first and then just go to the hospital to check on Vita.

And so the third day began

Just like the day before, Nanoha and Fate arrived searching for Hayate, and they found her next to Signum and Rein, so they had the meeting in a conference room of the facility.

“First of all I want to apologize, I know we had this meeting arranged for yesterday, but something came up and so I apologize” Nanoha was the first one to respond to Hayate’s apologize “we don’t mind, but what exactly happened yesterday?” looking at Nanoha, Hayate responded “Rein requested me to allow her to speak alone with the Book of Origins” Everyone were surprised at this “and you let her? Speak alone with someone with the capacity to kill without effort?” a surprised Fate barely asked “it was a risk, yes, but Rein was determinate, so allow her to do so, in exchange we got a little more information about the Book for this meeting and Rein returned totally unharmed”

The Three Aces, Signum and Rein were part of this strategy meeting, Subaru and Teana requested to help and assist the magical perimeter of the ruins since the Aces denied their former request to participate in the next battle “if there are no more questions we will start at once this strategy meeting” since no one objected, she proceed “as we all know, the next battle will take place tomorrow as the enemy requested, Shari and her department have been working hard, but we can’t simply depend on their success, that’s why we need some plan against our enemy, for that reason, first we must evaluate what we know about him, Nanoha-chan”

Leaving the word to Nanoha, she started “based on what we saw in our first encounter with the Book of Origins, it’s magic is mostly based on the defense type, but it also have several magic attacks” with that Nanoha opened a screen that showed some designs of Isaac’s attack patron “first of all, the enemy declared that his magic belonged to a lost magic style and also that was a variation of it; this was the first style used during the battle, the short spear, an magic based attack that store magic in the form of a spear and attack the enemy, the speed is over average, but the damage rate is high since is not affected by neither the Mid-childa’s or Belka’s defense system, besides that, it had an explosive property activated by the user” then she change the image for another “Second, a multi attack based on the first one, but dividing it’s power in several energy spheres, like my Sacred Cluster or Fate-chan’s Plasma Lancer, yet the power on them is lower due to the divide of power, yet are still unaffected by defense systems” once again the image change “this was the enemy strongest attack during last battle, again a variation of the first attack, the energy stored on it is way larger, but it appears that the user most concentrate on it more time that with the others, we also don’t know if it can be mass produced like the others or require more time to attack again, we also don’t know if the attack used during last battle was the limit of this form, or if it can gain more power”

“Fate-chan, tell me what we know about his defensive abilities” Hayate asked Fate to continue “like Nanoha said, we don’t know for sure neither the true limits or how the they operate, but the enemy delivered information about the use of his magical defenses” again like Nanoha, Fate opened a screen with a patron of the style of defense, plus the magic symbol “our enemy mentioned several types of defenses… the first one uhm…the Hayate System…” doubting a little she looked at Hayate who seemed a little pissed at the name, sighing she continued “apparently this is the weakest of his defensive systems, it appears to have the ability to protect the user, even though this one is not conscious of the attack, the level type seemed to be an S class according to TSAB standard” then the image changed “this is the second defense system used by the enemy, called Fate System and apparently it’s defensive power is superior to the first one” before she could continue Hayate interrupted her “if my magician level is superior to yours, then why the enemy decided to place my name on the weakest of his defense?” a question out of place, yet made by the Mistress of the Night Sky “perhaps the enemy understand that even though you are superior in magic, you lack in skill, can you let Fate-chan finish?” the Ace of Aces delivered a hard blow to the Mistress of the Night Sky “I know I know, just wanted to light the mood, geez” then Hayate made a gesture for Fate to continue.

“Anyway, this second defense system doesn’t seemed to be as multi protective as the first one, although it was only used against three attacks, also it’s shape is different from the first one” with that Fate presentation ended, but not her words “even though those were the only defense systems showed by the enemy, Nanoha and I though that he used those names no only as a mockery, but also to give us hints” the first one to speak was Signum “what makes you think that Testarossa? Certainly the enemy clearly established a patron, but how can you be sure is not just to deceive us?” Fate attention shifted to Signum “the enemy had an overwhelming confidence during the battle, so Nanoha and I though that that confidence isn’t unfounded, and so we believe that the enemy posses at least a third defense system” then all eyes switched to Nanoha “A Nanoha System huh?” Hayate muttered the words “if such system really exist, we should really take it under consideration, the Fate system was already powerful enough to block Signum’s strongest attack in unison, and Vita’s Graf Eisen, we believe our best course of action will be make an strategy based on the worst case scenario” with those words Fate ended.

