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[Fanfic] Just Like Fate

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Spoiler: Just Like Fate
Just Like Fate

A slice of life story about two girls living together without a care in the world…

By Jokulhaup

Disclaimer: This author, Jokulhaup, claims ownership of none of the assorted media presented in his stories, they are the works of their respective creators. He is also not profiting in any way beyond mental satisfaction at expanding on an interesting idea.

~ Oneshot – Just Like Fate ~

It was just like Fate to bring home a stray animal.

In fact, if I hadn't known any better, I'd have thought she'd been out looking for the thing. But of course, she'd swear otherwise, and beg me with those burning crimson eyes of hers, which she knew bent all my heartstrings the right way, that we keep it until it stopped raining.

Or until it got warmer.

Or until its leg healed.

And then, she'd thrust the thing in my face, and of course all the sweetest little creatures would look at me and finish what Fate's laughing and pretty face had started: my acceptance.

It was just like Fate to make me feel all fuzzy inside with her spontaneity.

And yet, from looking at her at first glance, she didn't seem the kind to give a care. She lounged about when she wasn't working. She seemed to get everything without effort –she was no simpleton—, and she only complied to my demands if I asked her many times.

I saw her that day, however, running towards the door, bent over something she'd hidden in her jacket to protect it from the rain, and I knew. She'd found another one.

She opened the door, and I could hear her mumbling something under her breath. I could also tell she was smiling cheerfully as she spoke to whatever it is she'd found. When she came into view, I had already put my magazine down and was looking at her like a mother about to scold a child. She looked up then and grinned happily.

I could have sworn she knew what effect that had on me. It was a cruel way to get me. Especially since her golden blonde hair, wet and matted, sticking to her forehead and the water dripping from her clothes and the almost sexy smile that played on her handsome features only accentuated the fact that Fate, of all the young people I knew, looked particularly fine.
"Nanoha," she started, coming towards me after clumsily slipping out of her shoes, "I know what you're going to say." She fell to her knees in front of me, still holding onto the small creature in the crook of her arm. I crossed my arms, but I had already melted. But she didn't have to know that. "But you have to see it. It looked so cold and wet behind those crates, I couldn't leave it there!"

And Fate showed me, finally, what it was that had caught her attention.

I couldn't help it. I smiled.

It was just like Fate to find adorable creatures.

The puppy was young. It was small. Its reddish orange fur was wet, but it looked healthy. It was rolled comfortably in Fate's strong arms, tail curled and paws playing with one of Fate's coat zippers. Its eyes, dark blue, were entranced by the game.

I reached out to stroke it, almost envying its position. Fate grinned up at me, and I couldn't help but notice again.

God, my housemate was good-looking.

"I take it," Fate said with no small amount of amusement, "that you're willing to keep it for now?"

I sighed. "I can't stop you, now, can I?"

"Of course not. I'm so strong and perfect, you'd never stand a chance," she said, standing again and walking towards the small kitchen.

“I think I’ll name her Arf.”

She put the puppy on the floor, and it followed her adoringly as Fate shrugged her coat off and hung it up on a hook.

I wish I was a puppy.

"Hey, Nana-chan?" I love it when she calls me that. But she's not supposed to know it.

"What, Fayfay-chan?"

I saw her look out the kitchen doorway with a scowl. She shot me a childish glare. "Not that again."

I laughed. "Wanna know how many messages Teana left for you today, Fayfay-chan?"

"Not really." She had returned into the kitchen and I could hear her looking around for the bowl and tuna we always had extra cans of. Fate's fancies were quite regular. "But say it anyway."

I looked at the answering machine. The number glowed, ominously bright on the tiny display screen. "Twenty-three. And that's not counting the two that actually said something halfway through relevant."

"Twenty-five messages!" Fate was, I could hear, astonished. "What is wrong with that woman?"

I didn't answer her. If I hadn't shared a house with her already, I may have been as insisting as she was. Despite how insane, frightening or psychotic that may seem.
So instead, I said, "How was your day?"

She re-emerged from the kitchen, eating crackers right out of the box. Shrugging, she finished her bite before saying, "It was fine. Professor Graham saw me drawing on my pad again and was shocked."


At this, Fate grinned again, popping another cracker into her mouth. "But since I'm his top student, he took it as a compliment. He probably thought it was because he was so inspiring or something."

It was just like Fate to be lucky and well-liked.

"I envy you," I mumbled. "If a teacher ever saw me doodling, they'd be insulted."

