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[Fanfic] Magical Girl Lyrical Vivio AcademyS

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Hi just the new guy popping in on the forums to say hi. The name LyricalReana I know girly name for a guy user huh xD However that beside the points as i've decide to join the commuinity since i do come to this site quite a bit. If you want to know more read my profile or ask. I reconginze some you lovely people from fanfiction net. So i've read some stories from the nice people here and i got to say I'd enjoyed them quite a bit.

so as a little peace offering ^^ i decide to post the first Nanoha story that I'm writing on fanfiction net. two chapter are already up, and i'm already working on the third. So once again I like to say a hello to everyone here, and enjoy the story even comment if you feel it like something that deserves the time (no pressure xD).

Two years after Vivid Vivio is in the finals weeks of her fifth year when her teacher calls her to meeting at lunch. He then presents an offer to Vivio that could help her toward her goal of being an Elite Mage


MC 0081 mid March

Today was another peaceful day thought Cameron Gough as he waited in his empty classroom for a certain student to arrive. Cameron had been a teacher at St. Hilde Academy of Magic for fifteen years, and generally loved do his job of teaching magic to the next generation of children who would grow to become capable mages in the Bureau in the future. However, this year had been particularly wonderful as a certain student had been apart of the class that he was in charge of. Thus, over the year he had watch the young student talent in magic grow. Exceeding most the expectation of the entire class with two of her friend following closely behind. Now with the school year almost over she would be a middle school student starting in late April. So today he had called a special meeting with her in regards to what she had written for her future dreams. Letting is eyes wonder his classroom for a bit. Cameron waited patiently for the school bell to ring to signal the beginning of lunch. Right now most of the class was outside near the gym for magical exercise which Cameron himself couldn’t help with. Since he had little to no magical ability.

“Excuse me Gough-sensei but you wanted to see about something during lunchtime.” came a voice as Cameron looked over to see his favorite student standing in the doorway.

The girl was age eleven years old now and would be turning twelve this coming fall. She had honey blonde colored hair the stretched to the middle of her back, and wore two blue ribbons with to tiny pigtail off the side of her head. However, her most noticeable feature was her heterochromia eyes with her left one being green while her right one was red. The girl in question gave Cameron as confused look as he motion for her to pull up a chair next to his desk that was in the right upper corner of the room.

“Ah your Majesty just the person that I wanted to see on this fine lunch break,” joked Cameron as the girl puffed out her cheeks in annoyance putting her seat next to his desk before seating in it.

“Moe Gough-Sensei please don’t call me your majesty!” whined the eleven year old causing Cameron to chuckle a little making her even more annoyed.

“Hahaha… Sorry Vivio-chan but it kind of hard not to call you that since I am a follower of the Saint Church after all.” replied Cameron with Vivio letting out a sigh knowing that it was useless to argue.

“Well putting that aside what is it that you wanted to see me about that I couldn’t wait until after school?” questioned Vivio as it was quite odd for her teacher to call her for something if it was a meeting that could wait until after school hours.

“Well Vivio-chan is a busy girl so I didn’t want to hold you back after school. If I could talk to you about it during lunch. So get a little comfortable seeing as we might be here during the whole lunch period,” answered Cameron with Vivio giving a slight nod before going to her back to grab her lunch that her mama had made for her.

“I’ve been looking at your essay concerning what you want to do in the future, and the measure your taking to reaching that goal. For your middle school courses you want to take two advance classes. One on Belkan history and Customs with the other on Belkan politics. It seem also that your looking into the different Officer Cadet Schools to take few class concerning your career after school.” explained Cameron with Vivio nodding her head to verify that what he said was in fact what she had written.

“Your main goal in live is to become an elite mage of great power like your mother Captain Takamachi Nanoha correct?” asked Cameron with Vivio nodding her head as a light blush appearing on her cheeks at the mention of her mama.

Thus, with all that in mine this is the reason that I’ve have called this meeting today Vivio. I have an option for you that might be helpful to you in reaching your dream,” said Cameron as Vivio looked at him with curiosity slowing building in her eyes.

Vivio mind was already trying to guess at what her teacher had to offer that could help her. She had know that this meeting had been called for something important, but couldn’t have guessed that it was concerning her future. It was Vivio number one goal to become a great mages like her mamas and use her powers to help other. Thus, she has always worked hard in her academic studies and magical training. Thanks to Nove’s excellent coaching Vivio had become quite a formable user of strikes arts. Being good enough to do well in the inter middle tournament even placing 4th in last years city tournament. Now supposedly her teacher was offering her something that could make reaching a dream a little closer, but what that was a complete mystery to her at the moment.

“I don’t quite understand what your trying to say Sensei. I get that this meeting is about my future but I’m not sure what your offering.” commented Vivio as Cameron chuckled a little once again making Vivio puff her cheeks in annoyance.

“I’m sorry Vivio-chan but I really do have something that you might be interested in so hear me out. On March 30 two weeks before final exams St. Hilde middle school intermediate and high school branch will be taking a trip to newly built Ground/Air force training academy. This academy is under the joint ministration of the Saint church and Ground force HQ with most of the authority under the Saint church. This new academy was built to train mages with great potential and help them on the road to becoming elite within the TSAB. The reason I called you here today is to ask if you would like to come along on the orientation tour with the intermediate and high school branch of our school.” explained Cameron looking at his protégé student with a serious glance.

Vivio herself just stared at her teacher taken aback by his offer. It was a really good opportunity that could seriously help her prepare for her future career. Over the last few weeks her and Nanoha had been try to find a Officer Cadet school that taught the courses she was required for her future, but so far they hadn’t been successful in finding one that agreed with her schedule. Either they were class that were held late at night or were class that would interfere with her regular school time. However this new academy might be a solution to her problems, but something didn’t really sit right with her. Why was her teacher offering this to her? He had just said that this was for the intermediate and high school branch of the academy. So why was I giving her an invitation to this event?

“Is there anyone else from our branch the academy that coming?” asked Vivio sensing that this offer might be related to her family’s position in the military or her heritage.

