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[Fanfic] Lyrical Materials: Another Story

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Been a very~ long time since I log in, I think its almost a year. Here is a fanfic about the Materials. To those who don't know who they are, they are the characters from Nanoha PSP game: Battle of the Aces.

Lyrical Materials: Another Story


Material-L a.k.a Raijin no Shuugekisha grunted as she slowly sat up from her position. Her head still hurts from the impact the white mage had on her. Even with a headache, she felt angry and irritating of losing too early for her own good. She wanted to have more fun outside the world but she was sent right back into the Book of Darkness. Strangely she didn’t disappear.

Before she could do anything more, a voice caught her attention.

“Finally awake? You slept like a rock Material-L.”

Material-L look around to find Material-D, a haughty and arrogant girl staring down at her. Material-L pouted, she felt her irritation grew at the sight of Material-D whose real name is Yami Suberu Ou.

“You lost too.” Material-L stood up and looked around the white room.

“Hmph, I was being outnumbered. I can’t believe I lost to those useless peasants.” Material-D crossed her arms and look away.

“Right~ and you call yourself Lord of Darkness.” Material-L snickered.

“Shut up! You lost too in a pathetic way!” Material-D snapped.

“Why you-”

“Enough.” The sudden commanding voice stopped the two. They looked towards the source of the voice, a girl with short brown hair and emotionless blue eyes came into view. It was Material-S, Seikou no Senmetsusha.

“Oh~ Seikou-chan you’re here!” Material-L suddenly turns child-like and proceeded to glomp Material-S while Material-D sighed.

“If you’re here, then that means we’re fail.”

Seikou-chan or Material-S nodded sadly, “I’m afraid so. I apologize for not being able to complete the Unbreakable Darkness.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter now that we know we’re still alive! Right Yami-chan!”

“NOO!!! My dream to rule the universe is ruin! Stupid mage! Stupid Bureau! Stupid Wolkenritter! Stupid Reinforce! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!” Material-D shook her head furiously.

“Yami-chan is angry isn’t she?”

“Yes…its best if we are not to disturb her right now.” Material-S said flatly.

After few minutes of cursing and stomping her foot, Material-D finally calm down, her breathing went into a steady pace and her face still flush from the activity.

Material-L pokes her to the head, “Are you cool Yami-chan?”

A vein pop out of Material-D forehead as she grabbed Material-L by her collar, “Firstly, don’t disturb me and secondly, call me ‘Your Majesty!”

Material-D with an unexpected strength threw Material-L at a long distant that even Material-S had to squint her eyes to see the figure of Material-L landing roughly on the floor.

“A homerun.” Material-S said in her monotonous voice.

Material-D let out a sighed of relief, “That feels good.”

“What are we going to do now Material-D?

“Gahh! Call me ‘Your Majesty’ will you! And I don’t know what we’re going to do next, and by the way where are we?” Material-D looked around the white room.

Material-S shook her head, “I don’t know either.”

“Maybe we’re in an afterlife.” Material-L sudden appearance made Material-D jumped while Material-S remained stoic as ever.

“Don’t do that you dimwit!” Material-D growled.

“Do what?” Material-L asked innocently, unaware that her act just made the grey hair girl angrier.

Before they could say anything a voice called them from above, “Children of the dark fragments.”

“W-What is that?” Material-L looked around, her Vulnificus ready in-hand.

“That voice, its…” Material-D snarled as the figure appeared in front of them.

“Reinforce.” Material-S stared at the woman.

“So all of you are finally awake. I’ve been waiting for you.”

Material-D glared, “What are you doing here? Have you come here to gloat your victory. If so do quickly because you’re presence made me sick.”

Reinforce shook her head, her eyes cast down. “No I am not. I am here just to bit you all farewell.”

“What do you mean?” Material-L asked, swaying her device down.

“Due to this incident, it is best for me to disappear as soon as possible as to not repeat this incident again. And so before I go, I just wanted to say my goodbye to every one of you.” Reinforce smiled at them.

Material-D huffed, “So you’re going to delete yourself from existence.” Then made a sarcastic remark. “How clever of you.”

Reinforce smiled sadly, she knew this would happen. The Materials will never have sympathy towards someone who was against them. She was about to leave but Material-S words stop her from her track.

“Thank you Reinforce. May you’re new Meister be bless with happiness and prosperity.”

