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[Fanfic] Ghost Lover

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“…chan. Fate-chan. Fate-chan wake up! It’s morning!” a voice called out to the sleeping girl that hid under the covers of her worm bed.
She moved around a bit under the covers and slowly got up, yawning as she stretched, trying to get rid of the drowsiness. “Morning Nanoha.”
“Mou, Fate-chan, you sleepy head, you’re going to be late for school if you don’t hurry!”
Fate looked over at her clock and noticed the time. It was 15 minutes before school started. “Ah! You’re right! I better hurry!”
She fully awoke now and rushed to get ready for school, getting dressed in her uniform and getting a piece of toast to eat before dashing out the door on her way to school with the girl known as Nanoha flying next to her. That’s right, flying. Nanoha is a ghost that’s been with Fate who is the only one that can see or hear the ghostly girl. When she first appeared before Fate, it was when she had awoken in a hospital bed after having been in the middle of a plane crash and was the only fortunate survivor. Since then, she had gotten used to having the girl around all the time. People tended to tease Fate whenever they found her talking to what seemed to be nobody, but she had gotten used to it and didn’t really mind at all, although Nanoha seemed to worry that it was affecting the girl, but she just wasn’t showing it.
“Ah, the gate’s closing!” Fate started running faster as the entrance gate to her school slowly closed and she just barely made it through in time. She gave a sigh of relief and resumed her way to class, but at a calmer pace now.
“Looks like you made it in time.” Nanoha floated next to Fate with a chipper expression, fazing through any people she happened to bump into.
“Yeah, it looks like I did.” She put on her shoes before heading into the school building and going to her classroom. Once inside, she went to her desk and put her stuff down to find something in her desk. It was a letter without a name on it. Probably a love letter. She got plenty of them seeing as she was one of the most popular girls in the school, but that was because nobody had found out about her ghostly friend yet. She opened up the letter thinking it was just your typical school boy crush to find something different. There were just a few words written down saying, “I know your secret and I can help.”

A/N: This was just some random thought that came to mind when I was watching the anime Asura Cryin. I have no idea where I'm going with this, so it would be very helpful if all of you tell me what you think. It would also help if all of you tell me what you think what should happen next as I can't really think of a definitive plot for this. Thanks for your time. ^^

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Ohhh! Nanoha's a ghost! thats new ^ ^ I think thins will be a very interesting fanfic and I can't wait to read what will happen next XD

I think that Fate's going to fall in love with the ghostly Nanoha, and then try to find away to bring Nanoha back from the afterlife. I think thats a good plot to do, but thats just my idea ^ ^

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A ghost story ? Nice idea, it has plenty of comedy and romance potential !

I picture Hayate as a crazy medium, doing all sort of crazy and silly rituals. :3

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N~ice starting, a Casper-like story? yea! I know nothing about Asura Cryin. But, how bout some shaman-Hayate, a comatose/soul wonder Nanoha and a clumsy-Fate. But every story must have a plot/goal, maybe trying to help Nanoha regain consciousness in a hidden/mystery cases..?

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Thanks for the comments everyone! ^^
They're very much appreciated and I will take all of them into consideration when I work on this some more.

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Good chapter!
I wonder if the person that wrote the letter is Hayate *.*
I remember that some time ago I read a manga similar to the fic, the girl fell in love with the ghost girl that she used to see, it was cute.
Please, update soon!

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Good job Kyureki! This fic looks interesting, I think it has a lot of potential for romance, drama or even comedy. It reminds me of "Ginban Kaleidoscope", a manga/anime that deals with the same subject. If you want to go for the romance route and give Nanoha and Fate a good end, probably you would want to give Nanoha a physical body too, maybe you can make something like what they did in Kanon.

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I'm actually using all of that stuff for referances already, but thanks. ^^
And I'll try to update as soon as I can. It might take a while though since my break from school is almost over. D:

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great chapter!!! can't wait for more!!! I wouldn't mind having a ghost Nanoha (or Fate) hanging around me

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remind me of the manga I've long forgotten...
Honey Crush Manga I think..