“No there isn’t anyone from the elementary branch going. I heard that some teachers from the other fifth year classes gave their student’s the offer, but they had declined the invitation to go. I have pretty good assumption what your thinking your majesty. To be blunt this invitation isn’t offered to you because of your families fame in the military nor because of your heritage. I’m giving you this offer because I honestly believe you have what it takes to succeed in this new academy. I’ll tell you now of that the elementary students that were offered this invitation. They were at the top of their class for magic and academic studies. Vivio you have worked hard in your magic and academic studies securing second place out of the entire class with your friends Corona Timil being at the top of academic studies, and Rio Wesley being the top in magic,” explained Cameron letting his word sink in for a bit before pressing onward.

“To be honest I wanted to offer them the invitation as well, but judging from their essay about the future they don’t seem to be looking at the same path as you are. So with that said I’m offering this chance to you because of your excellence work in my class and in the school as whole. I also anticipate that you in your friends might make it into the top ten rank spot out of the entire elementary branch. So what do you say Vivio-chan are you interested in attending?” questioned Cameron once more seeing the thinking face that girl had put on upon the finishing of his explanation.

“You honestly think that I can do well there?” asked Vivio seeking his most honest opinion as she didn’t want to jump at it if had any sort of doubt that she would fail.

“I wouldn’t suggest it if I thought that you would fail. Although your fighting style does merit some concern. I think that it would be a good challenge for you to overcome and even improve on further. After all you did say that it was something that someone important to you taught you right,” replied Cameron getting another nod from Vivio.

“So why not take it there to see the faults with it and improve on it? Look I’m not trying to force this on you Vivio I honestly want you to take this seriously into consideration for your future, and want a honest answer that you yourself truly believe. Beside I think the Captain would be quite crossed with me if she found out I was setting up daughter to fail!” concluded Cameron with him and Vivio laughing a little with his last sentence.

“Hahaha. I guess I was thinking a little too much into the offer, but I’m positive about what I want to do in the future. So Gough-sensei I would really love to go on this orientation tour if it truly alright t for me to go,” answered Vivio as a bright smile broke across Cameron face upon his student’s reply.

“That was just the answer I was hoping you would give Vivio-chan! I guarantee that you won’t find it disappointing in the least. As a teacher it my passion to see to it that you the new generation live up to their full potential, and I’ll do everything that I can to help do that.” said Cameron as he reached into his desk taking out a brochure,

Vivio willingly takes the brochure as she and her sensei talk about the basic aspects of the academy for the remainder of the lunch period. The rest of the school day passed by in a blur as young Takamachi thought about all things that she and Gough-sensei had talked about during lunch. Her two best friends Rio and Corona had asked her at various points during class what she was thinking. Though she had answered that she would give them a full explanation after school. Thus, when the final bell had rung signaling the end of class the three with the rest of the class bid their teacher farewell before preparing to go home. Vivio was packing up the remainder of her stuff as her friend came up to her anxious about what was on her mind currently.

“Come on Vivio school over and you promised you give us an explanation about what got you so deep in thought,” whined Rio who wanted to know what was going on her friends head at the moment.

“She right Vivio whatever it is can’t be small enough to ignore. It obviously something big if your thinking about it this much,” added Corona with Vivio placing the last book in her bag before picking it up off the ground.

“Well it something that really going to change my future so I’ve been giving it a lot of thought. You know how Sensei told me to meet him in the classroom at lunchtime right?” asked Vivio with her two friends nodding in unison remembering that their teacher had asked Vivio to meet him for lunch after magic practice.

“Yea. So does that meeting have anything to do with what you been thinking about?” questioned Corona as the three walked down the hall toward the front entrance of the school that led outside to the campus ground.

“Yea, it seem like the intermediate and high school branch of our academy is taking a orientation tour of a new training academy run by both the Saint church and TSAB Ground/Air force. The tour is only for the intermediate and high school branch, but sensei as specifically invited me come along on the tour. He says that my grades in academic and magic are at the top of the whole class holding the second highest marks out of the whole class. So because of that and my dream career for the future he invited me to come. As he thinks that I could do really well at this training academy.,” explained Vivio as they arrived at the fountain that was at the center of the campus with the high school building on the right, the elementary school on the left, and the middle school building a little ways in front of them.

“Wow that pretty amazing! So are you the only one from the elementary branch going?” asked Rio as she was impressed that Vivio was giving such a golden opportunity.

“Well sensei did say that the other fifth year teachers had asked the their number one top student to go, but they had declined the offer. So I’m pretty much the only one from the elementary branch going. Sensei did say that he wanted to invite you two as well but your career paths didn’t quite fit leading him to believe that you would decline.” explained Vivio with her two friend looking at one another for a moment before unhurriedly agreeing upon something.

“Well be right back Vivio we need to go talk to sensei about something,” said Rio urgently before her a Corona ran off toward the elementary building; leaving Vivio to giggle to herself about what they wanted to ask Gough-sensei.

“What are you giggling so happily about?” came a level calm but shy voice. Vivio turn around quickly to find her friend and sempai in school Einhart Stratos standing a few feet away from her.

“Oh hi Ein-chan it nothing much just thinking about something in particular. You’re a little late aren’t you seeing as your always here before Corona, Rio, I get here,” replied Vivio as Einhart took a seat next to Vivio on the fountain edge looking up at the blue sky.

Our teacher held us back a little after class since he had an announcement to make. So it took a little bit of time before he was finished,” replied Einhart while thinking back to what her teacher had said after school was over.

“Does it have something to do with the intermediate branch going on a tour of the new training academy,” comment Vivio nonchalantly causing her friend to look at her in surprise about knowing that piece of information that was only recently announced.

