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[Fanfic] FirstS

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Hi this is the first chapter of my newest fanfic on I decided to post every following chapter on here, one day after I posted the next chapter on ffnet.

So please look forward to it and R&R




Sha Yurigami

''I am not a lesbian!'' Takamachi Nanoha, 16 year s old, screamed from the top of her lungs. Her two best friends Arisa Banings and Suzuka Tsukimura were running after her, regretting what they accidentally talked about.

Their friend Nanoha might not be an homophobic or else she wouldn't have approved their relationship, but she reacts extremely sensitive if someone mentioned her being a lesbian.

''Nanoha we understand, so please stop throwing a tantrum here?!'' Arisa tried to sooth her overacting friend. Her girlfriend was hiding behind her, fearing the wrath of the flaxen-brown haired girl.

They were in a large park within the city of Tokyo, the three together with their class made a class trip to the capital but currently…the trio was lost.

''I am not a lesbian!'' Nanoha screamed once more grabbing hold an a blond haired person. She grabbed the black cloak of the blond person, still looking at her friends angrily and not noticing the startled expression on the person's face.

''Wait Nanoha!'' Arisa screamed sensing what her friend might do with the one she held…and also…

''I prove it to you!'' the copper-brunette finally looked at the person, well only at that person's lips, still not noticing the confused gaze or the widening eyes.

Her lips were now firmly pressed onto the strangers. Moments passed until the mopping girl parted her face from the strangers. Never looking at her victim she instantly glared at her friends stating ''See! I'm not gay!'' Nanoha then proceed to turn around and face the stranger she just kissed to apologize.

Her face hit a full blown blush as she took in how beautiful the person before her was.

A black cloak reaching to the knees, the long blond hair tied back in a low ponytail held by a black ribbon. Those brought shoulders and that strong looking hand which touched the strangers lips, the lips that Nanoha pressed hers onto a little beforehand. A light blush and a tender gaze accompanied that persons expression.

But what stood out the most, were those ruby…no…burgundy eyes gazing into the distance, before they turned to the blushing Nanoha.

Something in that persons eyes felt familiar.

Those lips turned upwards before saying with a smile ''Actually that was my first kiss.''

Guilt washed over Nanoha's features, yet before she could stutter an apology ''I-I'm-…''her face being lifted, she was kissed.

The blond was kissing her passionately, yet still decent. As they parted the blond smirked devilishly ''That was also yours ,right?'' the stunned girl could only nod, to perplexed by what just happened. Her friends and most people that were watching, all had shocked reactions. But what shocked everyone and especially Nanoha who was the center of all this, was when the blond proclaimed

''Actually I'm a girl too. So~ what's yer name? I'm Fate''

As Fate said that Nanoha slowly walked backwards, only to be stopped by the strong grip of Fate, urging her to give her her name ''I'll let you go if you only tell me your name'' was all the blond said.

''T-Takamachi Nanoha… And now LET ME GO!'' quickly taking her hands away.

Fate just held hers up in a defensive manner and only stated ''Okay!''

The confused girl was backing off from the blond and quickly took the hands of her startled friends, running off into the distance.

The crowed around the blond slowly dissipated while the smirking blond was staring right after the fading silhouette of the girl.

''Takamachi Nanoha, huh?''

She licked her lips with an intense gaze in her burgundy eyes.

''I'm gonna take all you firsts''

to be continued…

As to my defense I was inspirated by a certain manga were a boy proclaims that he will take the firsts of a girl, but everything written in here is and will always be my creation!

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"I'm gonna take all your firsts"

Aw, man. Fate's quite confident in herself there ;]

I liked it; short and sweet. I loved the epic fail moment when Nanoha tried to prove she wasn't a lesbian haha. /facepalm

Keep it up !

Philosophical juggernaut, disabled Bruce Lee

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GAAAH, me too. You honestly made Fate the devilish, intimidating guy...I mean! Girl! Oh my gosh..

xC Yaay! You made her so prince-like, yet a unique Fate. What a brilliant idea though, saying that Nanoha wasn't a lesbian made a total conflict! Ahaha! <3 This is wonderful!

Waaaait...OMG, Kyo Koi! I love that manga. c: But, yes. It's pretty much good to see that this is a different Fate, ahaha. Pretty unique though even though you took the idea of making Fate chase Nanoha. c: I haven't written my fanfiction for a long time, and I feel like finishing mine again. =P

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I always seem to fuel/fill your gauge don't I? But as a thanks for the reviews:

Listen to ''One Ok Rock – Wherever you are'' That got a nice twist to my story actually but I hope you will enjoy it as much as I've written it XD

So relax and enjoy the second chapter of:

… … …



Sha Yurigami

After Nanoha and her friends finally found their classmates, the teacher decided to give them a lecture about responsibility and the likes.

The whole ordeal over the flaxen-brown haired girl could only think of that smirking, cocky, unreasonable blond.

How couldn't she notice that the stranger she grabbed was a woman?!

She felt ashamed and dirtied and her features clearly showed it. The teacher stopped her rambling, noticing the downcasted expression Nanoha's face held. She dismissed them, letting them go to their rooms.

Arisa and Suzuka looked worriedly at their disheartened friend.

They've seen the whole scene and couldn't believe that Nanoha would do something so out-of-character, only to prove that she didn't like girl's. And yet even they failed to see that the tall blond was a woman. Her black cloak and that low ponytail made that woman really look like a man!

They looked at each other silently swearing never to mention that Nanoha lost her first kiss and second, what was even more shocking, to a woman, if they loved their lives.

Nanoha still felt down about the whole day.

Not only did they get lost because of her, but she even lost her first kiss to a complete stranger, only trying to prove that she doesn't like girls.

But it came out that the stranger was a woman named Fate.

She slowly reached out for the doorknob to her room. She turned the knob and entered the dark room, not noticing the sweet fragrance around her. She turned towards the switch and pressed her finger on it.

Soft breathing echoed through the small room.

They wanted to sty in a nice hotel near the parliament building and it was at first the idea, that two students could sleep in one apartment, but their number was uneven. So Nanoha took her only chance for privacy! She demanded out of the teacher before the trip, that she won't stay with anyone in the apartment.

Nanoha switched the light in the room on and proceeded in taking off her clothes.

Laying before her were her shirt and skirt she woe today. She grimly grimaced when she covered her breasts. She felt…devastated.

Her feelings were complicated and twisted, yet not even her heart could comprehend how she truly felt right now. She was in her panties, not noticing what shouöd be noticed, walking over to her suitcase to grab her pyjamas. She bent over showing her well formed behind to the room.

She stopped in her tracks when she heard a loud whistling from where the couch stood.

She turned her head, like a cogwheel, her behind still presented to the world…

''Now that's a show'' the origin for the whistling said out loud, lifting it's gloved right hand ''Good Evening, Nanoha''

Said girl jumped away against the wall while a certain blond clad in black walked over to her. She freaked out while seeing the approaching blond ''Wh-Wh-W-Why ARE YOU HEAR!? HELP ! HELP ME PLEASE! HERE IS A STRANGER!'' Nanoha screamed trying to move away from the blond woman. Those piercing burgundy eyes nearly paralyzed her. She moved to the door and tried to open it, but the lock of the room snapped.

''Sorry but this room is soundproof''the blond said enjoying the shocked expression on her charge/prey.

''Why are you here?!'' Nanoha asked afraid, feeling eyes all over her body, so she covered every bit of her body, that she could, with her arms.

''You took my first kiss'' Fate stated a malicious aura behind her.

''W-Well it was my first too'' the crawling girl defended, closing her eyes in fear. Then she felt a gentle tap on her forearms, the flaxen-brown haired girl opened her eyes slightly, tears welling out of her eyes. Her amethyst eyes met burgundy ones and her heart hurt from how cold and lonely they looked. She had seen that look before, the way how lifeless they shone.

But she couldn't remember.