Reinforce turned and was surprise to see Material-S smiled a little. In turn she too smiled, “Thank you.” Then disappear at the same way as when Material-S lost to Nanoha Takamachi.

They were silent for a few minutes until Material-D spoke, “Wait, why aren’t we disappearing?”

“Oh~ now that you mention it, why are we still here?” Material-L put a finger underneath her chin in a cute way.

“Could it be…we were able to escape from complete deletion?” Material-S walked around the area leaving the two behind.

“Ah! Wait up Seikou-chan!” Material-L ran towards the brown hair girl followed by a fumed Material-D.

“Hey, how dare you leave the king here by herself!”

After almost an hour of walking, Material-L started to wail, “I’m hungry! I wanna eat something!”

“Will you be quiet!” Material-D snapped. “The only one who is allowed to complain is me! And I’m tired!”

Material-L continued to whine like a baby, “But I’m hungry~ Seikou-chan do you have anything to eat?”

Material-S shook her head, “I am sorry but I do not have any food.”

Material-L started to sniff, Material-D slap her forehead in agitation, “Now she’s going to cry.”


Both Materials plucked their ears from the annoying sound of Material-L’s crying. They both clearly knew how irritating it will become.

“Damn it! Material- S! Shut her up will you!” Material-D yelled through the wailing voice of Material-L. She knew that only Material-S can keep the girl calm.

Material-S nodded, her eyes still flat as usual as if the agonizing crying sound of Material-L did not have any effect on her. She moved towards the said girl and pat gently on her head in an affectionate way. Material-L slowly turned her crying and into soft sniffles. Her eyes still visible with tears.

“Don’t worry Rai-chan. As soon as we get out of here we’ll find something to eat, cake perhaps.”

Material-L lightens up at the mention of cake and furiously nodded. “Okay!”

Material-D sighed in relief, “Finally, can we go now! We wasted enough time already.”

Again Material-S gave a nod and pull out a hand to Material-L which the blue hair girl gladly accept. Together they continued their walking without saying much. It was then that they saw a large red door that they broke the peaceful silence.

“What is that?” Material-D inspect the door more closely.

“That’s a door Yami-chan!” Material-L hopped around excitedly.

“I know what it is dummy!” Material-D automatically yelled at Material-L.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Can we open it? Pretty please~” Material-L looked at Material-S, completely ignoring Material-D’s outburst.

“Hmm, I do not know if it is wise to open an unknown door.” Material-S said.

“Besides, maybe it’s a trap.” Material-D said. “Material-S, can you tell me what it really is?”

“Hmm,” Material-S looked closely at the door, she touched it carefully but nothing happens. “I can’t say for sure. But its too dangerous to open it without knowing what’s inside.”

Material-D nodded, “Agreed. We should-”

“Hey, I can open the door!” The excited voice of Material-L made the other two Materials eyes widen.

“You fool!” Material-D was about to throw more assaults but a flash of light envelop her.

“Rai-chan! Stay away from-”

“Ahh! Seikou-chan! Yami-chan!”

To be continue

I hope I got their names right. I just follow their Japanese standard name. Though this isn't a NanoFate fic, but~ well...yeah, its Material-SxMaterial-L pairing.(゚∀゚)

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I can't wait for more, good job with it so far Rika and keep up the good work.

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WOW, a material themed fanfic, first i've ever seen, good job. hope you countinue this.

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The Materials are quite funny, I'll look up to the next part.

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I didn't play that game.
So materials are like anti-Aces: Nanoha,Fate and Hayate, created by Book of Darkness?
Next part should be interesting if they would appear on Mid and wreck some mischief there.

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Here's the second part of the story. Thanks to everyone who read it, hope you enjoy this.

Lyrical Materials: Another Story

Entry 1

Material-S eyes shot wide opened and quickly sat up. Her blue orbs scanned the area around her and to her surprise, she was in a normal bedroom. There are shelves filled with books, a study desk with a black laptop and lamp table. A television at the corner, a small table right at the middle of the room. Another miniature table right beside her bed which had a blue alarm clock stating it is now 7.45 A.M.



The voice of Material-D made Material-S jumped out of the bed and ran into the next room. She wasn’t aware that she wore a blue pajamas but that wasn’t important. She was about to grab the knob of the door but it suddenly swung opened and hit her forehead hard.

