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[fanfic] Magical Record Lyrical Epos

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This is a fanfic about the Wolkenritter and their mission to defeat a group of rogue mages while at the same time stopping a war between two kingdoms. Please enjoy! ^_^

Prologue: The mock Battle

“Flying dragon flash!” Signum yelled as her sword exploded into flames. She slashed the air, sending an arc of crimson fire at her opponent.
“Nice fireworks!” her opponent said. He charged straight into the flames with his staff-shaped device held out spear-like. He pointed his device to the ground and launched himself into the air, over the flames just before his hat nearly caught fire. “Gruna Drevko! Ice Ascension!” He stabbed his device into the ground and a path of ice spikes erupted towards Signum.
Signum wasn’t phased by the attack. The spikes couldn’t reach her in the air. Nonetheless, she tightened her grip on Levaentinn and kept her sight on her opponent. She heard the sound of a weapon swinging behind her and turned around to Drevko’s flaming tip charging straight at her, without her opponent at the other end. She easily blocked the attack with her scabbard. The device fell towards the field of spikes. Her opponent was out of sight. He’s hidden behind the spikes, she thought, He’ll have to retrieve his device. Now I can end it with one attack. Signum sheathed Levaentinn and waited for him to charge out into the open.
Her Opponent jumped to retrieve his device. Signum’s eyes caught him and she unleashed a fire arc. The arc connected and a cloud of smoke and mist erupted. Signum waited while keeping her defenses up. When the cloud dissipated, the device was gone.
Her opponent emerged from behind a spike and charged Signum. She blocked it and countered by slicing him in two. But he vanished. Then, several clones began to charge. Damnit! I’ll have to take them all out or its over! Signum thought. She flew to the back of the arena and combined her sword with her scabbard to make her bow. She drew the string and charged a shot.
The clones approached quickly. When they were about to overwhelm Signum, she released the string. “Sturmfalken!” her device yelled. The energy arrow connected with the charging clone hoard. An explosion launched high into the air and Signum flew through the smoke. She looked down. She heard the swing of a weapon again. She turned around and blocked the lightning-covered tip of Drevko, this time with her opponent wielding it. “You’re a knight worthy of a fairytale” he said. “but fairytales knights don’t stand a chance against a Korolevian warrior!” Drevko exploded and both mages were knocked into opposite sides of the arena.
“Have you been underestimating us this whole time Bodine Marussia?” Signum asked. For the first time, the unconscious bodies of Vita, Shamal, and Zafira could be seen; as well as the bodies of Bidva and Ard, Bodine’s allies. She positioned Levaentinn to deliver the final blow.
“Of course not.”he said. “The ancient knights of Belka, who conquered this planet when the inhabitants were still crafting bronze tools. What’s there to underestimate!” he laughed and used his magic to spin Drevko around quickly.
Signum’s eyes widened and she charged.
“Triad...” Bodine shouted as Signum was nearly on him. “...Breaker!” A beam of fire, ice, and lightning erupted from Drevko’s spinning circle, nearly knocking its wielder back, and Signum charged into the beam. She slashed the beam and grunted as she struggled against the beam’s power. She roared a last battle cry to urge her body to push farther.
A greater explosion than any of the other ones that had been seen that day knocked the entire arena into the air. As the rubble fell and the smoke cleared, Signum could be seen--her knight’s clothing nothing but scraps--atop her unconscious opponent’s body with her sword supporting her. She couldn’t stand the effort to breathe and lost consciousness on top of Bodine. Needless to say, the mock battle ended in a draw.