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[fanfic] My Instructor, My wife

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Hi all,, i have a new fanfiction going on. just inspired and needed to get this idea out before i go loco.. :D anyway,, hope you like it. oh yeah, disclaimer: i don't own MGLN. thanks.

Summary: "I'm Nanoha Takamachi and i have a secret. I'm already married to my college instructor."

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: My teacher

'Hi, I'm Nanoha Takamachi, currently 18 years old. I'm what you say, a normal college student. My course is culinary arts, I major in baking ofcourse since my parents own a café. I actually have three best girlfriends, mind you it's just friends that are girls, and one friend that is a guy. Well Yuuno, my best guy friend, is always trying to court me/ though I think I made it clear to him that we are just friends. But he's so persistent. Well good part is that he knows his boundaries and he does fend off some annoying suitors.'

Nanoha dressed up into a sleeveless blouse and overlayed it with a hoodie zip-up shirt, a pair of slim pants and a pair of sneakers. She looked at herself in the mirror to check herself and with a thumbs up, she approved of her clothing for the day.

'Well, not all of us attend the same course though, but we do have some subjects where all of us are classmates. Hayate Yagami is attending college of arts and majoring in fashion design, my other two female friends, Alisa Bannings and Suzuka Tsukimura attends college of business and majoring in business administration, while Yuuno is having major in Archeology. We all attend a somewhat prestigious school called 'Riot Force 6'. Don't ask me, ask my friend, Hayate Her family owns the school.'

She looked around her room, checking if she has all her school materials and her uniform. With all of her things in check, she hurried her way out of her room and ran down the stairs.

'Well, since I'm 18 years old, I decided to move out of my parents house. Not much of a move actually. The apartment I'm living in is owned by my parent's close friend and was given to me as a gift. Trust me, they are rich as hell, but hey who am I to complain. I love them as my own family'.

She left her apartment and ran to the bus stop that will take her to the school she attends to. Happily getting out of the bus, she's greeted by her three best female friends.

"Nanoha-chan!" one of her friends called out. The girl is wearing a brown military uniform with a pencil cut skirt and white stockings with brown flats. She smiled brightly at Nanoha, waving her hand. Nanoha can only shrug at the sight of her fashion design student friend. She had taken note that ince they were 9, the girl really loves cosplay and she can guess that today is military day. 'Meaning her family must've the same motif' she thought of, sprinting towards her friends.

Her other friends just wore a lot plainer clothes than Hayate. Arisa wore a simple red shirt with an overlay of white vest and a pair of 3/4 6 pocket shorts matching her white sneakers. Suzuka on the other hand, being the modest girl she is, just wore a simple white dress with matching sandals. Nobody would really notice that the two are heir to a multimillion company.

"Shall we go? I bet Yuuno is waiting for us." Suzuka said, gesturing to go inside the school.

'Well, Hayate is rich and shows that to everyone but she's not like those you see in the movies as a mean girl. Though if you step out of bounds I'm not certain you will live.'

They start walking inside and they were greeted by a blond haired guy with half rimmed glasses. Wearing a light green polo shirt with matching denim pants and black rubber shoes, his waist length hair that is tied in a ponytail swayed with the soft breeze that passed him as he waited for his friends. With a small wave of his hand and a handsome grin, those who saw his gesture swooned over him while his friends just waved back at him.

"I see its 'military day' today huh Hayate?" Yuuo asked the brunette. He is answered by a sweet smile from Hayate that proved his observation correct. "Figures. When I saw Signum-sensei and Shamal-sensei wearing the same as yours Hayate I knew it has to be your idea." He said weakly, shaking his head at the thought of the other relatives of his friend wearing military uniform.

Hayate pinched Yuuno's shoulder that made the blond guy yelp in pain. When Yuuno was going to glare at Hayate, he can feel an ominous aura from the said fashion design student. "Lucky woman… be thankful your grandfather owns this school." Yuuno mumbled. He walked towards Nanoha, still frowning. "C'mon, we have first class together." He said, reaching out to Nanoha's hand.

"We all have first class, lunch and last class together Yuuno. Don't go dragging Nanoha again to god knows where." Arisa stated with her arms in akimbo.

With that, Arisa and Yuuno started a glaring contest, leaving the other three women to watch them argue. Well leaving the two since Suzuka decided to intervene and stop Arisa in pouncing Yuuno and start killing him.

Hayate and Nanoha was left t watch. Both women sweatdropped when Yuuno tried to bicker back using deep words that would render Aria speechless.

"You know, I must hand it to Suzuka. Being calm in how she deal with Arisa and Yuuno." Hayate pointed out, amused. Looking beside her whre Nanoha stood, she found it cute how her friend look at the three worriedly. "C'mon Nanoha, let them be. This is already a morning ritual." She said, hooking her right arm over Nanoha's left and dragged the woman away.

Dragged at the girl's lockers, Hayate scanned her friend's current style. Placing a hand over her chin, she looked at Nanoha from head to toe. "Sweet lady/gentleman killer smile… Check! Cool clothes… check! Necklace…?" she blinked and grabbed her friend's collar, pulling her close. "Where's your necklace Nanoha?" she asked curiously.

Nanoha patted her neck and chest and felt no trinket dangling from it. A surge of cold sweat ran down her body as she started to search her bag and pockets for the jewelry that Hayate asked. After a few minutes of rummaging through her bag, she found no luck looking forthe necklace. Nanoha slumps her shoulders down and pursed her lips. "Shoot! I must've forgotten it at home." She said sadly. She felt her friend's hand over her shoulder and soothed her sadness.

"It'll be okay Nanoha. I think a day without it won't kill anyone." Hayate said,easing her friend's sadness.

"I hope. I feel rather naked without it now that you pointed it out I'm missing it." Nanoha sighed and tossed her bag to locker and they proceed to their first class, Physical Education.

'You wanna know why I started to panic when Hayate pointed out about my necklace? Well I'll tell you why… it just so happened I have a big secret. So BIG that only Hayate and my family and a few other parties involved knows about.'

Both girls finished changing to their PE uniform and went out to the field. There, their other classmates and a certain tall, blond haired female, dressed in body fitting white shirt and black jogging pants with matching black shoes, waited for them. Or should I say those who still not on the attendance.

The blond adult turned and looked at the new comers with a soft smile on her beautiful face. Her beautiful features were also added by her stunning crimson eyes that can make anyone swoon over her just by her stare. "Hello, I'm your substitute P.E instructor for today, Fate Testarossa-Harlaown." She said in an angelic voice. The students, adding Yuuno, Arisa and Suzuka, gawked at their new instructor. Well all except Nanoha and Hayate that is. "If you have questions please ask me."

One dared to ask, feeling all cocky at his appearance. "Are you single and ready to mingle Harlaown-sensei?" he asked with a cocky grin.

The young instructor twitched but stayed in her calm composure. Reaching on the thin chain wound on her neck, she showed the male student a gold necklace with platinum ring as a pendant. "Fortunately for me I'm already married. Any more questions?" she asked. She heard some faint disappointments from her students and sighed. 'Nothing new…' she quoted to herself, hearing the same question since she came to school.

One of the students raised his hand and shyly looked at the instructor. When Fate called him up, he stood up, face blushing. "Yes?" Fate asked.

"Umm,, where is Signum-sensei?"

Fate suddely blushed and looked at the ground. "Err, Signum-sensei is a little… Occupied right now so I'll be substituting for her." she said shyly. Her crimson eyes turned to view a certain honey-brown haired student, wearing the same uniform as hers except it showed some of the girl's curves. She can see the student blush when their eyes met and that gave her a small smile. "Alright, let's do some jogging around the field!" she announced. Her sudden announcement earned her a groan from those students she already assessed as the average students who only took P.E to pass. "Move~! First one to catch me will get a prize!" With the start of Fate running ahead of them everyone started chasing the blond aswell as complaining.

"So, what do you think about this instructor?" Hayate asked her friends while all five of them ran at a steady pace. She has a devilish grin as she faced her friends. She already knew who Fate is being the chairman of the school's granddaughter but she opted to ask them on their first impression.

"Hayate this is not really the time to ask that." Yuuno said, starting to pant heavily after running for a good 50 meters. He turned to look at his four female friends and he took pity on himself. His four friends are running like they are just skipping in the meadows. "No fair! How come none of you are panting as heavy as I am?" he complained.

The millionaires just giggled and chose not to answer and just jogged in a steady pace. It's not that they aren't tired they just didn't show it as much as Yuuno does. They both know who is the capable of not tiring out in their current challenge and both their eyes focused on that person. The now fired up Nanoha.

"Hayate, I think you should ready to chase her." Arisa said, pointing her index finger at Nanoha who is now ahead of them. The burnette sighed and shake her head in defeat. She knows her friend just loves feeling the wind on her face and dashing around is close to flying. As she can remember Nanoha telling her that. "NANOHA! NO DASHING!"

With the blond, meters ahead of all her students, kept her breathing steady and pace fast enough not to leave her students behind. She finds it very disappointing how Signum's students can't even follow her pace. 'Well aside from HER.' a mischievous phantom grin graced her lips as soon as she heard Hayate yelled.

With a minute and half, Fate stumbled to the ground. Having her back on the dirt while a weight pinned her steadily on it by sitting on her perfectly toned abs, she saw a warm smile and some sweat forming on her captor's forehead made her smile even wider. "You win, Takamachi-san." She said, panting a little. Her captor, Nanoha Takamachi, bent down and blew some breath over her lips.

"That I am, Harlaown-sensei." She chose this opportunity, where none of her classmates of other students can see them clearly and leaned for a quick kiss.

Fate grinned. "You do know I'm already married Takamachi-san." She said, pushing the girl off her body.

With her athletic capability, Nanoha was able to roll and land on the ground in a full squat when her instructor pushed her. "I know. I heard you aswell as those guys whom you broke their hearts." She said with a smirk.

"Then why kiss me?" she asked, crimson eyes staring at purple ones. Daring her student to answer.

"Easy. You left the house without giving me a kiss. And I did remember you saying 'first one to catch me will get a prize.' And that was my prize, Fate-chan." She stated, earning her answer a small blush from her instructor. 'Oh yeah my biggest secret is… I'm already married. To Riot Force 6's newest staff, Fate T. Harlaown.'

So how was it?? i hope its alright for the first chappie. any comments and suggestions are welcome. would help me in the flow of this story :D thanks for your time, for now Snow-Shuriken Out~!

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IT'S!! just so cool >w< can't wait for the next chapter x3

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The setting is uncommon among MGLN fics, and it have plenty of potential for humorous situations.

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langrisser wrote:
The setting is uncommon among MGLN fics, and it have plenty of potential for humorous situations.

Well i was thinking of nanofate humor when this idea came to mind. hope you guys can suggest some funny situations for them, would help alot :D i already have a few things in mind but it doesn't hurt to have some reader's suggestions ne? :)

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It's a cute story, I like it. Hope you continue.

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Chapter 2 is now up... hope you guys like it though i have some grammatical errors. T-T

Chapter 2: My Wife

Tall, slender, sexy and awestricken beauty. Such few words can describe the new addition to the 'Riot Force 6' college. Her blonde hair that's tied by a black ribbon near the end, swayed left to right as she walked towards the end of the school's garden area. She carried neither books nor bag that added to her grace as she strides along the cemented walkway towards a medium sized building at the end of the grandeur garden of the school.

As she walked along the walkway, she couldn't help but hear some of the students around complementing her features. She wore a white form fitting polo that's covered up with a black vest. Long black slacks hugged her waist that emphasized her feminine figure and had gone well with her black stilettos. She has to admit, she favored the color black than any colors. Aside from yellow that is. Her form had made plenty of teenagers or young adults ogle at her and admire her beauty.

'I'm Fate T. Harlaown. Currently 24 years old and a new instructor at Riot force 6. Actually, I really don't want to be an instructor here. I'd rather be elsewhere than teach here.'

She stopped infront of a mahogany crafted double door and pushed them forward to open it. Inside, the room illuminates of white and yellow and a woman greeted the blonde instructor. The said woman has the same height as hers, bearing a silver colored hair and deep crimson colored eyes. Her clothing consist of a one piece black form fitting dress that's just a few inches above her knees, black stockings that the right goes up to her thighs while the left only went up to half of her leg. She also wore black half gloves that showed her fingers and black pointed boots that bear a golden cross symbol.

"Greetings lady Fate. The master is waiting for you in his office." The woman said to Fate with an elegant bow.

Fate merely smiled weakly and followed the woman towards the said office. Arriving at a door with an insignia of magic circles. A sigh escaped Fate's lips and she looked at the silver-haired woman. "Thanks Reinforce. I'll take it from here." She said, stating the name of her host. She knocked on the magic circle inscribed door and a deep voice echoed from the other side voiced out for Fate to enter. "Guess that's my cue. Say hi to your mistress for me later Rein." She bid her leave to the woman called Reinforce and went inside the room. She can guess that the silver haired woman blushed when she mentioned 'mistress' to her.

Inside, Fate saw a man that she can assume is in mid sixties as the grey hair and beard gave away his old age. The man was sitting behind his large table and looking at her with a smiling face. Beside him are two identical ladies bearing a black and white military uniform. Though identical, Fate can distinguish them from their hairstyle and posture. One showed politeness and discipline while the other showed playfulness and mischief.

"Good morning chairman Graham. You wished to see me?" Fate asked politely. She had showed the man respect in terms of a short bow of her head and a soft smile.

The man, wearing blue admiral-like clothing, stood up from his seat and gestured for Fate to the small lounge on the side area of the office. Moving towards the sofa, his two assistants went on a separate way that led to a small table with sweets and a teapot. "Please have a sit Fate-san. It's been a long time since we have talked." The man said, offering an empty chair infront of him.

'Well this guy here is the head honcho of the school. Gil Graham, Hayate Yagami's grandfather. He's the one taking care of Hayat, together with their so-called knights that are staffs here in this school. And being that woman's grandfather is no exception to her cosplay antics. So I guess today is military day considering their clothes.' she mused.

