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[Fanfic] Of Mothers and Daughters

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WARNING: This fic contains graphic smex of the NanoFate and Hartio nature! Lots of it :3 These haven't been beta read yet, so consider this the rough version. ^^


I felt relieved when I made it home for the day. I had been looking forward to returning to active duty for a while, but now that I was in my second week of it I realized that I was a little out of shape. Opening the door to my house, I smiled lightly to myself when I smelt dinner being cooked. Fate had come home while I was at work, and I was relieved to have her with me again, even if it was only for a little while. Making my way over to the kitchen, I smiled at my wife as she bent over to get some bread from the over. I haven’t seen her in over a month now, and I couldn’t help but take a moment to observe at what I had been blessed with. The blonde stood up and looked over her shoulder, smiling at me sweetly while welcoming me home.

Of Mothers and Daughters

“Welcome home to you too,” Nanoha told her softly. Walking over to her, she gave the woman a gentle hug and held her. “I missed you,” she whispered into the other girl’s ear, feeling the embrace tighten.

“I missed you too,” Fate responded just as softly, giving Nanoha a kiss to the cheek. The two parted slightly, moving away just enough so they were touching but able to look at each other. “You look tired, have you been resting properly?”

“More than usual,” Nanoha revealed with a wry grin. “I got out of shape while taking time off, but I will get used to it in a little while.”

“Don’t push yourself too hard, okay?” Fate’s question was more of a statement, and Nanoha couldn’t help but catch the fondness in the voice.

“You’ll have to come home more to make sure.” Nanoha hugged her again and inhaled the scent of Fate’s hair. “How long will you be here this time?”

“Just tonight,” Fate told her sadly. “But I will only be gone a few days before I can come back again.”

“…Okay.” Nanoha peeked over Fate’s shoulder and smiled at the food. “Looks good, how long until its ready?”

“Ten to twenty minutes, the roast is taking longer than I had expected. When will Vivio get home?”

Nanoha moved away from Fate and sat her purse on the counter so she could root through it. “She’s at the library; she normally tries to get home around the same time I do, but she won’t get here for another half hour or so probably…” Nanoha looked sideways at Fate with a smile. “I guess I can give this to you now then.”

“A present?” Fate blushed when Nanoha pulled out a small box from her purse. It was a simple white box with red ribbon looped around it with a bow. “Aww, you shouldn’t have.” Taking the box, she smiled at it. “Can I open it now?”

“Yes,” Nanoha stood in front of Fate, trying to hold the grin from her lips as the blonde slowly started to slide off the ribbon. Once the box was free, the blonde carefully pulled the top lid off of it, revealing a shiny metal anal plug. The base of it was endowed with a round red gem stained with yellow and orange with a star and lightning bolt engraved on it along with Fate’s name. The small shaft lead up an inch and a half before immediately swelling into a two and a half inch round section before it slowly tapered off to a round tip two more inches down. “I wanted you to have something to remember me by while alone on the ship when you are away on long missions,” Nanoha told her softly, smiling sweetly at Fate’s dark red blush. “I had it custom made just for you.”

“I… I see,” Fate stammered, slowly taking it out of the box and feeling its weight. The plug felt solid with no give to it, and cool to the touch. Turning it over so she could look at the gem, she felt her heart race when she saw her name on it. Looking closer, she felt shocked at how expensive the gem in it actually appeared. “Nanoha, is this a real gem!?”

“It is,” Nanoha replied happily. “I don’t want to get you something cheap, even if it is… something that others won’t see. Because… you mean a lot to me, and I want my gifts to show that…”

“Aww…. Nanoha,” Fate gave the woman another tight hug, holding her close for a long moment. “Thank you, it’s very pretty.”

“You’re welcome,” Nanoha moved back just a little so she could kiss Fate’s lips properly. “I hope you’ll enjoy it.”

“I… will…” Fate answered back shyly, kissing Nanoha again so she wouldn’t have to say anything else embarrassing. Their lips stuck together lightly, their lipstick pressing against each other’s. Fate felt Nanoha rub her hands along her sides and melted in the loose embrace. ‘Nanoha… we don’t have time…’ Fate’s mental words were unspoken, her mouth giving way to Nanoha’s tongue. ‘We… shouldn’t…’ Her breathing picked up when her lover’s tongue slowly ran over her lips, ever so gently moving in to touch to her’s. Fate’s mouth opened more and Nanoha moved forward more, making Fate back against the counter. She felt Nanoha’s hands loop under her and grab her butt, sharply lifting her to make her sit on the counter. “Na-Nanoha…”

“Fate-chan…” Nanoha whispered back, her kissing slowly starting to become a little harder. “I missed you so much…”

“I…” Her sentence was cut off by a kiss. “Missed…” another long kiss came, tongues meeting each other and sliding along. “You too…”Fate felt Nanoha reach up under her skirt and start pulling down her pantyhose and panties. “Nano-” her word was cut off by another hard kiss. The hands tugged a little more and Fate shyly braced her hands on the counters, blushing as she pushed herself up enough for Nanoha to pull her black cotton and hose down at the same time, making her sit her naked rear on the counter. “This is… embarrassing…”

“Shhhh,” Nanoha soothed her, kissing down Fate’s neck. When she reached the collar of her clothes, she pulled back and dipped down under Fate’s legs so she could get her head between the pulled down clothing and Fate’s body. “Spread your legs some more.”

Fate bit her thumb on her right hand and placed her left on Nanoha’s head. Ever so slowly, she parted her legs, making her hose pull and slip down a little more with the help of Nanoha’s head leaning back to encourage it to slide down. ‘She’s… right here…in the kitchen…’ Fate closed her eyes tightly, biting on her thumb more when she felt Nanoha’s nose brush her clit, warm lips kissing her folds. “Nanoha…” Her reply was a lick, tongue sliding along the side of her slit and above her clit before going down the other side. Another kiss came and Nanoha gently placed small butterfly kisses along Fate’s exposed skin before finally putting one on her clit directly. The motion made Fate shiver, gripping Nanoha’s hair and looking away.

“You’re starting to get wet,” Nanoha revealed, her tongue sliding up the slit and along the small nub above.

“I- I am not…” Fate denied, words in a small whimper.

Nanoha reached up and spread the lips with her fingers, dragging her tongue along the inside folds. Enjoying the warmth and taste, she inhaled deeply. Another lick came, followed by more. Each drag of her tongue became a little harder, a little more loving, before she finally twirled the tip of it along the entrance inside of Fate. “Don’t deny it…”

Fate shifted and squirmed, trying hard not to moan out as a warm tongue ever so slowly began to move up inside of her. ‘Her tongue…oh my god…not here…!’ Gasping, she moved in her spot as Nanoha’s mouth sucked on her folds, mouth pressed completely up against her. The tongue up inside of her moves slowly in a circle while sometimes pressing up against her walls hard so she could drag it along. “Nanoha…st…stop…”

“Okay…” Nanoha replied back when she removed her mouth. Her face and cheeks were glistening, her chin wet and droplet just starting to run down from it to her neck. “I won’t lick you there anymore.”

Fate felt relief and regret wash over her at the same time. The feeling was replaced immediately by shock as her butt was grabbed again and pulled, making her slip and have to grab the cabinet handles to keep from falling off the counter. “Nanoha!?” Her left leg moved to brace on the counter to help keep herself up, her high heeled shoe falling to the floor and clattering.

“I’ll lick here instead,” Nanoha revealed, moving to Fate’s asshole and kissing it. Fate shrieked at once, eyes wide and face red. Her tongue went out and ran around the hole slowly, coating it with saliva mixed with Fate’s honey.

“No… not there…” Fate squirmed more, gasping when Nanoha’s support on her loosened and she had to hold herself up with one foot on the counter and hands on the cabinet door handles. “I’ll fall!”

“Not yet,” Nanoha purred up at her, reaching over to the sink and getting a bottle of liquid dishwashing detergent. The top was flipped and she placed just a drop at the top of Fate’s new anal plug. Replacing the bottle, Nanoha reached hard to slowly push the handle on the sink to turn on the warm water.

“Nanoha!?” Fate shook her head, eyes closing tightly. “No-no! I’m not ready!”

“You are,” Nanoha insisted. The dominatrix tone in her voice made Fate’s legs quiver and her body slide down a little. Nanoha smiled and placed her hand under the running water, getting it wet before gripping the toy and stroking it smoothly. Soap suds came at once and dripped down the smooth metal, along with Nanoha’s arm.

“Not soap…” Fate groaned, blushing more when she realized that her pussy had began to get wetter at the idea. “It will burn…”

“Just a little,” Nanoha agreed, kissing Fate’s asshole again before placing the tip of the toy to it. “Go slow and you’ll be okay.”

“Nghh…” Fate gave in to the seductive tone and slowly tried to sit herself down. “It’s… big…”

Nanoha kissed Fate’s vagina again before slowly licking along it, whispering just loud enough to be heard. “You like it big.”

Fate moaned as the cool metal made her start to expand more, the soap lubricating her enough to allow it to slide in. ‘I can’t believe this… in the kitchen…’ Her mind went blank a moment as she felt it start to put pressure on her hole, expanding just slightly farther than her normal ones. ‘It’s bigger… Feels… so good…’ Her world blurred as Nanoha inserted a finger into her vagina, moving it in and out as soon as it was coated in her juices. Soft sucking came to her clit and her legs almost gave out, making her sink down just a bit faster than she had intended. A sharp gasp of air came and she groaned out loudly.