''You were the first to pull me close like that.'' the blonds face got closer ''The first to hold me like that.'' her hands held Nanoha's arms down '' That's why I'll take some…'' her lips were so close to her own ''No~o, all of your firsts.'' Fate said kissing the shocked girl gently.

To be continued…

I hope you like the earl New Years gift XD

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Ah ah, exellent I laughted a lot when Nanoha kissed Fate and said "See! I'm not gay !" XD I just realized when she kissed she as been trolled XD. hahaha I just can't stop laught XD

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The timing when I have uploaded the next chapter and the timing of your review are far too off but thank you for the review XD

please enjoy the second chapter that is above your post to the fullest XD

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OH GOD ! Sha ! xDD you are exellent ! but poor Nanoha ! XDDD I laugh too hard XD. Seriously, upload the next chapter soon ! XD :P

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Okey as promised here is the third chapter XD Enjoy and give feedback XD



Sha Yurigami

The gentle kiss Fate was giving Nanoha was interrupted by the screaming and punching of the later. Yet the burgundy eyed woman wasn't letting her go.

She, instantly after her lips were forced off the half-naked girl, attacked those lips once more.

Even thought the affectionate gesture wasn't really forced, the kiss was still only gentle, Nanoha felt raged ashamed and to say it out loud raped! The intruder only kissed her and held her hands down, but Nanoha didn't want it. She didn't want, no she didn't accept that this was happening.

Yet she couldn't ignore the softness of those voluminous and alluring lips.

Even thought she wanted to stop this…even thought she didn't want to do this with a stranger…even thought she hated the fact that a woman was kissing her…her body gave into this feeling she didn't know the name of.

Nanoha felt weak. And she hated being weak. She swore back then that she will never be weak ever again! She quickly leaned her head backwards, the blond was following the motion, and headbutted the intruder.

She struggled to get up and run to the door. Turning the doorknob as long as the trespasser groaned, but soon she realized that door was really locked up 'How Could this happen?!' she frankly thought banging at the door, screaming for help.

''Actually haven' Ah told ya that tha room's soundproof? And stop yelling so loud before ma tympanum pops'' the blond said walking over to the frantic girl, she held an smirk on her lips but her voice sounded soothing.

''And I''ll better introduce myself again shouldn't I'' the blond asked taking her distance from the still yelling and banging girl.

At those words Nanoha turned around glaring at the woman in black, her voice devoid of any emotion ''You better should. Why is my room soundproof? How did you get in here? Why are you doing this? How dare you say that you will take all of my firsts?! I am a girl for god's sake!'' she didn't intent to say so much but her building anger was getting the better of her.

Yet the smirking blond began to smile, her eyes relaxed and had a warm expression on her face. Nanoha on the other hand was getting more and more irritated by the intruder. Her fear replaced with anger and confusion.

''My name is Fate. And as my name suggests I believe that fate brought the two of us together.'' she said smiling brightly with a slight blush grazing her checks.

Now Nanoha's forehead veins were about to explode, her boiling blood circulated through out her whole body. She balled her fists and wanted to beat ''Fate'' into a pulp right then and there.

''Ah also before your going to jump me, I would like to meet your parents tomorrow'' a gloved hand held up two tickets ''I've prepared everything for that already. We also should hit the sack soon 'cause we've got to get up early.''

Fate finished evading every punch the nearly naked girl thrown at her. She stopped the incoming left hand of Nanoha with her own, grabbing the waist of the girl from behind.

Fate used both hands to capture the copper-brunette in her embrace, hugging her from behind.

Nanoha struggled in the blonds embrace, but felt her body losing it's energy/vigor for some unknown reason.

Yet these strong arms wouldn't let her go.

She felt the pressure of two mounts into her back. She wanted to scream. She wanted wanted to bite her captor ,yet the gentleness of that voice…that touch…

She was lifted up in bridal style, letting out a little squeal. She was carried over to the bed somehow, the exhaustion of the day, her tiredness, her fatigue, started to catch up to her. Nanoha was gently laid onto the mattress and the bed-sheet was pulled till her neckline.

Her sleepy eyes still took in the sight of the mysterious woman who slept on a chair across the room.

That night Nanoha had a strange dream.

She dreamed, that the evil Black Knight kidnapped her from her home. But it turned out that the Black Knight was a beautiful woman with golden hair and ruby eyes. The knight-woman took her on a journey, meeting Nanoha's parents on the way to ensure that she's safe.

The woman also proposed to her which her parents accepted.

Eventually they were married and had three children. They also ensured the safety of both Kingdoms and passed many dramas.

At the end her Black Knight took her on yet another journey.

She could see the scenery change, from passing by the city of Tokyo to the green lands of the mountains…

'Wait?…passing by Tokyo?'' Nanoha instantly shot her eyes open, looking around to know where she was. Hyperventilating because her head laid on top of the shoulders of her kidnapper.

Then she noticed that she was looking through a window the whole time. And she also noticed that she was sitting in a bullet-train, the Shinkansen and even first-class at that!

''A~aah~aaah! Seems like someone's finally awake'' a sarcastic voice said beside the panicking girl.

''Where are you taking me?!'' Nanoha nervously said receiving a frown from the blond.

''Didn't I say so? We gonna met yer parents.''


to be continued…

If your read carefully then surely you should have noticed the hints I dropped in this chapter…if not then wait for chapter four XD

Ah on a side note, am laying with some sort of influenza in my bed, so I practicaly forced myself to write this chapter TT^TT I will update one chapter per week always on Monday (don't forget)

So please enjoy and R&R because I might cure through your words!

Happy New Year XD

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I'm curious to see how Shiro and Momoko will react, but more importantly, take some well-deserved rest to heal nicely.

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LOL ! Sha ! XD exellent xDD I laugh so much on your chapter XDD

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And here comes the next one! And I recovered from my influenza! YAY!!! XD

She could see the scenery change, from passing by the city of Tokyo to the green lands of the mountains…

'Wait?…passing by Tokyo?' Nanoha instantly shot her eyes open, looking around to know where she was. Hyperventilating because her head laid on top of the shoulders of her kidnapper.

Then she noticed that she was looking through a window the whole time. And she also noticed that she was sitting in a bullet-train, the Shinkansen and even first-class at that!

''A~aah~aaah! Seems like someone's finally awake'' a sarcastic voice said beside the panicking girl.

''Where are you taking me?!'' Nanoha nervously said receiving a frown from the blond.

''Didn't I say so? We gonna met yer parents.''




Sha Yurigami

''Eeeeeeeh?!'' Nanoha screamed once more now standing right before her family cafe ''The Midoriya''. Beside her was a humming blond clad in black.

A gloved hand pushed the door before them open, that automatically caught the attention of the owners namely Nanoha's parents to the now wide open door.

A blinking Nanoha with her mouth wide open and one Fate with a toothy grin on her face, greeted their now stunt faces.

''And that's why we're here!'' exclaimed a happy and smiling blond after her short explanation whilst the five members of the Takamachi family could only rub their temples or massage the bridges of their noses. Shiro-san Nanoha's father who belonged to the later group listed in the sentence before together with his youngest daughter Nanoha and his eldest son Kyouja, took the liberty to speak ''So Miss Fate, you're basically telling us that your meeting with my daughter was a fateful encounter?''

''That is right. I knew it the moment she forcefully kissed me'' Shiro instantly shot his daughter a smashing look at which Nanoha tried to defend ''I-I didn't know that sh-she was a woman!'' but her words met deaf ears.

''I want to marry her as soon as possible'' Fate proclaimed shocking the entire table. She laughed at their paling faces. Shiro was at a loss for words and before he could even mutter a tone the devilish blond began to speak

''Maybe I should reintroduce myself. My name is, my full name is Fate Testarossa Harlaown'' everyone's mouths were hanging loose now ''21 years old and currently employed as a government worker.'' she finished putting on a smile while the family she visited tried to stomach the news.