“How do you know about that Vivio? From my understanding it only something that only the intermediate and high school branch should know about,” commented Einhart with Vivio recapping her meeting with her teacher at lunchtime.
The new itself was surprisingly and bothersome to Einhart. On one had Vivio was one step closer to making her dream a reality. The dream of being a powerful mage like her mothers which was a major factor on why she wanted to be strong. However, the thought of Vivio being in the military bother her for some reason, and wish that her friend would pursue a more peaceful occupation. Maybe it was the memory of Claus Ingvalt being unable to protect Olivie that was fueling this emotion, or maybe it was her own insecurity about not having Vivio around that scared her. Whatever the case may be there was one thing that she was sure that not even her ancestor’s memory could interfere with. The one feeling that was specifically her own and that was the feeling of not wanting to see Vivio hurt in any way no matter what. However, maybe that was inevitable seeing as her parent were high ranking officers in the military, and could or would be assigned dangerous case that could get them killed at anytime. Vivio herself in her future career would being doing the same thing which scared Einhart the most.

“Hey Ein-chan you alright your spacing out there a little bit,” commented Vivio snapping her out of her thoughts. The two look at each other for a little bit before turning away with a light blush on their cheeks.

“I’m fine I was just thinking a little bit. So your going with the intermediate and high school branch to tour this training academy,” recapped Einhart getting a nod from Vivio who seem excited about the whole thing.

“Yea sensei thinks I can learn a lot there, and become even stronger with the proper training that they would offer. So it a good opportunity for me since I good start my Officer Cadent classes there while still there things that are similar to here,” explained Vivio with Einhart nodding her head at Vivio statement.

“Although I was invited by sensei and he had approved it with the school chairman. I still have to get mama to sign a permission slip in order to go.” commented Vivio as she imagined the talk that she would be having with her mama when she got home.

“Sorry for the wait Vivio took us a while to catch sensei but we… Oh hey Ein-chan looks like everyone present and accounted for,” said Rio as her and Corona came to a halt in front of the duo with Corona panting heavily for air after the long run.

“I assume you guys are going on the tour as well then?” guessed Vivio know the answer that the two girl would give already.

“Yep so the three of us will be the only kid from the elementary branch to be going. Corona says it be a good learning opportunity for her, but as for me I’m really interested in their magical training regime,” said Rio giving a wide grin just thinking about the magical courses they could offer.

“Even though you have no interest in joining the military,” refuted Corona causing Rio to groan at her in annoyance for sullying her fun.

“Ah come on Corona-chan you know how much I love magic studies. I bet their magic programs are notch above our school,” countered Rio as Vivio giggled as her two friends continued to argue with each other on the point of the academy.

“Shall we head to the usual spot we shouldn’t keep Nove-san waiting,” warned Einhart with the three girls answering yes in unison with each other. Thus with that the four head off to the training center which was a little away from their school but still with the northern Mid-Childa region.

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Here chapter 2 of the story that i'm writing. Number three is up on fanfiction net now so if you want to read just head on over to my profile over there I'll leave a link if anyone's interesting in reading the latest one.

Family Worries

The sun was setting in the west as Takamachi Vivio slowly made her way home which was only five house away. The girl was completely worn out after an intense day of training with Nove and her friends. She still could see the look on her coach's face upon telling her about the invitation that she received at school. At first she was simply surprised, but then had quickly recovered telling her it wasn't a bad idea to think about entering the training academy. She had thus told her that it was her future and that she should dwell upon it thoroughly before making a decision. After all was said and done their coach had given them a serious workout, before Nove and herself engaged in an literally intense sparring match. Simply put her teacher had went all out on her with neither of them holding back anything. As it was beginning to become late they had ended the day's training regime with Corona, Rio and herself being completely exhausted though Einhart was only faring a little better than them. Vivio could still hear Nove's last words before everyone departed for home.

"There will be plenty opportunities waiting for you kid. So don't rush into anything head first if your doubtful about your own abilities." said Nove as a warning for her pupil before heading off to the disaster relief HQ to help her sister with something.

"Only I can decide what I want to do huh…" thought Vivio before opening the door to her home and walking into the hallway with the wonderful aroma of her mama cooking flowing in from the Kitchen.

"I'm home Mama!" called Vivio upon entering the livingroom part of the house with the dining rooom and the kitchen being one big room which was on her right.

Soon enough a young woman with burgundy hair appeared in the entry way. She was wearing a simple sky blue blouse with a dark blue colored skirt and a white apron over top of it all. Her hair was a bit longer than Vivio and kept in a ponytail that hung at the side of her head held by blue ponytail holder. She was only in her mid twenties being twenty five years old, but her best feature in Vivio opinion were her warm caring purple eyes.

"Welcome home Vivio!" said Takamachi Nanoha Vivio's warm loving mother with Vivio giving her a huge smile to before rushing over to her to give her a small hug.

Nanoha simply smiles at her daughter before going back in the kitchen to finish the meal that she was preparing for Vivio and herself. Her daughter after giving her a light hug had returned to the livingroom sitting on the couch thinking hard about something. Usually this would cause Nanoha to worry a bit, but whatever it was she was certain that Vivio would tell her about it during dinner. So for now she wouldn't pry it out of her daughter continuing her task of preparing dinner.

"It seem like Vivio-chan has had an exhausting day today. So do you want to go ahead and take a bath before dinner?" asked Nanoha from the kitchen with her daughter giving a simple yes before heading of to her room to grab her nightclothes.

Nanoha day hadn't been all that interesting; doing her usual routine of training the new Air force recruits with her co-worker and close friend 2nd lieutenant Yagami Vita. Nanoha and Vita you could say weren't the closet of friend, but the two were more like equal in their field of work which involved training new recruits and helping them prepare for their entrance into the service of the Bureau. Thus, as being each others equal the two looked after each other quite well. Vita being better at it especially if she thought Nanoha was straining herself too much. Thanks to Vita's help and support Nanoha could live her life almost like an ordinary mother, and take proper care of her daughter Vivio. Checking on the contents of the pot on the stove Nanoha takes a quick sip of it with a small sipping cup. Satisfied that it was coming along just fine according to the recipe Hayate gave her. Nanoha puts the lid back on the top of the pot just as the sound of running water comes to her ears. Knowing that Vivio was probably in the bathroom now. Nanoha quietly scurries over the hallway closet taking out a drying towel. Before setting it on the top basket shelf that was just outside the bathroom door. She then returns to the kitchen knowing that the soup should be done by the time Vivio came out.