Fate smiled and took the offered seat. With the brunette twins placing a cup of tea for the two of them, she gladly thanked the two who now stood beside Gil. She was used to seeing it after all. The twins are known as the 'Liese Twins' and had been under Gil Graham's care ever since they were little. "I see your granddaughter's motif today is 'military'. Makes me wonder if I should call you 'admiral' than chairman." She joked which the old chairman merely chuckle on her observation.

Gil Graham, though looking like a gentle bear, he can be quite strict when it comes to school policies and her only granddaughter. She smiled a bit when Fate mentioned Hayate's passion for fashion and he can never say no to the brunette. "That is true. So, How long has it been Fate?" Gil asked.

Fate took a sip of the tea and found it delicious. She can tell that it was something she's familiar with. "Black tea, nostalgic yet quite the same." She commented, taking the scent of the tea as a calming aid. Placing the teacup down to the table and smiled at Gil. "It has been eight years chairman." She answered the question of the man before her.

Gil laughed at how Fate addressed him. Truly he is the chairman of the school, but before the blonde he expected something less formal. "Please Fate, this office of mine has a tight privacy. Please do lighten up." He informed the blond with a wink.

With Gil's information, Fate felt fear for her life. Tuning her attention to the twins, she audibly gulped when one of them grinned manically.

"Fate-nyaan~!" one of the Liese twins purred, jumping onto Fate's lap and started to nuzzle her nose on Fate's neck. This caused the new instructor to blush and try to pry away from the brunette. "L-Lotte-san please stop that! Aria-san can you take your sister off of me?" Fate whined, still trying to escape from Lotte's grip. When the serious twin didn't budge and just shook her head helplessly, Fate turned to look at Gil. "Jii-san! Please make Lotte-san stop."

'Yeah, I call Gil Graham my grandfather aswell. My family has known him as far as I can remember and he insisted I call him that. Such a pain really, since he can be like his granddaughter, Hayate at times. A pain in my head.'

When Lotte finally let Fate go and sat next to Gil where her twin sat on the other side, Gil apologized to Fate and asked if they can proceed to their agenda.

"Well your mother insisted that you are to teach here. It had been planned ever since you entered college." Gil's voice was serious, unlike his usual playfulness. His eyes stared at Fate who was holding on her necklace.

Fate pouted, letting go of her necklace. She leaned back to the spindle of her chair and sighed heavily. "Mother can be strict. I told her I don't want to work here of all places. Don't take it the wrong way; I like to teach but… You are risking a lot for having me to teach here." Her voice seeped of frustration over her current situation.

Gil was still calm and reserved. He sipped some of his tea and gaze at Fate's frowning look. "Yes I know the risk. But knowing you, I can rest at ease that you can bear with it for two more years."

"I guess. But I can't assure you that there will not be any 'accidents' from time to time. You do know what I mean right?"

'Lost? Well actually I have a secret that my family and some other parties involved only know. One of them is Gil Jii-san.'

With a nod of his head, Gil indicated that he already knew of what the girl was talking about. "Well considering how long has it been I can guess it's inevitable. So anyway…" his serious demeanor had changed quickly to a playful one. This also indicated that Fate would have another attack from Lotte. "Soooo… how long has it been? The two of you I mean." He asked with a wide grin. The male can act like his granddaughter at times and he only blames her for this.

'Oh how I hate that grin and that look. You can think where that brunette cosplay addict got her playfulness from. I feel sorry for her guardians though.'

"Two months Jii-san. I came back from Italy two months ago." I informed him in a deadpanned voice.

Lotte then jumped at Fate again and nuzzled her head at Fate's neck. Such routine of the woman when Gil let loose of his seriousness, though Fate had never got used to it. "AH! Lotte-san please get off me!" Fate whined, still trying to get away from Lotte. Her continuous struggle was a success when the more reserved twin came and picked Lotte away from her. "Lotte give Fate-san some air. Unless you want to end up tattered when someone we know." Aria told her twin which stiffly agreed to her and went back to its own seats.

The older male laughed at how his assistants can play for awhile. He just let them pounce and tease Fate for a few more minutes before giving the blond a teasing of his own. When he saw Aria take Lotte away from Fate, he took his chance to tease her. "Two months huh? So that means you have done 'this and that'?" he asked, not letting a giggle or laughter slide from his pretend serious tone. And his question earned him a grin from the Leise twins and a full blown blush from Fate.

"Ji-JII-SAN!" Fate shouted, standing up from her seat with her face blushing madly and opted to leave the office. "Gross! You shouldn't ask people that and no I won't answer that aswell!" Fate said in an annoyed manner, pulling the doorknob with all her might and pulled it open roughly.

"Ah Fate! Welcome to Riot Force-" before Gil can even finish his sentence, a loud slam of his door interrupted him and the disappearing figure of Fate from the other side. "Such a child sometimes." He chuckled.

'Trust me, what he's implying hasn't happened… yet…'

Fate walked out of Gil's office and marched to the field, annoyed. She remembered Signum, her pink-haired friend, asked her to substitute her for a while in teaching P.E. The pink-haired instructor asked for her help since she said she has some 'issues' to talk to with Shamal and it's urgent. She didn't mind the favor since her classes starts around afternoon.

'And Signum offered me a chance I cannot refuse.'

Arriving at the field, Fate looked at her students and mentally frowned. She can only asses a few students that has potential among them. While Fate was waiting for the remaining students, two females arrived and made her smile softly at them. She recognized the two as Hayate and Nanoha. When she smiled, she also noticed some students swoon over her but she ignored them as her eyes were focused on Nanoha. The students stared at her like a piece of meat and somehow she was disappointed when Nanoha didn't do the same as her classmates. 'I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Wait, something's missing here.' She thought as she looked at Nanoha from head to toe secretly. Staring at the student made her remember what Gil Graham asked her earlier. It made her mentally blush and diverted her attention to the current subject.

'Actually, my secret I was telling you guys about is related to what jii-san asked me earlier. And it was revealed when one of the students in Signum's classed asked me if I'm single. God! It's really the 10th time this week and if I don't answer correctly, I know I'll suffer.'

When one brave soul asked Fate on her relationship status, she saw by the corner of her eyes a hopeful look from one of her students. A honey-brown haired student was looking at her and waiting for her answer. When she did answer the question, showing her ring that's secured on her necklace, she heard multiple disappointed groans from some students.

With a whistle blown and a bunch of complaining students started to chase after her, she already knew which one was weak and which are capable of jogging with her normal speed. But among them, she knew that only one will catch her.

'Yeah, only one and should only be THAT one.'

Fate's body crashed on the ground and the sight of her student, Nanoha Takamachi, pinning her down to the ground just made her smirk. The addition of a quick kiss made her heart race. She was thankful for the redhead's long hair that covered the kiss part.

"You do know I'm already married Takamachi-san." Fate said, pushing her student away from her body. Though the feeling of the slender woman's own body pinning her down was very tempting in her opinion. Though tempting it maybe for the blond instructor, she pushed the woman away when the sight of other students approaching them.

'Yeah I'm married. Finally and lucky me.'

"I know. I heard you aswell as those guys whom you broke their hearts." Fate heard her student said it with a smirk. She can only curse under her breath when she saw Nanoha's mischievous grin. Fate stared at Nanoha's purple irises, carving the image into her memory. "Then why kiss me?" Fate asked, daring her student to answer.

"Easy. You left the house without giving me a kiss. And I did remember you saying 'first one to catch me will get a prize.' And that was my prize, Fate-chan." The kiss and subliminal message gave me a blush. 'This woman can really make me blush'she thought of. She stared at her student who is now standing up and dusting away the dirt from her uniform.

'Ah yeah. That's my secret.'She grinned as she watched her student mingled with her friends. She relaxed a bit seeing Nanoha smile and then secretly turned to look at her that she saw giving her a quick wink before getting back in conversation with her friends. 'I'm married to my student, Nanoha Takamachi.'

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I think by far, chapter 3 of My Instructor, My wife is the best :3
Love the part where Fate demonstrated the meaning of different kisses.
And when she threw a "shuriken" at hayate for trying to steal Nanoha's kiss after what yuuno did :3

Keep up the good work! This fic have lots of potential xD <-- Already had a good time laughing after reading the fic.


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The first chapter was a definite good start to grab my attetion. Like Langrisser said the setting is uncommom, but has lot of potential for different humoruous things to happen. Hayate being the master of cosplay as usual will certainly make the story more interesting as the story progress more.

Wonder why Signum was late to class, but I've a pretty good idea why that would happen if it involves Shamal-sensei xD

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Now we know were Hayate took her bad habits from, it must run in her family's blood. XD

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ahah I just love too much this story just continue x3

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Hmm,, thanks for giving time to read it. :) and yeah, basically this is already in the 3rd chapter and now i'm writing (typing) the 4th one. but am getting some problem on how to setup some more funny/serious/romantic scnarios. need more ideas i guess.
Honestly, i like the 3rd chapter aswell. but i think the one im writing now till top it off. i hope :D so now i'm givnig the 3rd chapter here too.

Lesson 1: Kisses and Lemon Shuriken

Lunch came by very fast for the students of Riot Force 6 college and even the staffs took the time to relax for a bit. Being a prestigious school, the cafeteria staff made sure their meals is befitting of their students, thus they serve only the best food they can muster. Ofcourse, the culinary arts students also make the desserts that the cafeteria served to other students, as part of their learning experience. Among the set of desserts, from pudding to mousse, one particular cookie bar gained popularity for the day. And by popularity, it means that the cookie bar has a limited stock so students tried their best to have one.

"Me! I want one!" shouted one of the students.

"Move it commoners~! I'm richer than any of you so give all those to me!" another one shouted.

The cafeteria is pack with students for the day due to the said dessert and such commotion is already normal for everyone. Even the staff is trying to get hold of it and even go to the point of arguing with their students. Yep, a normal lunch hour at Riot Force 6 college.

"You know I think you should stop bringing some pastry at the cafeteria Nanoha." Hayate commented.

Nanoha and her friends are having a nice and quiet lunch at the RF6 courtyard. Their current location is under the blossoming flowers of sakura with a wooden table that separated them by pairs. Well Yuuno sitting next to Nanoha made it an uneven pair. All of them don't go to the cafeteria since even if they are rich, they still believe in 'homemade' lunch is far delicious than any food at all.

The honey-red haired student looked at her brunette friend with a confused look. She swallowed the food she's currently eating and looked at the box of lemon squares in the middle of the table.

"I second that." It was Arisa who agreed to Hayate's comment.

Nanoha frowned. Looking at the box then to her friends, she wondered why did Hayate said that to her. "What's wrong in giving some extra lemon squares to the cafeteria?" she asked, still confused and oblivious at the fact her recently made pastry was making the cafeteria a battlefield.

Brunette hair swayed as Hayate shook her head. She felt sad for those who are battling all out just for a taste of Nanoha's baking. "Just a suggestion. Shamal did report some students being dragged to her office 'coz of a certain pastry war."

"Well, atleast we get to have that pastry for free and no hassle." He interjected, leaning over the table to get another lemon square. He has to admit, Nanoha do have some talent in baking. 'Though her sense of cooking REALLY needs some improvement.' He mused, shivering at the thought of the time Nanoha tried to cook some fried rice and it ended up being gruel. The two millionaires just nodded their head in agreement to Yuuno. They all looked at Nanoha who was still oblivious of the effect of her baking.

'How dense is she?' Yuuno, Arisa and Suzuka all thought of the same time.

Letting out her famous signature laugh, Nanoha still didn't get what her friends was pointing out regarding her baking. "Is my baking that bad? Triton-sensei told me they're like food for the angels… I think that's how she said it before she passed out with a smile on her face." She stated as she remembered her 'pastry, modern & classical' instructor, Aina Triton. Her breath hitched when the thought of her instructor passing out due to her pastry. "I was so scared! I thought I killed her!" her reaction was frantic which made her friends laugh at her.

All of them laughed at how Nanoha recalled the said incident. "Yeah I remember that. You practically carried Triton-sensei to Shamal's office and your building is approximately 50 yards away from her office. Not counting that it's in the 3rd floor." Suzuka retell how Nanoha gets all bothered when someone is ill. Taking a sip of her tea, she gave her friend a teasing smile.

When Yuuno felt Nanoha was on the verge of total embarrassment he grins widely and wrapped his left arm around Nanoha's shoulder. With a swift motion, he pulled the pastry student towards him into a small side hug. "C'mon Nanoha, you know we are just kidding." He said playfully. But his hug has been pushed aside by Nanoha who was blushing upon the contact.

"Mou! Yuuno-kun stop that. People will think and talk. Oh I so don't want another threats regarding 'hogging you to myself' sort of thing." Nanoha cried out, taking afew inch distance away from her male blond. She took a deep breath and focused on the food on her lunchbox. 'I wonder if she's already having some lunch' she wondered, looking at the sky while chewing down the food on her mouth.

Yuuno's swift motion was ignored by the other ladies around him. But being the persisntent guy he is, he just took it as another playful rejection from her friend. "C'mon Nanoha when will you even say yes to me? You already know how much I adore you." Yuuno said with a dashing smile. A small cherry blossom fell down from the tree above them and he took it to his palm. "You are like a cherry blossom. Radiant pink that floats around the air as if its dancing. Such things make me adore you Nanoha." He smooth-talked. One of his personalities happened to be a flirt when it comes to Nanoha and it's often attracts attention to their own set of fans.

The flirty lines from Yuuno made Hayate facepalm herself and Arisa twitching in annoyance. For Arisa's case, she really hated the fact Yuuno is hitting on their friend when Nanoha clearly aid she wasn't interested, while Hayate… Hayate just think it's cheesy for Yuuno to say.

"Yuuno-kun stop it." Nanoha said shyly. A tint of red is visible on Nanoha's cheek and even if she told her friend to stop, her blush just gave Yuuno more courage to flirt.

Taking Nanoha's hand, Yuuno gave it a light kiss on the back on Nanoha's palm. This was the match that made Nanoha fully blush. He smiled widely when he got the reaction he wante from his friend. 'Score!'He mentally arm pumped.