Who would have thought…who seriously would have thought that…that the one Takamachi Nanoha kissed, would be no other than…no other than the Vice-Primeminister of Japan!

And to top that, her mother Lindy Harlaown is the current Primeminister of this island country for five years straight.

The reason for the fact that nobody knows the face of the Vice-Premier was because of that legendary campaign were only the promotions and reasons for candidacy were mentioned. Back then three years ago only Fate T. Harlaown managed to hold every of her promises.

And to think that the 'Hero of the Japanese Finance Market' would be sitting here, in their little backwater cafe. And the thought of that, that the sole woman who shoulders the whole business market by herself is proposing to their daughter, brought bright blushes on Momoko's, Nanoha's mother, and Shiro's faces.

Nanoha on the other hand had a blank mind her consciousness wasn't even present at that time so she couldn't make out what the rest of the conversation contained.

She should have had listened.

The noon pasted and Fate, the intruder in her life, was joking around about some political issues with her father and brother. Shiro and Kyouja tried everything to seem natural to the second important person in the country and felt honored that she wanted to marry into their family.

''But Nanoha is still sixteen'' Miyuki, Nanoha's older sister said out of the blue, to which Nanoha, who just regained awareness felt relieved.

''That's why I came with her here. Two people of different ages are allowed to marry, if the parents of the younger give their blessing. In the US a 14 year old boy married a 42 year old woman, the approval to that was given from the law when the parents approved of that relationship.'' ate answered with ease, impressing the Takamachi's farther.

''Also, someone here owes me at least that much or I can charge her for sexual harassment'' the blond threatened sensing that the flaxen-brunette would say that she didn't love her in 'that' way.

Her little bluff worked just fine. No one dared to oppose her, except ''I don't really mind you marrying my daughter but you should date her first'' Momoko said crossing her arms over her chest and pushing away her shocked family members with her dark aura and ice cold gaze.

''Well even if I asked her out, she would straight up refuse. Before she kissed me, as I told you…'' Fate scratched her cheek a little ''…she screamed that she isn't a lesbian.'' her face fell.

At that sight Nanoha replenished new strength.

She was about to say something but was interrupted once more by her mother.

And what she said would seal Nanoha's fate forever.

''Oh~~ I didn't mean it like that…the marriage will be held in two months after her exams, until then you are free to stay here ;-).''

to be continued…

Ok here as promised! And I have to say something:

A/N I know that this story is loosing it's groove(because this story should have been M-rated from the very beginning but those little plotbunnies gave me inspiration for this soon to be epic story) but I have already finished the following eight chapters and there are even more to come! So please look forward to it and Read&Review XD

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Seems Nanoha is "doomed" to marry Fate, as the saying goes, "you can't escape Fate". XD

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who wants to escape Fate?

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''Oh~~ I didn't mean it like that…the marriage will be held in two months after her exams, until then you are free to stay here ;-).''



Sha Yurigami

Nanoha was currently sitting on the couch. Unable to say anything. Her mother basically sold her soul to the devil and is even happy about that.

''Momoko?'' her husband asked worried that she might punish him for saying to much.

''Hm~ Yes dear?'' she asked sweetly.

Sickening sweetly.

Momoko's eyes were still closed but her rainbow like radiance only intensified even more with each passing second.

''W-Why a-are you allowing that blond demon to…'' he stuttered but stopped to brace himself once more but his wife interrupted ''I raised my children to accept everything and to find the one person that will love them more than they love themselves'' she stopped her happy aura from emitting and looked at her spouse with vigor. At that look he knew that there was no room for arguments.

''You do know that I'm still here?'' Nanoha asked out of the sudden startling her father.

Fate on the other hand was within the dojo together with Kyouya and Miyuki.

''So you want to take our sister away from us'' Kyouya said angrily, knowing fully well of Nanoha's true feelings ''But you have to defeat us before you can have her.'' Miyuki finished.

''Two against one?'' the blond asked the two as they moved to both sides of the dojo where the weapons were located. Earning an evil smirk from those siblings she waved her hands before her ''B-But Ah'm tha talkin' typ not tha' fightin'!'' she nervously complained.

Right after that a shinai, a bamboo sword, was thrown at her which she hastily caught with her arms.

At that time both siblings began to strike at the blond.

Both Miyuki and Kyouya were quiet angered at the politician that came into their lives claiming their baby sister.

The Takamachi dojo was quiet infamous around the city of Uminari, known for the temper of the masters in the facility.

Fate lifted the shinai before her with her left hand taking a step back with her right foot and putting her weight solely on her left. She relaxed her muscles before breathing steadily. The silent footsteps of her attackers reverberated on the ground.

One swift movement.

Yet although both were masters of the dojo…, and although both had reflexes surpassing their fathers…neither of the two knew when the blond disarmed them.

Like a flash of black thunder the blond's shinai moved, hitting their hands and arms and the back of their knees making them fall onto their them…it was over so fast that neither wanted to admit what neither would ever believe had happened…

The blond never moved away from the spot she was on.

And while the siblings were still stunned Fate spoke with a serious tone in her voice ''It's true that I am the talking type'' she pointed her weapon at the eldest brother ''But I wouldn't think in your position'' now pointing at his sister ''that I'll ever leave my home without any bodyguards'' she lowered her wooden weapon laying it softly on the wooden ground ''for no reason.''before going to the entrance of the dojo.

Flabbergasted both didn't move an inch.

Didn't dare to.

''T-To think that s-she's that st-strong…'' Miyuki muttered under her breath while a different thought shot through her brothers 'She indeed is here without any security…does that- will she be able to protect Nanoha?'

Then the blond stopped in her tracks turning towards them ''Does that mean I have your approval?'' she innocently asked. Kyouya sighed smiling while he just said ''We'll see. But we should see how you treat our baby-sis.''

At that statement she could only frown.

Nanoha on the other hand had her own battle to fight.

''Why did you approve?'' she asked her mother. They were still sitting where they sat before. The decoration on the living room table was laying flat on the wooden material. Momoko-san just sat there allowing her daughter to go on her rambling.

She was just sitting, eyes closed and breathing steadily. Her chest rose whenever she took in air and fell when she breathed out.

Her silent breathing sounded like humming.

She opened her eyes and saw at first her husband cowering somewhere in a corner.

''Nanoha'' her daughter went silent sensing the seriousness in her mothers voice ''As you should know you once did something unforgivable'' the older flaxen-brunette started seeing the downcasted face of her daughter ''See this as a chance of redemption.''

After this Nanoha looked up to face her mother's soothing smile.

Back then she did something that should never been forgive, yet here she was given a new chance ''Why?'' she said as tears formed at the brim of her eyes.

''Because you were already forgiven.''

Slowly cascading down her cheeks were two salty rivers until…A gentle brush of a gloved hand wiped them away.

She didn't notice the blond sitting next to her, she didn't protest being touched by her ''Actually I have no idea what's going on…'' those burgundy orbs softened ''I can't see you crying.''

And more tears fell.

''I-I still,…don't want…to'' Nanoha whispered into Fate's ears. A silent cry of sadness resonated within her but it stopped when she felt Nanoha's lips on her cheek as the smaller girl pulled back.

And she remembered.

''So when will you bring me back to my field trip?'' Nanoha asked, laughing a little ''Nyahaha'' as she saw the completely red face of her kidnapper.

Fate just stared at Nanoha, how she wiped her still creeping tears from her eyes with the back of her hands.

''What 'sha talkin' 'bout?'' the blond then said and met confused eyes of the youngest Takamachi ''Actually I already cleared everything with your teachers and the school. But when ya want an special field trip for the two of us…''looking at Nanoha as if she was something to eat ''I wouldn't object.''


to be continued


And here as promised the next chapter of my soon to be very surprising fanfic!

As you should have already noticed Fate uses some kind of slang and sometimes the word Actually at the beginning of a sentence… That is completely intentional!