“Almost,” Nanoha praised her before wrapping her lips around Fate’s swollen nub as best she could. Gentle slow suction came again and another finger went inside Fate’s pussy. Moving them in and out, Nanoha moaned happily. ‘Her vagina is tightening around me already… she might orgasm at this rate…’ With a new goal in mind, Nanoha moved her fingers faster, which made Fate pull up in shock.

The blonde began to sweat, struggling to keep herself up on the counter. Her lower body was shaking, almost trying to move with Nanoha’s fingers. “Na… Nanoha… I’m…” Nanoha nodded against Fate’s mound, showing that she knew. The blonde struggled, keeping herself half way impaled by the plug. Her mouth opened and her eyes stayed slightly parted as she began to pant. “Close…” The rest of the world started to matter less. Their location, what they were doing, and the fact that their daughter was coming home soon didn’t seem to mean as much as the warmth between her legs and Nanoha’s hot breath around her folds. “I’m… going…”

Nanoha recognized the signs without Fate telling her. As soon as she thought her wife would reach the climax, she shifted and pulled on Fate’s leg that was on the counter, making her fall onto her anal plug. The metal shot up inside of her without complaint and Fate screamed out loudly, grabbing a fistful of Nanoha’s hair. The blonde’s vagina instantly flashed with liquid, which Nanoha caught with her mouth pressed firmly against the folds. Licking rapidly, she forced Fate to ride out the orgasm. She found herself tingle down between her legs as Fate gave feral groans mixed with open mouth gasps. Both hands were on her head, holding her hair almost painfully as the orgasm finally started to fade.

When the intensity died down, Fate simply panted, hunched over Nanoha and trying to hug the girl despite the position. “Na…Noha…” The brown haired girl gave Fate slow licks along her fold, just pressing hard enough to feel without making too much feeling shoot through her sensitive area. Just as soon as she thought she could start catching her breath she heard the front door open and Vivio’s peppy voice call out her arrival. Fear shot through her eyes as she looked down at a terrified Nanoha.

The brown haired woman quickly moved from Fate’s legs, falling on her butt and scooting back so Fate could bring herself down to her feet, almost collapsing herself. The blonde shakingly grabbed her panties and jerked them up before doing the same with her pantyhose. She managed to get them up and smoothed just as Nanoha stood up and Vivio came into the kitchen. “Fate-mama!” Vivio cheered, running over to the woman and hugging her fiercely. “You’re home!”

“Y-” Fate coughed. “Yeah, I’m home.”

Nanoha took several deep breaths with her back turned, pretending to fiddle with her purse. Regretfully wiping her mouth on her sleeve, she tried to make sure she was okay before putting on a smile and turning to Vivio. “How was your day?”

“Great!” Vivio replied happily, letting go of Fate and facing Nanoha. “And since you and Fate-mama are both here, I have some news!” The blue eyed mother leaned back against the counter while Fate began to check on the roast, leaving an ear out for her daughter. “I have a girlfriend!”

The news seemed to both shock and stun Fate, who almost burnt herself while removing the food. “A girlfriend!?” She looked at Nanoha quickly, sending a telepathic message. ‘Isn’t she too young for that kind of thing!?’

To answer Fate’s question, Nanoha beamed down at Vivio. “Vivio, that’s quite a big step, are you sure you’re ready for what that means?”

Vivio looked as if she had been slapped by the words. “Of course I know!”

Fate stepped in to make sure Nanoha didn’t say the wrong thing. “What she meant was, are you sure you found the right person? I remember you telling me last month that you wanted to marry that singer from that band you like.”

The daughter crossed her arms and puffed her cheeks out in annoyance. “I know the difference between a crush on a boy band and one of someone that I actually know. Besides, you don’t even know who she is yet!”

Nanoha had to admit that she had jumped a little early on that one. “You’re right, who is the lucky girl?”

Seemingly pleased at the turn around, Vivio smiled. “Einhart-san.”

The blond nodded, smiling. “I see, congratulations.”

“Congratulations,” Nanoha agreed, nodding. “Why don’t you run get changed out of your school uniform and tell us all about it over dinner?”

“Sure!” Vivio agreed readily, giving Fate one more hug before running off to do just that.

Once Vivio was out of earshot, Fate whispered to Nanoha while preparing the rest of dinner. “Einhart, I can’t say that I disapprove…”

“She is a little older, but she seems really reserved…” Nanoha sighed. “I don’t want her to grow up…”

“It’s not like they will be doing anything,” Fate tried to sooth her wife as much as herself. “How old were we when we first started to fool around?”

Nanoha thought back, sighing when she recalled it at the same time as Fate. “About her age…”

“Do you think…?”

Nanoha shook her head. “Vivio doesn’t really know what a relationship is; I doubt they will do anything more than blush at each other and maybe hold hands. Besides, Einhart appears to be really collected and focused on other things besides a girlfriend… I think it will go at a nice pace.” Nodding once to confirm it to herself, Nanoha put on a happy look. “For now, let’s just be happy for her, even if she is trying to grow up.”

Fate giggled to herself. “You’re right.” Reaching up, she picked up some plates from the cabinet and handed them to Nanoha. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to goto our room for a moment.”

Nanoha grinned and wrapped her free arm around Fate’s waist and pulled her into a sideways hug. “Actually… I don’t think I’ll let you.”

“Nanoha,” Fate hissed softly, cheeks coloring. “I’m not going to leave this in!”

“Yes, you are,” Nanoha told her with a grin, kissing Fate’s cheek. “I haven’t had you with me in weeks, I’m going to enjoy every moment of it.” To prove her point, she reached behind Fate and pulled on the plug slowly. Fate’s knees shook, still sensitive from before. “Don’t…” She gulped as she felt her asshole being pulled on, making it expand painstakingly slow before the plug popped out of her all at once. Yelping, Fate reached back to grab it, eyes wide. “She’ll be back soon,” Nanoha warned.

Fate looked away, cheeks a dark red color as she leaned forward slightly, bracing one hand on Nanoha’s shoulder while the woman hugged her. Resting her cheek against her wife’s chest, Fate inhaled slowly as she pushed the plug back up, taking her time to enjoy the sensation of it spreading her before it popped back into place. Her hand stayed on it, giving it a small twist in each direction and wiggling it to make it sit right inside of her. “Mou…”

“You love it,” Nanoha insisted against Fate’s hair, giving the strands a small kiss. “And I love you.”

“Love you too…” Fate replied softly, moving enough to kiss Nanoha on the lips before Vivio came back down.


"Did you tell them yet?" Einhart's voice asked curiously, coming through the small monitor floating behind Vivio as the teen rooted through her closet for something to wear.

"I did, when I got home this afternoon." Vivio replied while picking up her pajamas from a nightstand drawer.

"How did they take it?"

"At first I thought they were going to tell me I wasn't allowed to have one, but after a moment it seemed to all work out. I think they were just shocked." Turning so her back was to Einhart, Vivio took off the towel wrapped under her arms and slid into the top half of the set. "I didn't let them know that we have been going out for a while, though. They think we just started."

"I see," Einhart watched Vivio, eyes taking in the young girl's body.

"Perv," Vivio accused while glancing over her shoulder.

"You can't say that if you only guess that I was ogling you. That makes you the pervert, Vivio-san."

Vivio thought about it a moment before giving an embarrassed chuckle. "I guess you're right, sorry."

Einhart laid down on her bed, propping her chin up on her hands while looking at the monitor before her. "Don't be sorry; I was looking."

"Mou," Vivio pouted at her while pulling up her panties. "Einhart-san's a pervert."

"A little," she admitted. "But it's okay. Did you tell them about the tournament coming up?"

"Not yet," Vivio pulled up her pants, hopping in place to get them to go up to her waist. "They seemed a little distracted, so I held off. Nanoha-mama hasn't seen Fate-mama in a while now."

"You haven't either," Einhart added in. "Are you sure you shouldn't be spending time with her?"

"They told me they wanted to take a shower later so they could catch up, so I went ahead and took mine."

"Ah, don't forget you have to turn in your permission slip by the end of next week, so you need to get Fate-san's signature on it."

"Is Nove going to sign yours?"

"She's as close to a guardian as I have, so I will ask her tomorrow when we train. Speaking of, are you going to come over afterwards for dinner?"

"Mmn, I will."

Einhart eyed Vivio. "Did you tell them I invited you over?"

"No?" Vivio sat down on her bed and hugged a pillow. "Why?"

"Because they know we're dating now, you should tell them when you come over."

"It's no different than it has been."

Einhart smiled at her girlfriend. "It's a little different."

"How so?"

"Because now that they know, they may not like the idea of us being alone."


Einhart couldn't help but giggle. "I may seduce you."

Vivio laughed happily at the thought. "That's our business. Besides, I don't think you will."

"Oh?" Einhart looked interested.

"Mmn," she nodded.

Einhart sat up on the bed and grinned at her. "So, if I did try to seduce you, what would you do?"

"You won't, so it doesn't matter," Vivio challenged back. “I could masturbate in front of you, and you would be too shy to do anything but look away.”

The words made Einhart blush darkly and avert her eyes a little. “I… I wouldn’t.”