Nanoha was speechless. It's not like she liked the notion of her friend but more like she cannot say how to reject Yuuno again. The blush was just due to embarrassment infornt of her friends. And she hoped no crimson colored irises saw the action.

"A kiss on the back of a person's hand means that person is someone you look up to." A low voice interrupted Yuuno's mental celebration. All of them turned to look at who spoke and they saw Fate Testarossa Harlaown, looking rather coldly at Yuuno. The blond is currently walking with Signum, a small bento box being carried by her left hand. They both stood before their students and crimson eyes stared at green ones. Fate's eyes may resemble bloody red and it's not really far for her to imagine blood spewing out of the blond male's head. The expression that Fate gave to Yuuno was unusual to Yuuno himself and the two millionaires.

'Too late with hoping she won't see...' Nanoha sighed. But the thought of Fate seeing the kiss on her hand by Yuuno made her mind run on different dilemmas. Such as how Fate will act on Yuuno. 'Dang I think she still hasn't forgotten when I told her about Yuuno's flirting side.' As she had a mental panic, she didn't know that she had toned out on everything and staring blankly at nothing.

A few moments ago, Fate and Signum are eating their own lunch at the same courtyard. The pink-haired instructor stared at her blond friend who is currently eating her own lunch. "So, how was the P.E students I handle Testarossa?" she asked in a leveled voice. It was the usual tone she use and often being pointed by Shamal that she needed to relax. Before anyone misinterpret her tone as somewhat rude.

Fate looked at Signum for a bit and blush at the memory of Nanoha's actions that time. "They're wimps? Only Nanoha and some of her friends can keep up." She stated nonchalantly. Well she has to admit, Nanoha is an excellent athlete. 'Not to mention how much she can pack a punch even with her slender body.' She momentarily reminisced. With another spoonful of her lunch, she was glad that she packed her own since when she got to the cafeteria she quickly backed out.

"Say about the cafeteria…" she mused, with her mouth still chewing on some fried rice.

"Your wife's doing." Was all Signum's answer.

Hearing how casually Signum tell Fate about having a wife made her blush. 'When will I learn how NOT to blush? Sooner or later this will become a permanent makeup.' Mentally pouting at her recent trouble, she just nodded her head on Signum's plain explanation. "No wonder. She is a good baker. Well only being a baker that is."

"Still not good at household cooking?"

"If simple ones, it's good. But try and ask her to cook lasagna? It will turn to mashed potato."

Signum looked at Fate with a raised of her brow.

"Don't ask. It happens." Was all Fate's answer and having no more questions regarding the topic, Signum let it slide.

"You got your schedule and class book?"

Fate nodded her head and remembered what was written in her schedule. "I'll teach history and Algebra."

The pink-haired instructor gave Fate a deadpanned look. "And your students?"

"Nanoha and her friends have history with me every MWF last period while Algebra T-TH first period." Fate answered.

Signum leaned back on the spindle of her chair and grinned. One of her rare chances to even give an expression. With a quick tuck of a loose stand of hair from her head, she wondered how the new staff will handle her wife in class. "You know, the master planned your schedule. So good luck with that." She said.

Fate sighed and fixed her lunchbox. She was done eating and for the meantime she haven't found anything interesting at the school and wondered how she will interact with her wife. 'For god's sake I'm married to an 18 year old college student! But hell she is beautiful.' She mentally grinned.

Signum, finishing her own lunch that's prepared by Shamal, found some interesting view by the corner of her eye. "I wonder how you will interact indeed." She said with a bit of mirth in her voice. With the way she expressed her view, she saw Fate look at her with a raised of a brow. "9'oclock. Your right side Testarossa."

When Fate looked to her right and saw something that made her lip twitch and hand ball into a fist. "Oh how indeed."

Present time…

"Good afternoon Harlaown-sensei, Signum-sensei." Hayate greeted with a scheming smile. Her greeting snapped the three students who were currently looking at Signum and Fate.

"Good afternoon." They all said in chorus, leaving Nanoha still dazed in her inner turmoil.

Signum silently nod, acknowledging her student's greetings. However, she gave a curt gentleman's bow before Hayate to show her respect to her mistress. She can tell mischief by looking at her mistress' eyes and she could only sigh. "Greetings mistress Hayate, Nanoha-san…" she looked at Hayate's friends."And friends." She said coldly. She was always the serious type, as Hayate and Shamal told her about but she didn't take it to any account.

Hayate smiled at Fate and the blond knew what was coming next. "It seems Harlaown-senei knows a lot about kissing. Please do enlighten us with your knowledge in the meaning of 'kissing', Harlaown-san. As I recall your resume, you stayed quite a while in Italy and I believe Italians can be quite a charmer." She said playfully and giggled when she saw Fate blush a bit.

Pink-haired P.E instructor looked at her blond companion then to her mistress. She sighed and left the whole thing rolling as she knows that Fate can handle any situation. 'Aside when it comes to her wife.'

The blond, however, looked at Nanoha who is still dazed and seeming to be deep in thought. With a nod of her head she approached Nanoha and tapped the woman's shoulder. She can see that Nanoha was surprised with her action but her silent look made sure Nanoha would be comfortable around her. "Kisses are something with meaning." Fate said and stared at Nanoha's purple eyes.

'Why is your mind preoccupied?'

Taking Nanoha's right hand, she gently placed a kiss on the back of her palm. "That one, as I said before, means the person is someone you look up to." She stared at Nanoha's surprised look and turned to look at Nanoha's hand.

'I don't want anyone kissing you anywhere.'

She then turned Nanoha's hand for the palm for face her and she gave it a butterfly kiss. "Kiss on the palm means you wish for something." She let go of Nanoha's hand and leaned forward to the surprised woman. A few inches from Nanoha's lips, her own lips curved to a smile when Nanoha was now blushing furiously.

'Will you slap me if I kiss you now?' her thought conveyed as she stared at Nanoha's eyes. With a flicker of Nanoha's brow, she can tell that her wife will not do such a thing to her.

Fate's action earned her a girly gasp from Arisa and Suzuka and a few eye twitches from Yuuno. Hayate, however, just watched how the instructor answered her question physically. Oh how she is enjoying this.

"And ofcourse a kiss on the lips…" she moved away from Nanoha and looked at Hayate. "Means you love that person." She explained. In her explanation, her voice was husky and her gentle hold on Nanoha's hand sent silent messages to the woman.

Arisa and Suzuka were speechless. They couldn't believe the new instructor was bold enough to demonstrate the types of kisses. They checked on Nanoha who was still silent and wondered why the honey-red haired woman was not reacting to Fate's demonstration. "Nanoha-chan are you okay?" Suzuka asked.

Her inquiries made Nanoha laugh nervously and looked down to the wooden table. "Y-yeah…" she answered, blushing at the thought of how Fate looked dashing while giving her hand a kiss. Her heart beats faster while she still feels Fate's lips on her hand and the blond lonely made it worse when she spoke in a husky voice. 'Oh god! I'm married to a charmer…'

But not all was impressed to Fate's actions. A certain blond haired male found it quite irritable how the new instructor was being all friendly with them. "Oi! Ain't it illegal for a instructor to be intimate with their students?" Yuuno said roughly. He didn't like how Fate kissed Nanoha's hand and not get a complaint from his friend. He tried it for many times but it's either his foot, shoulders or face that's ending up having a bruise.

Fate shook her head and gestured a polite bow before Nanoha. "Mi dispice signora Takamachi. I'm sorry for my actions. I hope I did not offend you." She said politely. Her apologies though stressed on how she addressed the woman infront of her and hoped none would take notice. Her gesture claimed some girly squeals to the passer bys that saw her action. She opted to ignore it and just focused on Nanoha. "I hope I did not offend you Takamachi-san. It's best to inform Yagami-san's inquiry in a demonstrative method. It is not 'illegal' as he says since I'm merely showing what I have learned in Italy. I think of this as a minor lesson." She explained, giving off a gentleman aura. by the corner of her eyes, she looked at the fuming Yuuno and a mental smile filled her mind. 'Tough luck boy. this girl is mine already.'

Fate's glare was felt by Yuuno but the blond guy just took it as an abnormal feeling. He looked around for any signs of threat as his body felt shivers like someone wants to hack his head off with a scythe. when found no one with the particular intent, he checked on Nanoha and was only surprised that his friend is blushing. "Nanoha! Don't you think Harlaown-Sensei is molesting you?" he asked his friend. He's starting to hate Fate's smooth-talking which can pass by Nanoha's aggressive defense in flirting.

Nanoha, still blushing, just shook her head in response to Yuuno's brash comment. Her purple eyes looked at crimson and a smile formed on her face. "Non si preoccupi signora. It's alright Harlaown-san. Yuuno-kun just looks out for me." She said with a few Italian words she knows. With a quick step, her foot accidentally stepped on Yuuno's shoes that made the guy yelp in pain. "Right Yuu-no-kun?" her words were rather cold and stressed, indicating her annoyance on her blond friend.

With the issue being settled (by Nanoha stepping on Yuuno's foot), Hayate took this opportunity to offer some lemon squares to their two instructors. Signum gladly took one, stating how she was lucky to get one of the 'pastry of the day' while Fate stared at it dangerously. While Nanoha and Yuuno continue bickering and Arisa and Suzuka excused themselves to freshen up for the next class, Hayate saw Fate glaring daggers at the defenseless pastry. "The pastry won't be killed no matter how much you stare at it Harlaown-san." Hayate teased.

"No it won't." Fate checked on Nanoha who was playfully hitting Yuuno's shoulder. "Thank you for the offer Yagami-san but I think sweets before working will not give me a good effect."

"That so?" Hayate put up a façade sad look. Complete with a hand over her left cheek that made her acting look real. "Too bad. Nanoha-chan did bake this and it's really good." 'hook'

Fate looked at Hayate then at Nanoha and lastly at the pastry. "Well…"

'Line'Hayate was mentally laughing like a conniving witch. "And I think you can't get any of it from the cafeteria since there might be no more left."

With a nod of her head agreeing that the pastry must've been out of stock at the cafeteria. 'I guess it's not a bad idea to taste it. Just hope I won't be all jelly like again since it's that woman who baked it.' With an audible gulp, Fate took one of the lemon squares and took a quick bite.

The flavor spread out on her mouth and she can't help but moan as she continues to chew on the said pastry. "Oh! good! Takamachi-san's a wonderful pastry chef!" She savored the taste of the cookie bar in her mouth and asked if she can have the whole box. 'What can I say; I'm a sucker for her pastry goodies. God I'll ask her to bake me some of these again.'

'Sinker! Knew that if it's Nanoha she won't refuse.' Hayate was internally having a festival that her trick worked on Fate. Again. 'Yeah again. I happen to know that they're already married and the physical explanation about kisses is also a plan of mine. To avoid bloodshed.'she grimly turned to look at Yuuno who is now glaring at Fate. Well Fate just ignored the glare.

With the entire ruckus, naming Nanoha and Yuuno arguing about Yuuno's flirting with Nanoha ended, both the instructors bid their leave with Fate carrying the box of lemon squares to munch on. The blond archeology student also excused himself as he remembered that he has some reviewing for his upcoming exam and mumbled some words involving Shamal, icepack and some bandage.

Under the sakura tree, Hayate and Nanoha found peace for themselves. With their friends on their own paths, they found the place serene enough to relax. The tranquility of lunchtime just between the two of them is something that happened often.

"SO! Fate-chan saw the kiss." Hayate chimed but not loud enough for anybody else to hear. She switches calling the blond instructor to 'Fate-chan' than 'Harlaown-san'.

And the peace was broken after a good 5 seconds.

Blush now creeping back, Nanoha choked lightly on her food which caused Hayate to pat Nanoha's back and offer her a drink. After relieving herself from the near-death experience, she faced her brunette friend with a frown. "Mou! Don't go announcing that so casually and if I'm about to swallow something." She complained, clearing her throat of anymore morsels left by her food.

"Haha, sorry. It's so much fun teasing you about it."

"Teasing? Hayate that 'Please do enlighten us with your knowledge in the meaning of 'kissing', Harlaown-san' stunt almost gave our secret away. If it wasn't for Fate-chan's ability to be all cold like, were going to be kick out of YOUR school." Nanoha's arms were crossed as she continued to complain on Hayate's recent stunt.

The brunette laughed and placed an arm around Nanoha's shoulder, imitating Yuuno's previous flirting. "Well it's fun. And who would've thought she will be passing by. Guess she will find a 'rival' with the name of Yuuno Scrya?" she asked with a mischious grin.

But Nanoha waved the suggestion away and looked at her hand that Fate kissed earlier. "I don't think so. I made it clear to her about my relationship." she told her friend with a soft smile. she was feeling comfortable whenever she can remember her wife's charms over her.

"Anyway, speaking of kisses, I wonder if I kiss you…" Hayate grinned. She tilted her head and leaned in to give Nanoha a kiss. When her lips was inches away from Nanoha's cheek, a white box hit the side of her temple like a shuriken and that stopped her from her attempt to kiss Nanoha. "OW! Who threw that?" she cried out in pain. She darted her gaze as she looked around for the culprit and found no one. Only the box lying on the ground with crumbles inside them.

Nanoha picked up the box and took some of the crumbs inside it and tasted it. "mmh lemon squares…" she threw the box to the trash can and stood up. "C'mon let's go to our own classes. See ya later Hayate." She giggled as she ran away with her lunchbox in hand. 'That woman really is something. nyahaha.'

Rubbing her reddening temple, Hayate cursed under her breath as she too went back to her class. "stupid… stupid…"


Omake: Shuriken lesson.

Signum: hmmm -staring at the box of lemon square-

SS: watcha looking at Signum?

Signum: trying to figure out how to turn small things into shuriken.

SS: why? O_o?

Signum: so that i can use even leaves to stop the annoying advances of the students or staffs at a certain head nurse. Threatening them with my sword can sometimes be annoying. -taking the box and throwing it sideways.- Oh i think i'll stick to the sword.

-Signum left and SS looked at the wall where Signum threw the box at.-

SS: yeah, you should... -turning pale at the sight of the box buried at the concrete wall with some debris falling from the sides of the box- Don't think of using leaves either! god knows how will that thin thing can be lethal!