As for Nanoha's secret … I leave you in the dark for now Muahahahaha XD

Also as a special teaser:

Yet she was pushed onto the her back. She kicked and hit as long as she could yet the blond kept advancing towards her. The blonds body pressed hers into the mattress…

I know it's a little early but enjoy it none the less! Please share your mind wiht me so that I can improve XD

Yous dear

Sha Yurigami

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I think Momoko's "happy aura" is probably the scariest thing that exist in this world, next to Momoko herself, of course.

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Thank you for updating, and the teaser as well! WAAAH. QQ Making us hooked! Fate's such a naughty girl. P; Excellent as always, Sha!!

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I give a little warning before hand: This chapter will be pushing slightly into m-rated, but don't worry XD




Sha Yurigami

''So-'' she began.

''So~~'' the other went on.

''Why?'' her veins popped up.

''Because your parents said so…and they gave me their permission for it.'' the other casually answered waving her hand from side to side.

They were sitting on an rather small bed, in an average sized room, facing each other on the opposite sides of the comforter. The bed itself was pushed into the farthest corner of the room, with two windows next to it.

The first was a 16 year old flaxen-brunette schoolgirl with amethyst eyes which shone like a star.

From anger.

But she didn't look much of a thread, wearing her pink pajamas. A pink night shirt and pink shorts.

Her opposite was sitting across her having a solemn expression on her face. She was a taller 21 year old politician with radiant blond hair and hungry burgundy eyes.

From Lus-…Hunger.

Although, she was still wearing her cloak which still covered ninety-nine percent of her body.

The younger girl's parents demanded, mostly Momoko-san, that her future husband should spent the nights with her.

Her being underage doesn't matter.

''Or so they said.'' The blond was slowly advancing towards the shaking girl, cornering her ''I don't want that!'' the younger screamed feeling her wrists being held above her head. She instantly pulled her hands away and proceeded in hitting the blond hard. Yet she was pushed onto her back.

She kicked and hit as long as she could yet the blond kept advancing towards her. The blonds body pressed hers into the mattress. She didn't want that weight on her.

She didn't like it.

Nanoha screamed for the woman to get off of her.

She even bite down onto her exposed neck skin.

''Look at me.'' the blond demanded from the girl ''Look at me, Nanoha!'' and Nanoha looked stopping he struggling for now. Determination and tears in her eyes. Brows knitted together holding in her growl.

''I won't do anything you don't want me to. So tell me, where can I take your next first.'' her voice was gentle but her gentle request met silence.

They never stopped looking at each other, the blond still on top of the silent girl.

Their bodies were tightly, firmly pressed into each other. Small frictions were caused by their steady breathing, their breasts pressed together. Nanoha's cheeks turned red from the arousal of her breast being firmly pressed into the strangers.

''I don't want to give you any of my firsts…and why are you so obsessed about that?!'' she angrily asked ''Because today you took two of mine without permission!'' Fate stated seeing the shocked expression ''B-Bu-But…What?!When?!''

''Think of it as a game. Whenever you take a first from me I take one equally to that from you.'' the blond explained ,still not smiling like she usually would.

''What messed up rules you have! How the hell should I know any of your firsts?…And why the hell should I obey to you in the first?!'' Nanoha struggled once more, until she felt something soft falling onto her skin.

She looked up, only to see crying, void ruby eyes.

It shocked her.

Why was Fate crying over something like that?

The blond lifted herself from Nanoha, she took the chance and steadied herself on her forearms. Just when she thought, little for no reason disheartened, the blond had given up her whole lower body was pulled upwards.

Fate pulled her pelvis upwards, so that her bottom was facing the blonds face.

Strong hands pulled her pants and panties up an let them hang on Nanoha's bending knees, which hang in the air loosely.

Nanoha was to shocked when she felt warm breathing on her most treasured place.

And Fate spoke ''You just have to get to know me within the next two months.'' the blonds face lowered coming closer and closer to Nanoha's intimacies . The later lost her vigor, her rage subsided ,she begged crying with both arms covering her face ''P-please…s-stop it please…''

While she sobbed she didn't register what was happening.

Warmth embraced her, giving comfort where it was needed…her shattered and mingled heart.

And for the first time in seven years an emotion erupted she believed had died: Happiness.

She looked up at the smiling but blushing blond. Her pants were covering her lower body again, 'Didn't she-…'

''I would never force myself onto the one I love.'' the blond said only inches separated her face from Nanoha's.

''L-Love…?'' a whimpered question full of confusion and fright. The shivering question met Fate's ears, humming before replying ''Hm! The moment I saw you, I couldn't help but fall for you'' 'and recognize' ''And I am really sorry that I am so pushy until now…I want you…'' she looked way slightly hearing the rush and frightened intake of air ''…to look at me as a possible…love interest.''

Nanoha didn't move an inch.

Something within her resonated with the honest request of the blond…but she decided to chop her on her head ''Uff!''

''If you do something like that 'without permission' I'm going to kill you!'' she threatened crossing her arms over her chest.

''I-I'm sowwie~~!A-ah~I'' as the blond stuttered Nanoha smiled wickedly, she finally gained the upper hand ''And to add a rule to your little game'' she picked the cheek of her soon to be prey ''You can only take what I allow you to take and in reverse! Deal?!''


And Here I am once more with another chapter of this soon to be surprising story!

I am petty much aware that I might have pushed the T-Rating but it paid out well…well as an excuse I can only say…I had originally planed to make this chapter M-Rated but decided against it but because I saw a pretty well drawn cruel doujin in which my fave-characters were being r**ed which pretty much ruined my day at that time TT^TT…

I hate it went japanese doujin authors do those cruel things to our favourite couple and so I decided that this story will have critical elements but absolutely no r*pe-like scenes! Even if Fate-han could easily get whatever she wanted all she needs for her life is Nanoha and only Nanoha, but she has to work hard to get the affection she desires XD

I will not accept to see those two crying without each other! Because we only bully Fate for the sole reason that Takamachi Nanoha is the one who will stay by her side to sooth her and kiss the pain away, right?!

Sorry for the rambling, I kind of get emotional when I find a nice drawn doujin and see that the author is a perverted b*stard whose also homophobe >C

That's also why I am so dedicated to make NanoFate Doujins!

Ah and before I forget it! Next month I publish a short 4 page drawn story with the focus on Vivio and how she sees her family! So expect something for the coming weeks!

P.s. The next chapter of FirstS will be published on Wednesday so please look forward to a little…

Yours dear

Sha Yurigami

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True, forcing herself like that on Nanoha would make her unworthy of deserving Nanoha's love.

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Hmm...Fate is being pushy no? Well good job anyway!

Who would in a fight? Nanoha or Saber? Archer or Signum?

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Sha Yurigami

'An eventful night indeed' one Momoko Takamachi mused hearing countless screaming from her daughters room above. Her husband was groaning tears streaming from his face.

''I made a mistake.''he said his voice undisturbed.

''And what would that be, dear?'' she innocently asked holding he cheek in an just as innocent manner. Her smile soon faded as she saw what her spouse held in his hand.

Glowing in the moonlight, shining with all it's furry fused together with his warrior soul. Large and deadly sharp, furiously promoting the soon to happen tragedy. Shiro-san was more than prepared to strike with his proud katana the intruder who dared to defile his daughter.

''Dear! Aren't you going overboard?!'' she screamed holding him back with her arms around his waist.

''Don't hold me back Momoko! I'm going to kill that rat that is trying to dirty my child!''

Now the eldest siblings were stepping into the living room seeing the scene of a small bloodbath right before them. The person on the floor groaned while the one standing held a katana in their left hand. The person turned towards them and said in a sickening sweet voice.

''Ah, Miyuki, Kyouya! Your father exaggerated a few things a little to much and got overexcited. So I put him to sleep a little :)''

Their mother was a demon.

Meanwhile in a certain room on a certain bed two certain girls were doing certain things.