Vivio smiled more, playfully continuing her tease. “So… If I started to masturbate… would you watch?” She felt pride swell in her chest when her girlfriend was obviously torn between being shy and saying that she would watch. “You’re so cute.”

“H-hey…” Einhart stammered. Before she could say anything else in her defense, her breath caught in her throat when Vivio moved the pillow in her lap and slowly brought a hand up to her pajama top. “Vivi…o?” The name made the blonde smile at her fondly, carefully undoing the top button of the cotton pajamas. “What…?” The second button was undone as well, the hands gently going down the front.

“I’ve… tried masturbating before…” Vivio revealed shyly. “But I always… stop because I’m not sure… if I’m doing it right…” Another button was unclasped and the material went slack, showing off the middle of the girl’s body. “I get so sensitive…”

Einhart felt her breathing catch. “You’re…supposed to get sensitive…”

Vivio looked at Einhart, making the monitor move closer to her face so she could see her girlfriend better. “How… do you do it?”

“I…” Einhart tried to deny the fact, but Vivio’s soft gaze made her realize that it wasn’t a tease, but an honest question. “I just…” Her miscolored eyes looked down at the bed. “…kind of do it?”

“Tell me.” Vivio’s words were gentle, making Einhart look back up at her. Ever so slowly, Vivio brought a finger up to her neck and looped it under the fabric of her pajama top. Moving her hand, she shyly made the clothing fall off of her shoulder. Her pink nipple was revealed and the cool air in the room was slowly starting to make it stiffen, almost not noticeable yet. “I want to…with you”

The green haired girl swallowed, eyes gazing at the clear image of her girlfriend on her screen. “I’m… a little shy…”

“It’s okay…” Vivio encouraged her quietly. “It’s just between us… I trust you.”

Einhart felt her heart melt at the words and slowly rolled over onto her back. “Take your hand… and place it on your stomach.” She did it as well, watching Vivio shyly touch her toned skin. “Touch yourself lightly, moving upwards… take your time.” She watched in awe as the girl did as she told, the other half of the pajama top sliding off to the side. “Move your hand around your breast…” Einhart’s words started to get more gentle, mouth opening slightly in a small gasp as her own hand went up under her bra. “Be gentle…”

Vivio leaned back fully against a mass of pillows near her headboard and closed her eyes again. Her small hand rubbed her chest carefully, occasionally fondling her budding breasts. “It feels… good.”

“Yeah…” Einhart shifted, pushing her bra up under her shirt so it would be out of the way. She watched Vivio as the girl continued to tease herself, feeling her vagina already tingling and knew that her panties would be damp soon. “Touch your nipples lightly.” Her breathing was starting to become less steady and more deep, eyes drinking in the view of her girlfriend.

The blonde squirmed lightly as she ran her fingers over her, now hardened, nipples. “A-ahn…” Her legs went together and she moved them while shifting. “It’s… too sensitive…”

Einhart nodded, both hands up her shirt now. “It’s okay… go with it…” Vivio nodded lightly, eyes tight as she moved her hands over them again. “Pinch them between your fingers very, very softly and pull slowly until they slide out.” The girl on her screen slowly did as requested, holding her breath as her small breasts pulled up just enough to jiggle when her nipples slipped from her fingertips. “Lick your fingers on both hands… then do it again.”

Vivio blushed hard, opening her eyes and looking at her girlfriend. “Einhart-san… I want to watch you too…” She opened her mouth just slightly, bringing her fingers to her lips and sucking on them softly, tongue rolling over them. Einhart shyly nodded at her and reached down to grip the hem of her shirt, pulling it up embarrassedly while catching her bra along the way. The clothing tangled in her hair slightly, and she felt extremely embarrassed when she had to fight her hair when it caught in her bra. A few moments later, Einhart finally had her top off, blushing hard and looking to the side in embarrassment. “Einhart-san…” Vivio put her wet finger to her nipples and shivered, mouth not closing all the way as she struggled to breath.

“Vivio-san…” Einhart laid back on her bed, looking up at her monitor. Her fingers went to her mouth as well, licking each of them before moving back to her chest. “Ah…”

“Mmn…” Vivio fidgeted, giving small pants and gasps while watching. “I… I think I’m ready… for more.”

Einhart closed her eyes, breathing a little harder now. “Move a hand down your stomach…” She moved both of hers lower, fingertips touching the button on her jeans. The snap of the unbuttoning seemed extremely loud to her. “Touch your panties…. Move your fingers over the cotton slowly, carefully…” Her slender fingers pinched the golden zipper and moved it downwards, revealing green and white striped panties. When she could feel the slack in her pants, she hooked her thumbs through the belt loops and slowly began to pull them down.

Vivio tried to hold back a moan, her right hand under her pajama bottom. “It’s… so intense…”

Einhart nodded again, bringing a hand up so she could bite her thumb nail. “Y-yeah…”

The green and red eyed girl opened her mouth to take a full breath, shivering as she let it out. “Einhart-san… They… my panties are sticking to me.” Her girlfriend let out a moan at her words, her fingers pressing along her panties noticeably harder. “Are you… enjoying this too?”

“Y-Yeah,” Einhart repeated, eyes glazing slightly. “It feels good…” She caressed her left breast, massaging it and cupping her hand over so she could tweak her nipple. Her other hand began to trace the damp spot on her panties, pressing against it and rubbing. “Move your fingers along your slit…” She breathed out, almost requesting instead of guiding now. “Let… Let me see it too?”

Vivio nodded shyly, moving her hands to her pajama bottom and wiggling it down almost to her knees. Once done, she brought her hands back to their places, touching her panties and her breast. “Can… can you see?”

“Yes…” Einhart began to gently pick up her pace, watching Vivio masturbate intently. “Try… spreading your fingers a bit… make one go down each side….”

The blonde nodded again, parting her fingers so the tips each slid around the cotton sticking to her lower lips. “Ah!”

“Press a little firmer…”

“Ahn…mnnn…. I… can’t…” Vivio wiggled in place, pressing her knees together and looking away.

“Please,” Einhart encouraged her. “Spread… your legs for me…”

Vivio panted, eyes closed tight as she did as requested, her pajama pants sliding down to pool at her ankles. Her legs were bent at her knees, which were spread wide, the bottoms of her feet touching each other. The girl’s fingers were curved slightly now, moving up and down along the dark patch of her panties. “Its… too sense…tive…”

Einhart was openly panting now, eyes open, but hazed as she drank in everything. “Go… faster…”

“I… can’t…”

Einhart swallowed, shifting her panties to the side and rubbing her swollen lips directly. Her clit was enlarged, and she moved her other hand to it, moaning as she pressed against the sensitive nub. “Faster… move your other hand down… find your clit…”

Vivio opened her eyes slowly, cheeks burning as she saw her girlfriend’s wet vagina being rubbed rapidly. She gave an uncertain nod and moved a shaking hand down lower, gasping loudly as she sped up and touched her clit at the same time. “I…”

“Vivio-san…” Einhart parted her legs a little more and shook. “I’m… going… to cum…” Vivio felt her heart skip a beat at the words. Her body was burning, her lower lips begging for more while her mind was having difficulty processing the intense feelings. “Vivio-san…!” The hand on her clit sped up more, rubbing it wither two fingers in a fast, small circle while her other hand slid up and down her folds, fighting her panties to keep them out of the way.

The blonde shook, her pussy screaming at her to give relief to the stimulation but unable to comply. Her eyes locked into Einhart’s and she pressed against her folds firmly, mimicking Einhart and rubbing her clit. “Ah!?”

“With me…” Einhart pleaded.

“I…” Vivio tried to go faster, wanting to share the experience. Her knees were quivering now, unable to stay still. “I’m going to…” She couldn’t say the words, as they caught in her mouth when she tried to form them. The stimulation had reached its peak and suddenly nothing else mattered but the extreme sensitivity in her clit and how the cotton rubbed. Before she could stop it, a scream came out and she felt herself lose everything at once.

Einhart panted loudly, eyes closed and giving a cross between a squeal and a repressed moan. Honey dripped from her folds, splattering along her thighs as her fingers hastily tried to make the release last longer. Her legs were shaking, mouth open with saliva rolling down one side of her cheek before she finally had to stop, laying back with open legs as she tried to recollect her mind.

Vivio felt the same, laying back on her bed and gasping loudly, sucking in air. Her panties were soaked and were clinging to her mound, showing an outline of her curve. “I… I think… I came…” she struggled to speak. “It feels… like… so sensitive…”

Einhart nodded slowly, looking at Vivio with a loving smile and pleased expression. “Yeah… Yeah it does…”

“Wow…” Vivio could tell her body was slowly starting to come down from the rush of her first orgasm. “My legs feel all weak.”

“Yeah,” Einhart agreed again, a shy smile on her face. “That was really nice, Vivio-san.” Their eyes met for a moment and each girl shyly looked away, cheeks stained. “Really… I liked it.”

“…Me too.” Vivio shivered and pulled on her covers so she could get under them. “I feel so cold and shy all of a sudden.”

Einhart stayed above her covers, but pulled her earlier discarded shirt to lay over her chest sideways. “Really? I feel all warm and tingly.”

Vivio laughed a little at the choice of words from the normally elaborate Einhart. “Thank you for teaching me.”