“What’s all this!?” Material-D yelled, unaware of the accident that had just occurred.

Material-S shook her head, hoping the pain would go away. “Material-D, I am glad you are unharmed.”

“Unharmed?” Material-D stared at her in disbelief. “You call this unharmed?” She pointed at the purple night gown she wore.

Material-S looked at the gown. There isn’t anything wrong with the gown, is it?

“Is purple not to your liking?”

“I am not talking about the color! Although black suits me more and I love black BUT that’s not the point.”

Material-S tilted her head to the side, “Then what is?”

“I am talking about the fact someone dare lay their hands on ME! The King!” Material-D yelled, her eyes burn with hatred.

Material-S said nothing as her eyes looked around. Apparently they were in a small hallway, she came into conclusion that they are in someone’s home and that someone is the one responsible in changing their attire. While Material-D continued her fuming, Material-S walked to the door to her left opposite to Material-D’s door. There was a sign right at the top of the door and to her surprise again, it said ‘Rai-chan’s Room!’ with bunch of doodles smiley covering the edge of the metal plate. She inspects Material-D’s door and hers and they have the same plate name without the silly doodles of course.


Material-D immediately stopped her fuming, Material-S became more alert as she recognized the owner of that sound.

“That’s…” Material-S started.

“Material-L!” Material-D sprinted from her spot and stopped at the door which had the plate ‘Rai-chan’s Room!’ Without even using the door knob, Material-D kick the door opened breaking it in the process.

“Material-L! Are you-”

“Want…sweets…yummy…he he he…”

Material-D’s eye twitched, a vein sudden pop at her forehead.

Material-S just went “Oh…” at the background. She hide herself behind the wall knowing what will happen next.

“You…” Material-D’s darken. “insolent fool! How dare you making me worry for nothing!”

The next thing Material-S heard was the sound of table bashing and glasses broken to shard pieces followed by the painful yelled by Material-L. After everything was quiet once again, Material-S peek in to see what had happen. The room was a mess but not that messy in a way she expected. At least there are some things that were still there lying untouched such as the television, Playstation, bunch of mangas everywhere, the broken table not far from the bed and posters of various games lining all over the wall. Unfortunate a mirror was broken and had spread near the TV. Material-L lay on the bed with three huge bumps on her head. Material-D breathe heavily, her fists clinch tightly and her eyes glared at the unconscious Material-L.

“You really don’t have to break the mirror Material-D. It usually means bad omen.”

“Be quiet you! And call me ‘Your Majesty’!”

Material-S shrugged and went to Material-L side. “Material-L, are you alright?”

Material-L groggily sat up, “Seikou-chan…Ah! I dream that a monster was beating me! Its really horrible Seikou-chan! And I didn’t even have the chance to kill that hideous monster!”

“Excuse me!” Material-D shoved Material-S away to the piles of Mangas, burying her in the process.

“Wah! The monster looks just like you Yami-chan! Are you two relatives?” Material-L asked excitedly.

“Why you…” before Material-D could do anything, Material-S bind her with her magic. Material-S stood up, flinging away the Mangas that had buried her.

“Calm down Material-D.” She said in her usual flat voice.

“I will calm down AFTER I kill this idiot girl.” Material-D grinned her teeth, struggling to free herself from the bind.

“Hey! Who are you calling idiot!?” Material-L got up, she glared at Material-D.

“You are! That’s for sure!” Material-D yelled.

“Grr, I really don’t like being call an idiot!” Material-L was about to pounce at Material-D but another pink bind had stopped her.

“You two,” Material-S sighed. “we don’t have time to have silly argument with one another. Or have you two forgotten the situation already?”

Material-D stood up straight, “Right. I almost forgot.”

However, “But-but-she started it! Can I just take a whack at her?” Material-L begged.

Material-S shook her head while Material-D tried her best to stay calm. And thank goodness she did.

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More pls!XD
I'm getting restless.
(i wonder were they are?)

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Material-D ego really is something, nice chapter !

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LMAO... if it's one thing this fic is hilarious XD

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I applaud you Rika, this fic is so awsome it's awsome! I can't wait for more and keep up the good work! ^,^

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I love this story already! I haven't read a good comedic story in a while! It's also interesting to read about the Materials. Can't wait for more!