''Ah-aahah~Aaaah!'' the one on the bottom moaned ''Do you really not mind me giving you your first hickey?'' Fate asked worriedly looking on the flaxen-brunette lying on her stomach beneath her. She was straddling the younger girls bottom supporting her bending body with her flat-laying arms on both sides of Nanoha's body.

Both were somehow aroused, one was still denying the affection she showed.

Nanoha's suggestion earlier opened up a game both wanted to win yet both would lose that way or another.

After finishing Nanoha's first ever ''marking'' Fate got off of her laying herself next to the panting and blushing girl. Outside two innocent bystanders were debating if they should enter or not.

Miyuki reached out for the doorknob ''D-Did you have to do it that long?'' she stopped and her brother was definitely loosing it, his cool that is.

He began mumbling, but stopped ''Well it was yer first, so Ah had ta do it right, right?'' sweat began dripping on the floor, a pair of shaky hands vibrating in the air.

''But you made me wait so long!'' more sweat flew onto the ground, the atmosphere began to heat up. Everything seemed to spiral before them ''And you…did you have to press your fat ass on mine ?!''

When they heard that line and the thud following after ward, one thought shot through their minds 'Doggy Style!?'

Inside the room a certain flaxen-brunette haired girl was pouting while another certain girl was trying to ease the pain she got inflicted by the other girl on the head ''Na-no~ha! That hurt like 'ell!'' she whined.

''You came a little too early and too soon to my liking!''

''But-But it's your fault for looking so vulnerable and adorable! If you weren't this cute and beautiful I wouldn't have these urges, and surely wouldn't have rushed 'it'.''

''Sh-shut up! Flattery won't bring you anywhere especially…How did you undress me so easily?!''

''It's because Nanoha's really smooth and sweaty so Ah pealed ya off of 'it' easily!''

''Don't talk of me as if I'm…u-um…s-some kind of weird food''

''Well can't help it. 'Cause Nanoha smells and tastes really sweet. Especially were you'd allowed me …''

''Don't talk about this embarrassing stuff while giggling like a little kid!''

''Bu~~t! You squealed and moaned so erotically, especially after I 'touched' and 'licked' that 'spot'. Ah think that ma blood nearly spurted out of my nose when Ah heard yer cute voice when I was licking the blood away…''

''You dirty old man! How can you so shamelessly say that! Oh! And as a side note,…DON'T EVER BITE ME AGAIN!!!''

''Bu~~~t Auch,…''

''Don't you dare say anymore embarrassing things!''

''Au au…I didn't know ya were into 'that'…But let me sy this: I won't let a girl five years younger than me take the 'top' away from me!''

''There! You just said it! Your seriously screwed in your mind! That you actually confess that your a pedophile is quiet the accomplishment isn't it?''

''Okay you minx…Bring it on!''

''Heh and to think that you are the vice-pm of Japan…''

''Oi, that's a sensitive topic, especially for a snot-nosed brat like you!''

''Oh! So now I'm a brat! Talking about sensitive spots I think your ticklish on the neck aren't you?''

''Wai-Wait – aaah-ah~~~ah!''

''What kind of reaction was that!!''

''If you want to touch me that badly at least ask before you suck down on my neck-skin…and while we're at that: Your skin was soft like marshmallows, sweet like Turkish delight and your bites are as venomous as a vipers…''


''Your body is as slender and graceful as that of a geisha, your eyes are sparkling like stars in the night sky, and your voice is that of…an angel.''

''I-I alr-eady told you…th-that flattery – won't''


''Give up, you know you've got no chance against me Uuunnnm…G-Give up or you'll be devoured…''

''Ah-I -… Aah-aaah!''

''STOP IT!'' Both girls heads shot towards the bedroom door. Some plushies were flying around and rolling on the floor. Huffs and pants echoed through the whole room. An accusing finger pointed towards them.

The owner of the finger had gray-brown hair wore glasses and gray pj's, while her mouth, to be precise her jaw, was currently smashing onto the floor. Her brother, also rendered helpless and also unable to move even an inch.

''Wha-Wha-Wha…'' the poor girl was stuttering, she couldn't comprehend and process what was displayed before her.

Her little sister Nanoha and the stranger and politician Fate Testarossa were – wrestling on her sisters bed.

Nanoha had a hickey on her neck clearly visible for her siblings and to add it up, a little prick of blood was trailing down from the 'marking'.

''What were you doing behind my door?'' Nanoha asked malice in her voice.

''What did you think we were doing?'' Fate spoke with just as much or even more malice.

The air around them thickened and the light in the room seemed to dim as both girls got u from the bed and slowly walked over to them. At that her dear brother had only one thing to say to Miyuki, he himself cowering like a wimp:

''I told you it was a bed idea to eavesdrop… we're so screwed TT^TT''

to be continued…

Okay here as promised chapter 7 XD!

But next Sunday won't be a chapter up! Because I have to do important things this weekend to do!

As some of you know I'll start doing my Manga soon, it being my main job as of now maens that I will have less time updating my stories...except FirstS, this story will be uploaded once every week!

P.s. I just noticed that I haven't done the finishing touches yet XD

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Thank you so much!! QQ

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Ah ah still awesome, I like it ! xD Thx for the chapter x)

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I always knew Nanoha's demonic powers came from Momoko, well, it's now Kyouya and Miyuki's turn to have their heads "cooled off" for a while.

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And here for the comeback of the NanoFate website I present you with the eight chapter of FirstS:




Sha Yurigami

''I still can't believe that they actually eavesdropped on me last night!'' Nanoha said stumping on the ground ''And I can't believe how easily 'she' fits in here.''

She and her 'date' were outside In the city, eventually Nanoha's family accepted the intruder into the family rather quickly…She helped cleaning the dojo after sparing with Miyuki and Kyouya in the morning. Helped out in the morning rush hour in the family cafe, while some little brats were ogling her brea-beauty.

She even berated her father in finacial matters.

And while she served the customers Momoko, Nanoha's mother approached her ''Say Nanoha, why don't you take the day off and go on a date with your fiance~!'' or so she quickly running over to the burgundy eyed blond, who in return hugged her soon-to-be-mother-in-law with tears on the brim of her eyes.

And here she was, wearing a light pink blouse with a white tank top over it, together with white stockings and leather boots on her feet accompanied by a denim skirt that reached to her knees.

Walking next to her was the perfect embodiment of a Prince Charming.

Clad in a complete black tux with a rose in the reverse, black pants and black leather shoes from England together with leather gloves completing the appearance. Flowing blond hair in a low ponytail and a beaming smile that even became infectious on everyone who laid their eyes on this, be it male or female.

Problem, this Prince charming is a woman.

Problem, Nanoha wasn't a lesbian.

Problem, that doesn't matter at all to the red-eyed devil.

Problem, her mother already sold her soul to the devil.


''Well at the very least they care about you.'' the intruding woman said humming strangely yet happily.

''Why do I get the feeling that you wanted to say something entirely different?!'' Nanoha threatened ready to knock the woman unconsciousness is she said or did anything wrong.

''No. I'm just happy to be with the girl I love!''Fate exclaimed.

Threatening glances were shot to the flaxen-brunette from all directions, but she either ignored it or she wasn't aware of them ''How can you say something like that when we only know each other for a mere two days?''

The blond stopped, also making Nanoha stand still. Burgundy gazed into amethyst before closing and placing her hand over her heart.

A radiant smile displayed to the world, Fate said ''Actually it's two days within the next seven seconds'' while making some sort of countdown with her fingers.

The flaxen-brunette blinked ''You're really picky about it'' she said massaging her nose bridge ''Yep! Now it's exactly two whole days!'' the blond exclaimed remaining in her posture.

''But really, the moment I laid my eyes on thee and when you claimed my lips…All that I could think of was…'' she stopped and looked at Nanoha sincerely.

''All I could think of was, that I wanted to spend my whole remaining life with you.''

The words of love and affection, …these words spoken out loud by someone, who could easily have everything they wanted,…yet it felt…even she, Takamachi Nanoha had to accept, that her heart skipped a few beats at those words…That her face was as red as a tomato…

Yet it felt nice, knowing that someone loved her.