“You’re welcome…” Einhart smiled at Vivio, unable to keep it from her lips. “I hope… we could do it again sometime”

The question took Vivio off guard and she stammered out her response. “I, um… that is…” She felt her mouth turn up at the thought of being so intimate. “I don’t… mind if we watch each other…”

“So…” Einhart struggled to say the words. “If you feel like… doing it… call me?” The younger girl’s hair frizzed at the request, her heart pounding her chest. Einhart was looking at her curiously, blushing but not turning away. “I would like that very much?”

“Y-yeah…” Vivio nodded at her softly. “But… you have to promise me too? If you want to… call me?”

“O-okay…” Einhart nodded quickly, showing how eager she was to experience it again. When she realized how she must have looked, she shrank back and blushed, smiling shyly.

The two stayed silent a moment before each chuckled again. “I want to hug you,” Vivio revealed with a pleased smile. “Like really, really badly.” Before Einhart could reply to her, however, she heard Nanoha’s voice float up to her asking to join them for some caramel milk. “Ah, I’m being called!?” She looked at her body and felt her face flush. “I-I can’t go down like this!” Scrambling out of her bed, she peeled off her panties and gave a shocked look when she felt them stick to her. “Oh, ewww…” Her girlfriend laughed heartily at her, which only made Vivio hurry up more, putting on a fresh pair and pulling them up. Ignoring how they instantly clung to her wet curves and molded to her swollen lips, Vivio pulled on a different set of Pajamas and ran to her monitor. “Bye, Einhart-san. See you tomorrow, okay?”

“Okay,” Einhart smiled as Vivio leaned forward and kissed the monitor before dismissing it.


Nanoha opened her eyes groggily when she felt the warmth behind her move away. The covers were positioned around her shoulders and a soft kiss came to her ear. Despite the motions normally sending her back to sleep, she still rolled so she could look at Fate hovering over her on the bed. "Already?" She asked softly, trying to wake up fully.

"Sorry," Fate told her quietly. "I need to leave so I can meet up with Teana before our ship goes out."

"She's going with you?"

"Mmn," Fate nodded and leaned down to kiss Nanoha's forehead. "She came in town last night. I offered her to stay here with us, but she said she would only be intruding."

Nanoha smiled up at her wife. "How thoughtful... Give her my best, will you?"

"Of course, now go back to sleep, you still have another hour and a half. I'll be back in a week tops, then I can stay for a while."

"Be safe," Nanoha smiled up at her sleepily, getting the covers put around her once more.

"Always," Fate answered simply. Moving away from the bed, she went to the closet and got a few of her clothes to place neatly into a suitcase, feeling a little sad that all of her outfits were folded instead of hung so she could easily pack them. 'I should ask for more leave time, Nanoha works herself too hard when I'm gone...' Her clothes were packed and her black enforcer uniform was put on slowly. Once done, she walked over to the bed and picked up the small box containing the gift that Nanoha had given her. Blushing, she smiled down at her lover and placed it in her case as well. "Thanks again," she whispered to the now sleeping Nanoha.

Leaving the room, she put her suitcase by the front door and then went up stairs quietly. Tapping on Vivio's door, she slowly peeked in to look at her adopted daughter. Vivio was sleeping in her bed, on her stomach, with one hand hanging from the side. With a small giggle, Fate padded over to her and knelt down. "I'll be going now, Vivio," She whispered.

"Come back soon," Vivio answered tiredly, half way opening her eyes.

"I'm sorry; I didn't mean to wake you." Fate reached up and smoothed Vivio's bed hair.

"I always wake up when you tell me goodbye," Vivio revealed softly. "I just let you think you got away with babying me." She smiled sleepily at her mother.

"I'm your mother, I have a right to baby you." Fate leaned forward and kissed the corner of Vivio's red eye. "When I can't come in your room to tell you goodbye is the day you get married and move out, but not a day before then."

Vivio grinned, still half asleep. "As long as you knock, so you don't walk in on me and my partner making out."

"You're too young to worry about that, thankfully." Fate half-way teased her. "Don't make me worry about that too soon, and you shouldn't either. Save your first kiss for someone special, and when you know..." The look on Vivio's face made her sigh. "Vivio... don't grow up on me..."

"I'm sorry, but it was special." Vivio told her happily, seemingly more awake now. "Einhart-san was really gentle... It was very special to me."

"...As long as you're happy..." Fate managed out, secretly feeling as if a part of her was violated. "But please don't rush things. You're young, you have plenty of time."

"Mou, I'm old enough to-" a finger on her lips made Vivio go quiet.

"You may be... but I'm not. Just for a while longer, we want to have our little girl."

Vivio looked up at Fate and felt a little sadness come in her voice that was laced with pride as well. "I'm a teenager now, mama... I'm grown up. You and Nanoha-mama already had your own residence at this age."

"That's... I don't want to talk about this before I leave. Let's talk about it later, when I get back." She tried her best to smile and make a joke. "Until then, tell Einhart to keep her hands to herself, ne?"

Vivio giggled. "Not a chance." Reaching up, she took Fate's hand and gave it a small squeeze. "Be safe out there, okay?"

"Of course." Fate moved forward and kissed Vivio's temple before standing and giving a small wave. Once out of Vivio's room, she frowned to herself while walking down the stairs. 'she's too young to do that... Nanoha and I are one thing, but we were different... ' Heaving another sad sigh, she picked up her luggage and left the house. The sun was only just thinking about rising in the distance, making the sky a mix between dark and almost light. 'I hope Nanoha doesn't find out Vivio's had her first kiss before I get back... She will probably end up crying...' With one more glance over her shoulder, Fate walked to her car.

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You really did it didnt you...I just hope people dont die from reading this! lol jk jk good read :p

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You really did it didnt you...I just hope people dont die from reading this! lol jk jk good read :p

Too late ahuahauah
Satashi, congratulations.
I always read your fics here and on FF, and Alicia's fics too.

It was very well written and... You owe me a new T-shirt... This one has blood on it right know... >.>

Anyway, it was a very interesting one-shoot (I guess it was a one-shoot) and...
Einhart, good-luck (you will need it)

PS: I think I need a blood transfusion... My blood type is +A, anyone?

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I'm O- >__> universal donor ftw!

Dreams do come true! 8D

( ì x î ) I feel sorry for that little girl. Lol

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Subaru, I'm an O; I got your back.
Also, when Fate opened the present, I o.O-ed

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Satashi-saaaaaaan, that was should've at least warned us about bringing tissues! > <

Nice Satashi-san, just what I need, more thoughts flying around in my head. Meaning....I NEED MORE. Nyan~

*ahem* High fives! Another good one waiting to be awesome! So there's NanoFate AND VivEin, WOW Perfect combo~~

More, more, and many to next~
If your making this into a story~:
Update soon~~ ;D

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Very nice, I think I lose one or two liters of blood. :3
The bonding moment between Fate/Nanoha and Fate/Vivio were sugary sweet, the other scenes were "hot" and sweet at the same time.

Very nice work !

Now, I need a few blood packs of O-, can someone give me some ?

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XD I'm glad everyone is enjoying it ^^ It isn't a one shot, there are 4 chapters total. 1-3 are done, but 3 has some sex scenes that need to be added to it. I'll post chapter 2 after a few more people get a chance to read chapter 1 and comment ^_^ I'm posting here for advise/what people think in case I need to change anything,so I'm looking forward to what people have to say :D

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I should have signed for medical insurance, i dont think i'll survive any more chpters. to much blood loss.

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You cannot imagine... how many tissue boxes I needed to get through this >.>;;

I was swearing at the intense scenes so much too... XD

Good job...


You have to tell me how you think straight when writing these kinds of stuff... because I seriously can't even last a paragraph... o.e

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God. You're killing me.

Lack of blood is making me woozy.

Now I need some blood packs :D

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The gift let me...speechless! Nanoha is a bad girl =P
This fic is sooooo hot, Vi x Ein will move to the next step soon.
Great job!

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Bad...Baddddd idea to think this was a safe fanfic to read in class >///< Next time I'll take your warnings to heart satashisan xD

And lawls I'm blood type O too, tho I have no blood to spare at the moment xD great day to go anemic hmm?

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So did I kill everyone from blood loss? XDD

I didn't think they were THAT bad? Well maybe the Fate/Nanoha first scene was... Poor Fate @///@

You should see chapter 3, that's when it gets good >:3 (It's also where a lot of yummy plot is ^_^ )

How I think straight writing it? I don't know, I, I guess ^///^ I don't really see much of a difference in writing sex as I do any other scene. It's just words an actions. I like to write it like its the characters doing the actions and not me forcing them to do it. For example, during the part where Vivio told her parents about her relationship, I wrote it how I think they would have reacted and not me going into it thinking "they're going to not like the idea but accept it anyway." That's how I lead my plot as well. I present a situation and then let the characters react to it.

But then again, I do kind of have my own type of Nanoha and Fate that is a little different than canon story. For example, my Nanoha is more physical because she can't really say words properly. AKA, she'll kiss Fate instead of saying "I love you." Fate, lately, is really soft spoken and unsure about herself. Canon makes her seem positive in her position, but I kind of have her as "hurt that her children went away". Oh, and she loves sex, but is super quiet about it. She'd give Nanoha a look instead of starting it herself.

