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[Fanfic] Lost but Found Again

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ooh so there is another chapter?? and i thought it ended like that in fanfic.

but cool, please update soon!


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Yeah there is another chapter. I actually started the last chapter 2 weeks ago, but since I'm at school's been hard to focus on the story. But I will complete it within the next 2 days.

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Final chapter Lost But found again

Lost but Found Again
Chapter 10
It was the championship game and Fate’s soccer team had managed to make it. I was sitting in the fortieth row from the front, waiting for the most anticipated game to begin.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, the game you’ve been waiting for is about to begin. You all know them as the undefeated amazons of soccer. They have been kicking butt throughout the whole season and are ready to do the same today. Here’s your Los Angeles Warriors”
Everyone began screaming as the Fate’s team came running out on the field. I was looking for Fate of course and when I saw her on the big screen, I was shouting her name out just like everyone else started doing.
Fate’s face was determined. It was like she tuned everything else and was only focused on winning the game. As I watched her on the screen, I saw her take out the necklace that I gave her and kissed it. I remember her saying she did it in the letters she gave me, but I didn’t know that she still did it. It warmed my heart just seeing her do it.
The game was just crazy. Well in my opinion it was. The other team was really up on their game today. They were blocking, stealing the ball and everything. And I was cussing like some maniac because they were causing so much trouble to Fate.
It was the last quarter and there was only fifteen seconds on the clock. Both teams had managed to keep the other at one point and I was getting a bit anxious at how this was going to go, but I had faith that Fate would kick ass.
The ref blew the whistle signaling Fate’s teammate to throw the ball from her position on the sidelines. Another one of Fate’s teammates got it and started making her way down field. Just as she was about to maneuver around the opponent, the opponent kicked it from her grasp and headed the opposite way.
The crowd started booing and carrying on, but I think I was the loudest one. The opponent was almost towards the goal, when out of nowhere, Fate stole the ball from her and when running down the field with speed I never knew existed. No one could catch up to her and when she made it to mid field, it was only five seconds on the clock.
I was praying hard and had my fingers crossed. I wanted Fate’s team to win so badly, but time and the goalie was the only problem. I was about to fall off my seat. Fate was almost to the goal and there was only two seconds left.
Please let Fate kick it in.
Please let Fate kick it in.
Fate kicks it and the whole crowd goes silent. It was as if time had slowed down as the ball made its way towards the goal. The goalie jumped sideways in an attempt to block the ball from going in.
The crowd goes wild. Everyone started jumping up and down in joy, screaming at the top of their lungs….maybe that was just me. I could see Fate falling to her knees with her hands reach to the sky before her other teammates jumped on her pulling her to the ground. I had never been so proud in my life. Fate had scored the winning kick and I was so happy that I could finally share a special moment like this with her. And I couldn’t help the tears that came from my eyes. The big screen that had been showing the instant replay of Fate’s kick was now replaced with a sweating Fate and a sports interviewer.
“Congratulations Ms. Testarossa on your big win”
“Thank you” Fate replied still a little breathless.
“What was going on through your mind? You guys only had fifteen seconds to score. It must’ve been very nerve wrecking”
“Yes it was nerve wrecking Bob, but I had faith in my team and in myself and I was confident that our team was going to pull through and we did. I’m overjoyed”
“Congratulations again Ms. Testarossa”
Just as the interviewer was about the leave, Fate pulled him back and whispered something in his ear. I could see him nodding on the screen and he then passed Fate the microphone he had in his hand. My left eyebrow slowly rose. What is she doing?
“Nanoha?” she says trying to search the crowd for me. “I wish you would have sat in the front like I asked. It would have made this so much easier. Where are you?”
“I’m here!!!” I yelled waving my arms crazily trying to get her attention.
“Nanoha?” I could see her squinting her eyes trying to make sure that it was me. “There you are”
Unexpectedly, my face appeared in split screen fashion beside Fate. I was a little embarrassed.
“Nanoha thanks for being here at my game today. It made me happy to know that you were here and I won it just for you”
The crowd started chanting “Aw and ohs” and I started blushing and what made it worse was that everyone could see me blushing.
“I love you so much that I want to scream it so that everyone knows that I do. I’M IN LOVE WITH NANOHA!!” she screamed into the microphone as the crowd cheered. Fate always knew how to embarrass me, but I was embarrassed in a good way. She just shouted her love for me to everyone without a care in the word and I couldn’t help but feel happy and proud to be with Fate as well.