"So how was your day at school?" asked Nanoha as the two were enjoying the soup she had prepared for dinner. She made a mental note to thank Hayate for the recipe as Vivio was enjoying it a lot.

"It was alright just the usual stuff. Nove-san might have gone a tiny bit far in our sparring match. I didn't realize how stiff I was until I got in the bath!" replied Vivio letting a light giggle leave her lips. She didn't however mention the invitation that her teacher had offered her to tour the new Training academy.

"Well your Strike arts are getting really good. You and Nove fight pretty evenly with each other when your in Adult mode. Now you can hold your own quite nicely in your regular form," commented Nanoha taking note at Vivio attempt to dance around the topic of what was bothering her.

"Mmm! Nove is helping me with a new enhancement spell for my regular form. Most of the bugs have been fixed but it still needs a little tweaking before it's done. I can't wait until it complete it so that I can show it to you and Fate-mama when she get home!" replied Vivio taking a tablespoon full of soup into her mouth. Before sighing in ecstasy at the wonderful taste with a smile on her face.

"I see well I can't wait to see too, and I'm sure Fate-chan would like to have a peek as well. However, that not what's really on your mind is it Vivio," said Nanoha her smile never leaving her face, but her eyes were burrowing into her daughter quite seriously.

This causes Vivio to flitch in her chair just a bit. There was no way of fooling someone like Nanoha. She wasn't called the Ace of Aces for nothing seeing as she could tell if something was bothering someone from a mile away. The ability was magnified even more when it concerned some one close to her especially if it was her Fate-mama or herself. Vivio fidget in her chair for a bit wondering how her mom could interrogate her so much with that kind smile on her face. Vivio had wanted to tell Nanoha about the invitation as soon as she had got home, but she didn't really know how Nanoha would react seeing as she was a very strict mother. Heck you could say that her device Raising Heart was even slightly stricter than her, but whatever the case may be the two were always looking out for Vivio's best interest.

"You got me… I can't fool you Nanoha-mama. Chris bring up the brochure file for Nanoha-mama please," said Vivio letting a small sigh out as her Device Sacred Heart (Chris) opened up a screen in front of Nanoha with the information from the brochure on it.

"Today my teacher called me into a meeting with him in the classroom at lunch. He then offered me a chance to tour this new Training academy with the intermediate and high school branch of the school," explained Vivio as she could see her mother's eyes skimming the information with a professional eye.

"This is a tour only for the intermediate and high school branch. Why aren't the elementary branch going?" asked Nanoha taking another sip of her soup as she continued to skim the data with Raising Heart hovering behind her shoulder.

"Gough-sensei said that the principal in charge of the elementary branch said that he thought it was too soon for their children to be thinking about such things. However he did permit the fifth year teachers to pick their best students with top marks in their class to go. The way that sensei putted it most of those kids turned down the offer. At first he wanted to ask me, Corona, and Rio to go but thought that Rio and Corona wouldn't be interested. So in the end he just asked me although after school Rio and Corona went to ask sensei if they were still invited if they wanted to go," concluded Vivio finishing off the last of her soup.

"Hmm. So it just going be you three from the elementary branch that going?" questioned Nanoha taking a closer look at parts of the brochure that interested her.

"As far as I know we're the only ones," answered Vivio wondering what was going through her mother's mind. She looked calm at the moment but what she would say next might set her off into what Vivio like to call it strict mama mode.

"I'm thinking about going to this Training academy if they have the same, or equivalent classes of what they teach at our academy. Apparently the academy was built in joint by Ground Force HQ and the Saint church. The Saint church itself from what sensei says hold most of the administrative power over the academy," explained Vivio watching Nanoha's face closely for any emotion she could find about how she felt about what she had just said.

Nanoha after reading the remainder of the brochure slid the hologram screen to the side. Her daughter was watching her. Watching her for any sign of protest or discomfort about her proposal of going to this new academy. Nanoha couldn't keep the worry off her face completely seeing as this was a big life changing decision for Vivio that would effect the two of them quite a bit. One of them being that Vivio would be living at the dormitory at the new academy. Plus because of the training and classes they wouldn't be able to see each other either. Maybe not even on weekend if their training was scheduled to include those days. The idea of not having her daughter around frighten her a little; not because she was worried for Vivio safety though it played a tiny part in the factor. No because if Vivio wasn't around she would be on her own once more. Nanoha wasn't a person who liked being by herself. She took safety and comfort in being surrounded by her friends and family, and had taken leave not mostly because of medical concern. No she had taken leave to raise Vivio the child she had adopted and become quite attached to.

However, now her girl was growing up and finding her own place in this world. So it was only logical that she would leave the nest sooner or later, but Nanoha hadn't counted on it being this soon. She enjoyed being a mother making dinner and spending time with her daughter. If Vivio in the end decided to go to this academy then this life would pretty much be gone, but not completely. Sure Vivio could come back and see her on the holidays but would that be enough to keep the loneliness from invading her heart? If Fate was actually living here full time instead of being on long term deep space missions. She wouldn't mind as much if Vivo really wanted to go to this academy, but she couldn't ask her friend to give up the thing she loved doing most.

Nor could she find it in herself to deny Vivio the opportunity to chase after her dream of being a elite mage like Fate and herself. Nanoha could still remember how proud she was when Vivio had placed 4th place in the inter middle city tournament. Even her co-workers had been talking about how impressive Vivio was, and asking her what the girl was planning to doing in the future. Nanoha in the end knew what answers she would give her daughter even if there was a chance that she would be alone once more. Nanoha had to show Vivio that she supported her no matter what, and not let her insecurities hamper her daughter's judgment when the time to decide finally came.

"Well if this is what Vivio thinks would be best for her to achieve her dream. Then Nanoha-mama will give you my full support all the way," answered Nanoha shocking Vivio for a few minutes since she was positive that her mother was going to complain.

