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[FanFic] Element

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Chapter 0 - Prologue

Our story begins in the city of Uminari, in the Takamachi household. A young boy wakes up from his sleep.
His name was Takamachi Shou, the second youngest of the Takamachi siblings. And now, our story begins…

Shou walks down the stairs into the dining room, seeing that everyone else had already woken up..
Shou greeted all the other family members as he does every morning, “Morning everyone!”.
“Morning Shou!”, the other family members replied.
As soon as the food was ready, the whole family gathered on the dining table and started eating their breakfast.
“Ittadakimasu!!”, the family started feasting on the food prepared while talking about what they will expect from the new school year.

After breakfast, Shou prepared himself to go to school, he usually goes to school by foot, while his sister Nanoha takes the bus.
“Well, I’m off!”, said Shou as he walked outside to the streets.
“Take care and be careful!”, his mother replied.

Shou’s Narration:
“Hey there, names Takamachi Shou, I live in the city of Uminari with my parents and my siblings Nanoha, Kyoya and Miyuki. I’ve been living in this city my whole life. It’s a very fun place to live in; the city is quite big as Tokyo with all the tall buildings surrounding it, and it’s as calm as Osaka. Today’s the first day of the new school year; I’m finally a fifth grader!”

Halfway the road to school, Shou is greeted by one of his closest friends. His name was Frederic Bannings, his best friend since the first day of school.

“ Shou!”, as Fred ran towards him.
“ Hey Fred! I hope you didn’t wait too long.”, Shou replied.
Fred told Shou that he has just arrived here, and the two started chatting about the final week-end they spend before the new school year.

“This is my friend Frederic Bannings, but I usually call him Fred, he is the brother of one of Nanoha’s friends. He’s a very fun guy to talk to, but he can be quite hyperactive at times and has a wild and reckless attitude whenever we have sport class. Still, his good points overlay his bad points.”

After a few minutes of talking,
“So… Shall we go?”, Fred asked Shou.
“Oh..Yeah! We don’t want to be late for the first day of school now do we?”, Shou replied while checking his watch.
Shou and Fred make their way to school, and as Fred suggested, they both ran as fast as they could to determine who could reach the school gate first.

As the day passed, school has already ended, Shou and Fred make their way home.
They both discussed about their new class and the fact that they are stuck with their old classmates from the fourth grade. The fact of having PE class tomorrow morning scares Shou, due to Fred’s wild nature when it comes to sports. As Fred was commenting on his own actions in last year’s PE classes…

“Ugh!!”, suddenly Shou stops and holds his forehead really tight. As he opened his eyes, Shou sees in his mind an image of a Phoenix soaring into the sky while its flames burn the surroundings turning it into a fiery hell. The next thing he knew, he was standing in front of the Mythical Creature looking into its crimson red eyes.
The Phoenix speaks: “Your time has come…”
After those words, the image inside Shou’s head began to vanish, and suddenly, has returned to reality.

“Shou? Are you alright?”, Fred asked while looking at Shou’s face.
“ Ye.. Yeah, I’m fine.. I just had a sudden headache that’s all..”, Shou replied with a very forced tone.
Fred looked worried, as he looked at Shou’s expression after his sudden headache.

As they continue their way home, Shou’s head was full with questions. As he did not understand what the Phoenix tried to tell him.
“ I wonder what that Phoenix tried to tell me.. Your time has come…? My time for what…?”
While having that though in his mind, Shou and Fred split paths and continued walking straight to their own homes.

“I hope you’ll be alright Shou…”, Fred speaks to himself while still worrying about Shou’s well being.

Shou’s thoughts were still full of questions, the next thing he knew, it was already 7.00 PM. After dinner, Shou quickly went into his room and lied down on his bed.
“My time has come… Did I do anything wrong…? Umm…….. Agh.. I can’t think!! *scratches his head* Oh well, might as well take a good night rest from all of this..”, as he finally stopped his worrisome thoughts and closed his eyes.

As Shou closed his eyes, the vision of the Phoenix and the fiery realm returned as Shou was suddenly sees himself standing in front of the Phoenix again.