“I love you so much Nanoha that I’m willing to do this”
Fate gets down on one knee, digs in her knee length black sock and pulls out a ring. My hand covers my mouth in surprise. I definitely wasn’t expecting this.
“I don’t care what people think about me Nanoha. I’m willing to profess my love to you in front of everyone here and on National television because of the love that I have in my heart for you. We’ve been through a lot….not that we had control over that anyway, but we do now and I don’t want to be with anyone else, but you Nanoha Takamachi”
Tears were spilling from my eyes. I was shocked, I was blushing hard, but I was happy….Fate made me happy and before she asked me that final question, I already had my answer….I had the answer ever since we met.
Taking a shaky breathe, she continued, “Nanoha, will you be my wife?”
“Yes” I cried.
“What was that Nanoha?”
“Yes” I cried again
“You’re too far Nanoha. I can’t hear you”
“SHE SAID YES” the crowd screamed.
Fate smiled that smile that captivated my heart all those years ago. I could see she was crying as she dropped the microphone and began running towards me. I began running down the steps as she began to run up. When we reached each other, I jumped in her arms as we shared a tender kiss. I could hear the crowd cheering in the background, but all I could focus on were the arms that held me tightly. When we pulled back, she looked at me lovingly with that angelic smile on her face.
“I love you Nanoha”
“I love you to Fate”
We connected the hearts that was around our necks to finally show we were….. finally together.
I was standing in front for the mirror. I looked myself over again. My white dress was strapless, showing my shoulders and flowed down to my feet. It was beautiful…..I would be beautiful for Fate.
I couldn’t help, but feel giddy inside. I mean, it was finally happening. I was finally getting married to the woman that I loved with all of my being. Everything leading to the moment was necessary and even though most of it was traumatic, I know that if we didn’t go through it then our love wouldn’t be as strong as it is today.
“You seem very happy” my mom came up behind me and embraced me.
“I am happy”
“I’m so happy that you feel that way Nanoha. I’m so proud of you and Fate. I know that you’ll be in good hands”
“Thanks mom” I said turning around to embrace her fully. We both ended up crying a little. “You’ve made me mess up my makeup with your words” I giggled.
“I’m sorry honey, but I love you so I couldn’t help it”
“I love you too mom”
“Okay, let’s stop with this mushy stuff or your makeup will be completely ruined. Besides, it’s almost time so let’s get the veil on”
I agreed with her and allowed her to place the white veil on stop of my head. Once finished, she pulled it over my face.
“There” she steps back and instantly a smile comes to her face. “You’re so beautiful Nanoha”
“Thanks mom”
Just then, the wedding music began.
“I guess it’s time to go Nanoha. I’ll be up front” she hugs me once more before exiting.
The time has come and there was no way that I was backing out of this. Fate would be stuck with me forever and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Taking a deep breath, I made my way to the door and entered the hallway that would lead me to the church. As I was walking, I couldn’t help but smile at the memories that Fate and I shared which led up to this point. After all the pain that we’ve been through, we can fully be happy. There was no father that could tear up apart. There was no Yunno to interfere. It was just us….Fate and I and our love.
I arrived at the door that would lead me to Fate. I nodded towards the door men, signaling that I was ready. I was more than ready.
When the doors opened, everyone stood from their seats with smiles plastered on their faces. But the only smile I could see was Fate’s. Fate….was simply beautiful in her black tux, hair flowing like the Goddess that she was. And that smile. That beautiful smile made me weak at the knees with every step I took towards the alter.
In the first row were my mom and Precia, already crying their eyes out. I stopped just before the alter. My mom and Precia came over to me together. My mom pulled the veil over my head, finally revealing myself to everyone. She kissed me on the cheek and whispered that she loved me and I gave her a wink. Precia kissed me as well and gave me a smile before sitting with my mom.
I turned back towards the alter to my bride to be. That mesmerizing smile never leaving her angelic features. She steps down holding her hand out to me and I softly put my hand in hers. I realized then that our hands perfectly fit each other’s.
“You look beautiful” Fate whispered as we were side by side in front of the priest.
“So are you” I winked and she blushed before we turned our attention to the priest.
“We are gathered here today to join these two wonderful and beautiful women in marriage. I’ve married many people, but these two, I’ve never seen love purer than what they have together. And so I’m very proud to be marrying them”
Father Chrono smiles a quick smile at Fate and I before he continues.
“Before we go any further, this would be the time where if there are any objections to this beautiful marriage, then speak them now or forever hold your peace”