"You really mean that mama? Your not going to complain or lecture me about all the con or facts about going to this academy?" stuttered Vivio still trying to process the fact that Nanoha wasn't putting up even a fight.

"My master want the best for Vivio, and this academy looks to be a viable option for Vivio to achieve her dream," chimed Raising Heart stunning Vivio more since even she wasn't putting up a fight either.

"It's just like Raising Heart say Vivio. Do you still remember what I said to you when you wanted to enroll in St. Hilde academy?" questioned Nanoha as a look of nostalgia appeared on her daughter's face.



"So mama can I go? Can I go to magic school!" cried Vivio looking at both Nanoha and Fate as they were back at home after touring St. Hilde Academy. The two were still debating about their decision of whether to let Vivio attend or not.

"I say you should let her go Nanoha. It obvious she could benefit a lot from the magic classes taught there," came Fate's mental voice as Nanoha was still indecisive about the whole thing. Like Fate had said she could really benefit from their magic classes.

"That true Fate-chan but you have to remember Vivio isn't like them. They're just normal kid at that school Vivio is different from them. What if she doesn't fit in or is pick on by those kids for being different?" countered Nanoha as she couldn't even stand the thought of her little girl being bullied by the kids over there at the academy.

"Your worrying too much Nanoha-chan Vivio will be fine. You know I wouldn't suggest this if I thought there was a chance of that happening. Beside it seem the children over there like her quite a bit and can't wait for her to transfer over there," replied Fate easing Nanoha worry a little but not completely making it vanish.

"So can I go please Mama! Please!" begged Vivio as tears started to sting her eyes a little at the thought of her mama saying no.

"Aww Vivio sweetie don't cry it ok it ok. Why do you want to go to magic school so badly?" asked Nanoha picking her daughter up off the ground and stroking her hair a little so that she would calm down. Vivio clung tightly to Nanoha as her tear stopped falling but only for a brief moment.

"Because I want to be a great mage just like Mama. I want to be able to use my power to help other people like you and Fate-mama, but mostly I want to be super strong so that next time if Mama is in trouble I can save Mama just like she had saved Vivio," cried Vivio clinging more to Nanoha tears falling onto the older woman's shoulder.

Nanoha didn't really know what to say to such a declaration. Even Fate was completely speechless just as lost as Nanoha was. She had thought that Vivio wanted to go to magic school just cause she wanted to have fun. However, after hearing her real reason Nanoha didn't really know how to feel. She wanted to protect Vivio no matter what to keep her safe and smiling all the time. Now she had found that her daughter wanted to protect her just as much as she wanted to protect Vivio. Vivio wanted the same thing she wanted when she was little girl the power to change things, and to protect what is important to you.

"Well if that what Vivio wants to do then Nanoha-mama supports you Vivio. So I'll call and let them know that you'll be transferring to their school real soon," declared Nanoha with tears coming to her own eyes as Vivio hugged her tightly thanking her over and over again.

"Vivio feeling of wanting to protect mama as definitely reached. So you make sure you study hard so that you can become a great mage ok," said Nanoha after putting Vivio back on her feet with the little girl giving a definite nod with a determined look in her eyes.

"Mmm! I promise Mama that I'll become a top mage just like you, and protect you when your in trouble," replied Vivio as the two smiled at each other blowing all of Nanoha's worries out the window.

"Hey does that include me too Vivio?" whined Fate feeling a little left out of the family moment as all them laughed with Vivio rushing to hug Fate telling her that it included her as well.


End of Flashback

"Yea I remember mama I can still see the tears your eyes when you said that I could go to St. Hilde Academy. So this is just like that time isn't it," said Vivio looking at her mother once more as she gave her a proud smile.

"Yes it just like that time. No matter what Vivio plans to do in life Nanoha-mama will always support Vivio no matter what. That still hold true even now so if you want to go to this academy then I support it no matter what," answered Nanoha as Vivio gave a happy nod feeling a lot better knowing that her mother will support her no matter what her final answer was in the end.

It was late into the night as Nanoha was looking over the latest progress reports of the recruits that she and Vita were currently training. So far things seem to be going smoothly with some showing more potential above the others. A nice cup of black tea as sitting on the edge of her work taking a small sip as she continued to read the files. Vivio was in bed after going over some final details about the tour. One being that parents were allowed to come if they so pleased. Vivio herself wanted Nanoha to come but didn't know if her schedule would allow it. Nanoha herself just an hour ago had sent Vita a message asking if she could train the recruits by herself on that day. It hadn't been even twenty minutes before Vita sent a reply; saying to go ahead emphasizing that it was a mother responsibility that she be there for her daughter. Nanoha sent a quick thanks before going to the task of organizing the files for the training regime. Letting a sigh escape her lips the mother thought about what she would do with herself. If Vivio really decided to go to this academy. Thinking that it would be best to chat with someone about it Nanoha pushes the call button on her key pad before an automated voice asked for a number.

"Transfer to Marine Time Defense Commander Yagami Hayate," stated Nanoha as she waited patiently for call to be patched through soon enough the screen lights up showing a woman working at her desk.

"Nanoha-chan how nice of you to call me on this fine evening!" joked her longtime friend Hayate as Nanoha giggled at the girl's statement. Hayate had really changed over the years.

Her brunette hair had gotten longer stretching to her shoulders now, and she was wearing a commanders jacket over her regular work uniform. However, her mischievous personality hadn't been effected in the slightest which suited Nanoha, but would annoy her when she was on the victim side of one of her pranks. Though she may be one for joking Hayate could be quite commanding and competent as commander when things got really heated. Nanoha could say with confidence that she could complete any big assignment if Hayate was the one commanding her; though she would have to make sure to watch for her pranks. if they ever worked together with each other once more.

"So how are you doing these days Nanoha-chan?" said Hayate as Nanoha laughed her signature laugh as she and her old friend caught up with each other since they hadn't talked since the end of the last inter middle tournament.