“Wha.. What do you want?”, Shou asked the Phoenix with a nervous tone.
“ I have been expecting you.”, the Phoenix replied with a voice that echoes through the whole realm.
The Phoenix explained to Shou that his time in this reality will come to an end. As well as revealing that he is actually an Elemental, he who controls elements. Shou in disbelief, replied to the Phoenix,
“An elemental? You gotta be kidding me, I’m just a regular Elementary school student!!”
“Then you don’t know who you really are do you?”, the Phoenix replied.

Shou was standing there speechless, now questioning his own existence in this world. The Phoenix then explained more to Shou about the situation..

“ You are the child of destiny, the one who will inherit my Elemental powers, you shall control the flames of reality, but you will also be granted the powers to control the other elements, in exchange of your life power.”

“Wait!!”, Shou suddenly interrupt the speech.
“How can I be the one? I have no talent and what is this about life power, elements, and the other stuff you talked about!!”, Shou added while shouting with a surprised look.

The Phoenix suddenly summoned a small yellow rodent.
“This creature will be your guide, I don’t have much time left, but he will answer all your questions”, the Phoenix explained.

Shou while looking surprised and confused asked the Phoenix about the purpose of having these powers.
The Phoenix replied, ”There is one purpose, and I will explain it to you afterwards, but you’ll also have to find another answer yourself, the powers I will bestow you will become very useful in the future, mark my words.”

Shou’s confusion became bigger and bigger, as he now faces a huge change in his life as well as finding the meaning and purpose of having these powers. The Phoenix suddenly told Shou about the dark reality, the mythical beast explained about a reality which defies the laws of life and create havoc in other realities, which will become one of Shou’s tasks to protect this reality from their doings.
“I believe in you, Takamachi Shou, your heart is pure, and I cannot sense any Evil from you. Your holy soul reflects yourself very well, now I can peacefully vanish and pass on my powers to you..”

As Shou though about his friends and family being in danger one day, Shou replied with a confident expression.
“I shall accept these powers”
Hearing those words the Phoenix bestowed Shou the powers to control elements, his only warning..
“Shou, only use the fire element, that is the only element that you can fully control with your Mana, the other elements are sealed and it will be dangerous if you used them without thinking rationally. May Zeinx teach you well. Farewell Shou…”

After that Shou finally woke up the next day and said to himself with a serious tone.
“ I will do my best to protect my loved one…”

End of Chapter 0


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Chapter 1 : The Crimson Flame

Shou woke up at 3 o'clock in the morning and stared at his hand, he was surprised that the mark of the Phoenix God was imprinted in his right hand.
"So.. It wasn't just a dream..", Shou mumbled to himself.

Out of nowhere, the small yellow mouse, Zeinx was sitting on top of Shou's head.
Shou got surprised and tilted his head forward, causing Zeinx to fall down onto the bed. Shou remembered that the Phoenix God told him that the mouse will explain everything to Shou.
(How will a mouse explain to me about all this..?), Shou though to himself.

"Sorry for the disturbance, Shou-sama", said the mouse.
Shou's eyes became wide open,"Y..You can talk?", he said.
"Of course, I am your guide and your guardian after all, oh Great Elemental God.", said Zeinx, he then jumped off the bed and stood on the floor.
Shou turned his head towards Zeinx and sat down on the ground, "Now.. Can you please tell me again whats going on here...", he asked.

"Certainly Shou-sama.", Zeinx replied.
"Now please hear me out, the Phoenix God has finally fulfilled his purpose in life and watched over MUGEN for decades. It was his time to rest and join the other fellow Gods high in the Heavens, that is why he passed down his powers to you Shou-sama.", Zeinx added.
"Wa.. Wait! Mu..MUGEN? Whats that?", Shou asked with a curious look.
Zeinx answered, "MUGEN is the boundless realities that are present in this vast space, from the countless universes, dimensions or realms; they are all part of MUGEN. Some people might say that MUGEN is a place where an individual exists but something non-existent might also be part of MUGEN as we speak. MUGEN expands every millisecond, we don't actually know when it will cease expanding, because only the Creators have the answers to those secrets. And trust me, even the Heavens nor Hades himself know about the secrets of MUGEN or have ever seen the faces of the Creators."