But it will soon end.

If Fate ever got to know about 'it'…

''Care to explain how you know so much about us?'' Nanoha finally asked walking a little ahead of the blond in question.

''Actually as you know, I am the Vice-Primeminister of our current politic.'' Fate began, waiting for Nanoha to say something.

But she never turned around.

Continuing from where she left off ''Actually I wanted to know you as fast as possible, so…I…well …''

Nanoha turned around picking up the hesitant behavior of the 'Prince Charming' an anger mark gracing her temple ''So you what?'' she asked but stopped in her tracks while she saw the flustered red face of the still stranger.

'Cute' then she gave herself a mental slap.

''Ah have…'' she switched to slang again ''used the special forces and a few governmental agencies to get yer infos'…'' the blush deepened and she averted her gaze away from Nanoha, sensing the emitting evil aura.

''Why-…How could someone like you become our vice-pm?'' the smaller girl said with a voice devoid of any human emotion.

''If you want to know…Wait!''

The blond suddenly approached her making her feel strange. Small steps were taken until Fate's face was in front of hers.

''Do you know what a Zanbato is?'' Nanoha blinked at the question. That strange feeling from before impaling every fiber of hers ''No, I don't…''she blushed a little at the close proximity of their faces. She could taste the air Fate breathed out, and it made her chest tighten…

Was she afraid…or…?

''No, I don't…'' she shyly admitted.

''A Zanbato is a weapon developed in the Sengoku era around four-hundred years ago. It was a large blade of a length of at least three meters and a long handle attached to it. That weapon was mainly used to fight against horseman or a large number of foot soldiers. Even thought books written about traditional Japanese swords make no reference of it being actually used in the feudal era, although extremely long Zanbato type swords existed in Japan. Namely the Nodachi or the Òdachi. Adding to what I just said, Zanbota actually translates as 'Horse-slaying sword' or 'Horse-chopping saber'

It was the largest sword type existing in feudal Japan, but because of it enormous weight and length not one was able to Master it fully!'' She finished excited like a little grade-school kid shortly before a field trip.

She huffed a little, out of breath from her sudden information outburst…

''Why are you telling me this?'' Nanoha asked bewildered, she hadn't expected the blond to start explaining slash teaching something about an old weapon, from a time she wasn't even born.

''No, it's nothing'' Fate distanced herself from Nanoha a little, sensing the distress. Shaking her head she moved on momentarily ''Just some random mumbling…''

The tone in her voice was distant…

And somehow, Nanoha felt left behind even thought she could take the chance to escape from the blond…but she found herself unable to, she couldn't leave her…

''Tell me about yourself already!''

to be continued…

… … …

And here is the eight chapter of FirstS, the next chapter will be longer and will also contain answers to some questions and most of all: In the next Chapter Fate will tell us why she became politician as well as her reason for not showing her face during the election and a bit of her origin!


Her gaze running on her fair skin, her radiant golden hair swaying in the wind and mostly…especially…her burgundy eyes.

If she wouldn't have known before, Fate really doesn't…

I wish you lots of fun!

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I wonder why Fate changed the subject so quickly. I also got the feeling that, contrary to what Nanoha thinks, it's Fate who sold her soul to Momoko.

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Tcheee too smaaaalll ! me want more ! :O but interesting me want know the rest o,o

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Sha Yurigami

''You want to know about me?'' she heard right didn't she? She couldn't believe it! ''Nanoha, Darling! You finally got interested in me!'' the blond exclaimed latching herself at the flaxen-brunette girl, but was stopped by a chop on her head.

They were now sitting at a nearby cafè, Fate had a rather big bump sticking out from her head ''Don't get the wrong ideas! I just to know more to prevent what happened yesterday!'' Nanoha was clearly annoyed by her pursuer.

''Well where should I start from?'' the cringing blond asked.

''Start off with whatever you like…m-maybe…how could someone like you even become our vice-pm?'' Nanoha questioned, a question that is by far the most urgent, considering how the country could degenerate with the blond and her mother at the very top of the state!

''Actually, I wasn't always this way''…''but let's leave that for another time.'' she sipped of her mug, currently filled with hot chocolate milk ''You surely know of Japans current crisis' right?'' Fate asked Nanoha, her eyes closed and her tone serious.

''You mean the whole thin with Fukushima and the problematic, risquy, old financial concepts?''

Fate opened her eyes, disbelieve married her face and Nanoha grimaced ''Had discussed that in school the other day'' she said slightly embarrassed and also proud of herself from surprising the blond.

''Well~ as long as you know that'' Fate finally exclaimed, massaging the bridge of her nose ''Ok, for the easier subject: Fukushima Daiichi

As you should know, the incident in Fukushima Reactor 1 was out of human control.''

Nanoha nodded ''I heard that. It was ,if I haven't misheard, because no one actually believed that after the earthquake a tsunami of that size and force would hit Japan.''

Fate sipped at her mug and nod in reply ''Well that is only half right.''


''Even before the incident in Fukushima, Radioactive-Energy was in discussion.

For years allied countries like the US and Europe tried to convince the Japanese Government into believing that Reactors in masses were problematic. It goes about the costs for construction, the maintenance and the security, and only with educated staff.

The foundation for constructing a Reactor is the need for energy by us, the consumers, and the money needed for employing staff and material. That money comes from the nations funds, the capital available to the government.

The problem back then during the tsunami was, that the earthquake damaged the electric circuit that maintained the cool-system. The cool-system, as you should know is needed to prevent the Uranium ,the radioactive material producing our electricity through disintegrating, to overheat.

Do you know what happens, when the Uranium fuel rod overheats?''

Nanoha wasn't sure how to answer, she suddenly got nervous by that long speech ''It's going to melt, right?''

Fate nodded once more ''Yes that is right but let's say this, there is still the back-up generator, that instantly after the main-generator shut down kicked on to get the cool-system running for at least six to eight hours. Yet this emergency cooling system isn't free from flaws!

During a reactor test in Harrisburg, USA in 1979, a Reactor Meltdown occurred and nearly contaminated half of the States back then, if it hadn't been stopped.''

Nanoha looked at her in utter shock.

''Well actually the Reactors at Fukushima were quiet safer compared to the ones in US. Yet it was old and should have been shut out of service several years ago…but that's another matter. Well as you already know the tsunami caused by the magnitude of over 9, managed to reach the emergency-cooling-system and shut it out. What do you think happened?''

''Ah, ehm…it, overheated?''

''Yep that's right, a meltdown occurred, and what's worse all the fuel rods melted and fused together. They destroyed the shield membrane and melted down their way to the ground water. It was luckily stopped at that time, but the cooling water, which was still radioactive, flowed into the sea.''

Nanoha held her hands up ''It's nice of you to explain me this, but-…

''And that's where we start!''


''Because of the polluted sea water several fish swarms and other inhabitants of the sea got contaminated, unable to be eaten. The fishing industry came to a standstill and because of the radioactivity, great potions of water were cancer creating. So only water in glass flasks slash bottles were allowed. Because polyethylene and metal were easily…uhm…you know!'' Fate quickly stopped as she noticed that she went to far with her explanation.

''To add to the catastrophic news, the destruction caused by the tsunami left thousands of people homeless. Villages were destroyed on a wimp and property damage was inevitable.

Unavoidably the costs for that mass destructive catastrophe runs on the several billion line. No one could do anything about it and so the Prime Minister back then gave back his position and left the position to my mother after the new election. The paycheck, Japan had to compensate for was far 'to' big, that's why a new government was needed.

Like my mother Lindy before me, I run my election campaign at that time, hoping to change our current state politics. My goal is to prevent the downfall of our country.

At this time China is currently providing us with energy, but if this goes on…, then they begin their move.''

Nanoha was baffled, the complicated speech just got more complicated and she felt like the blond was avoiding the original question ''What do you mean?''