Vivio is... horny? XD hitting puberty and all of a sudden this new world opened up to her. Like Nanoha, she wants to express herself physically, but she won't hesitate to tell her loved one "I love you" or "Let's get together and do some... you know."

Einhart is like Fate a bit. She really likes being intimate, but won't voice it. If the opportunity comes up, then she will jump at the chance and try to guide it to lead to that situation.

Subaru, in my stories, kept her STARS call sign. She works as a Special Task And Rescue Squad (resident Evil, anyone?) and is pretty much canon other than that. Teana too, though I have her really look up to Fate (saying she changed her hairstyle to match Fate's, and Fate did it to match signum's in my stories)

Yeah, kinda off track here,but that's how I do it. When I write sex scenes, I generally have the characters act out their emotions and say what THEY would say. I think it showed in my Vivio/Einhart moment when they were on the video call. They're just learning and are eager to experience the new feelings and open up to each other, much like everyone's first relationship is (though they did get to sex rather quickly).

I do take comissions too, so if anyone wants to see their own ideas written, let me know :P I can start on them as soon as this one is over (If Alicia doesn't get me first :P )

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See, See? That's what happens when you leave a dehydrated Nanoha at home for a LONG time... XD *still is nosebleeding btw*

Ah... Hm... maybe I should put aside my lewd thoughts before I write scenes like this? *thinks* Yes... I think that would make it much better... but that's going to be quite hard to do... o.e ... practice, practice, and more practice I guess xD

Thanks for the tips :D

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Bad or not, blood loss is blood loss satashi *looks around at the huge pile of corpses and blood* I dare say you were successful xD But yes I've been following your stories for awhile and I've always loved that change in character, maybe that's why, for me anyways, it was that bad xD. Sides the whole still in class thing and all ;D And really, if chapter 3 is that amazing ;o *plots a class skip day in advance*. We might need more puff puff tissues and body bags as well.

Though blood loss and all I still saw two minor typos during the vivo einhart part, just the wither--> with her and sen..setive--> sensitive unless that was supposed to be there, hard to tell when things get heated xD* As to where they are~ the first one's in a paragraph that starts "Vivio-san.." and the second one's right before einhart asks vivio to go faster, any more than that I'm not gonna make it through this class xD. On another note tho I almost totally lost it when they mentioned the anal plug and had to run to the nearest bathroom to avoid a blood bath like scene xD.Sorry just a tad chatty today xD.

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thanks for pointing out typos. ^^ I'll try and get them fixed tonight <3

chapter 2 will be posted tonight or tomorrow, depending.Gotta let people have time to comment or they may forget what they were going to say after reading two chapters.

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Also, I know you probably have your own beta-reader and such, but I couldn't help but edit it a bit more while reading. So if you don't mind another opinion, might I send you the document? Somehow slipped into teacher editor mode there xD.

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Baaaaaaaaaaaad Satashi! You're killing all our friends! Now what will we do?

Thanks a lot for this first chapter Satashi, you took me by surprise with this fic, I didn't know that this was going to be so lemon-ish... and so hardcore >.< I like better your romantic stuffs with softer lovemaking moments, but this was good as well, a good reading to have a bit of variety, and it seems like everybody is loving it. I should say that I discovered the one thing better than NanoFate: NanoFate and Hartio in equal proportions :D

(In the first paragraph, there is an "over" that I believe should be "oven").

Take care~

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that was smokin'!! definitely enjoyed it. can't wait for ur next chapters!!


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Loved it tah the T Satashi, 'twas an excelent read, even if it was so, so... I can't think of the word tah be honest with you, but hey, it was still a great read. And I think you're already writing a commision for me? (Is everyone else, quite content, with my little scheme of marching up and down the square a bit?) Also, can't wait for chapter two, hope it's just as good as the first.

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Well, it's a REQUEST from you. Requests are on a "when I can" basis :3

A commission is paid and is a "I will write on it before anything else until it's finished" basis.

My commissions are like this:

Tell me what you want, how many words you want it in, and I will tell you the price.
Pay up front
I work on it and you can either read it as it goes, or wait for finished work.
Beta read by friends
Sent toyou for approval
Editing/changing to your liking
Repeat last two steps until satisfied.
Pick cover art for the book (If you want fanart specifically for it, we can do that too) or I can make you a cover/back.
Wait about 7-14 days for your book to arrive in the mail :3

so far AlternativeS and Of Mothers and Daughters were commissions.

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I see, my mind seemed tah have forgotten what a commision was today...oh well.

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*runs into COLD shower* Good thing it's summertime now XP

NanoFate fans please don't send me hate mail... I promise to turn back into a ferret and leave Nanoha (and her waifu) alone XD

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I loved this first chapter Satashi XD

I can't wait to see what happens in chapter 3, but until then, I'll have to settle for chapter 2 <3 But it is a great story XD I can't wait for the next installment

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Chapter 2!

I moved to the side of a mid-ranged blast and twirled in the air to avoid a few more coming my way. My students were doing better than I had expected it seems, and I avoided a delayed binding spell from my best pupil with pride. The mock battle was almost over now and I only had to knock down two more people before I was declared the victor. I pointed at my student and smiled at him, forming forty balls of energy around myself and sending them all at him in a bullet hell fashion. He fell to the blasts and smoke came out from the resulting explosion. Raiding Heart counted him down and told me that there were two more enemies on the field. 'Two?' I wondered to myself, looking around and only seeing one student.

Of Mothers and Daughters II
By: Satashi

Nanoha barely had time to react as a blue and white magical road shot up behind her. Her body spun around quickly, feeling a drag on the back part of her clothing. Subaru let out a yell as she flew past Nanoha with a fistful of the White Devil's jacket. The older woman shed her outer jacket and moved away, taking a moment to catch her breath. Now in only her mini skirt and black underclothes for protection, she looked in shock at her ex-forward. "Subaru!?"

"You're getting slow in your old age, Nanoha-san." Subaru told her cheerfully while dropping the jacket. "I was told you were giving a mock battle and thought I'd see how you were coming along after coming back to active duty!"

Nanoha smiled at her friend. "Thank you for coming, Subaru, but there's one problem."

"What's that?" Subaru cocked her head to the side.

Nanoha held up her staff and changed it to her shooting mode. "The goal of this operation was to take me down, not to just touch me." With that said, she fired a blast at Subaru, who leapt from her road in favor of skating down it to prepare herself for battle. 'Subaru is a threat by herself, I can't risk my other student catching me off guard.' Turning sharply, she pointed her staff at the man who was charging a shot. "Sorry," she called to him fondly. "I'll spar with you some other time!" With that, she fired her blast, overpowering his at once and sending him forcefully to the ground.

"Nanoha-san!" Subaru yelled at her in a battle cry, fist reared back to strike. Nanoha looked down briefly in shock, seeing the wing road running under her feet. With the magic road coming up behind her and looping so she couldn't fly away, she held up her hand and formed a barrier. "Diviiiiiiiiiine!"

Nanoha grimaced, not wanting to have to handle that attack, but still felt something in her chest yearn to take it full strength and try to over power it. "Deflection!" Her word activated her magic spell, looping strands around Subaru's wrist. With a sharp tug, she jerked the attack off it's course and to the side. Her barrier helped slide the blast away from her body and she formed a ball of energy into her free hand, turning as Subaru went beside her to slam it into her back.

The blue haired girl seemed ready for this, however, and let her body fall so it went above her. Turning, she grabbed both of Nanoha's boots and looked up, laughing. "Wow, Nanoha-san, I didn't know you owned black panties!"

Nanoha's face shot red at the comment and she thrust her hand in between her legs to make her skirt cover them. Several cheers from her students rang up and she glared down at Subaru's playful face, sending several blast down at her. Subaru flipped around and formed her road again, both as a defensive barrier as well as a means to move away from her. "At least I wear panties!" Nanoha called back, shooting several blasts at the girl.

The ex-forward looped her road around and jumped from it to another portion of the several loops that had been circling since the start of their battle. "You're still getting old, though!"

Nanoha fumed at having her weak spot attacked by her friend and charged a large blast up while flying toward her. "I'm not old!" She insisted, words doubling as a war cry. The energy was released and Subaru's eyes went wide. The blast was larger than she had expected and her shield only blocked half of it before she was shot down, struggling to claim her footing on her wing road before she hit the ground.

Smoke coming from her burnt jacket, Subaru looked up and loaded a cartridge as Nanoha flew down at her. "I'm not out yet!"

Nanoha beamed at her. "Your tits are showing!"

Subaru yelped and looked down, seeing her tight black jacket torn in several places, revealing both her nipples and most of her cleavage. "Nanoha-san, you PERVERT!" Looking back up, she yelped as she saw Nanoha literally inches from her face, finger glowing a bright pink as it was pointed at her nose.

"Got you," Nanoha cooed, thumping the girl's nose and making the pink energy shatter in playful sparks.

Subaru looked at her a moment before puffing out her cheeks and covering her exposed breasts. "Did you have to humiliate me?"

Nanoha grinned. "After telling my students what color panties I was wearing? Yes, yes I did." She allowed her jacket to fade away and back to her usual flight instructor outfit while Subaru did the same, revealing her search and rescue uniform that had Nanoha's custom Stars symbol on the left sleeve, along with "Stars 03" under it.