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You need more ideas? Well... something to think about: do Nanoha's friends know where she lives? If they do they may make some surprise!visits... If not they may wondering why she doesn't tell them... in any case it'd be fun to see her and Fate try to hid the fact that they live together.

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Fate is quite the charmer and scary, I wonder if she can use other items as shuriken. I got the feeling yuuno won't stop trying to court Nanoha.

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i have to agree with langrisser it doesn't look like yuuno is going to stop flirting with nanoha anytime soon

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Well,, now i have Lesson 2 uploaded :) wishing this would be good though.
i have to say i was inspired with a TV commercial here in the philippines when i was making this. :D
now on with chapter 4 lesson 2.

Lesson 2: Sensei + flirt = trouble

With the bell ringing all throughout the campus of Riot Force 6 and students from here and there ran to their respective classes. It was a strategy of the administration to make every building to be yards apart and no mean of convenient transportation for the students who are too lazy to walk or run to their class. In a sense, it builds up the stamina of the students for future use and such has been admired by the parents of the students.

But no matter how much stamina students build up along heir college life, being late is the most common thing. Even the athletic ones are no exception to such incidents.

Loud steps echoed through the hallway of the second floor of the general arts building of RF6. Students from different buildings and classes hurried to their respective class since the bell had ended ringing for a good 3 minutes.

"I'm Late!"

At the class of History, a certain blond haired instructor awaited for the last student to arrive. She can obviously start the class but knowing that it was her first day, she wanted everyone to meet her properly. She scanned around the room; her crimson eyes looked from behind of her dark thin rimmed glasses. She can tell who was ogling at her and those who are not giving a damn on her appearance. Her eyes stopped by the group of students whom she encountered earlier and she can't help but smile wryly at Hayate who was smiling at her. 'I can never get used to her smiles. I can always feel there are more than just one meaning from it.' She mused. She looked at her wrist watch and showed that it was already 7 minutes past the start of class. 'Well, I guess I need to start-'

"I'm Late!" a loud voice echoed then followed by a screeching sound and the door slamming open.

Everyone looked at the door and saw a disarrayed Nanoha, panting heavily. Fate was surprised at her student/wife suddenly slamming the door open after the multiple ruckus outside. Nanoha's friends just laughed at how Nanoha gave an entrance and Hayate just pointed the empty chair between her and Yuuno. Nanoha lowered her head and apologized to her instructor as she hastily walked towards the chair that Hayate pointed for her.

Seeing that the young student finally seated at her chair, Fate took this chance to stand up and write her name on the white board. After writing her name, all in katakana, she turned around and placed both hands over her table. "Afternoon class... I'm Fate Testarossa-Harlaown. I'll be your new history instructor since your previous one, Amy Harlaown, is currently on maternity leave." She announced. This time, the male population, minus Yuuno, gave out cat calls and wolf whistles to their new instructor. She sighed upon realizing that her history class has a majority of male students.

"Please settle down men." Fate voiced out, making her voice as low as possible. But her request seemed to be ignored as the male population of her class just went hysterical when they saw Fate's cute pleading look.

Such interaction just made Nanoha mentally flinch. It was only natural for men to appreciate beauty she thought but the fact that such beauty is her own wife; she wanted to find a good source of energy and blast the male population with a pink blast. 'I wish I was some magical girl so that I can starlight breaker them anytime I want!'she growled under her breath as she kept on clenching her left hand under her table.

Yet Nanoha's mental threat of pink blasts was being interrupted by Yuuno's actions. Such as wiping Nanoha's sweaty forehead from the running she had made from her building to the one she is now. She thanked her friend who gave her a sweet smile before getting their attention back to Fate. And boy, Nanoha sure can feel Fate's crimson glare at Yuuno. 'Oh boy… And I thought having a hot wife is like a dream come true. No wonder all the princesses are either taken hostage by some dragon or a witch, they attract too much attention.' Nanoha grumbled while keeping her attention at her instructor.

Fate saw the intimacy of Yuuno over Nanoha but seeing her wife was either ignoring it or felt no romance in the action, chose to ignore it and continue with her plan for the day."Boys settle down. But back to the topic at hand, I want all of you to be comfortable with me as your new instructor. Hence I'll be giving this day as a rest day." Fate said that gained some cheers from the students. "Yes, yes, cheer ladies and gentlemen. But I cannot let you all out now. Else the chairman will get mad at me seeing our dear class is grace by Miss Yagami herself." She told everyone. Hayate just playfully gave everyone a curt bow of her head just to annoy her classmates.

The blond instructor found it quite amusing how Hayate was brave enough to dare her classmates. Putting the young heiress' power aside, Fate walked around her table and sat on top of it and placed her hands on her sides to support her posture. "So we'll play a small 21 questions game to kill the time. I'll have you all ask me some question, personal or not, and I'll answer them if it's worth answering. And in return I'll ask you all aswell." She announced.

At the middle row, where Nanoha and her friends were seated, Yuuno leaned towards Nanoha to whisper his opinion. "You know, I think we'll have a boring history class this year. And I'm the one who enjoys it all the time." He told his friend.

But Yuuno's whisper was heard by Arisa and he earned a light pinch at his backside. Yelping in pain, Yuuno glared at Arisa who dared him to take revenge. Then and there, the two blonds started a pen fight, as they used their pens as swords and tried to take a hit to one another.

"You're such a tomboy Arisa, why did you pinch me?" Yuuno argued.

Arisa smirked and continued to defend herself from Yuuno's attacks. "You're getting too close with Nanoha again. How many times should we point out that she's not interested?" Arisa countered, taking a thrusting attack but was quickly deflected by yuuno.

The purple-haired heiress sighed and pulled her friend's collar, which is Arisa, to sop the recent pen fight that is now gathering attention from the whole room. She gave their instructor a apologetic look who greatly accepted it.

Nanoha sighed and leaned back to her chair. Her friends being playful yet again were not new to her. She can really tell that Yuuno is persistent but she can't tell him that she was not available anymore since it would blow the whole 'secret' between her and Fate. An audible sigh escaped her lips and she leaned back to her chair, ears toning out from her current surroundings.

The students kept asking Fate the usual. Where she was from, how old is she and so on. But one of the questions made every student listen intently to Fate's answer. All of them eyed the golden haired instructor as one of their classmate dared to asks the same question during Fate's P.E class.

"Sensei, is it true you are already married?" the question raised the tension in the room. The male population of the room waited patiently at how Fate will answer and held their breath as they wait.

The blond smiled and took out her golden necklace with a platinum ring as a pendant. "Yes that is true." She flashed them a prideful grin. Groans all echoed in chorus after she answered the questions. Though she can hear some groans from her female students' aswell. 'Oh my, I guess I attract the female students aswell.' She smiled like a Cheshire cat as she eyed the prospect women who groaned. Now it was her turn to ask. "So why do you boys always groan like that eveytime I answer I'm married?" she asked in a fake innocent look. She already knew why.

And all tighter, aside from some females and Yuuno, they answered Fate. "Because you're like an angel sent from heaven!"

With that one by one confessed how they were taken to Fate's beauty and how they wished to be that lucky person that she is married to. Some women even dared to ask a date from Fate but she rejected the offer and told them she is a faithful wife.

Confessions aside, the blond history instructor giggle and thanked the students for their praise in a bashful way. Now, turning to the group of Nanoha, she pointed at Hayate, hoping to end any dreaded question the granddaughter of the RF6 has in mind. "Miss Yagami, am I correct?" she pretended to make sure of her student's name. When Hayate smiled at her and nodded her head, the brunette just tilted her head and placed a finger over her lips, as if thinking of her question. This gave Fate a few beads of sweat to form on her temples. 'Hayate, dare to ask anything embarrassing, I'll throw another box at you.' She thought of.

With a sly grin, Hayate asked away her question to her instructor. "How long have you been married Harlaown-sensei?"

"Hayate-chan!" It was Nanoha who shouted, giving her friend a light slap on her shoulder. "That's not nice to ask you know." Nanoha added with a concerned look. But Hayate just laughed and waited for Fate to answer. Her blue eyes stared at crimson who she can tell was having an internal debate.

"It's alright, Takamachi-san. To answer you Miss Yagami, I'm married for 2 months now. Hmm.. as for my question, is there some reason you have a slight bruise on your head?" she countered with a grin. Nanoha can feel the tension between her wife and friend getting intense.

"Oh I was just caught trying to kiss a certain person's girl. No biggie." Hayate explained with a waved of her right hand to brush the topic off.

Fate bobbed her head. "Well we sure have to learn not to flirt with people who should not be flirted with Miss Yagami." She explained, giving out the hint for Hayate to stop flirting with her wife. She then turned to look at the next student and was about to call Nanoha until a certain blond haired male interrupted her.

"Sensei! Sensei!" Yuuno said enthusiastically. He has a wide grin on his face as he waved his hand to get Fate's attention. "Sensei! May I?" he asks, still trying to grab Fate's attention. As he continues to wave his hand, he was giddy enough to show her instructor how to flirt since the topic has already been shifted to 'flirting'.

With all of Yuuno's waving and calling for her, Fate sighed and skipped on calling Nanoha and granted Yuuno her attention. "May I what Scrya-san?" she asked in a deadpanned voice. She gave the blond male a bored look, not really eager to listen to Yuuno's question.

Yuuno stood up and fixed his clothing. With a wide smile, he looked at Nanoha and reached out his hand. With a longing gaze at his purple-eyed friend, he voiced out his intention. "May I go out…" he paused and gave out one of his charming smiles. "With Nanoha?" he asked, question pointing at Nanoha than Fate.

The question got a raised of a brow from Fate and a bunch of 'oohs' and whistles from the other students. The millionaire friends of Nanoha just shook their head in defeat, thinking of how bold and persistent Yuuno can be. Hayate on the other hand found it amusing and focused her attention to both Nanoha who was now blushing furiously and Fate who showed a stoic expression.

Fate pushed herself off the table and approached Yuuno. "Scyra-san, I believe that is no way to ask a girl out. To take them by surprise is an obvious 'cornering' method." She said coolly. Her gaze turned to the empty hand of Yuuno and the blushing Nanoha. "Clearly class, flirting or as such is a way to show how much we adore a person." She reached out her hand to Nanoha, asking for her permission for a small time.

Nanoha looked around and felt like a lamb in a pack of wolves. Not the likes of hungry wolves, but more on the rabid 'we'll kill you' type. She hesitated to take Fate's hand. Her eyes gazed at her green eyed friend who was now gritting his teeth in annoyance.

Taking the hint, Fate took a deep breath and recomposed herself. Her previous offer has been turned to Hayate and she gave the brunette one of her smiles. "I see Takamachi-san I indeed shy." Her voice was smooth as she spoke each and every word. With a courteous bow and offered her right hand to Hayate. "I know we have just met Miss Yagami, but will your beauty decorate my cold and dull night as we dine on a small diner I happened to stumble upon? It would really make my night more…" by the corner of her eye, she gazes at Nanoha who was now looking at them with a frown. "Beautiful such as you." She said, voice as smooth as if it was true while her crimson eyes stared straight at Hayate's.

Even Hayate was no exception on how Fate conveyed her words as if it was true. A light blush is eveident on Hayte's cheeks and her breath hitch every second as her blue eyes stare at Fate. Her heart beat unevenly and she was rendered speechless by her instructor.

Such actions caused a major uproar by the newly formed Fate fan club. They moaned in jealousy as they watched the whole 'connoisseur' mode of their instructor as they too wanted the same treatment. Among them, the blond male has to admit, Fate is indeed talented in being a flirt and he was glad that it was Hayate who was the one Fate used her flirting mode at. He glanced at his honey-reddish haired friend and he can see that her face showed no emotion at all. She was just staring blankly. "Umm Nanoha?"

The woman in question was startled and laughed nervously. She was too occupied in the whole 'flirting' of her wife that she toned out yet again. She was thinking of how it would've been if Fate had asked her the same and how she will react to it. 'Flirting Fate is something either sweet or plain annoying if it's not me she's flirting with.' Mentally cursing her own shyness and passed opportunity to be the one that Fate had to teach about asking a girl out.

"So, is that a yes miss Yagami?" Fate asked, a small smile gracing her lips.

Hayate was about to speak when the bell ringing echoed throughout the halls. Such indicated the end of class and for Nanoha and her friends, the end of their day. Fate then asked her students to prepare for her class next time as she will be starting to teach them History and not flirting 101. Some groans and a girlish squeals was heard from her students as they exited the room, leaving Nanoha and her friends.

Suzuka was busy snapping Hayate out of her trance-like state. With a few hope of getting Hayate out of her trance, Suzuka leaned closer to the brunette's ear and whispered something that snapped Hayate out of reverie and completely dashed out of the room with her things in tow.

"What happened to her?" Fate asked the purple haired student. But her question was merely answered by a mysterious smile from Suzuka who was now dragging Arisa away from Yuuno and out of the room.

Yuuno was about to follow their friends but stopped when Nanoha was not budging from her seat. He raised a slender brow and wondered to what Nanoha was doing. "Nanoha? Yo! Let's go?" he asked his friend, tugging the woman's long hair. His action didn't even make Nanoha budge a bit. He sighed and just took this as one of Nanoha's mood swings and her wouldn't want to be at any end of it. "Call me if you need me okay? I need to go to the faculty for something." he said, not even checking if his friend heard him and left.

The closing of the door snapped Nanoha out of her blank daze and she looked around only to find she was the only one student there. She hastily grabbed her bag and was about to run out when a slender hand pull her back and a soft body clashing on her.

"And where are you running off Takamachi-san?" the voice conveyed coldness with a hint of playfulness in her voice.

Nanoha's heart raced. The warmth of her instructor's body radiated to her and the feeling of comfort engulfed her in an instant. The hand that clasped on her wrist was not strong but gentle and the breath that tickled the side of her neck made her blush. "U-umm, home?" she answered, unsure of what she was really going to say.