Shou became confused and is still curious why he is the one who has to inherit these powers. Zeinx's only answer was, "It was your Fate.".
Shou began thinking thoroughly about himself and why has his fate bound him to such a strange and beyond normal task.
"Now let me get this straight, so now.. My job is to watch over MUGEN?", Shou asked with one raised eyebrow.

"Do not worry, you are not the only one that will watch over MUGEN. That is why there is the MUGEN Bureau.", Zeinx answered with a smile.
"So.. The Phoenix God worked for the MUGEN Bureau?", Shou asked.
"Nope!", Zeinx answered right away.

Shou with a dull face, "Wha...? Then why do you know about it..."
"The Phoenix God was like a guardian watching over the Bureau, without getting noticed. He has monitored the disruptions in MUGEN and helped the Bureau members when they are in need of help. But I think Shou-sama should join the Bureau to get more details about the missions and tasks you have to do.", Zeinx replied.

Shou became silent and started to think...
(Umm.. This is one dangerous task.. Can I even do it.. I'm still a 5th Grader and I already get these super natural out of this world kind of things...)
As Shou looked towards Zeinx, he said, "What is this Bureau like?".
Zeinx answered that the Bureau is a place where people gather and keep the balance in MUGEN. From other Elementals, Mages, Wizards, Knights, Alchemists, etc.
"So.. There are more elementals than myself?", Shou spontaneously asked.
"Actually yes, but only you have the superior powers of an Elemental God within you, you can also control more than one Element if you wish, but it will cost you more mana and releasing a seal might overflow your mana flow and disrupt your concentration. Controlling one Element is already hard enough, trying to learn 2 or 3, and even controlling them might be very dangerous as the elements might go berserk.", Zeinx replied.

Shou asked what does Zeinx mean by "going berserk".
Zeinx replied that by berserk he means that the element will attack anything and maybe manifest the user, such as the Darkness element.
"You must have a very strong mentality to use them Shou-sama, but I can sense that the Flame Element will be the one which you can cope very well with. Because you're favorite Element is fire when the Phoenix God examined your soul.", Zeinx added.

"Soo... How do I use it...", Shou stared at his hand, and he sees the mark to be gone from his right hand.
Zeinx explained that the mark will appear and disappear whenever he uses his Elemental powers.
Zeinx began explaining to Shou how to use the powers of fire, since that is the only Element that was unsealed. He told Shou to imagine something and to concentrate on changing air molecules into Flame Particles.

The First try was a total failure as Shou only produced a small flame, as small as a flame from a lighter.
One hour passed and he finally created a flame as big as his hand and could materialize it into a butterfly or a bird. Shou was too happy and lost control of some flame particles as they began to jump around furiously.
Shou was afraid that they might burn down the room or the house itself, Zeinx said to Shou to try and control them again and thinking about flames that are not hot nor can burn. Shou was confused if he could do that.
With a lot of effort, Shou stopped the flames that went berserk and made them to be cool rather than hot.
With a surprised look Shou said, "I.. I can do that!??"
"Yes, thats is why the "manipulate" part of an element is really manipulating it.", Zeinx answered.
Shou with a confident look said, " Wow.. I think I'm getting the hang of this.", as he smiled while summoning a small flame on his palm.

End of Chapter 1

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Chapter 02 - First Blaze

As the sun rises, it was already morning in the Takamachi household, Shou opened his eyes after practicing using his elemental powers last night. As he stood up, he began stretching his body like what he does every day; he made up his bed and checked the clock.

“Hmm... 7.30 AM...”, he said with a smile, school starts at 8.45 AM, meaning that Shou has one hour to get ready and eat breakfast.

The first thing Shou did was summoning a small flame, “So it was real.”, he said in his thoughts.

Shou extinguished the small flame and started looking for Zeinx. He looked around and finally found Zeinx sleeping under his study desk.

“Zeinx, rise and shine!”,
he said while gently poking Zeinx.

Zeinx gently opened his eyes and instantly stood up straight greeting Shou, “Good morning, Shou-sama. My humble apologies for making Shou-sama wake me up.”. Shou told Zeinx that it’s alright.