Walking to the gathered group of students together, Subaru waved at them. "Ya-ho!" She called in greeting, waving her hand up above her head cheerfully. "You are all standing, she must go easy on you."

"Don't tell them that," Nanoha scolded Subaru before raising her voice to address her students. "Everyone, this is Subaru Nakajima, one of the first forwards I ever trained." Her hand went to motion to Subaru and everyone saluted her at once. "She works for a special search and rescue team, but still comes by every now and then to train. Will you be staying for a while, Subaru?"

"Yes, until the tournament coming up. I was selected to represent my squad." She smiled at Nanoha. "I was hoping to get is some last minute training with you?"

"Of course!" Nanoha turned back to her students. "She will be training with us for a while, so everyone please work hard together!"

"Ma'am!" The group called out together.

"Dismissed!" Nanoha released them. "Go eat heartily and get lots of rest, because tomorrow I will show you how I used to train my forwards!"

"Score!" Subaru cheered, pumping her fist up in the air. "I was hoping for that!" At the same time, the students across from them seemed a little fearful of what was to come.

Once everyone had dispersed to their own direction, Nanoha began walking with Subaru to the cafeteria. "Are you staying with your family while here?"

"Mmn, but I would like to catch up with you a little bit. Ever since you went back to active duty, you haven't been around as much. Oh, speaking of, can we swing by my car before we go in? It's right over there." She pointed and Nanoha adjusted her path.

"Sure. Why don't you stay with me tonight? Our guest room is always open."

"I'd love to." Subaru took out her keys and unlocked her car. "I'd like to see Vivio as well, how is she doing?"

Nanoha sighed. "She's going through 'that phase' it seems. She got her first period and all of a sudden she's an adult who can make her own decisions."

Subaru laughed merrily at the thought. "Oh my, you're finally going to have the stress of a mother. She can't be a perfect little angel forever, huh?" She nudged her friend playfully before dipping her head into her car.

"Yeah, I knew the time would come when she started taking interest in other people, but... I'm just not ready to let someone else have her, you know? Even if it is just a girlfriend..."

"How do you feel about it being Einhart?" Subaru asked curiously while moving things around, looking for something.

"How did you know? She just told us last night!"

Subaru pulled out of the car and blinked at Nanoha. "Huh? They’ve been dating for almost two months haven't they?" The shocked look in Nanoha's eyes made Subaru try and wave it off. "N-Never mind, I just thought they were because they seem so close you know? I just assumed they were together!"

"O-oh!" Nanoha laughed nervously. "Oh, you scared me, don't do that!"

Subaru quickly handed Nanoha a large white box. "Here! I saw this and thought of you instantly!"

"A gift?" Nanoha felt her cheeks color. "Oh, thank you Subaru!" She accepted the box and gave the woman a hug. "Can I open it now?"

"Yes, please." Subaru hugged her back and smiled when Nanoha hastily opened the box.

"Subaru!" Nanoha gasped as she pulled out a long white trench coat. "Oh my... this must have cost a fortune!"

"I got it on sale," Subaru admitted easily. "I thought it would go perfect with your uniform, and when I noticed how mature Hayate-san looked with her new style jacket, I just knew you would be perfect in it."

"Thank you... really." She hugged her long time friend once more before putting it on, pleased at how easy it was to move in. "How do I look?"

Subaru adjusted the collar slightly before stepping back and crossing her arms. "Really mature and professional! I bet even the higher ups will salute you in this!"

"Nya haha, you're flattering me." Nanoha looked down at her jacket and twirled in place happily. "Thank you!"

Giggling, Subaru closed her car door and smiled. "You're welcome. Now! How about getting some food?"

"You never change," Nanoha laughed.


Subaru looked around Nanoha’s house with interest when she came into it. “Did you redecorate a little bit?” She pondered aloud while observing a picture frame that was cycling images on it. “Last time I came over, your couch was facing a different way, I think?”

“Mmn,” Nanoha confirmed pleasantly. “I had Fate-chan help me with it last week actually.”

“How is Fate-san these days? I can never seem to see her in person anymore it seems.” Accepting a glass of tea from Nanoha, she walked over to the earlier mentioned couch and say down on it with her. “Work must be really busy lately?”

“She hasn’t been home much at all the past two months or so. She calls me every night that she can, but t is still kind of lonely.”

“Lonely? What about Vivio?”

Nanoha smiled without humor. “Lately she’s been a little distant. Before, she would spend time with me watching TV, or doing her homework while talking to me as I did the dishes… Now she even eats in her room sometimes instead of at the table. Seems like she has more important things to do than spend time with her mama.”

“Aww, don’t think like that. I’m sure she’ll get over her independence phase soon. You know how kids are these days.”

Leaning forward, Nanoha brought her glass to her lips to take a slow drink. “That is kind of what worries me; I want her to grow up slowly.”

“Speaking of, what time does she normally get home?”

“She should be home by now… Excuse me a moment.” Bringing up her hand, she formed a monitor. “Contact Vivio, please.”


Vivio smiled contently as she helped Einhart carry the dishes from dinner to the small kitchen area of the loft style apartment. “That was really good, Einhart-san,” she praised happily. “You are a really good cook.”

“Thank you,” Einhart felt a small bit of pride swell up in her chest at hearing that. “I tried hard.” Setting the plate down, she took Vivio’s now free hands before she could turn on the faucet. “I can load my dishwasher later to do them, for now let’s just spend time together?”

“A little eager?” Vivio teased her girlfriend with a grin. “Einhart-san doesn’t seem to be the type to put things off until later unless she really wants something?” Her words did as she had intended, and her girlfriend flushed. “Tell me, what is it you want to do with me tonight?”

“I…” The pale green haired girl looked away a moment before turning around completely. Reaching back, she took each of Vivio’s hands again and lead her to the couch. “I just want to be with you, that’s all.”

Vivio stopped walking when Einhart did, standing at her back and smiling. “And what can we do here that we can’t do while washing dishes?” To make it clear that she wasn’t complaining about it, she wrapped her arms around the girl’s waist. “Are you planning on seducing me?”

“N-No!” Einhart shivered as Vivio’s breath went into her ear seductively. ‘Well, I wasn’t!’ Her eyes closed and she almost whimpered at the intimate hug she was receiving. “Mou, why do you tease me so much?”

“Because it’s fun.” Vivio moved around the girl and sat on the couch, smiling innocently up at her. “Einhart-san is a perv, but is too shy to do anything.” She lifted both of her hands up to encourage Einhart to sit sideways on her lap. “There, we’re together now.”

“…Thank you.” Einhart cuddled her girlfriend, trying to hide her embarrassment by putting her face in the mass of blonde hair and out of the red-green eyed girl’s vision. “… you smell nice.”

“I borrowed Fate-mama’s perfume,” Vivio revealed honestly. “Nanoha-mama won’t let me have any of my own.”

“Why?” Einhart moved back a little, curious. “You’re old enough.”

“I know, but… Mama is difficult sometimes.” Vivio leaned back against the couch and let Einhart shift so she was up against the armrest, feet over her the blonde’s lap while holding her. “She grew up on Earth for the most part, it’s un-administered planet number 97, I think. There, people aren’t really expected to be adults until they are about eighteen.”

“Eighteen?” Einhart repeated, a little shocked. “By then they should have already been adults. What about afterschool jobs or training?”

Vivio shook her head. “No, they just simply go to school until then, then go off to college if they want to. If not, they either get a job or slack off… But the point is, Mama sometimes thinks that she lost her childhood because of the T.S.A.B and all the training she did. Although to us, it’s nothing weird to have someone nine years old joining the military, to her it was unheard of… I think she’s trying too hard to make sure I have a ‘normal childhood’ by her standards.”

“So… Us being together…?”

“Is weird to her… but I don’t think so.” Vivio leaned toward her girlfriend more, getting hugged once again. “I may not be experienced, or really understand everything… I do know that I like you… a lot.”

“I like you too,” Einhart encouraged her softly, moving to kiss the girl’s cheek. “Don’t worry, she will get used to the idea.”

“I hope so,” the blonde leaned up against Einhart and smiled. “Because I really don’t like the idea of waiting five more years.” Her smile made the other girl blush, and soon she found their lips together in a small kiss. “You…” Vivio spoke around Einhart’s lips softly. “Taste like that ice cream we had for dessert.”

“You do too,” Einhart whispered as well, kissing her again. Slowly she eased herself back against the arm rest and moved herself along with Vivio so they slid down the couch enough so her head was propped up on it and they were lying. “I’d… like another taste?”

“Yes,” Vivio kissed her again, sliding her hands around Einhart’s body and pulling her close. Their lips met yet again, and she licked hers to make them wet. Einhart’s hands went around her back and rubbed gently, putting just enough pressure on it to try and make them closer. ‘She’s so eager,’ Vivio realized as they continued to press their lips together. A flash of Einhart’s tongue made her shiver and hold onto the girl’s shirt tightly. ‘I want to…’ Their mouths met again, only this time Vivio opened hers up a little more, tongue darting into Einhart’s mouth quickly. The girl under her tensed up, but replied at once, sliding hers up along Vivio’s. Taking it as a good sign, Vivio pressed harder, smashing her lips against Einhart’s and exploring the inside of her mouth. Her tongue looped around her girlfriend’s before moving to lick the top of her mouth.