"Yea that was a real blast to watch wasn't it too bad Miura and Vivio weren't pitted against each other in the tournament like last year. That was truly an epic match to watch though I think Zafira and Nove were getting taking it way to seriously," chimed Hayate with Nanoha laughing at her statement,

"As I recall didn't we bet that whoever lost. Fate-chan or Vita-chan would have to dress up as lolita for everyone's matches for the remainder of the tournament?" asked Nanoha causing Hayate to laugh in a fit of giggles.

"Your right we did bet on that didn't we? I still remember the look on Fate-chan face when she found out about that bet it was so hilarious ahahaha!" replied Hayate before going back into her laughing fit. Nanoha herself was chuckling silently as the pictured look on Fate's face came into her head.

"Yea but it safe to say Vita didn't enjoy the remainder of the tournament, but she did look adorable in that outfit," commented Nanoha as Hayate had settled down wiping a stray tear from her eye after so much laughing.

"What can I say I have a great talent for designing cosplay outfits. If I weren't apart of TASB I would be running my own cosplay shop!" declared Hayate as Nanoha could picture quite nicely Hayate having her own cosplay shop.

"Yea but in truth I really wanted to see Fate-chan in that outfit you had designed. Don't tell Vivio that I was rooting for to lose that match," warned Nanoha giving her friend her most threatening face. Hayate simply waves it off saying that she wouldn't tell but admitting that she didn't mind see Vita in her outfit.

"So what up with the sudden call Nanoha-chan. I know you didn't call me just to catch up on old times," said Hayate knowing that her friend only called when something was on her mind, or if something unpleasant has happened.

"Moe I thought I was hiding it really well too!" whined Nanoha before summarizing the dinner conversation she had with Vivio today. While outlining her own set of insecurities about being alone if Vivio decide to leave for this academy.

"Ah that must be the new Training Academy that Carim was telling me about a year ago! I can't believe it already done plus I heard that they're pretty strict about who they take in. After all it an Academy that looking to train recruits with a good amount of potential. Well guess it no surprise that it looking to get talented mages from St. Hilde Academy. The fact that Vivio was head hunted was quite a surprise but then again I suspect no less from the White Devil's daughter," explained Hayate laughing a little as Nanoha puffed her cheeks out in annoyance.

"Moe Hayate-chan! You know perfectly well I don't like that rumor at all! I don't know why people keep on saying that stuff about me. I'm not just going out blasting people at random!" whined Nanoha as Hayate apologize for using her nickname even though she wasn't sorry.

"You and Vivio definitely are mother and daughter. You hating being called the White Devil the most fearsome mage in TSA history, and Vivio hating being called her majesty even though she a living copy of what's considered a human deity," replied Hayate making Nanoha puff out her cheeks even more before Hayate apologizing once more this time actually meaning it.

"I don't know why your not called the most fearsome. I mean you even have the rank for it being SS and all," said Nanoha making Hayate wag her index finger at her in a mock of disappointment.

"You know perfectly well my rank only a composite rank. Plus I can't use all my power anywhere near the skill of how you can use your Nanoha-chan. Tsk tsk tsk you should know not to use such a line with me young lady," replied Hayate faking motherly annoyance as Nanoha let out a sigh know that teasing wasn't Hayate easy.

"Besides you should know this and you might not like it, but there a bet among us higher ups of whether Vivio will become another White Devil," commented Hayate causing Nanoha's face to go red in embarrassment and in frustration. This of course causes Hayate to break down into a laughing fit once more while Nanoha just looks at her in annoyance.

"Moe Hayate-chan that not funny at all!" yelled Nanoha as Hayate calms down once more before taking on a serious look.

"Sorry Nanoha-chan but I figure I make you laugh a little to take your mind off your dilemma. I can pretty much tell that the idea of Vivio leaving is tearing you up inside. You can also forget about even trying to argue or did you forget I know quite well what it like to be alone even more than you do," explained Hayate Nanoha not even daring to defy or hide her feeling from Hayate.

"Well first of have you talked to Fate-chan about this?" asked Hayate with Nanoha shaking her head with Hayate waiting to hear why her friend hadn't at least tried to contact the other girl about this.

"The last time I talked to Fate-chan was two month ago. She said her team was making a breakthrough on their current assignment and that she might not be able to contact me for the remainder of the mission. So I didn't try to call. Plus I don't want to bother Fate with these petty little insecurities," explained Nanoha Hayate smacking her forehead in annoyance about her friend's way of reasoning with these sort of things.

"I think Vivio decision of going to a Training academy would be something that Fate-chan would want to talk about. Jeez Nanoha-chan you really have a bad habit of shouldering everything by yourself! How can your friends help you if you don't even tell them what bothering you?" said Hayate in annoyance with a light blush appearing on Nanoha's cheeks knowing full well that Hayate was right.

"I know your right which is why I called you Hayate-chan. Beside I really can't help it since that how I was before I met most of my friends," countered Nanoha knowing that Hayate wasn't buying her explanation in the slightest.

"I doubt that but I won't pry further, but seriously this is something you should talk to Fate about not me. Beside it written in your eyes that Fate is the one you want to discuss this with. Tell me this though Nanoha does Vivio know about how you feel about this?" questioned Hayate as Nanoha couldn't answer since she honestly didn't know if Vivio had saw through her façade.

"I don't think so as far as I can tell. I don't want my feelings to get in the way of her deciding when the time comes. It wouldn't be fair to Vivio to complain about her leaving if she really wanted to go. I just figured I deal with it since I've been alone before," replied Nanoha with Hayate sighing as she was getting a slight headache over the whole thing.

"Well Nanoha-chan I can't really help you out with this one. So my suggestion would be to seriously talk to Fate-chan about this You know how she gets when you hide stuff from her. If anything tell Vivio about how you really feel about this, and really do mean everything Nanoha! Vivio is a good girl I'm sure she'll be quite upset with herself if she went only to find out that it was hurting you later on," explained Hayate with Nanoha looking a bit nervous about the last idea. Hayate could tell that Nanoha didn't want her feeling to demur Vivio's decision, but she also knew that if Vivo found out that it was hurting her mama should would blame herself quite harshly.