Wrapping her left arm around Nanoha's waist, Fate made sure her body was well pressed on Nanoha's back and her lips was near the skin on Nanoha's neck. "I see. Then Takamachi-san.. Stammi bene.I'll be expecting a lovely welcome at home." She whispered seductively at her wife's ear.

Nanoha audibly gulped the lump that had formed on her throat and silently nodded her head. Words had left her and only motions were the way to communicate with the blond.

"Good." She gave her student a chaste kiss at her earlobe which earned her a shiver of a response. She's slowly liking the idea of teaching in RF6, minus the flirting of a certain blond haired guy with her wife. Turning her wife around to face her, her crimson eyes scanned her now blushing wife and she couldn't help but take it as cute. "Wait for me at home alright my tesorina?"

Seeing how Fate was being forward and no signs of anyone finding them in their situation, Nanoha boldly wrapped her arms around her instructor's waist and gave Fate a kiss on her lips. The kiss only lasted for a few seconds and Nanoha gazed at Fate's deep red eyes. "Si mi amore. As always." She said softly as she released herself from her hold on her slender wife. "You know, that glasses makes you look sexy sensei~!" and with one last seductive wink, Nanoha exited the room an left her wife in a dream-like state. 'How to Handle Fate 101: always make the last move to freeze the blond in place.' Nanoha noted as she ran to her friends while smiling at her recent actions.

The loud engines of a car indicated the arrival of Fate at the apartment she is currently living in. smiling to herself as the view of the lights from her apartment's window came to her view, she was about to enter her own life again. The life she unexpectedly came to be. Taking her keys out of the ignition and getting out of her black sports car, she strides her way to her apartment with hope of a warm welcome.

Opening the doors to her apartment she was disappointed that no one welcomed her arrival. Her eyes looked around and nothing out of the ordinary as far as she is concern. With a loud closure of the door behind her, Fate can hear some sounds of metal from the kitchen. "I'm home! Nanoha? Are you in the kitchen? Please don't tell me you are on the verge of burning it down again." Fate blindly joked as she made her way to the kitchen.

There she saw her wife, dressed in a white shirt, skimpy shorts and a pink apron as she cooks their dinner. with a quick swift motion, she had engulfed her wife in a gentle hug and planted a kiss on Nanoha's nape which is visible and accessible to her due to her wife's high ponytailed hairstyle. "Smells good. Watcha cooking Nanoha?" she asked grinning from ear to ear.

The cook tensed up a bit but felt relaxed in a matter of seconds when Fate's smooth voice reached her hearing and warm lips came contact to her skin. She shivered a bit when the blond continued to kiss her nape. For her it's one of those sweet moments that her wife graced her whenever they are away from public's eyes. "F-Fate-chan… please…" She softly moaned, hands clenching tightly on the spatula she is holding.

Fate grinned as she kissed her wife's neck. Gentle but surely made it like fire as her lips touched the soft neck of her lover. "Please what Nanoha?"

"Mmm.. please st-… mmm" words have been impossible to express as the butterfly kisses of her wife was making her mind go blank, forgetting what she wanted to say.

The blond hugged Nanoha closer to her and her lips wandered from Nanoha's neck then to the lobe of her lover's ear. "Please don't stop me now tesorina. Today is such a headache when that guy's crummy paws were all over you." She breathed, voice sounding a little angered when she remembered Yuuno's advances on Nanoha.

"B-but.. haa.. Yunno-kun's just a friend.. F-F-fate-chan I think you have proven your point…haa haa… But you shouldn't flirt too much.. too…" Nanoha said in between her ragged breathing. With her cooking and point of trying to stop Fate forgotten, Nanoha turned around and wrapped her arms around her lover's neck and gave her an alluring look. "You are my wife, yes?"

Yet even if Nanoha assured of Fate's status, she placed a gentle kiss on Nanoha's lips and stared at the purple orbs. "I know. But I can't help it when I have a beautiful wife, right?" she said with a bit of jealousy on her voice. Releasing her hold on her wife, Fate cupped Nanoha's left cheek and to her happiness, the young woman leaned closer to her hand. "About Hayate, C'mon you know how much of a flirt she is than me."

"Well, same goes for you miss 'angel sent from heaven'." Nanoha's voice was cheerful.

Both gave each other a longing gaze as they both inched closer to one another. Closer until they can feel each other's breaths on their lips. With an inch more that separates their waiting lips, both came to a complete halt as the deep clearing of throat interrupted them.

And then it all came back to Nanoha. The reason she wanted to stop her lover from her advances. She blushed and shook her head in disappointment. "I forgot. Mom is here." She said, voice seeping of regret.

Hearing who the one who stopped them was, Fate stiffly stood straight. Her limbs nowhere near Nanoha and her face showed a contorted expression. "O-oh… So umm…"

Nanoha giggled seeing how her wife was practically scared right now. She turned to her cooking which was now done and pushed her wife away. Dinner is spaghetti. Don't worry mom helped. So please give me a few more minutes before I can setup dinner, okay Fate-chan?"

The blond Italian stiffly nodded her head and spun around to face a smiling Momoko Takamachi. She assessed that her wife's mother looked a lot like her, minus the mature look. Taking a deep intake of oxygen, Fate showed her in-law a warm, hospitable smile. "Good evening Takamachi-san." She said with a more polite tone.

Momoko returned the smile, assuring Fate that she has no ill qualms on her recent actions. "Evening to you too Fate-chan. But please, mother is fine by me as I already told you before." She said with a smile. A smile that is like Nanoha's. Gesturing the living area, she asked the blond to accompany her there until the food is served.

Fate silently nod her head and followed the older Takamachi to the other room. 'This is one of the reason to why I can't get any more than just petty kisses or hugs from my wife…'
she mentally grumbled, following Nanoha's mother.

The two sat on the comfortable sofa with the small wooden table separating them. Fate shifted under the gaze of Momoko, feeling uncomfortable at the thought of being seen being love-dovey with Nanoha.


"HAI?" Fate said in surprise.

The startled state of Momoko's daughter-in-law made her laugh. She always loved how Fate was easy to tease. "Calm down honey." She said, still giggling at the now reddening Fate. "But seriously Fate-chan, I know you and my daughter are already married but I still don't approve of any more intimate than kissing." Her tone was now serious that made Fate nervous. Seeing her daughter-in-law nod her head silently she continued her lecture. "That is part of all of this. But don't worry; I know you are itching to get Nanoha all to yourself so just wait a few more months, or a year maybe. Depending on how your mom and I will see fit and you can have your honeymoon." Momoko tried to deliver her words as cheery as possible but the nervous look on Fate's face just made her more confident that the blond won't even touch a single skin under Nanoha's clothing.

"Are we clear Fate-chan?" she gave a sweet but threatening smile and it only made Fate sink in her seat.

"Y-yes mother…" Fate answered.

"Good! Now how was work?"

Fate sighed out loud and told her mother-in-law her first day being an instructor. 'Yeah, hence the reason of why no 'this and that' happening even if Nanoha and me are married. Our Parents are strict with me deflowering the innocent Nanoha. And they take turns on who will be spending a night at our apartment. I even asked if Hayate can be the one to watch over us but my mom said they'd rather have one of the Leise twins to watch over us than Hayate. Trust me it was a wasted opportunity. I know that cosplayer will be the first who will push us ingetting our honeymoon.' Fate mentally said, brows twitching whenever she remembers her attempts to have a night with her wife.

With dinner and everyone's evening bath all done, Fate looked at the two doors infront of her. one of it leads to her own room while the other lead to her wife's and whoever will be guarding them for the night. She let out a heavy sigh of regret. 'Such a lonely cold night.' Weakly reaching the knob of her door, she was halted by a firm grip on the back of her nightshirt. "Yes?" she said, turning around to see her wife smiling at her.

"Goodnight Fate-chan." Nanoha bid her wife a good night rest and gave the blond a quick kiss on the lips.

The small gesture made Fate smile like an idiot. Such simple things gave her heart a wild beating and her expression showing her sincere feelings. Looking at her wife, she saw the golden necklace with matching platinum ring like hers, wrapped around her wife's neck. "Now I know what was missing. Nanoha please don't take off your necklace okay? It's the only reminder that you are my wife can focus on when were at school." She voiced out, reaching to touch Nanoha's ring over her chest.

"Yes. I guess I was just excited to see you at school that I forgot." Nanoha placed her hand atop of Fate's over her chest and pressed it closer to her. "No matter what, I'll always love you and be your wife Fate." Nanoha whispered.

The words brought Fate into utter happiness. The feeling spread throughout her body and she couldn't contain it much more. Pulling her wife into a possessive hug, tears threatened to fall from her crimson colored eyes while she buried her head on Nanoha's shoulder. "I love you too Nanoha." She whispered. Her thoughts running on the memories of Nanoha's charming smile and the hand that reached out to her while she was in despair. 'You became my sun when I felt my world crashed and burn. For the few months we have known each other, I'm glad I married you.'

"You made my cold night more beautiful and warm... Nanoha."

Just below them, along the stairs, Momoko Takamachi had a smile on her face as she was leaning back to the white wall. Arms crossed and a contended look gracing her face, she too was glad that the two have found each other. 'Guess that trip to Italy was no waste at all.'

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I think Hayate will end up being hit with plenty of shuriken-turned blunt objects in the head, during this story.

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New update :) so now i have lesson 3 and there will be not much of Yuuno bashing here. i'm sorry Yuuno for being the target, but i have my reasons... 0_0
Thanks to those who commented in this so far: Nanoha-sama, langrisser, ManeAstrum, VivioTakamachiHarlaown, LyricalReana, a Nanonymous reader, and nanofate the best.
So now i present all of you Lesson 3 of My Instructor, my Wife.

Lesson 5: 'Charming Italian'

The sound of 'Pray' by Nana Mizuki stirred the sleeping young Takamachi awake. With her mother patting her side to wake up and answer her ringing phone, Nanoha grumbled softly and groggily fetched her cellular phone from under her pillow. She didn't need to check who the caller was as the ringtone had been marked for a certain blond haired woman that currently she is married with. She had noted before that her favorite singer happened to sound like her wife, thus making one of her favorite songs of the singer as Fate's personal ringtone. And it was a major plus on her 'How to handle Fate 101'. She answered the call, all sleepy and mind still in a dream-like state. "You do know my class starts around 10?" she said in a groggy and stingy tone.

"I know my heart, but need I remind you that it's already 8:30. And I need to ask if you can bring my glasses? I kinda forgot them." The caller said with a hint of teasing in her voice.

"Fate…" Nanoha was now frowning. The way she addressed her wife is not of endearment but of threat. "You woke me up, after I burned hours until 2am of doing homework, just to tell me to bring your glasses?" she said in an obvious annoyed tone. The call was now making her body wide-awake.

"Aww! But I need them." Fate whined, making it sound like one of her puppy-pout voice.

Raising her hand to her temples, Nanoha massaged them and looked at the alarm clock beside her. It read 8:40. "Fine. I'll give them to you later." Nanoha said flatly.

With all of her drowsiness down the drain and her mother wide-awake aswell, she let out a mouth-wide yawn. "Did you bring some lunch with you?" she asked her wife, realizing that Fate might've left at an earlier time.

"Yeah. Yours is at the counter. Oh! Can you make me some sweets again? Yesterday's lemon squares were delicious!" Fate requested in a childish tone. Nanoha has to admit that her wife's love for sweets was cute and she can practically imagine how Fate must be looking as of now.

"Fine. I'll bake some before going to school."

"Thanks sweetie!" Fate said sweetly. Then the sound of bell ringing came from the other line and it just signaled Nanoha that Fate's class will begin. Bidding their goodbyes and hearing a cold voice from the other line aswell, which Nanoha can point that it was Signum, meant they need to hang up.

"See you later!"

"No flirting okay? I don't want another woman fainting with just the mere sight of your Italian habits. Really, have you heard from Shamal about the way you entered the school with your sports car?" The young adult warned her lover. She remembered when Shamal called her before going home and told about a few dozen of men and women alike fainting when Fate arrived on campus riding her car.

Fate's car happened to be a black Ferrari 458 Italia and the Italian had to name it 'Bardirche'. Typical for the Italian bred blond to have such car. 'I think it was one of her style in picking up some ladies before. Oh well. It is a handsome car.' She noted. The car was all black aside from the slight modification of the rims, which is gold coated.

"It's not my fault they ogle at Bardirche and me. You do have a hot wife." Fate joked.

Nanoha frowned again and sighed heavily. "Yeah yeah. I think they were just ogling at Bardirche. Anyway, just make sure not to make anymore flashy entrance for Shamal's sake." She told her wife before hanging up.

Momoko took the moment to giggle when she saw her daughter talking to Fate. She had to admit that the two are making their relationship work and putting it up to the fullest. "I see Fate still likes to be stylish." She told her daughter with a light laughter.

The young Takamachi stretched whilst giving her mother a sleepy look. It was the usual morning when her mother was the one taking watch over them. She was not mad though. It is a somehow relief to her since she still fear giving all of herself to the blond Italian. She may love Fate but she prefers taking it slow. 'And I love it how she gets all embarrassed and squirmy under pressure.' She mentally laughed.

"Yes mom. Let's go and have breakfast, yes?" she offered, rummaging her closet for her clothing for the day.

Her mother nodded her head and sauntered away downstairs to prepare their food and some ingredients that Nanoha will need for lemon squares. She heard her daughter and daughter-in-law talk about sweets and lemon square so she already got the notion that Nanoha will bake them. And she has no intention of having her daughter prepare her breakfast. 'God knows how I fear another water + cooking pan = fire accident. It still bothers me how she did it though.' She mused as she prepares their breakfast.


After a fire free breakfast and 30minutes of baking, Nanoha is now ready for school. Her mother already left saying she has to check the café but she did inform Nanoha that her sister will be staying with her tonight. She was dressed in a loose cargo pants and form fitting white shirt that has a pink beam destroying a maze caricature with the inscription of 'Full Power, Total Destruction'. With lemon squares and glasses of her wife secured, she raced to the bus stop that will generally take her to RF6.