"Heh, as I already established," Fate shrugged and fell heavily beside me on the couch, making the couch give way and me fall a bit towards her, "I'm perfect."

I know.

"Wow, thank God your head isn't too big. We'd have to enlarge the doorways," I said, as wryly as I could manage under the circumstances. She'd moved so she was lying with her head in my lap. Her hair was practically begging for me to run my fingers through it.

And damn the warm feeling all over.

"I know. My head is the exact perfect size," Fate joked, eyes closed. She was grinning again. "As is every other part of my anatomy."

"That is too much information, Fate." Dear hell no, it wasn't too much. From what I'd seen, she was right. I had missed seeing every single part of her by little, but if the rest of her was to be judged, she was absolutely right. Though she probably thought it a joke, it was fact.

Ooh, Teana would be so jealous. She was currently loosening the top buttons of her blouse. I got a glimpse of the milky skin there.

Why was it so hot in here?

"How was your day?" Fate asked, finally stopping all movement and calmly waiting for my response.

"Fine. I only had chemistry today, so I came home pretty early."

Fate smirked. "Want me to help you review your chemistry?"

The way she said it almost made me shiver. But if I had, I knew she'd notice. So I tensed for a second; and gave her a small punch.


"Well, seriously. What have you been up to?"

"I spoke with Caro."

"She's still pining after Erio, I presume?"

I laughed. "Yeah."

We lapsed into silence. I, because I'd remembered of the last time we'd spoken about people's love lives, Fate had been half-naked, dripping from her shower, rivulets of water trailing over her curves and quite literally looking steamy hot.

It was just like Fate to not realize how delicious she looked with only a towel wrapped around her body. We'd spoken for barely two minutes before she realized where my gaze kept returning—her luscious breasts—and she hastened to retreat. To my chagrin.

But right now, well, I suspected Fate's silence was due to the fact that she'd fallen asleep. At least, she looked like it.

Which was why I nearly jumped a foot high when she spoke again.

"I like this person."

Dread suddenly filled my gut like a flood in a street. Oh God. No.

"Oh?" I hoped I hadn't sounded too strangled.

"They’re really great, and sexy and smart and funny, but I think they think I'm a dork."

Oh God. My stomach was twisting inside of me. It was a miracle I still had enough breath to talk, or rather, choke out my next words.

"Why would he think that?"

Fate shrugged. Her eyes were closed. I couldn't gauge her feelings, but at least she couldn't see my distress.

"Because I turn into a dork whenever they’re around."

All my hopes shattered. I was not sexy, not right now, at least, in sweat pants and tee, nor was I smart—at least, not compared to her, the local genius—, nor was I funny, not the subtle and/or sarcastic and/or suggestive way she was. Fate certainly did not turn into a dork when she was with me.

And above all, we were both women.


Wait. Not good. I said 'oh?' twice. Not good. Can't do it again. Can't, or will kill self on spot.

"I don't know if I should tell them."

I didn't know if I wanted her to either.

"Why wouldn't you?" I said instead. "I mean, you're cute…" No, BEAUTIFUL, SEXY! "… You're funny. You're brilliant. Why would he think you're a dork?"

Fate laughed, but it was not humored. "I keep doing all these dorky things. I give them stupid pet names—"

Pet names? Okay. That's it. I'm definitely killing myself.

"—and I always make these lame jokes around them, without any form of that so-called brilliance—"

Why, oh why, was this happening to me?

"—and I always—… No, never mind."

"Go on." Oh my god, what was wrong with me? Was I masochistic or something?

"No, this is really the worst."

"Fate." Why was I insisting? This was so bad. It stung so much.

She opened her eyes, and I gave her the best no-nonsense look I could manage with no stomach, shards of my heart exploding inside my chest and all the blood twirling in my head.

"You can tell me." Maybe it was best if I just made sure. I had to know. "Who is he?"

She was silent so long I thought she was considering the best way to tell me off. What if she liked Chrono?

Oh no. I would DIE if she loved Chrono. Chrono was just about the worst, right after Jail Scaglietti, the psycho stalker science freak.

But what if, instead, she liked Vice? Or Griffith?

Or Yuuno?

Oh no. It was Yuuno. I was sure of it. Yuuno was everything she'd said. Sexy, smart, funny. Every girl had had, at least once, a fantasy about Yuuno.

But had Fate fallen for him as well?

Oh no. Oh no, this was so not funny.

It would be so like Fate to aim for the ideal guy and actually get him.

"I can't tell you who they are," Fate mumbled, going red in the face.

I had never seen Fate blush before. This was bad.