There was silence and it made me happy. All the people that were in attendance at our wedding were all those that loved us and wanted us to get married. There was no Yunno and my father wasn’t here either to mess this up for me. There would be no objections today, so I was so overjoyed at the moment.
I could feel a soft hand grab my own and I looked up to see Fate smiling that smile I loved, before she raised my hand and kissed it softly. I couldn’t help, but smile at the gesture. It warmed my heart.
“Since there are no objections, these two lovely ladies prepared their own vows” and he gestured for us to start.
Fate and I turned to face each other and held each other’s hands. She softly caressed my hands as she began her vows to me.
“Nanoha” she takes a deep breath. “I’ve been trying to find the words that could compare to how much you mean to me, but I could find none. I think back to when we were teenagers and when I met you, my world was changed forever. Since that day, you were my sunshine Nanoha.
I was so happy. Fate’s words had meant so much to me that I began to cry. How could I not? The love of my life was pouring her heart out to me and I loved her even more for it. She brought her hand up to my cheek and wiped my tears away. She lovingly caressed my cheek as she continued her vows.
“Your eyes sparkled like the stars, your laugh brought joy to my heart and the way that you would look at me Nanoha, my heart would melt every time. I wanted you to look at me like that forever. I felt like I would die happy with you just looking at me with those sparkling blue gems” Fate removed her hand from my cheek and hung her head low. “Until you were taken away from me”
Fate lifted her head back up and I could see that tears were falling from her eyes. It pained me to see that. She was reliving those harsh times again and I hated that she was.
I gently cupped her cheeks before placing a soft kiss on her lips. She calmed down a little, but continued in a shaky voice.
“I…I had never felt so alone. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep. I wasn’t the same without you” her somber voice turned into a cheerful one and she smiled. “But those days are over now and I have my sunshine back. I’ll never hurt you Nanoha. I just want to see your eyes sparkle and I want to be the cause of it. I love you baby”
“I love you too” She then kisses my hands.
“Nanoha you may go” Father Chrono said.
I couldn’t suppress my smile. I was still in my head over heels mood after what Fate said. But I was happy because I was about to let Fate know how much I love her.
“I remember when we first met. I was walking down the hall and some jerk ran into me and knocked my books out of my hands. I didn’t look at you at first as you helped me pick them up, but when you accidently touched my hand and I saw those eyes, I finally knew what love meant. You were always blushing that cute blush I love every time you would convey your feelings. I know you hated that you did it, but it was one of the things that I loved about you. You were always so loving and made me feel special. I had longed for the times when you would hold me in your arms. I felt so at peace in those moments. It was like nothing could break me when I was with you. And when I thought I lost you, my world came crashing to a halt. Life seemed meaningless. And as much as I tried to be without you, it wasn’t the same because no one made my heart melt like you did. No one smiled at me and made me feel warm. And no one loved me like you did”
More tears descended from Fate’s beautiful eyes. I brought my hand up, whipping the tears away.
“But here we are Fate. We’re getting married. I vow to you that I will protect this love that we have and I promise you that I will never ever that someone take you away from me again”
Fate and I shared a loving smile before we turned back to the priest. I was surprised that he was wiping his eyes. I also heard a lot of sniffling behind me and when I turned around, everyone had tissues to their eyes. I guess our vows were really powerful.
“With their vows stated, the rings please”
I turned to get the ring from my sister and Fate got it from my brother. We both grabbed each other’s left hand and placed the ring on. Fate and I were so giddy at the moment. It was almost time. We would be wife and wife soon.
“With the power vested in me, I now pronounce you wife and wife. You may now kiss your bride”
And with that said, I wrapped my arms around Fate’s neck and placed her in a gentle kiss. The ravishing would come later.
We turned to our audience while they cheered for us. We hopped the broom and made our way out of the church. Once outside, the snow began to fall. It made me think back to what Fate said in one of her letters.
I promised you that one day…..that one day I would marry you under the snow we love so much.
A smile came to my lips.
“I kept my promise to you Nanoha” Fate whispered in my ear.
“You sure did” I gently pulled on the tie she was wearing. Her face was less than an inch away from mine. “I love you Fate”
“I love you too Nanoha”
And we kissed under the snow that we loved.

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Aaawww, it's a nice end to a nice story, they finally get their marriage under the snow. Now, they can truly be happy for the rest of their lives. :3

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what a fun read!

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Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it :)

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i enjoy this very much. many thanks to you sam-chan89!