Einhart whimpered in the kiss, swallowing heavily as she tasted Vivio’s saliva in her mouth. Her body shook slightly, small tears coming to her closed eyes. Taking a sharp breath when she could, Vivio attacked her once more. A full body shiver came and she felt the soft tongue moving to trace every bit of her mouth. Vivio’s breasts were being pushed against her, and the girl’s knee was pressing in just the right area between her legs, if the blonde knew it or not. Another pant came and Einhart gripped Vivio’s shoulders firmly. Her mind was starting to go blank and a small shift above her made Vivio’s knee rub against her. With a small moan, Einhart slowly pulled on her girlfriend’s shoulders to make her stop. Vivio’s eyes looked a little scared at being removed, so she spoke before the blonde could. “S-slower?”

Vivio softened. “I’m sorry, I’m moving too fast-“

“N-no!” Einhart quickly interrupted her. “I… I want it… just…” She averted her eyes. “…Be a little gentler, I mean…?” Her voice got softer. “I don’t…want it to end so fast…”

The girl on top blushed darkly, but smiled down at her girlfriend lovingly. “I’m sorry,” Leaning down again, she softly kissed her forehead. “I don’t really know how to do this properly…” Moving down, she kissed the trails of saliva from Einhart’s cheeks.

“Be gentler,” Einhart requested, moving her hands to cup Vivio’s cheeks. “Don’t force your tongue in… play with mine? Please?”

“Yes,” Vivio answered quietly. Their foreheads touched and they shared a long hug together. The girl on top slowly kissed Einhart’s lips, carefully taking her time to taste them this time. When Einhart’s hands moved from her cheeks and went to her back again, she took it as a sign to deepen the kiss. Carefully, she touched Einhart’s lips with her tongue and was rewarded with being able to feel Einhart’s pleased gasp. Ever so slowly, she moved her tongue over the swollen lips all the way around. The act encouraged Einhart to part her mouth and allow the girl access. Their tongues found each other and a more loving sensation flooded through Vivio as they very slowly touched them together.

This time, Einhart moved her tongue up into Vivio’s mouth. She gently touched the girl’s lips before moving in, sliding along Vivio’s tongue gently. Their mouths came together as best they could while leaving room to breathe. Easy swallowing came from each girl, mixed with small moans and encouragement. The girl on bottom stroked Vivio’s hair lovingly for several minutes before moving her hands to go down Vivio’s back and play with the bottom of the girl’s school uniform. The girl on top gave a pleased sound as the warm hands slid under her clothing and went up her back. Soft fingers pressed against her skin and rubbed, making Vivio relax noticeably. Her hands moved back down and around to Vivio’s sides before going back up, pulling the shirt with it.

Vivio grinned in the kiss, sucking ever so slightly on Einhart’s tongue before pulling back. “Do you want me to take off my shirt?” She asked playfully.

“I…” Einhart flushed. “D-don’t say that…”

The blonde smiled, reaching down and gripping the hem of her shirt. “I don’t mind… if you ask.”

“I…” Closing her eyes in embarrassment, the girl nodded.

Vivio felt her heart skip a beat at the cute act and she slowly pulled it upwards and over her head. A light pink bra covered her small breasts, accented by little bunny faces around the straps. “There…” Her palms went to Einhart’s stomach, rubbing over the cloth before raising it up questioningly. “… May I?”

“Y-yeah…” Einhart lifted up, allowing Vivio to pull the shirt off. Once it hit the floor as well, she covered her purple bra with one arm shyly. “It’s… a little embarrassing…”

“I know…” Vivio leaned down and kissed Einhart again, their tongue going back to giving each over loving caresses. The younger girl’s hands snaked under Einhart’s body, pulling her closer so she could feel her warmth. Einhart shifted lightly, rubbing Vivio’s back fondly as only the wet sounds of their kissing and their pounding hearts were heard. “Einhart-san…You can… if you want.” The girl on bottom opened her eyes to look up at Vivio, asking once more silently before getting a small nod. Slowly she reached around the girl and pinched the snap-clasp of her bra. The material went slack as she undid it and moved the straps apart. Vivio pulled back, allowing Einhart to remove the bra and reveal the hardened pink nipples. “Can I?”

“Yes…” Einhart whispered, face red. Vivio’s bra fell to the floor and Einhart felt her front clasp bra be snapped open. ‘She’s undoing my bra…’She though embarrassedly while bringing her thumb to her mouth to bite the nail. Before she could recover, she felt Vivio slide along her and her warm, wet lips kissing her neck. “Ahn…” Her free hand went to Vivio’s hair, caressing the strands as the gentle kisses trailed her collarbone. “Vivio…” Blushing more, Einhart felt the girl carefully take her time, moving down slowly. Palms looped over her stomach and sides while Vivio’s tiny breasts lightly touched her stomach. ‘She’s… going too…’ Her mind went blank a moment as warmth came over her left nipple. The wet sticky feel of saliva came next, paired with such a gentle suction that she couldn’t hold back the pleased moan that escaped her mouth. “Vivio…”

Vivio licked the hardened bud soothingly, taking her time to give it her full attention before she pulled back. A soft exhale over it made the nipple perk up noticeably, followed by a full body shudder from Einhart. Slowly Vivio moved to the other side, opening her mouth to kiss around the sensitive area before. Just as she placed her lips around it and gave a small suckle, a loud beeping sound came from Kris, who had been sitting on the back of the couch. Startled, Vivio nipped the pink bud accidently, which caused Einhart to shriek rather loudly in shock. “S-sorry!” Vivio shot back, face dark and panting. “I-I didn’t mean to!”

“Ow…” Einhart rubbed the area with her palm, wincing but not seeming upset over it. “Is that your mother?”


“Answer it, she may be upset…”

Vivio looked upset at the idea of talking to her mother at that moment, but when Einhart didn’t back down, she begrudgingly got her shirt and pulled it over her head. Bringing up a finger, she tapped the answer button. “Hey mama.”

“Where are you at?” Nanoha asked her worriedly. “You should have been home an hour ago!”

“Sorry, I was at Einhart’s place.”

Nanoha eyed her daughter, taking in the red face and puffy lips. “What were you doing?”

Vivio glared at the tone she was getting. “We were sparring, what do you mean by what were we doing!?” She heard someone whisper to Nanoha not to jump to conclusions. “Who is there with you? Is Fate-mama back?” To her surprise, Subaru popped up on the monitor, grinning widely at her. “Subaru-san!”

“I’m staying the night, kiddo! Why don’t you come home so we can catch up? You can spar with Einhart any time!”

“O-okay!” Vivio nodded.

Nanoha sighed. “I’ll have dinner ready.”

“I already ate,” Vivio answered out of habit.

Nanoha cocked an eyebrow up at her, but Einhart saved her by appearing from the side of the monitor, shirt now on. “I cooked for her as a thank you for taking time to answer my selfish request to spar on a school night.”

“Oh,” Nanoha nodded. “Thank you, Einhart.”

“You are welcome, I enjoyed it.” Einhart bowed lightly. “I’ll see her off, I’m sorry I kept her without your knowledge.”

Nanoha flushed. “A-ah, it’s okay! It’s not like you two… I’ll see you when you get home!” With that, Nanoha cut off the conversation.

Vivio leaned back against the couch and crossed her arms in annoyance. “Mou… the mood was really nice too…”

Einhart smiled at her encouragingly. “We’ll have plenty of time to explore our feelings.” Moving forward, she hugged Vivio fondly. “Thank you for tonight… I enjoyed it.”

“…Me too.” Vivio hugged her back. When they pulled apart, they gave each other a slow kiss. “I’m sorry I hurt you.”

“I’ll consider it a hickey,” Einhart playfully smiled.

“A hickey?” Vivio grinned. “Let’s!” With a quick motion, she pinned Einhart on the couch and hovered over her. Her hands went to Einhart’s shirt, pulling it up and above the now fastened bra.

“Vivio-san! We don’t have time!”

“Won’t take a second.” She pulled the fabric up and leaned down, kissing Einhart’s right breast and sucking on it hard near the nipple.

“Aahh!?” Einhart wiggled, blushing and giving a small, shocked pant. ‘She’s… giving me a hickey! On my breast!’ Her hand went to Vivio’s hair, holding her close as the suction became a pleasant type of pain that she strangely wanted more of. “Vivio…” When the girl’s head moved back, she pulled it close again, silently requesting just a little more. ‘I don’t want her to stop now…’ She thought with heated cheeks. The suction came again, slightly above the first area. The light sting came and was shortly soothed by slow, gentle licking. After a few moments, Vivio placed a very soft kiss on the area and moved back. Einhart panted under her, blushing but smiling at her with a mix between embarrassment and happiness. On her chest now, very obviously, held a large hickey. The discolored bruised skin contrasted to the area around it harshly, making it clear what had happened.

“You’re marked now,” Vivio smiled.

“Mou…” Einhart half way complained, pouting cutely up at her girlfriend above her. “Pervert.”

Vivio smiled at her lovingly.


Subaru followed Nanoha to the kitchen in order to help her prepare dinner for them. “I think Vivio is getting a little defensive?”

“Yeah,” Nanoha sighed while pondering what to make. “I wish Fate-chan were here, she would know what to say to her. Vivio used to never break curfew, but lately she gets home a little later each time.”

“What time is curfew?” Subaru took a knife from Nanoha when the woman began to peel potatoes so she could do it instead.