"Your right Hayate-chan I guess I really should talk to Vivio about this. Thanks for the advice, sorry you had to listen to my little rant commander," joked Nanoha half heartily with Hayate giving her a slight smile.

"I'm your friend Nanoha it my job to listen to you and help you out if your depressed. Well I better get going this paperwork isn't going to finish itself! Seriously though tell Vivio how you really feel I'm sure the choice she makes will be one that truly is her own. On a side note talk to Fate about this too. If you don't I will, and you'll have one mad Fate-chan on your hands when she gets home Nanoha-chan," concluded Hayate cutting the connection off before Nanoha could say anything to her.

"Moe that Hayate-chan! Sigh tell her how I really feel huh… I really don't want to do that Vivio is as much a worry wart about me as Fate-chan is. I couldn't really forgive myself if she decide not to go just so that I wouldn't be lonely. What do you think Raising Heart?" asked Nanoha looking at the red gem that was sitting on its platform on her work desk.

"I think you should follow commander Yagami's advice master," replied her device bluntly making Nanoha sigh even more.

"Do not worry my master Vivio is an excellent mage and daughter. Her decision will be one that will make my master proud. As for your loneliness you should speak with Agent Fate it would truly be the most effective option my master," conclude Raising Heart causing a smile to appear on Nanoha face.

"Thank you Raising Heart you guys really do know me well too well sometimes," said Nanoha giggling to herself as she continued to finish the remainder of her work for the night before heading of to bed.

Here it is so enjoy it if you actually liked the first chapter, and here a link to the third one.[url=][/url]

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Here a little something that a part of AcademyS. It my historic background for the Saint Church as it will be in AcademyS. So enjoy the extra material as it won't appear in a chapter in the story, but will have some part in driving the plot of the story.

Saint Church

The Saint Church is the religious organization founded after the Saint Unification War. The church is built around the Messianic figure Olivie Segbrecht who put an end to the unification war. The church follows the teaching of Olivie who was revered as a deity of sort during the unification war. Their teachings condemn the use of mass base weapons like the TSA, and the belief that there is good within every person until proven otherwise. They also abhor the use of violence allowing it only in the use for protecting what is important. A saying that is most commonly used by the church believers is (Do good where it is needed).

The Church is an ally of the TSA helping them maintain the worlds that are under their jurisdiction. Along with frontier worlds that have advanced enough technology wise to be considered able to join the TSA. They also lead Pioneering expeditions to worlds that are considered habitable and valuable to both them or the TSA. Secretly though they are allies of the TSA they consider themselves as a check on the Bureau. A way of preventing the TSAB from straying down into a more tyrannical path. However, so far they fear that the TSAB has become unstable; especially with the aftermath of the JS Incident. Thus, they have taken a more aggressive approach with the creation of Starfall Academy. They hope to closen their relationship with Ground Force as a start to have more say in TSAB matters. The head of the Church is given a position on new TSAB high council after the JS Incident. As part of their friendship and continued loyalty to them.

The emerges of Vivio Takamachi has recently stirred quite a debate in the Saint Church. While the more relax believers do not see her as the reincarnation of the messiah Olivie They believe that she is a person deserving of a magnitude of respect. The more extremist however, view her as the messiah reborn and a living deity. Both agree though that the girl should be the overall ruler of the Church when she comes of age. While the extremist want to see this fulfill above all else. The more lax believers do not wish to force Vivio to do something she doesn’t want to do. This has been a problem for the Council of the priest generals, and high priestess Carim for some time. It has also a cause of concern for the TSAB who view the girl as a political threat to some degree, but have no need for immediate response. Do in part that she is not of age and that she is the adopted daughter of the Bureau’s top mage Takamachi Nanoha.

Though the Saint Church has many followers far and wide there are MidChildan that fear the Saint Church. These people fear the Church and the Belkan culture as a threat to MidChildan’s culture and politics. They view the Belkan culture as an enemy trying to cause the collapse of TSA, and regain their power as a empire of inter-dimensional space. There are organizations that openly oppose the Saint Church, and Belkan culture causing the formation of it personal military in the first place. These organizations are spread far and wide as much as the Church attacking, and threatening their way of life as much as possible. Though the TSA have been trying the help the Church in their fight against them. They don’t offer much aide fearing that it would spark a revolution against them. Thus, they help only a little their stance being to remain neutral, and let the Church deal with the problem. They do however, take more aggressive stances if it jeopardize something of interest to them, or when it concerns lost logia.

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Well here more info on the church, and can say there will be a sequel to AcademyS. I course the sequel can only come to be if i finish the first story. However, I would definitely love to write one when AcademyS is over. The structure of the saint church really leave room for lots of plot elements. Even a darker tone if I wanted to write a darker story, but that besides the point. So with further udo here the Structurial information of the Saint Church xD.

Structure of the Church

The structure of the Saint Church mostly comprise of volunteer personal, It clerical staff, and military operatives. The military branch of the Church while not as big as the TSA; has a considerable force able to carry out moderate size military operations. The clerical part of the Church is there mostly to attend to their believers, and deal with political matters concerning them. They also maintain the relations with between the Church and TSA, and are the ones with authority to request help from them. The head of the Church High Priestess/Priest is at the moment held by knight Carim Gracia and is more figural position. The person is there to represent the Church in extreme matters, and in TSA high council laying out the Church position on things to them. She does not hold any real influence on the operations of the Church. The overall operations of the Church is left to the Five Priest Generals. Who oversees the clerical and military of the church. The position in the church is broken down further. Based on whether ones in the clerical part or military branch of the church.

Priest Generals

Clerical Branch

Military Branch

Arch Angel

Arch Bishop

Ring Meister




Priest General: The priest Generals are made of five people who oversee all the actions of the Saint Church. They are the ones that review the military campaigns that the church conduct. Along with regulating the funds of the church that goes into difference things such as pioneering expeditions. The Priest general are also the ones that review cases of misconduct within the church. A Priest Generals usually has Belkan family origins, and are voted for by the ten Prophets and Arch Angels of the church.