First period for Nanoha was a pain to her. Of all the things, she has to get as a pre-requisite for her third year classes. And even if a certain blond Italian instructor was teaching it, she still think of it as a pain in her arse. She waltzes inside of the semi-empty classroom and a small smile crept to her frail features when she saw the blond instructor scrutinizing a paper intently. The golden brows knitted together and hands threatening to rip the paper apart, Nanoha made her presence known to Fate by a loud thud of a box on the table.

The new algebra instructor looked up with an arched brow with the intention of giving the person who bothered her with a piece of her mind when purple eyes were looking at her accompanied by a warm smile. A soft smile of her own was her response and she looked at the box that lay before her. She can smell the sweet scent of the pasty and saliva was practically building up from her mouth. "Ah! Perfect! Best way to make me smile." She happily announce, taking the box and opening it in delight.

Nanoha just put her arms in akimbo as she watched her instructor eye the pastry like a hungy wolf. "Really now, I never thought sensei was such a pastry addict. Anyway Sensei, here's your glasses, please don't leave them in the courtyard again." She said in a tone that can be described as masked sweetness. Leaving a black case on the table, Nanoha turned and paced her way to her friends who's seated at the middle row of the room.

Hearing her student's unusual way of addressing her, she finally noticed the room filling up with students. 'No wonder she wasn't calling me her wife or something. Oh well class must go on and lemon squares are waiting.' she mused happily as she set aside the mouth watering box of lemon squares and proceeded with her lesson.

The long grueling wait for lunch came for Fate. The Algebra class she had with Nanoha and her friends was very much annoying to her since Yuuno, as Nanoha said his name, is a total genius. She knows she should be proud to have such a student but reading between the lines of Yuuno's attentiveness was also his way of showing off to Nanoha. "Men and their egos. If not by muscle, they impress women by their brain." Fate muttered as she made her way to the clinic. It was Signum's idea, Fate noted. The pink-haired P.E instructor wanted to have lunch with her and Shamal so she made a mad dash to Shamal's clinic.

"Ah Testarossa. I see you had Nanoha to make you those pastries you had been ranting for an hour earlier." Signum's cold sarcastic voice welcomed Fate when she entered the white room. She always wondered to why clinics or hospitals usually have a white motif but completely shrug it off when she found no answer. 'Even in the internet I can't find the answer.' She ignored Sigum's sarcasm and placed her own lunchbox and the pastry on the table where Shamal and her girlfriend, now starting to eat.

"Ah, I see today is 'Alice in wonderland' motif. Hence the reason Hayate was wearing a somewhat 'queen of hearts' clothing." She pointed, remembering the 'majestic' yet 'short-tempered' Yagami. She stared at Signum. The stoic woman was wearing a green tuxedo with pink cuffs, matching the iron-pressed green trousers and the green tall hat with an 'ace of hearts' stuck on it. She took notice of the blond shorthaired nurse who was dressed in an ancient European dress with markings of hearts on it. "So, Signum's playing as the 'mad-hatter' and… Shamal, what are you dressing as?" Fate asked as she took her seat infront of the school doctor.

The blond doctor chuckled for a bit. "I'm a knave, if Hayate-chan said so. She does give the whole 'knave' outfit such class." Shamal said giving a cute wink at Fate.

"Honestly, wearing this while teaching is much of a bother." Signum complained as she took a spoonful of her lunch.

Fate smiled. It was another conversation between the staffs she's most comfortable of. Taking the time to silently eat her lunch and answer the questions set to her was one of her relaxed time in RF6. She eyed the white box of lemon squares and she couldn't contain herself from waiting further to eat the pastry.

Signum took the sight as comical the way Fate can be a child when it comes to pastry. "I wonder if there is some kind of drug that Nanoha is putting in those pastry she makes. I hear the pastry war today is 'chocolate cream puffs' and the contenders have tripled since yesterday."

"Yeah. I'm already prepared for any casualties." Shamal looked at Fate who was dreamily eating her lunch and dessert. "Say Fate-chan, have you ever asked your wife to stop with the donation of pastry?"

Still munching on her lemon square, Fate gave the two a puppy look. Blinking a few times, she collected her thoughts to answer Shamal's question. "She's not actually donating it. Jii-san's paying Nanoha for everytime her pastry becomes a hit. Helps with the bills even if I told her not to do it though." She explained, remembering the first day her wife told her about the pastry war. She had to chuckle at the memory since she didn't believe it at first but seeing the battle yesterday, she had to apologize to her wife for it.

"Well I know the master is indeed kind enough to pay her." Signum noted. She had to admit, Hayate's grandfather was indeed the kindest man alive for all she knows and she will protect his family at all cost. 'They did take us in when we were all in the streets.' She remembered. She was glad they got to meet the Yagami family and given the chance to be educated and work.

"That reminds me, I haven't seen Vita-chan since I entered the campus." Fate mused, chopsticks still clamped on the side of her lips.

"Vita? She's currently-"


Meanwhile, at the courtyard. Nanoha and her friends are graced by the presence of the 'white rabbit'. It was mainly a short girl with twin-braided hair and wore a red/black loli-gothic outfit with a red cap that bears two floppy rabbit ears. Her face etched a sinister scowl as Arisa and Suzuka was commenting how cute the chibi sophomore is.

"I must hand it to you Hayate, your persuasive power is… well… powerful!" Yunno commented, having the time of his life as he enjoyed the view of Vita holding her anger. He can tell that the small rabbit yell out since she was being hugged by Nanoha. 'Vita sure likes Nanoha.' He found it amusing how he can accept a few selected people being close to his friend.

Hayate was smiling, amused at how she had dressed the youngest Yagami in their family. She too was dressed for the day with a countess outfit, all red and white with hearts all over the skirt and sleeve. She is the 'Queen of Hearts' in her cosplay for the day. "Thanks Yuuno. I find that very flattering." She thanked her male friend.

"So if it's 'Alice in Wonderland' today, what does your grandpa, the twins and Reinforce-san wearing?" Yuuno asked curiously.

Placing a finger over her chin, Hayate pondered on what she ahd made her family dress for the day. Oh how she loved her family for cooperating with her antics. "Well grandpa is the 'King of hearts', Leise twins are 'Twiddle dee and Twiddle dum'." She paused and grinned at Yuuno. "Guess who is who for those two. While Rein…" Hayate stopped as her breath hitched. Approaching her is a silvery haired woman that caught her attention. Her throat gone dry and both her words and her surrounding stopped as her blue eyes looked at the woman before her.

Dressed in a black one piece dress that gone done to her mid thighs, a long strap-on black skirt with gold trimmings that just covered the sides and the back of her legs, black vest that goes down to her mid abdomen. There is also red leather ribbons wrapped on her legs that has an uneven style of stocking and right arm with her hands covered with black gloves trimmed with gold. Black cat ears decorated her silvery head and it just finished the touch of Reinforce looking like a cat-woman.

"Wow…" all of them breathed when they saw Reinforce. Even the students who are having lunch in the courtyard halted on whatever they are doing and stared at the caretaker/secretary of the chairman of RF6.

The silver haired woman took a curt bow before her mistress. Face as stoic as ever and posture stiff yet showed elegance. "Afternoon mistress. I'm just here to inform you of your check up later." Reinforce said politely.

Nanoha withdrew from pouncing Vita and stared at Reinforce with awe. She must give points to her friend for making the stoic woman dress as such. "Hayate-chan… umm you okay?" Nanoha asked her friend who's frozen in place. She tapped Hayate's shoulder, no response; she poked Hayate's cheek, no response. "HAYATE!" Nanoha shouted yet still in vain. It seems that the brunette was still captivated by Reinforce's enigmatic beauty. And she has to admit, the snow-haired woman was indeed breath-taking beautiful.

"Mistress?" Reinforce said, tilting her head a little with a worried expression.

Hearing the soft words of Reinforce, Hayate snapped out of her daze state and blushed furiously when she looked at Reinforce's worried expression. Taking the sight before her as overwhelming, she slipped out of her seat and ran away in panic.

When Hayate ran away, Reinforce ran after her by instinct. This in turn made Nanoha and her friends either sweatdrop or awkwardly stares at them running and Reinforce shouting for her mistress to stop.

"Oh-kay? That was weird of Hayate-chan." Arisa said, not knowing the reason of Hayate's sudden action.

Vita scoffed, with her arms crossed. Even if her mistress can be a flirt and acts like a matchmaker, she can't even express her feelings to the person she's 'obviously' having a deep love for. She watched her mistress and older sister disappear from the distance and wondered when Hayate will express her true feelings. But reverie state was disturbed by a heavy pounce on her head. "Nanoha!" she shouted in annoyance, knowing that it was her friend who pounced her.

With Hayate's small trouble aside, Nanoha had come to hug the chibi sophomore, finding Vita's cuteness to be, well, cute. "C'mon Vita-chan! Let me take a picture!" She requested, trying to get a good shot of her and Vita. The two are now in a struggle and Arisa, Suzuka and Yuuno just watched them. Amused at how the tsundere Vita can let loose towards Nanoha.

"You know, I think Vita-chan likes Nanoha-chan." Suzuka mused out loud, earning her a shocked stare from her two companions.

Eyes wide open and mouth agape, Arisa couldn't believe what her friend just said. She closed her mouth and looks at the struggling Nanoha and Vita then to the amused look of Suzuka. "W-what? Suzuka c'mon don't joke around like that. All of us know that the Yagami and Takamachi are like family and Vita would never think of romantic feelings towards Nanoha. Or anyone at all!"

"Oi! I do not have a crush on Nanoha!" Vita defended. But her face betrayed her words as a tint of red was on her frowning face.

Yuuno himself was surprised but didn't feel any protective feeling over Nanoha. He just sighed with a grin on his face and then realized he had something to do. "Ah! I'll be going now ladies. I need to see Harlaown-sensei about something." He told his friends. His voice was not anything of spite or envy. It was more of anticipation.

When Yuuno suddenly spoke Fate's last name gave the four women, including Vita, to look at him like a he suddenly grown another head. He arched a brow, daring them to talk about what's on their mind. "Why the deer in headlights look ladies?" he asked.

"You sure you're that ferret-boy kid? Since I think blond princess over here told me that you hate Fate." Vita said gruffly. She always called Yuuno as a ferret due to a small resemblance of him and his pet ferret. "I call Fate as Fate, don't gimme that 'respect your teachers' look Scrya." She added, glaring at Yuuno who was indeed giving her that look.

"Now, now Vita-chan. Let's not have another ferret V.S rabbit fight. I don't have any candies to bet today." Arisa said, insulting the two. She grinned evilly when Vita and Yuuno glared at her thus having a three-way brawl. More like a handicap match between the team of Vita/Yuuno and Arisa.

Suzuka and Nanoha just listened to the bickering and struggling physical blows of their three friends. And Nanoha had to break them up as Vita was now threatening to get her 'Graf Eisen', Vita's handmade mallet that she once passed on her metal works subject. Vita happened to be a mechanical engineering student and metal works is her specialty. Such facts gave a loud nagging on the back of Nanoha and Suzuka's head to end the bickering before bloodsheds.

Nanoha pulled Vita's collar and engulfed her in a tight hug. "Alright quit it guys." She said in a cheery voice. "So Yuuno-kun, why are you going to Harlaown-sensei?"

Yuuno just grinned at Nanoha and gave her a thumbs up. "I'm going to ask for some flirting 101 lessons so that I can finally make you fall for me Nanoha!" he said proudly. But his wide grin was turned upside down by Vita kicking his shin and Arisa punching his shoulder.



That night, Nanoha was quietly sitting at the carpeted floor of their living area, reading a cookbook while the other occupants of the room are having an intense argument. True to her mother's words, her big sister is indeed there to watch over them tonight but not just her, even Fate's mother was there. And she just opted to listen in the conversation and no intention of joining in.

"Do you hear me Fate? Next time, don't agree in teaching Yuuno how to flirt." Miyuki Takamachi stated with knitted brows. She was the same age as Fate and it's not she detest Yuuno but she just likes Fate as Nanoha's wife and there should be no interference.

Quietly enjoying her cup of green tea, Fate's mother, actually one of her mother, just listened in to the argument. She's Lindy Harlaown, Fate's stepmother. Bearing a long slight dark green hair and a calm demeanor, Fate considered her as her real mother aside from her mom whom Lindy is married to after her husband died. "Fate, I think Miyuki is right you know. Aiding your opponent is not really battle tactics." She voiced out with both eyes closed and savoring her tea.

"But mom! I know that! it's just he's a student and it might give away the fact I'm married to his friend." Fate whined. She really hated it when her wife was not backing her up while being ganged on by their family. She glared at Nanoha who shrugged it off as she buried her nose on her cookbook. "It's not my fault. He's Nanoha's friend, thus she should've stopped him." She put the blame to her wife playfully.

Arching a slender brow, Nanoha lowered her book to give her wife a 'what did you say' look. "My fault? You're the one acting like Giacomo Casanova with all your flirting lines. Seriously, I thought you have left that attitude of yours when Lindy-kaasan and mama Precia dragged your sorry arse here in Japan." Nanoha pointed out. Her previous option of not getting involved now forgotten. "You do know you already have a fan club at school and they are trying to figure out who is the mysterious 'spouse' of Harlaown-sensei and I think they're planning to assassinate that person?"

"I did! I already stopped being a flirt Nanoha! And wait, I have a fan club?"

"No you didn't..." both Miyuki and Lindy said at the same time. intervening with Nanoha's piling up list of Fate's habitual flirting lessons and demonstrations. Both of them are drinking their tea as they corrected Fate. Along them, Nanoha shook her head in defeat. All thinking that it was Fate's nature to be the 'charming Italian' she is.

Crimson eyes glared at the three of them. "Yes I did. You don't see me trying to pull any students in the janitor's closet doing-" her ranting stopped when she felt cold dagger-like glare from Nanoha. she stopped dead-cold from the spine-chilling glare.

"Finish that sentence and I'll make sure you sleep outside." Nanoha threatened.

"I'm making a point Nanoha. I'm not flirting and just taught Yuuno some basics in courting a girl!"