“Thank you,” Nanoha smiled gratefully while going to do another job. “Seven at night. That is lenient, isn’t it?”

Subaru looked at her hands while thinking. “I suppose… School ends about three in the afternoon, but she goes to the library with her friends right? Then going to Sis’s place for a while… After than I suppose she could take her time and get home right at seven. You get home around six, right?”

“Give or take. I just want to be here when she gets home… I feel a little lonely when she doesn’t come home until eight. She used to practice in the yard or at the local gym, but lately she always practices with her friends on their own… She doesn’t even ask me to watch her anymore.” Pausing her cooking a moment, Nanoha heaved yet another sigh. “I don’t mind if she wants to have an hour extension on her curfew, but I would really prefer it if she asked me for it instead of just coming home so late, you know?”

The blue haired girl nodded in understanding. “I can see where you are coming from. You don’t mind her growing up so much as long as she does it with you, huh?”


“But you know,” Subaru went back to peeling while talking. “Sometimes in order to be closer, they have to go away a bit.” She glanced over her shoulder with a knowing smile. “How Tea and I got closer after we split up, how you and Fate-san got even closer after she started doing missions again… Maybe you need to let her out a bit, let her experience things?”

“She’s too young.”

The younger girl laughed without meaning to. “Too young? Are you the same Nanoha who wanted Vivio to stand on her own after falling down when she was only six years old?”

Nanoha flinched. “I was wrong… I learned that after she was taken from me… She thought that was what would make me the proudest… But in reality, I just want her to live a happy, healthy life.”

“Isn’t she?”

“Yes, but…I never wanted to have to take a back burner to someone-thing else.”

Subaru caught the slip and turned to look at Nanoha fully. “You’re jealous aren’t you?”

“No!” Nanoha looked offended. “What in the world would I have to be jealous over!?”

Not letting up, Subaru walked over to her friend and stood in front of her. “Fate-san isn’t here, and the other girl in your life suddenly took interest in someone besides you… You’re lonely and want to put the blame on someone else for taking her.”

Nanoha tried to deny the fact but ended up only opening her mouth with no words. After trying again, she turned away from her friend. “Is it so wrong to want to keep her a child forever? Fate-chan is away so much, and now that I’m on full active duty again, I can’t always be with Vivio… I don’t want her to grow up and move away.”

“She isn’t going anywhere.”

“I did,” Nanoha replied back softly. “I may have lived on Earth, but my home was on the training centers and battleships… Erio and Caro were only nine when they lived on their own at the base, and were barely teens before they got their own jobs and house… You and Teana as well, only a few years older than Vivio but were already well on your way to what you wanted to do. I just feel… Like this is the first step of her going away from me, and I’m just not ready for that. I… don’t want to be alone.”

Subaru looked down a moment before putting away her knife in favor of hugging the older woman. “Hey, don’t think like that… You won’t be alone. Everyone loves you, and even if they aren’t with you right here and right now, it won’t change the fact that you are friends. You of all people should understand how that works, right?”

“Yeah…” Nanoha sniffed and wiped her eyes. “I’m sorry, I got all emotional on you…”

“Hey, I don’t mind at all. It’s not every day I get to comfort my old instructor.”

Nanoha laughed at the joke just as Vivio opened the front door and came jogging into the house. “I’m home!” Her cheerful voice called out. As the teen came into the kitchen, she smiled widely at Subaru. “Subaru-san, hi!”

“Hey kiddo.” Subaru allowed Vivio to hug her and patted the girl’s head. “Did you have a nice spar?”

“Huh?” Vivio blinked. “Oh! Yeah, it was great, Einhart-san really works me out!” She nodded vigorously. “How about you, did you come for some off training?” Taking a battle stance, she playfully punched Subaru’s hand, only to be taken off her feet and placed in a light hold.

“Yup! Nanoha-san is training me for the upcoming tournament. You’re going to be in it too, right?” She released Vivio and beamed down at her. “Nove has told me a lot of good things about you lately. You’re even going to take your AA mage ranking test soon aren’t you?”

“Mmn!” Vivio nodded happily. “Next month, Nanoha-mama wants me to relax a few days before it so I’m waiting until after the tournament. Oh!” Reaching into her backpack, she pulled out a notebook and then a sheet of paper from it. “I need you to sign this so I can miss school on that day, Nanoha-mama.” She rooted through the smaller section for something to write with. “Pen, pen…”

“Here,” Nanoha interrupted her, showing a form that was already filled out, minus Vivio’s name. “I got it at work and filled it for you. I’m going to participate in a mock battle with the winner from the S-ranking bracket, so I was given a handful of forms to give to my friends.”

“Mou, Mama, I could have filled it out on my own.” Vivio pouted up at her, but took the form anyway to sign her name and stick it into her notebook.

“And who was it that had to ask me for their identification number last week?” Nanoha teased, but faltered when Subaru coughed and Vivio averted her eyes. “Just kidding honey, I had free time so I went ahead and did it for you incase I wasn’t at home for some reason. I could have faxed it to your school if need be.”

“Oh!” Vivio smiled at that. “Thank you.”

“Welcome.” Nanoha patted Vivio on the rear as she passed by. “Go get changed, are you sure you’re not hungry?”

“I’m sure, but thank you. I need to call Corona so I’ll be down in a bit.” Waving over her shoulder, she trotted up the stairs.


Subaru knocked on Vivio’s open door lightly, grinning as the teen looked up from a book written in some language that was probably not even used anymore. “Hey squirt, got a moment?”

“Sure?” Vivio marked her page and closed the tome softly. “What’s up?”

The blue haired girl looked over her shoulder and into the hallway before walking in all the way. Kneeling down in front of the girl, she tried her best to give a casual smile. “Uhm, well, I know this isn’t any of my business, and I’ll understand if you just tell me to drop it, but I wanted to give you some advice.” Vivio cocked her head to the side curiously at the words. “You see, Nove talks in her sleep… A bit ago, I was trying to get some sleep when she was visiting and she was mumbling to herself just before she was out completely… And I sort of overheard you and Einhart were a couple.”

Vivio nodded, still unsure. “Yes?”

Subaru gave a lopsided grin. “This was over a month ago.” The words finally made Vivio realize what she was getting at. “Nanoha-san just found out about it, and I almost let it slip because I didn’t know you were keeping it a secret. I just wanted to tell you… Don’t hide things like that from Nanoha-san. She will understand if you’re just straight with her, okay?”

“No she won’t, she’s too… clingy.”

The older woman couldn’t deny that, but tried to make her point anyway. “Yes, I know that, but I’m not talking about just the dating thing. I mean if you want to visit Einhart, just tell Nanoha where you are going, don’t cover it up.”

“I’m not covering--”

“Vivio,” Subaru interrupted her. “I’ve lied to people plenty of times when I was caught making out with Teana when we weren’t supposed to be, and Nanoha-san was one of them while I was at the base and supposed to be doing paperwork. She trusts people a whole lot, so don’t abuse it okay?”

Vivio blushed at the words. “So… You’re not going to tell me I’m too young or anything?”

“No, I’m not. I’m just telling you that you’re lucky to have Nanoha-san as a mother… Don’t lie to her, it will break her heart if she finds out… Okay?”

“…Okay.” The blonde looked down a moment before glancing back up. “I’ll be honest as long as she trusts me too.”

“Can’t ask for any more than that.” Reaching out, she ruffled Vivio’s hair and stood. “I’m going to turn in, Nanoha starts practice nice and early after all.”

The teen nodded up at her and smiled. “Good luck out there, I can’t wait to see how much you’ve improved lately while at the tournament.” Reaching up, she bumped Subaru’s fist and grinned at her friend. “I’ll show you that I haven’t been slacking off either!”

Walking out of the room, Subaru passed her friend’s door and chuckled when she noticed that the lights were already off under it. ‘She must be getting tired in her old age,’ She joked mentally.

Inside the room, Nanoha sat on her bed by herself, eyes staring at the monitor in front of herself while hugging a pillow. The word ‘Unavailable’ was on the screen under her wife’s name, scrolling across it in a steady pace. “Fate-chan…” Nanoha said the name sadly, voice laced with loneliness. “I hope you come back soon… I really need your help with everything…”

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Beautiful playful scene between Vivio and Einhart, it was so exciting. The ending was so sweet too, I could feel Nanoha's emotions flow through that message she sent to Fate XD

Great work again Satashi!!! I am so excited now for chapter 3!!!! XD

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Touching chapter, Nanoha don't want her "little baby" be an adult, you can't help but feel sorry for her. I hope Fate come back soon, Nanoha sure needs both her help and presence.

Loking forward to the next chapter !

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Don't leave me hanging XD I wanna find out what's about to happen next!

Write MOAR XD *patiently waits for more*

Subaru seems to be a little more mature... and Nanoha... I understand what you mean... in terms of height anyways... all the freshmen are taller than me X_X which means I have to drink lots of calcium again XD --Totally random drabble--

D'aw... Nanoha misses Fate alot... and by alot I mean that the 'incident' in the kitchen could happen again... that's just a possibility >.>;; XD

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The ending so lonely. T^T

Poor Nanoha.

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Thanks for the update Satashi!

This is more like the kind of chapter that we're used too, this time probably you're not going to kill half of your readers ^^

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