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[Fanfic] S4 League

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Upon entering my room, I shook my long purple hair and quickly took off my heels to toss them aside and into a corner for my maid to pick up later. Saying that I was in a bad mood tonight would be an understatement. My date was borderline one of the worst that I had, and the guy that had the pleasure of spending the last few hours with me didn't seem to catch the hints that I didn't want to kiss him at my door until my palm connected with the front of his face and pushed him off me. As I tossed my dress, I fell down into my computer chair and put on my visor to cover my eyes and plug my ears, submersing myself into the music of S4. As I moved my controller stick to select a map and join it, I checked the scoreboards to see what game I had just gotten myself into. To my surprise, a name was at the top, leading by almost fourty points: Ophy

S4 League
By: Satashi

Wanting to get rid of the lingering bad taste of her forced date, Lilith took a deep breath as she spawned on the map. Focusing on the screen wrapped around her eyes, she let the motion detection work for her. Turning her head, her character looked to the side and at once she took out an already weakened player with a fast shot from her handgun. With her location revealed, another opponent charged her, missing his dash with the spy dagger and meeting the wall back first when Lilith’s Breaker collided with his stomach. Finishing the job, she gave a quick second charge before making the man explode into binary. Satisfied with her entrance, the purple haired girl ran from the little alleyway in the map, only to find herself flinging through the air from an attack she didn’t see. Before she could get up, several sparking bullets rang out into her, causing her to die.

Lilith let out a disapproving sound as she checked the kill just in her peripheral vision. Ophy had just killed her using a spark rifle and what she assumed had been twin blades from the sound of the attack. “Freaking noob, using homing weapons…” Her words came back to bite her, however, as the same player was already at her next spawn point, fully charged and lashing out an attack that hit as soon as her invincibility ended. “Son of a- what a cheap move!” Her eyes narrowed and her grip tightened on her controller. “Fine, I needed someone to vent out on…”

Pressing forward, Lilith ran from her next spawn and shot her gun with alarming accuracy until she found her main target. Ophy was already wounded, making the woman smile in satisfaction that much more when the Green haired player sailed through the air after being at the wrong end of her hammer attack. Not wasting anymore time, she ran around to a light post to rebound off of it and land on the roof.

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Yaaaay!! Go go~ you're finally getting this idea going, huh? :3
I can't wait to read more of it x3

I love you, Sweetheart
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Darting over to the edge of the building, Lilith charged her hammer and waited for only a few seconds before the player known as Ophy wall jumped into her vision. Releasing the attack, she grunted as the woman already dodged to the side in mid leap to avoid it. With no roof under them anymore, the two females fell down into gunfire from both sides.

Wasting no time, Ophy ran away, jumping off a box and back flipping onto the walkway around the walls. Her gun was already shooting, flinging homing spark balls at Lilith specifically.

The purple haired girl was already upset, and when another player crossed her, she wasted no time in sending him out the window via her Breaker. Her life already mostly gone, she pulled her handgun again and shot Ophy enough to make her back up and be forced to waste her charged attack on someone else. Now between just them, each girl pulled their guns again and fired, causing a double kill, but ending the match in Ophy's favor. "Gah, this sucks." Lilith fumed at the scoreboard, her opponent front and center, standing there calmly while her team spammed emotes.

"I'm too distracted," Lilith muttered to herself as they appeared in the lobby. Looking around, she saw Ophy standing on a control center dancing as her team mates either left or cheered at her. Deciding not to lower her Kill/Death ratio from playing when upset, the girl logged out and took off her visor.