Prophets: The prophets are ten people that have roots in Belkan noble families, and are practitioners of Ancient Belkan magic or Modern Belkan. They are the ones that oversee the political matters of the Church. Along with monitoring the funds, and regulating the day to day aspects of the Church. Each Prophet is responsible for a sector which the church is actively present in, and monitor their situation status and dealings with the worlds in that sector. They are the ones that can request aide from the military branch to deal with terrorist attacks on church, or send disaster relief aid to worlds that require their help. They also plan pioneering expeditions to habitable or valuable worlds in their sector. The title Prophet is reserved only for Belkan noble families and can not be handed over to those outside that family. The person who has the title prophet holds the position until he either resign his rank, or pass on in which case successor to his rank falls to the oldest Son/daughter. If a prophet does not have legitimate child, the oldest son/daughter is no longer alive, or the eldest child is not at majority age then the ranks pass on to his eldest brother/sister.

Arch Angel: The Arch Angel is the military equivalent of the Prophet. They oversee all the military components of the Saint Church with the position being held usually by a Belkan aristocrat. They can also request aide from the TSA, and propose military campaigns to the Priest Generals. Each Arch Angels is in charge of a single world and have a hand full of Crusaders. Who help him maintain and monitor that world alongside the TSA. This makes the church has more arch angels than there are prophets. Allowing the prophets to request and regulate military power where it is need. The title Arch Angel is usually given to a Belkan noble, but can also be held by a person of non Belkan origins. Who’s shown undying loyalty to the church and has shown extraordinary military competences. Military competences can be replaced by a show of good politics and fame in the political world.

Arch Bishop: The arch bishop is the rank below prophets, and are their helpers helping them maintain a calm political climate on worlds they monitor. Arch bishop are similar to the arch angel each being responsible for the political side of the world they’re in charge of. They usually work with the governmental body/bodies of the world they’re on. Helping them keep the peace and offering disaster relieve to areas effected by war. They also the ones that sends requests to the prophets for military aide. Who then gives clearance for the arch angel of that world to act who then gives orders to his Crusaders. This process can also work with arch bishop petitioning for aide to the arch angel directly. Who then act immediately, but this is only used in dire situations that need an immediate response.

Crusaders: Crusaders are the overall military authority of a section of the world their in charge of, and report directly to the Arch Angels. They oversee all military units under their territory jurisdiction along with appointing the position of angels to a person. They also see the finance for military campaigns, and can acquire aid from another willing Crusader if necessary without the approval of the arch angel. The title Crusader is reserved for the highest church knight. Who has demonstrated extraordinary military tactics, and fighting ability. He/She is a person who has won numerous war victories, and has the confidence of the arch bishop and arch angel. Along with the convictions of the men and women of the sector he’s in charge of. A crusader is nominated by both the arch angel and arch bishop, and must be approved by a majority vote from the prophets.

Ring Meister: Ring Meister is a position given to a person who in charge of a main church; that oversee the actions of every other church in their country. While a Crusader is in charge of the military in his sector that can cover multiple countries. A ring meister is in charge of the main branch church of a single county. They are ones that plan major church events, and are the one that manage the disaster relief teams that the prophets or arch bishops can request for. They also are the investigators of cases that deals with corruption in the church. Thus, they lead the investigation teams, and report their finding to the priest generals who then give their ruling on the case. They usually have TSA Special Investigators or Enforcers helping them. This is to prevent a ring meister from giving misleading or false information to the priest generals. Ring meister are usually chosen by a majority vote from all bishops in a country. Who then send the nomination to the arch bishop to be approved.

Angel: Angel is a military rank in the church; reserved only for the best knights of the church. He is in charge a maintain the military readiness of the units under his command. The angel is the one who helps the crusaders plan military actions (rarely), and executes tactics on the battlefield. He’s the one that leads his units, and is powerful combatant in his own right. Being able to turn the tides of a fight thus, being a trump card in a military operation. The title Angel is appointed by a crusader who acknowledge the power, skill, and knowledge of the person being appointed. An arch angel may request the credentials of the Angel being appointed. He then hold the right to veto the Crusader’s approval. In such a case the crusader can send a petition to their prophet. Who then has the right to override the arch angel’s veto, and thus award the title to the one being appointed.

Bishop: a Bishop is in charge of all the local churches of his province. Overseeing the events given to him by the ring meister, and managing and report funds of his district to the arch bishop. A bishop is chosen from among the priest all the cities. An election is usually held where the people of the districts vote for a priest nominee. Who is running for the title of Bishop. The priest who receive the most votes is appointed Bishop of the province by the ring meister. A bishop is a spiritual leader for the populace of his province. Providing guidance to those in his charge, and to the faithful followers of the church.

Paladin: A paladin is an expert knight in the church. Who has shown his skill and dedication to the church. They are the top warriors under an Angel’s command being warriors of outstanding power. Paladin are exceptional fighter, or supporters being able to keep their unit strong and fighting ready. This rank is appointed by the bishop of or ring meister.

Priest: Priest are the preachers that run the local church of their town. They are the ones that help give guidance to their followers, and accept new brother and sisters who wish to be of use to the Saint church. They hold no political or military power and are there only to carry out the higher up’s orders. They run local charity events and are in charge of shelters that help those. Who have been effect by war, misfortune, or disasters.

Knight: A knight is a warrior who has pledge to use their power for the good of the church. They only follow orders from the church, and do not engage in battle unless authorized to, doing a service for faithful believers, in self defense, or when protecting someone. They are the body of the church military power their power being in numbers and not skill. A knights goes through one year of intern training, and is appointed the rank by their priest once the internship is over.

Bother/Sister: These people are faithful believers. Who wish to follow the church effort in spreading the Saint Olivies teachings. While most are Volunteers some actually enter into the church structure training to be either knights, or priest of their own local church.