''I mean that China oversteps every boundary and breaks every agreement they have with us, starting with their so-called search for minerals and fossil fuels. What's worse, we would still be indebted to them, furthering the countries dept''

Now she got confused even further, since when was the country in debt? ''H-Huh,…but I thought…we are?''

''You know that most countries, or better each democratic society decides at the beginning of the year, where the funds of the country for the whole year are divided to where they should be spent to.

What I mean is the dept per year we have that came to be, because the country pays more than it has. Those past few years and this year especially were bad because most of this years funds have to flow into the restoration of the destroyed life places, the development of new alternative energy like solar- or wind reactors/mills.

But we overcame our budget and that resulted into our current financial problems and once again the downfall of our country.'' she took a long breath from her long speech while Nanoha looked at her perplexed. The masses of information she was given was understood somehow or another and it gave her a headache. Fate clearly seemed to understand that and waited for Nanoha to speak again.

''Okay, I now understand how deep in trouble our country really is. But I still don't get what you meant with the 'downfall of our country'?''

Fate smiled at her ''Nanoha. Do you know how the sword ban in the Meiji Restoration came to be?'' the flaxen-brunette looked dumbfounded, this was going anywhere but their original topic.

''The European and Americans invaded our land, they drugged our folks with Opium, rendered the Samurai unale to do anything against their rapid-guns. The Bakufu ,or more common known, the shogunate gave up even before their armies could exploit and even began to westernize and modernize the country.

That cowardice made Japan vulnerable to the mainland… I have to correct myself'' She looked at Nanoha…Burgundy gazed into amethyst.

''The downfall of our country already occurred a few hundreds of years ago…And to change that,…to change this world, I entered the political world!''

Even thought she was only in High School and didn't know all that much about the world…and even thought she didn't know the woman before her…she saw and heard the determination Fate held … but she also got the feeling that she saw the look in Fate's eyes before…'At least she takes her job serious'

''Ah, you probably wonder why I am so devoted to this land, although I look like a European?'' Nanoha raised an eyebrow ''It's true that my ancestors on my fathers side of the family came from Portugal but the blood in my veins, this hair and this pair of eyes were the pride of my father left behind for me.''

'Were…left behind?' Nanoha's eyes widen.

''I swore to protect the island we loved!''

After they finished their meals at the cafè both wandered off far in the city.

They were just walking side by side, nothing more.

The way Fate spoke to her…the way Fate spoke…

The blond vice-pm said it was because of her age, that only her mother became Prime Minister onc again. She lacked experience was what she said.

No words were spoken.

Nanoha wondered 'Fate's father…what kind of man was he?' She felt down for some reasons, half her face hidden by her bangs.

And she still didn't know all that much more about Fate.

Still strangers in a sense.

They were aimlessly walking through the canvas called Uminari city. The long walk along side the river bed with the setting sun shining on the horizon.

Everything was clear.

She dared to look up.

Her gaze running on her fair skin, those radiant golden strands of hair. If she wouldn't have known before 'Fate really doesn't look like a Japanese.'

Her heart and mind stopped 'It can't be…'

All the blood in her face drained. Pale hands lifted to cover her mouth.

''Nanoha? Are you alright?''

The blond turned.

Her blond hair fell aside.

The sun shone onto her pale skin, her hair…her eyes.

Those eyes.

Nanoha caught the approaching hand of the blond, holding it loosely in the air.

She lowered her gaze, wasn't able to voice what she wanted to say.

Yet the blond also didn't move, her eyes still focused solely on Nanoha.

Neither noticed them standing on a bridge.

Neither noticed the gust of wind that blew through their hair.

And she looked up.

''So both of us…are afraid of regretting something.''


Nanoha finally knew why she felt so strange, angry, selfish,…relaxed. The look in those burgundy orbs, was just as hollow, full of regret, angered and sad as her own.

She felt companionship.

''Is it okay if I call you Fate-chan?''

''That's-…the first time…you said my name…''

Two tears fell onto this bridge, that connected the two sides of this river bed.

Each tear belonged to another.

To be continued…

Ok! Here is the Ninth Chapter of FirstS! And just as you wished Nanoha-sama-san it's a pretty long chapter XD, and before I forget it:


In the next chapter Nanoha has to go back to school, because the field trip only lasted three days and two nights. Adding to her problems is the disappearance of Fate and to make things more complicated, a rival will appear before our favourite blond!

Can they overcome the future dangers?

And will those two finally get closer?

The next chapter marks the real beginning of FirstS (think of the past eight chaps as some kind of pretty long prologue XD )

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It seems Nanoha is slowly beginning to fall for Fate, they share the same sadness and need someone who understand their pain.

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Yuuno I bet -_-. Nooo. I want Nanoha and Fate to be together all the time I should kill Yuuno if needed -_-. ME WANT MOREEE! Nice as always sha x3

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Sha Yurigami

The day afterward was calm.

In the night before Fate was scolded for bringing Nanoha home past nine pm, and was punished to sleep in a futon on Nanoha's carpet floor.

When she woke up in the morning, the futon was folded neatly on the ground.

Fate nowhere in sight.

She slowly got up and proceeded in unchanging herself in the middle of the room. She bent over to reach for her uniform in the bottom drawer of her wardrobe.

As she exposed her bottom, note that she's still wearing her panties, to the world, a strange sense of dèja vu washed over her.

Nanoha hesitantly turned her head like a clockwork slowly spins, but found nobody behind her.

''Where is she?'' she quickly rushed downwards, after getting dressed into her school uniform, and met her family.

''Ara, Nanoha I just wanted to come and wake you up.'' her mother Momoko cheerfully said.

''Good morning mom, do you know where Fate.chan-…' she looked around first before looking at the radioactive, beaming, happy face of her mother and cringed ''…is?''

Shiro, Nanoha's father was curling together on the floor. Momoko quickly approached her taking her hands into her own while holding them up with a radiant smile.

''W-Wha-What's wrong?'' Nanoha asked cringing the more her mother radiated her happiness.

''Bu~~~~~, you finally called her by her name! And such a cute way too! So you finally have done it eh~!'' Nanoha paled, feeling exhaustion taking over ''I mean you've finally became friends.'' Momoko yelled seeing her daughter half passed out ''Ah, I made a bento for you. Since it's your first day at school.''

And chills were running through her veins. Now that she remembered, it was the blonds fault that she missed her class trip! 'AND WHERE IS THAT DEVIL?!!!' she screamed in her mind feeling agitated all of a sudden and stomped off leaving her parents where they were.

She quickly finished her breakfast and ran out of the cafè ''I'm off!'' she yelled while spurting off with her backpack.

She didn't feel all that well. Her stomach was hurting and she felt dizzy for some reason. How will she confront her class mates? How will she confront her friends?

''Nanoha!'' then she escaped her trance and was face to face with a smiling Suzuka and a frowning Arisa.

She laughed ''So what happened? You suddenly disappeared on us and the teachers only told us that you weren't feeling well and had to return home, so…?'' Suzuka asked her holding her girlfriend back from strangling their friend.

Both were worried sick when Nanoha suddenly disappeared from a moment to another.

Also, Alisa swore she saw Nanoha being carried out of her room by the same blond haired woman they have met earlier that day.

But that would be absurd…or?

''Nyahaha, well…I can't really explain what happened…but, well…'' she felt absurd, somehow her whole dilemma with Fate triggered bigger problems for her social life than she dared to think. But before she could explain herself, a different voice answered:

''Nanoha-san sure had her reasons for not taking part at the class trip. And you should better hurry or else you will be late.''

The three of them turned backwards meeting a blond haired person, wearing a black suit. That persons hair was tied in a low pony tail and wore spectacles which covered his blazing green eyes. His charming smile met Nanoha's scared eyes.

''H-Hello Yunno-kun.'' she said feeling predatory eyes on her.

She knew they were near, but t think that they'd do it on brought day…

''No problem Nanoha, oh and a good morning to you too…'' they looked at one another, one with joy…the other in terror, while hr friends felt the strange atmosphere.