"I think it's effortless to argue back honey." Lindy said in a deadpanned voice. "You'll just lose. Take it from me." She tipped her daughter.

Fate's brows knitted together and she glared at her mother. "I'm not arguing back. C'mon mom, you should back me up here. You are MY mom." She protested. But Lindy ignored her call for rescue and just let her daughter-in-law put her in place.


In the end, Miyuki and Lindy crammed in Nanoha's room with Nanoha and opted to barricade Fate's room since the blond Harlaown is forced to sleep in the couch. It was supposed to be outside with no pillow or blanket but Nanoha felt pity and let her wife sleep in the couch. With no cushions, just a pillow and a comforter.

"Stupid Scrya…I'll make sure not to teach anyone how to flirt again... Mom and Miyuki ganging up on me… Nanoha being unfair…" Fate grumbled as she tossed and turned on the stiff couch while trying to find the comfortable spot. With all her tossing an tumbling she fell off the couch and landed face flat on the floor with a loud thud. "You win Nanoha! No more flirting with students! Be thankful you are my wife!" she yelled, knowing her wife is now laughing at her revenge for charming the students.


At Nanoha's room, she was indeed laughing together with Miyuki and Lindy. They all laid on the floor with separate futons making their rest warm and comfortable.

"You really know when to burst Fate's bubble my dear sister." Miyuki laughed as she can imagine Fate's defeated look. She has to admit, her baby sister can be scary when pushed the right buttons and seeing how she tossed a pillow and comforter to Fate's face was classic. "You two pull the whole 'wife-wife' antics perfectly." She said amusingly.

Lindy nodded her head as she agreed to Miyuki. "Well atleast she can put Fate in line. Honestly that girl must've dozens of flings before she met Nanoha thus making her quite a casanova when growing up. That really bothered her brother alot, sayinh how she can pick up girls easily unlike him." Lindy said, amused when she remember Fate as a teenager and the bickering between her and Chrono.

Nanoha sighed and let out a weak smile. She already know how Fate was before and even so, she's still there as a wife for the blond. Pulling her blanket up to her shoulders, she can remember when she first saw Fate. The very first time she saw the 'charming Italian' Fate.


Flash back 3 months ago

"I hate Italy…" Nanoha grumbled as she walked along the cobbled streets of Venice. travelling along with her is her long time friend, Hayate, and was walking beside her and listening to her complains.

"It's not all bad Nanoha-chan. Atleast there are sights to see and staying in Venice is such a dream!" the brunette exclaimed.

Both walked the path towards the well-known 'Piazza san Marco'. Hayate practically dragged her friend out of the restaurant that Nanoha's parents told her to go after a bad incident and suggested to visit the sights to cool off. Nanoha quickly agreed ofcourse due to the bad date her parents' planned for her.

Now on their way to the plaza, both heard girly squeal not far from them. Being curious, they stopped on their tracks and look at the source of the joyous shrill. After a few minutes, their search stopped at a couple just a few meters away from them. The couples are both women she noted. One of them has long black hair, dressed in a thick coat and preferably long boots as the coat goes way down to her knees and the other one was just wearing a white polo, tucked in her light brown pants with suspenders and a black beret that covered a part of her golden hair. Hayate immediately recognized one of them after a few seconds of observation.

"I think I know that blond. Her name is Fate Harlaown." Hayate said.

Nanoha looked at the blond and cannot say she can agree to her friend as she doesn't even know who Fate is. She watched as the couple and found no interest in them. Or so she thought. She found the blond quite charming as she motioned for the other woman's hand and gave it a quick kiss. She noted that the woman called Fate smiled in somewhat dashing smile that made her think that they might be a couple. "Charming but a flirt. C'mon Hayate let's go. I don't think we should disturb them." She said flatly. She found no interest in the woman named Fate as she can tell by her movements that it was just plain flirting. 'I had enough flirts back at Japan and I'm not going to add another here.'

"Okay Nanoha. It would be nice though if I can introduce you to her. Her mother is grandpa's friend and she seems nice to me." Hayate said, following her friend.

"Italy has so much flirts." Nanoha breathed out noticing another set of couples as they continue walking towards the tourist spot.

End of flashback


"Some habits don't change I guess." Nanoha said out loud.

The green haired adult shook her head in disapproval. "You need to teach Fate to stop it eventually. It might lead to something you two will regret."

"Agree with Lindy." Miyuki chirped.

The honey-reddish haired Takamachi sighed and turned to her side and closed her eyes. "Let's see." She mumbled before giving in to her body's plea for sleep. Her body may be asleep but her mind kept replaying on their month-long trip at Italy. 'I don't doubt your love Fate, but I wish everyday, every word, everytime we declare our love... is something I can hold on when the time comes i did doubt you.'


"I wish someday, you'll see and feel that whenever I flirt around, it's just my way for you to notice me and make it known in a subtle way that you are my beloved wife." a deep sigh escaped the blond's lips as she stared at the ceiling of their living area. She pulled the comforter up to her head and forced herself to sleep even if the hardness of the couch was making it difficult for her.

So how was it?? hope i didn't show a butchered english here and there :) thanks.

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Poor Fate, she didn't stand a chance against her family. I wonder how Nanoha was seduced by Fate, and I got the feeling Yuuno's flirting will end up being even more laughable than before.

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Ah ah twiddle Dee and Dum it's in a goooood anime named Kiddy Grade and Kiddy Girl-AND, doesn't it x) ? Ahah I love it xD

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i sill feel bad for fate sleeping on the couch but i guess its better than sleeping outside and ya i cant wait for yuuno to make a fool of himself in the near future.

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Well,, here's the new update for 'My Instructor, My wife'. hope you guys will enjoy it :3

Lesson 4: Magical Girl Cosplayer Hayate

A week has passed and Riot Force 6 College is preparing its annual school festival. During this time, the instructors and professors gave the students time to plan and prepare for their respective clubs or groups, thus no classes was imposed throughout colleges. The festival is open to everyone as is offer fine class cuisines, activities and different plays that the visitor will enjoy. Such event is not only for the fun of everyone, it also collects a percentage of the earnings that will be donated to charity. But food stalls, activities and sights aside, the main event is what drives different visitors always comes to. The annual Fashion show contest.

"The Fashion Show!" a loud slam of palm to white board that contained 'Join = WIN' writings on it. Hayate, wearing a black sleeveless and backless Shinigami outfit with a sleeveless haori and a yellow obi tied around her waist, shot everyone infront of her a determined look. She stood at the small platform of an empty classroom with all of her friends adding her guardians and a certain Italian instructor. "Now since we have a new member here…" her eyes narrowed at Fate who was slapping Yuuno's hand which tried to held Nanoha's hand. "I believe an explanation is in order." She told the occupants of the room. The occupants of the room, aside from Fate and Reinforce, groaned. "What?" Hayate said in an annoyed, adding a raised brow to those infront of her.

Her guardians all wore a black Shihakushō and a white haori over them. Though similar in clothing and color, each of them has a distinct attributes.

Signum is wearing a silvery-white scarf, a white ceremonial hairpiece that held her long hair in place, a fingerless white tekkou (hand cover) that covered only the back of her hand and the character of the number 6 at the back of her white haori. On her left, hung a single edged sword, which she personally owned and called Laevatein.

Sitting next to Signum, is her long time girlfriend, Shamal. Her clothing is not as flashy as Signum's. Only the normal Shihakushō and her haori bear the number 4. Instead of the normal sash that kept her uniform in place tied together with a white obi. She was proud to wear such clothing that Hayate had given her. The smile that's plastered on her face as she stroke her haori is the proof of it.

Vita, scowling at her outfit, mumbled incoherent curses. She just wore the plain uniform that Hayate gave her. Her haori was sleeveless and the additional green sash that held a two-sided hammer that resembles a polo mallet, which she calls 'Graf Eisen'. The said mallet is her prized project and most dangerous weapon when it comes to dealing with bullies and such. She wanted to tear her clothes apart and just wear her normal shirt and jeans but Hayate forced her to wear such uniform.

The only different among the guardians is Reinforce. Her attire consists of a backless, black sleeveless undershirt, an orange over-shirt with two white straps on each shoulder, a large beige sash around her waist, black stretch pants and long beige wrist warmers, secured by bands, and long beige leg warmers with brown light shoes. Though different from her fellow guardians, she kept quiet while she listened to her mistress intently.

Nanoha and her friends noted the guardians' outfit as 'Gotei 13 squad' motif. And seeing Hayate's clothes, they all can agree she is dressing up as Suì-Fēng, with her matching number 2 at the back of her haori.

Clearing her throat, Hayate grabbed everyone's lingering attention to her and she slammed both her hands on the table. "Listen well you Shinigamis!" she mouthed, earning her a raised brow from everyone. "Just play along! Sheesh! Anyway, so the fashion contest will be a whole day contest. So since I cannot use one or two models only, I got permission from the committee of the program to use my guardians." She happily announced.

Yuuno, annoyed at the multiple slaps from Fate, raised his sore hand to ask a question to the Suì-Fēng cosplayer. But his hand was ignored by Hayate who looked around for anyone else needing some clarification. With his face twitching from pain, he glared at his brunette friend who gave up and called him up.

"Alright Yuuno. What is it?"

The only male in the group pointed Fate who was grinning like a cheshire cat behind him with his sore thumb. His brows knitted from annoyance, he voiced out his complaint. "Why is Harlaown-sensei here anyway? I thought you only requested your guardians and us to participate?" his voice was more of an angry squeak than his normal tone.

"I needed an advisor. She's the only one available and she did come from Italy which Nanoha and I came to find as a fashionable country." Hayate answered flatly, expecting the question from the blond male. It had been a week since Fate started teaching and it had been the normal scene already how Yuuno hated Fate's antics. Amusing as it may seem to watch, it became annoying after Yuuno's attempt to outdo the 'charming Italian' mode of Fate. 'Honestly, I'm not sure if it's Nanoha's own fault for making Yuuno act as her bodyguard until now or it's just the lack of oxygen on that brain of his that's making him hallucinate that Nanoha's interested in him romantically.' She questioned herself, shaking her head a little. She shot a glare at Fate though who scoffed off a laugh, together with Vita.

Fate only grinned and laid back on her chair as Yuuno complained about her being there. It wasn't her fault really. One of the teachers, Leti Lowran, had asked her to monitor the team of Hayate. The purple-haired woman is one of the committee members that Hayate had asked for approval on her plan and she can't say no to the request since she was still new to the whole staff. 'I guess I get to slack off for a few hours and hide from those girls. Really now, I thought Italy was the only one with fangirls running after you. Japan has fangirls running after you with the intent of shredding you bare and forming multiple groups to worship you. How did Nanoha live in a place like this?' She mused as her crimson eyes stared at her wife.

Crimson eyes watched every inch and movement of her honey-red haired wife. She found Nanoha to be quite the student during her teaching at RF6. Sure she can say the girl hated her algebra class to the core, but aside that, an A student. 'Hence the reason for her scholarship.' She noted. She's amazed at how diligent the teenager is, and she had to admit, it was a plus in her book. She smiled. Her wife was the one who changed her whole life from upside down to the twisted straight as it is now. 'One month after and I was seeing the sun.' she laughed and it gained the attention of everyone to her. "What?" she asked, oblivious to the serious stares on her.

Hayate looked at Fate then to Nanoha who just finshed shaking her head in displeasure. It was a common sight. Fate will act like a teenager and Nanoha will be the parent. But the spouses aside, she focused on her topic at hand. Ignoring Fate's sudden laughing outburst, she turned around and continued what she was previously doing, writing the themes for the show. "Alright, just ignore Harlaown-sensei's outburst and let's continue with the topics. Suzuka, any ideas?" she asked the timid millionaire.

Purple-haired millionaire tapped her chin with her right index finger. She considered the ones written on the board and among the five lines, only one left blank. "Let's see. We have 'local shibuya getup', 'Sophisticated bitch look', 'annoying cheerleaders outfit' and the 'delinquent show'." She read the writings on the board. Then she looked at the occupants of the room. She can see how Signum and Shamal argue a bit about the cosplay, Vita twitching in anger as Nanoha kept on pestering her for pictures, Arisa trying to capture some stolen shots from everyone and Yuuno glaring at Fate whom the latter is staring dreamily at Nanoha. 'Wait, what?' She took a double take. Clearly everyone aside from her, Yuuno and Arisa can see how Fate is acting and it struck her as odd.

"Yo! Hueco Mundo to Suzuka! Mou not you too?" Hayate said, snapping her fingers infront of Suzuka who just realized she had been staring at nothing for a while. When she finally got the purple-haired girl's attention, she awaited her response to her previous question. "Well?"

"Wedding." Was all Suzuka said. She grinned and pointed her index finger at Nanoha then Yuuno. "They will be out last model for that motif. Yuuno being the groom and Nanoha the bride that is."

"What?" Hayate and her guardians said in unison, eyes wide like saucers. Even Fate and Nanoha was the same, only they didn't say anything.

Arisa glared at Suzuka while Yuuno was doing a small cabbage patch dance. She slapped her friend's arm, which got her a pouting reaction. "You deserve it. You know how much that person is overly captivated to Nanoha! Why the sudden additional wood to the fire?" Arisa pointed. She was starting to be pissed at Yuuno.

"Fire indeed. Suzuka, I think I agree with Arisa here." Hayate said dejectedly.

Fate glared at Yuuno, slouching in her seat with her arms folded. 'Me too. Be thankful I'm not even complaining.' Eyes turning to Nanoha who now have a frown on her face. 'Please say something about this Nanoha.'

But to her dismay, Nanoha kept quiet. The frown on her face turned upside-down and now grinning like a tactician. "I think it's a nice idea."

The Yagami family, Fate, Arisa and even Yuuno was taken aback with Nanoha agreeing at the idea. All of them had their mouths hung wide open while they watch how Nanoha shifted from surprised disappointed to happy 'accepting Yuuno flirting' kind of way and it made the women shiver at the thought.

"You sure Nanoha-chan?" Hayate asked, unsure of what to decipher on her friend's expression. She can feel the tension rising and a just know a certain blond instructor is holding back into gnawing the head of a ferret-loving student.

