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...Impeccable. Whenever angst fanfictions come across me, I can never get dissatisfied with. It always takes it to the heart, and as far as you know, someone may be even experiencing things like this. And honestly, if only that person knows how much I adore him/her. Wonderful job, White.

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This is so... yeah sweet, I think it's hard when people don't realise that you always look at them. This feeling of being ignored sometimes. It's just amazing how you write, I trully love your story, keep updating this please white. \(^.^)/

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what a great little story, i love fluffy stuff, keep up the good work

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This is a very sweet story...why can't NanoFate be canon? Anyways good job off-White-Devil, can't wait for more!

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ForceSix wrote:
This is a very sweet story...why can't NanoFate be canon

Why would anyone call it not canon? Did you miss something? =/

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Agreed with Nanoha-sama. Affections that are kept inside, but may not really inform out loud. :[ The fanfiction's beautiful. (Off topic: Hahahahaha! You put the Vita's phrase on your signature, and you'd always say that in the chat!! It always makes my day when you nickname yourself Vita...LOLOLOL!!

P.S. To me, it's funny. :P)

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truly, this is sweet story.

but looking forward to invincible new chapter soon.

thanks for this story!

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Dawww how sweet...I like it :)

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-cries- Sadly beautiful. : [

Goodness, wonderful job, Off-White. Love it! : )

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Great Story, thank you for sharing it. :)

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are you going to update Invincible?

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my heart, you have touched

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SWEET! thanks for the awesome story!