Shou prepared himself to go to school afterwards, brushing his teeth, showering and changing into his school uniform; Shou and Zeinx both went downstairs afterwards to begin eating breakfast in the dining room. After arriving in the dining room, he sat down with the other family members on the dining table. Shou hid Zeinx in his schoolbag so his parents won’t notice him. He was surprised when he saw his younger sister Nanoha walking down the stairs with a ferret on her shoulder. Shou asked his older brother Kyoya about it.

“Oh, you mean you didn’t know. She brought him back yesterday when you were in your room”, he answered.

Shou was surprised how he didn’t know about it. He then asked Nanoha about the name of the ferret, “His name is Yuuno.” Nanoha answered with a smile.

Shou then asked his parents if he can have a pet as well. His father told Shou, if he could take care of it by himself and also take responsibility on its actions, then it’s ok. After hearing that, Shou grabbed his school bag and put his right hand inside, when Shou raised his hand he pulled out a yellow mouse.

Everyone on the table was surprised to see something like that for the first time, “A yellow mouse? Now that is something rare in this world..”, his father said while looking at the yellow mouse.

“His name is Zeinx.”, while Shou put Zeinx on his shoulder.

“Zeinx? That’s quite a strange name for a pet.”, said his brother Kyoya.

“I know, but I think he likes that name.”, Shou replied.

His sister Miyuki asked Shou if he may hold Zeinx, Shou gladly put Zeinx on Miyuki’s shoulder. “Waah, Kawaii!”, said Miyuki.

Nanoha came to Shou and asked if Zeinx wants to be Yuuno’s play mate sometimes, “I think they will be the perfect play pals together!”, Shou answered while laughing.

Nanoha then introduced Shou to Yuuno, a light brown colored ferret with a white snout. Nanoha put Yuuno on Shou’s palm and Yuuno immediately climbed on his shoulder. Miyuki put Zeinx on Nanoha’s palm; Zeinx climbed on top of Nanoha shoulder and gave Yuuno a greeting. Shou’s father interrupted asking Shou how long was Zeinx hidden from the rest of the family. Shou answered that it was only yesterday night when he found Zeinx unconscious on the street. Shou felt a little guilty to lie to his parents about Zeinx, but he had to keep everything that happened yesterday a secret or bigger problems would occur. The family continued their breakfast after wards.

After breakfast, Shou and Nanoha went to school; Nanoha took the bus as usual, while Shou went by foot. He met up with his best friend Fred on the usual spot and they both continued their way to school.

Shou introduced Fred to Zeinx on the way, “Woah!! A yellow mouse!!”, Fred shouted in surprise.

Shou explained to Fred how he found Zeinx, and Fred still couldn’t believe a yellow mouse existed in this world.

The day passed and school was over, Shou walked home alone because Fred has soccer practice. Shou was never into sports a lot but he has the potential in almost every sport, which is why a lot of sport clubs tried to recruit him to their clubs, but unfortunately they all got rejected by Shou.

While walking home Zeinx suddenly stood up, “Shou-sama, I sense a disturbance in the dimensional plane nearby!”.

Shou hearing that started asking Zeinx what to do. Zeinx answered that Shou must come to the location of the disturbance and see what was going on, because it his job to keep this world at balance. Shou rushed to the place where Zeinx sensed the disturbance, Shou arrived at a riverbank at started looking around.

“Shou-sama, do you sense it?”, Zeinx asked, “No… I don’t sense a thing…”, Shou replied.

Zeinx figured that Shou’s senses have not awakened yet, which is a good thing that Zeinx can become his eyes and ears on disturbances on the plane before it awakens.

“There Shou-sama!”, while Zeinx pointed at a tree which was located near the river.

Shou immediately turned his head towards the tree, only to find a black portal opening in the space near the tree. Shou was shocked seeing what came out of the portal, three creatures which were covered in dark energy, with three sharp claws on each of their hands and feet. A face painted pitch black with only their blood red eyes being visible. Shou asked Zeinx what they actually were, Zeinx jumped off Shou’s shoulder, stood up on the ground and answered:

“They are called Dark Beings, the creatures of the Negative Dimension, a Dark Realm where only Dark Beings live and breed. They are the main cause of the disruptions in MUGEN, and I certainly feel that they will cause havoc in this world if we don’t stop them.”