“During yesterday’s conversation between Rein and the Book of Origins, he proclaimed that –he never was wounded in battle- and that we –haven’t seeing his limits-“ Hayate started “the second could leave us to the existence of this Nanoha System, but what concerns me the most is the first part, if he was never wounded in battle, that means he was sealed without being hit once, which would mean his defense systems were undefeated on his time; the second option would be that he has being deceiving us from the beginning, and is trying to force an strategy from us for the next battle, but what worries me is that shield on his left hand” Hayate continued “during the book of darkness incident, when I was possessed by the former Reinforce, even as the representation of the Tome she was, she still used the book to cast magic, if that shield is the device form of the book, in that case…” but Nanoha finalized for her “the shield should have some kind of ability, which would give strength to the theory of the Nanoha System”

“In the last two days, we have been investigating about the past” Signum interrupted “but neither the symbol or the shapes of his defenses appear in any book in the Infinity Library for now, as well as any information about the Syndar Style, or the strange language he used during the battle to activate his abilities” then Hayate regained word “this could in some point gave credit to Isaac’s story, since they feared enough that magic to eradicated it from history, if we could have some other source of information it could help us to analyze this better, but neither the knights or Rein herself have memories from those times.”

“The Infinity Library said they would send information as soon as they could, but in the worst case, we will have to leave with what we have, so will we proceed based upon the worst case scenario?” Signum question forced a resolution, they would have to stick with one plan “it seems so, anyway you never know how a battle will turn out, so for now, we will set a strategy based on the fact of a Nanoha System” Hayate declared and everyone nodded at her words.

They were in that meeting for hours, debating the strengths and weakness of every plan that was formed, every consequences of an counterattack, and so on, until they established a plan “ok, then the strategy will be the next: Signum in unison and Fate in sonic drive will be our close range attack force while me and Nanoha in Blaster one will attack from distance, the idea is forcing Isaac to use his defensive systems in order to force magic out of him, and also to force him to use his attacks, the location was chosen by him, so we will be aware of this fact. Once the we got the battle under control, Nanoha-chan in Blaster two, Fate-chan and myself will use a triple full force attack on a single point, forcing him to use his third system if he had one, if he don’t, we must assure a direct hit, given the magnitude of the attacks, it should leave him weak enough to arrest him, we could try to use some short of AMF to restrain his powers, for that I will talk with Shari. During the time of charge of the triple attack, we will need Signum to cover us, since we will be totally defenseless against his attacks”

“Remember, this plan will be followed as long as the battle allow us to proceed, as well as it could be changed in any minute if the circumstances require it, any objections?” no one said anything, this was the best course of action given the information they got “very well, you can all dismiss, I will talk with Shari about this, as well as the current situation of her team”

With that everyone leaved the room, Hayate and Signum parted in direction of Shari’s department, while Nanoha and Fate decided to return home, from now there was nothing else they could do.

“What do you think about the plan?” Nanoha asked Fate while they drive back home in Fate’s car “well I think is pretty solid, Isaac show signs of not being able to create many magic attacks except for the divided attack, but that cost him attack power, if we can create and ideal situation to use a triple like in the book of darkness incident, we should be able to break trough any defense” yet Nanoha didn’t seemed convinced “but that ideal situation won’t be easily to create, besides, I’m still worried about his confidence” Fate would have look at her if she wasn’t driving, but she could sense Nanoha’s concern on her voice “you said that yesterday, you shouldn’t think too much about it, no matter what happen, we can still change the plan if things turn out different, besides we still have what Shari has been preparing” Nanoha nodded at Fate’s words, there was no reason to worry to much about it, at least not until the final battle come.

Meanwhile in the ruins, Isaac smiled at the wind that passed through the ruins “can you feel it Aces? The winds of change are blowing… the change is near”

And so with everyone preparing for the last battle, the third day ended.

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