She wouldn't tell me because Yuuno was my friend. She was probably concerned that I would spill the beans.

My eyes prickled. I stared ahead, hard, taking deep breaths as calmly as I could. Oh man, my insides were crushed and were bleeding liquid pain.

Not cool.

"Why not?" Couldn't she just get my torment over with?

Fate looked up at me and noticed that I was not feeling well. She sat up suddenly.

She reached out to touch my cheek worriedly. That was all it took. My tears came right out, though I didn't break down in sobs, thank God.

"Why are you crying?" She looked the picture of concern.

I smiled the best I could and said, my voice wavering. "It's nothing, I'm just emotional. Huh. You're all grown-up now."

She didn't look convinced, and furrowed a suspicious brow. I looked down at my lap.

"Nanoha." This time, she was the one using the no-nonsense tone. Oh no.

"It's just," I said, my voice breaking, "I thought you trusted me and now—now you don't feel I'm able to keep your secrets and—"

"Nanoha," Fate interrupted, "Nanoha, look at me."

I obeyed, but it was just because of her abnormally soft tone. She was completely serious.

"Nanoha, if I told you," she took a shuddering breath, "it would be like telling them."

"But I can keep a secret, God, Fate, you can trust me! I won't say a thing! I—"

"You wouldn't have to," Fate interrupted me. Her eyes were hard, pressing, as though she was trying to get me to think. "You wouldn't have to, because if I told you, they would know instantly."

"But how is that even possible? Are you implying that I can't keep a secret for—"

"You know what?" Fate said with annoyance, but also, and this I was sure, certain amusement, "Maybe I was wrong. Maybe she's not that smart after all."

And she winked at me.

Suddenly, my heart started beating. Wildly. Painfully. Rapidly.

I felt all the blood that had drained from my face return to it with reinforcements.


It was just like Fate to smile now, embarrassed and looking amused at the same time.

"I have this dorky habit of taking home stray animals."

Then, the most astonishing thing happened.

All in a fraction of a second, Fate leant over, brushed my hair aside, put a knee between my legs so she didn't fall, brought her hands up to cup my face, and pressed her lips to mine.

And it felt good.

So good, in fact, that I realized that if I didn't get away from there very soon, I'd lose it.

Or find out that every perfect part of Fate's anatomy was enjoying the kiss as much as I was.

This was, of course, a lot.

"Fate…" Was that a moan? On my part?

"God, Nanoha," Fate mumbled as she started trailing kisses down my throat. Oh God. Oh God, this was good.

"Fate, we have to stop." Ooh, major heartbreak right there.

She raised her face, and her eyes were dark. She frowned, sexily, looking like she'd just awoken from a night of passion. "What…?" She mumbled, voice raspy.

"We have to stop." She'd managed to make me breathless. A feat surely, considering the fact that I was quite in shape.

"Why?" Her eyes started looking worried, as though she'd started doubting my feelings.

"Because we’re both women," I said, trying to catch my breath, "and I haven’t told you exactly how I feel."

"Which would be?" Fate pressed, uncertainly. She looked so adorable then, and I remembered she was the same girl who took care of stray animals like the one currently feasting in our kitchen, the girl who helped me with my studies, who looked so hot no matter what she wore or didn't wear…

So what was wrong with me that I'd interrupt our kiss? What was wrong with telling her I loved her?

I blinked. Alright.

"You know what? Never mind."

And I brought her face down and kissed her. She seemed to find this satisfactory.

It was just like Fate to make me fall in love.

Spoiler: Notes
So this is the fluffier one-shot I promised in NanoFate Chat that I'd be writing.
Something to counterbalance the angst in Endymion.
I hope you enjoy it.

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Just Like Fate

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"It was just like you to come with a story this good",ne senpai?

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Sempai, eh?
Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Just Like Fate

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Aww...a nice fluffy story, nice work ! :3

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Nicely d-done Jokul > v < b

I-I enjoyed reading that story ehe <3

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@_@; All my fluff energies make me want to headdesk @_@ Where'd you get the energy to write this?

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My heart melted at the fluff of this. Really like nanoha's inner comments hahahaha, very enjoyable xDD

Thanks for writing! and why isnt there any 'Like' button here?
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Jok you made me really happy right now, best story I've read. I do enjoy ze fluffeh.

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Lolol. Well, I cranked it out ASAP just for ya so it's a good thing you enjoyed it. :3

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Just Like Fate

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Awwww loved it!!!
Buuut I still haven't read the notes...

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Sweet!! Love it!!