The pastry chef smiled at Hayate mischievously. She was certain. "Ofcourse! But surely, I have some modification here and there so expect a few favors. I'll tell you about it next time and I want it as a surprise to everyone." Nanoha stated, ending their discussion.

Unsure of the events, Hayate nodded her head and wrote it he theme on the board. She wasn't against the idea really. She likes the 'bridal' theme. The only thing she hated is the 'YuunoXNanoha' scene. 'I would like it better if it's Fate acting as the groom.' Shaking her head to clear her mind, she turned around only to see Yuuno lying on his back on the floor with Laevatein and Graf Eisen pointed at his head. Fate was glaring daggers at the poor guy; Arisa readying herself to counter if Yuuno ever struggle away and while the other girls was pulling Signum and Vita away from Yuuno.

"What now? Everytime I turn around, it's either Yuuno being killed by Arisa or he's riding another train to kingdom come as he openly flirt with Nanoha around her fan girls/boys." She took a deep breath. "We took Yuuno as a friend and NOT a punching bag, ladies."

'But he will be MY punching bag if he doesn't wipe that grin on his face.' Fate noted. She unconsciously balled up her hands and was now shaking in annoyance. She was thankful for the fact that Signum and Vita took action, else she would. Instructor or not, she doesn't want her wife to be with some lame guy.

"Boy let me tell you this." She paused and tilted her sword to face the blade between Yuuno's eyes. "Dare to lay a single paw over inappropriate places on Nanoha's body…" Another pause. She moved her sword to the direction of Yuuno's crotch and made sure the blade touched the fabric. "I'll personally castrate you." Signum threatened with her voice cold as ever. It was her instinct to protect her family and Nanoha was indeed one of them ever since their mistress took Nanoha as a friend. Also, it was either her sword or Vita's hammer threatening the boy than Fate's wrath. 'God forbid how that blond can be scary when cornered' Shaking the thoughts of an angry Fate skinning her student alive, she retracted her sword and sheathed it in its scabbard.

Yuuno audibly gulped and turned pale. He did felt the blade through the fabric of his pants and it was enough for him to fear the pink-haired instructor. But even if the sword was now safely away from his prized treasure, the sharp point of Vita's hammer is still aimed at his forehead. "U-umm, Vita-chan can you remove your hammer away from my head now? I think Signum-sensei already made a point." He said weakly.

"Paws off Nanoha ferret-boy." Vita said coldly. Starting her own threat, the chibi student turned around and left the room.

At the same time, the loud bell indicated that the classes have ended. The Yagami guardians followed Vita though Rein stayed behind and waited for her mistress.

"So, shall we all go home?" Suzuka offered earning her and from the remaining occupants of the room.

Nanoha helped Yuuno to stand up and dusted away the dirt from his clothes. He laughed pathetically and apologized for his sudden attempt to wrap an arm on his friend which caused the previous death-threat to his mini-me.

"It's alright." Nanoha assured his friend that she wasn't mad. She placed a hand at Yuuno's shoulder and smiled at him sweetly. "Just don't do it again please. I like you Yuuno but just as a friend." She admitted to his friend again.

Taking it well and expecting the words yet again, Yuuno heaved a sigh and smiled back at Nanoha. "I know. But hey, I promised you that I'll be your prince until you can find the person you want to be with your whole life." She told his friend with a genuine smile.

Arisa grumbled and dragged Yuuno with her as Suzuka. She had enough of the blond boy still fighting for Nanoha's affection and just opted to make sure Yuuno won't pester Nanoha for the day. With Suzuka following her behind, they bid their leave to Hayate and their other friends.

With the door shutting close, Nanoha immediately felt a tight hug that knocked the air from her. She knew who it was and why so she didn't budged and remained silent. There was a light shaking from her back and she looked at Hayate who was giving her a worried look. "It's alright Hayate-chan. I'll calm Fate-chan first then we'll go home."

Nodding her head, Hayate motioned for Rein to follow her out of the room and made sure that its closed tightly.

"Fate-chan…" Nanoha's voice was melodious, making Fate bury her head closer to her lover's back. She placed her own hands over Fate's and gently stroked them.

"Please don't let him touch you in a way that is more than just a friend." Fate said under her breath. She was shaking yes. But it was not of fear or sadness. Her body shook in anger and jealousy and all she can do was hold her wife for comfort.

Nanoha breathed evenly and smiled a bit. "Don't worry. Trust me alright? Trust me in this festival aswell."

The blond nodded her head. She released her wife from her vice grip and looked at Nanoha who was now facing her. She saw a serene smile from her wife. The same smile that made her fall for her. "I trust you. I just don't trust him and myself." She admitted bitterly.

"Silly Fate-chan, I know that already. You are my knight in your shining black Ferrari so don't think about such things."

The Italian felt a gush of relief run all over her body. Nanoha's smiles always give her a calming effect and not once did it fail. Then it hit her. With a swift motion, Fate kneeled down before Nanoha in one knee and took her wife's left hand on her own. "Then let this knight love you for all eternity my princess. Significhi tutto per me." She declared, giving Nanoha's left ring finger a kiss before looking up to gaze at Nanoha's purple eyes.

"Cara mia, ti voglio bene." Nanoha replied. She meant every word of it and she made sure her words conveyed her feelings. Eyeing her wife standing up before her, she captured Fate's lips with her own for a few seconds.

After the kiss, Fate smiled and relaxed under Nanoha's gaze. "Then, shall we go home my sweet? I fear that whoever will be staying with us tonight will get an impression that I took you to some hotel again." Fate said with a crooked smile. "Though I think that is a good idea. Mind if we stop by some hotel and 'ya know…" she suggested with her charming smile and a seductive wink.


Thus Fate's charming smile turned to a painful pout after Nanoha's quick slap on her cheek. "I was kidding! Kidding! Sheesh!" she said in pain with her hand over her left cheek.

Nanoha pouted and has her arms in akimbo. "You know the rules and I don't want to break them nor give them the impression we broke 'em. Last time that happened dad practically chased you with his shinai all over Venice… With only your wifebeater and shorts." She informed her wife. This earned her a sheepish laughter from Fate and she sighed.

Checking the time, Nanoha walked to the door and motioned for Fate to go home aswell. Though they may live in the same house, they never go home or go to school together. Precaution regarding their relationship as she always says.


The preparation for the event went well for Hayate and her friends. It took them a week for all of the designs and the clothing to be made by Hayate and Nanoha made sure that nobody aside from the three of them (Hayate, Nanoha and Suzuka) will know of the small modification that she suggested. There were some minor clashes, complains from Vita and Signum about the dresses and threats from Hayate's competitors.

"So, Hayate…" Fate called out the brunette who's currently wearing a white sailor fuku. She noted that the motif is 'Sailor fuku' hence the reason Signum and Vita are absent. She was watches the brunette checking the final preparations for the festival next week and she couldn't help but question the brunette. "I heard from one of your competitor calling you 'Mahou Shojou cosplayer Hayate'? Sorry, I'm still new to your dressing up antics and I'm not sure if that title is an insult or praise."

Hayate spared a glance to Fate before going back to the papers on her hand. She was reviewing the program for the contest while they waited for everyone to come back from changing. "Oh that?" she clarified the question. Placing the papers on the table, Hayate recalled the reason for the title. "I guess it's more of an insult to her because I first cosplayed a magical girl here in Riot Force 6. It's not bad and all but that girl thought it was hilarious how me and my family dress up everyday." She explained.

Fate nodded her head. "I see. Well I must say you have talent and that girl's have a weird way of insulting you."

"Thanks. So how are you and your wife? I hope you two are not arguing." Hayate questioned. Last time she heard about an argument between her friends is when Fate slept on the couch. She found it funny for the older one to be submissive when it comes to arguments.

Playing with her ring, Fate didn't bother to look at Hayate since she can tell by the woman's voice that it was full of mirth. "We're doing fine. The parents' are a pain at times but I guess I can see they just care for their daughter..."

Hayate smirked. "It's your fault you know. That Italy visit as supposed to be, as her parents quoted it, 'Soulmate searching' for their beloved youngest daughter." She gestured a quotation mark in the air as she spoke .

Fate laughed it off. She can still remember the whole Incident at Italy like it was yesterday and she still can't forget how she ran for her life. "Well with Shiro-papa's entire day running after me with his shinai, I believe their daughter found her soulmate alright." She said proudly with a grin.

Hayate arched a brow while grinning. "As I recall, Nanoha hated your guts back then."

"Well I did flirt with her and being a casanova, as my mom stated it. But hey, I'm not complaining. We met, we argued… heck she's even my savior! So who am I to even complain?"

"Indeed. But really, I never thought she will be attracted to older women." Hayate said, inflicting an insult to Fate.

"YAGAMI! I AM NOT OLD!" Fate shouted.

Hayate laughed at how Fate was pissed when talking about her age and being compared to Nanoha.


Meanwhile, Nanoha and her friends are walking back to Hayate's meeting room. They were all having a conversation regarding the oncoming show until they overheard a group of female students talking about Fate Harlaown.

"It's still bugging me on who's Harlaown-sensei's spouse is." one student said.

The other students agreed with her by nodding their head in a rhythmic pattern.

"She never spoke of her spouse's name or even a description of that person."

Another nod.

"I think it's either Harlaown-sensei's faking her marriage, OR she's ashamed of her spouse's look. I asked her once about what her spouse's look like and she just blushed so cutely and stuttered. Clearly embarrassed to talk about it if she is indeed married." Another student said.

Hearing what the student's were talking about made Nanoha flinch a bit. Though her friends didn't notice her abrupt shrug, she continued to walk beside her friends as if she heard nothing. Though she smiled at her friends, she felt the stinging pain on her heart. 'What if I don't really deserve her? Did she really made the right choice of choosing me over… NO! Nanoha! pull yourself together! She married YOU! So suck it up and trust Fate.' Her body felt cold as she debated mentally. It was fear. Her body is feeling a sense of fear.

"Those are some weird things to say. Harlaown-sensei did show us her wedding ring right?" Arisa mused out loud.

Yuuno, with his hands at the back of his head, wondered aswell. "Well its just a ring, would be nice if she can show us her husband."

Nanoha flinch again but this time a certain purple-haired heiress noticed it.

"Are we even sure it is a 'husband'? Suzuka asked curiously.

Yuuno and Arisa looked at Suzuka like she was possessed while Nanoha stared at her blankly.

"I have this inkling that Harlaown-sensei likes women. You don't see her flirting with the male population anyway." Suzuka pointed out. As she reasoned out her observation, she carefully scanned Nanoha's reaction at the corner of her eyes. It had been her past time for a while. Checking the interaction of both Nanoha and their instructor whenever they have a meeting. But to her dismay, she found no hint of anything unusual between them. 'Aside the occasional staring of Harlaown-sensei to Nanoha. But it's a common thing here in school.'

"You have a point there…" Yuuno said, cupping his chin. Thinking all his past encounters with his self-proclaimed 'rival in love'. He pursed his lips upon realizing that Suzuka may indeed have a point. "I think you're right. Harlaown-sensei might be ga-OW! What was that for Arisa?" He shouted to the person who punched him. But he fell back when it wasn't Arisa. "N-Nanoha?"

"Let's just go back to Hayate shall we? It's not nice to talk about someone regarding their identity." Nanoha's voice was cold but still she wore her usual smile. Getting a silent nod from her friends, they continued their way to Hayate's current headquarters.

Arriving at the room, they saw Hayate was nowhere to be found and Fate's lazily slouched on her chair with her face covered with a pink handkerchief. Nanoha recognized the fabric and set her heart and mind at ease. 'That Italian never ceases to amaze me.' She smiled gently. Stopping her urge to hug her wife, she tapped Fate's forehead to wake her up. "Sensei, where's Hayate?"

Without even removing the cover of her face, Fate pointed her thumb over the broom closet. She yawned a bit and stretched her arms upward before sitting up properly. The handkerchief fell off and landed on Fate's awaiting hand. "Hiding at the broom closet. Somehow, the sight of Rein-san's sailor fuku caused her to hide." She grinned. "Yagami-san! Your friends are here!"

The brunette carefully looked out from her hiding place and when she found no silver haired guardian, she sighed in relief. She gracefully stepped out of the broom closet as if she didn't hide there and dusted the dirt and some cobwebs from her sailor fuku. With a smile and a gesture to sit, she had hoped that she won't see Reinforce for the meantime.

"Better be careful Hayate. Rein-san might misinterpret your action and find a new mistress to take care of." Fate teased with one of her sly smirks.

Blue eyes glared at crimson. "Be thankful you are older than me Harlaown-sensei, I still have respect for you." She threatened.

The blond instructor just took it as an empty threat. "Yeah, yeah. Keep doing that run, hide and stalk until someone will be brave enough to sweep Rein-san away from you." She stopped and looked at her pink handkerchief. She then kissed her own left ring finger affectionately. "Trust me, that's the last thing you should do. Am I right signora Takamachi?"

Nanoha smiled back at the blond. The action that Fate made on her ring finger just gave her a heart beating franticly. "Y-yeah. What she said." Nanoha answered, blushing.

Hayate felt herself being an idiot. She already knew what Fate meant and it was not easy to come in terms with her feelings for the silvery-haired woman. Sighing deeply, she just massaged her temples in stress. "Fra il dire e il fare c'è di mezzo il mare. In time I will. But for now let's just prepare the contest I'll win."

The two heiress and archeology student watched their two friends and Fate. Sure they know about Nanoha and Hayate's escapade in Italy but it still surprises them how their two friends can even speak Italian. They couldn't get the nagging feeling that the thre women infront of them have something more in common than just Italy.

oh yeah,, i had a review at FFNET saying about translation of the italian words i used in this.. so i'll be posting it from now on :)

Italian - english
Significhi tutto per me - You mean everything to me

Cara mia, ti voglio bene – my dear, I love you

Signora – title given to a married woman.

Fra il dire e il fare c'è di mezzo il mare - Easier said than done
The gesture of kissing one's ring finger (i.e FAte kissing her own ring finger) means is to express the love to one's spouse.

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