''About the other day'' Yuuno started but was stopped by Nanoha's friends who took her with them.

He blinked feeling all alone out of a sudden ''Again?!''

On their way Nanoha couldn't help but mouth a ''Thank you'' to her dearest friends.

They began to walk again after everything calmed down and after Yuuno was nowhere near at sight. The walk through the school entrance was rather normal, but after a short while Nanoha noticed that people talked with their backs to them. Her heart sacked and her lightly lifted mood was slumping down in a rapid fall.

'So they still won't stop treating them so cruelly!'

When they arrived in their class a strange turmoil invaded them.

''Have you heard?''

''Yes yes!''

''I heard it's gonna be a girl!''

''Really! I hope she's cute!''

''Oiiii! What's on?!'' Arisa screamed from the top of her lungs. She was truly unnerved by how noisy they got. No one practically for Nanoha's disappearance two days ago. They had the time of their life and that angered the blond foreigner more than anything.

''Ah Bannings. A teacher said that we'll get a new transfer student. And it's probably a girl!''

Nanoha quietly made her way to her seat in the far corner of the classroom.

No one bothered greeting her.

What reason had they to?

Suzuka wanted to go with her but she had to stop her girlfriend from screaming into the class/killing their annoying classmates.

Nanoha just sat there in her seat, drawing doodles on a piece of paper.

Her gaze was hollow.

Fate left without saying a word 'Why did she leave me? Did she feel bad about yesterday? Were her feelings just-…'

''Attention please!'' the teacher was entering the classroom, she had a stern look which indicated that whatever she wanted to talk about was important. 'As if that mattered right now' Nanoha thought concentrating on her drawings once more.

''As you have already heard slash known, today we get a new student. Please be polite to her, yes it's a 'girl'!'' the boys howled ''Let me finish.'' they became silent ''As I tried to say before you interrupted me, the student we're getting today is slightly older than you. She wanted to continue off where she stopped in High School…apparently she had to stop her education due to family issues…Please try to be gently to her.'' she turner towards the room door ''Transferee please feel free to enter!''

The entrance door at the front of the class opened and loud prideful steps were echoing to the front of the class.

Arisa's and Suzuka's jaws dropped.

The clacking of the chalk on the board was loud and the thud following caught Nanoha's attention.

Her eyes widened when she heard that voice ''Hello, my name is Fate Testarossa, i am 21 year old and…'' she heard soft steps approaching her, whispers of wondering filled the air…She knew she stood before her.

She knew that she had to look up.

She knew, that from this point on everything would change…

Two warm fingers lifted her chin…soft ruby orbs locked with her amethyst ones.

A soft brush of lips followed.

The blond grabbed Nanoha's shoulder and pressed her to her side while standing, stating:

''This is my soon-to-be wife!''

The blond clad in…a black…gakuran, a boys uniform with matching gloves, said…

'Wait! Why's she wearing a gakuran? AND HOW DOES IT EVEN LOOK SO GOOD ON HER!?'

At that including Nanoha, the teacher and Yuuno who was stepping into the classroom, had their jaws dropping down onto the ground.

Then all of them except Arisa and Suzuka turned around, facing the teacher once more. At that reaction Fate could only blink ''Well Ah'll certainly 'xpected ta get a different reaction.'' she said still holding Nanoha, but she noticed how tense the girl in her arms felt.


''Tsk another dyke, huh?''

Her eyes darkened.

The words came from boy who sat on the third seat in the second middle row.

She let go of Nanoha, who immediately sat down and moved back to the chalkboard. Noticing that everyone in class avoided looking at her. When she stood beside the teacher again, she noticed the male blond standing in the doorway.

His gaze was void of any emotions…worse he looked as if he was about to attack her 'Guess someone is set on making life for my dear even more complicated.'she smiled a maniacle smile, her eyes nowhere in sight for her new classmates…

''Let me tell you something.''

The class focused their attention on the blond staying before them, her female voice devoid any humanity. The raw blood thirst carving out of her mouth shocked the teacher as well as Yuuno.

'That woman is not normal!' both thought simultaneously shrugging away from that raw bestiality.

''Let me tell you something'' she repeated feeling everyone in the was caught in her speech.

''Currently on this planet around 20 percent of the human population is known to be homosexual, but the number could or better is much higher. Do you know why?'' she spread her long arms showing how broad her shoulders actually were ''I tell you why. Because'' she moved to the boy who earlier said the insult ''there exist human who won't acknowledge the existence of homosexuals, either because they think it's unnatural or simply because they are afraid of changes!'' he shrinked into his seat, feeling unable to say or do anything against the intimidating woman.

''And because of that thinking and spouting of nonsense people who are confused of their sexuality begin to think that way or are unable to have normal slash healthy relationships or what's worse…they hide their true selves! But there is no such thing as 'unnatural' or 'against nature'. Because in nature homosexual interactions are even more present then in our society.''

Fate moved back to the front, the faces of her classmates were priceless…but her little lecture wasn't over ''There are certainly cases in nature were homosexuality in required.''

Everyone looked shocked at her ''Male apes when they are young jump on one another, practicing and pleasuring each other…even thought they reproduce naturally through male-female interaction, most of the time their occupied with eating or doing it with each other…but that doesn't mean that the females wouldn't do something similar.

They pleasure themselves by rubbing their clitorises together-which I have to say is pretty bold- but apes aren't the only ones who involve themselves into those activities! dolphins, more specific bottlenose dolphins and amazon dolphins – yes female dolphins use a similar action for sexual release and a few years ago two male penguins adopted an abandoned egg and raised it! Other examples are: Black Swans, pigeons, the American bison, elephants, giraffes, lions, the Japanese macaque, polecat, lizards and most commonly known as the only species on this planet that prefers homosexual interaction over the normal breeding process, the ram…or sheep in general.

Well that's it for the biological part.'' she took long and deep breaths, still smiling from seeing all the shocked faces.

Even the teacher was dumbfounded and her jaw began to stagger ''B-Bu-Bu-''

''And if you want to talk about the religious aspect, then I'm more than certain that this is were the main problems lays!'' the blond smirked once more:

''As you certainly know, in religion male always take a big role- but why should I begin there? - Well people always say that homosexuality is against the bible or other holy books…well mostly the Koran…but that is only true in case of males…''

Some boys began to sweat visibly, the boy she intimidated too '' the bible or any other holy writing says that love between man is dirty, but it is not exactly written that love between woman is dirty…a legitimate priest of the church of Rome and at least five other high priests of different religions, except the a certain other one, have officially stated in official interviews that love between woman is accepted slash tolerated…

I feel bad for the gay thought.'' she finished just as the door closed, Fate looked over to the door, but the bespectacled boy was nowhere in sight.

She sighted while finishing ''Actually what's so bad about homosexuality? It's just as much part in nature an' religion as anything else! Denying won't change a damn thing. If you still have problems or questions to that topic, feel free to ask me!''

It was silent.

No one moved.

Fate frowned 'Maybe that was too much'



Suzuka the violet haired girl was clapping with enormous vigor.

Then another, her girlfriend Arisa.

Then more and more.

And before she could blink, everyone around Nanoha was applauding the blond.

Except their teacher, who was crawling at the far corner of the room, mumbling unintelligent things.

Nanoha looked around, clapping students, stunned or smiling faces, but she wanted to see those eyes again…

Yes those burgundy eyes only directed at her…

…With all those feelings she couldn't understand yet…

Their eyes met, she was smiling, she was baffled, both felt…


''Na-no-ha!'' a blond haired man was walking in his green tux through the corridors ''This is not over!'' and disappeared behind the next corner.

To be continued…

I want to make something clear:

Fate loves long speeches!

She loves them so much that it became her not so secret hobby, which annoys her political enemies as well as allies!

But what makes it a fun to write these long text walls is that I can write down everything I gathered information about in my whole life XD