Shou asked Zeinx if he could even take them out, Zeinx answered that using normal elemental attacks will defeat them, since they are only normal soldiers, the lowest rank of a Dark Being. Shou was still insecure about controlling the flames in a battle, afraid that the flames might go berserk like what happened yesterday. Zeinx told Shou to believe in himself and try to think about protecting all his loved ones in this world, this gave Shou a bit of confidence to approach the Dark being before they could move any further.

Shou with courage and fear in his heart ran in front of the Dark Being, “Hold it right there!!”, Shou yelled at the Dark Being.

“Where do you think you guys are going? If you want to create havoc upon this world, you’ll have to go through me first!”, he added.

Shou didn’t even realize what he just said, because his intensity made him spout out words without even thinking. The Dark Beings looked at each other and then looked at Shou, suddenly one of them started rushing towards Shou and jumped in the air ready to attack Shou with its pitch black claw. In panic Shou put his palm towards the Dark Beings and tried to summon a fireball, Shou successfully summoned one but it went upwards rather than diagonally which was Shou’s real intention. The Dark Being was surprised and landed on the ground, he immediately took a stance and prepared to attack Shou yet again.

“Shou-sama, try to focus! Don’t let your emotions or your anxiety get the best of you! Elements are controlled by the mentality of the user; keep your mentality at its best if you want to succeed in manipulating an element!!!”, Zeinx yelled.

After hearing Zeinx explanation, Shou tried to focus and calm himself while summoning a small flame in his hand. Zeinx told Shou to create an object which could be used to fight the Dark Beings.

“Th.. That’s right.. Fireballs might not be enough to defeat these creatures… They are quite agile… What to do…?”, said Shou in his mind thinking of a way.

He suddenly remembers his brother’s and father’s teaching in the art of Kendo.

Shou focused his mind and successfully created a kendo stick, “Good thing I have some knowledge on this.”, Shou said while holding the Flaming stick with his hands.

Zeinx was surprised at the rapid progress of Shou elemental manipulation. “Compressing flame particles into an object, it might not be materialization but very impressive progress Shou-sama!”.

The Dark Being started to attack Shou yet again, but this time Shou was ready and waited for the right opening to strike the Dark Being. When the Dark Being was about 50 cm from Shou, he suddenly took a step forward and landed a clean hit on the Dark Being head, the Dark Beings head was split apart as he exploded into light particles. Zeinx explained to Shou that Dark Beings when on the peak of death would dematerialize into light particles, due to their change from negative to positive energy.

Seeing one of their comrades being defeated by the hands of Shou, the two other Dark Beings started rushing towards Shou on opposite sides.

“Shou-sama! Evade them, there is no possibility of counter attacking them both with one weapon!”, shouted Zeinx.

I have an idea.”, Shou said while crossing his arms.

The two Dark Beings attacked Shou at the same time, as he exhaled small amount of air, Shou stretched both of his arms and the next thing Zeinx knew, both Dark Beings were stabbed in the torso while Shou wielded two fire compressed Kendo sticks. The 2 Dark Beings exploded into light particles and Shou dissolved both Kendo sticks after wards.

Zeinx asked, “How did you do that Shou-sama!?”.

“Oh, I saw it in a movie once hehe.”, he replied.

“Not that, how did you materialize a second weapon so quickly?”, Zeinx said in curiosity.

Shou explained that it just came into his mind while he was thinking about a second Kendo sword.

Wow… Shou-sama really has the talent to manipulate his element.”, Zeinx said in his thoughts.

Shou grabbed Zeinx and put him back on his shoulder, “Let’s go home, I’m really tired after this strange yet surprising encounter..”, Shou said with a tired look on his face.

Shou and Zeinx began walking home, in the middle of walking Shou asked Zeinx, “At home.. Can you please tell me more about these… Dark Beings? Please.”

“It would be my pleasure Shou-sama.”, Zeinx answered.

As the sun sets down both Zeinx and Shou returned home safely.