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[fanfic short] Got to learn sometime...

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"Okay, back up just like I taught you," Nanoha instructed her daughter casually. She remembered how nervous her own experience was when learning how to drive, and didn't want to make it any harder on her daughter. "That's good... perfect!" At that moment Vivio's foot slipped off the clutch and the manual transmission sputtered for clunking to a hault. "Brake!" Nanoha ordered quickly, making the car stop just after it tapped their mailbox.

Vivio gripped the steering wheel hard, eyes wide as she looked straight forward. Nanoha took a breath and calmed down before talking once more. "It was just a light tap, that's what they make bumpers for, don't worry."


"Really." Nanoha nodded. "Calm down a bit and start the car. It dies on everyone the first time they drive."

"...Okay." Vivio inhaled deeply and waited a few seconds before cranking the car again. Once the rumble came, Vivio shifted into first and pulled forward just enough to get away from the mailbox before the car died again, rolling back to once again tap the brick lined box. Silence came over the car and the blonde let her head hit the steering wheel. "I'm sorry..."

Nanoha forced a giggle and was happy when it came out just as casual as she had wished. "Silly girl, you let your foot ease off the clutch too fast. Keep your feet even as you let go of one and push on the other."

Encouraged by the fact her mother was calmly teaching her, Vivio nodded and steadied herself once more. The car cranked and she eased forward. "... Okay!"

"Just turn on the grass to back out properly," Nanoha advised. "Don't worry it hasn't rained lately so it'll be fine." Her daughter did as she was told and soon they were out of their drive way and on the road that went around their housing community. "There, see, it was easy." No sooner than she had spoken did the car jerk forward and die a third time when Vivio unsucessfully tried to get into first gear.

"Ack..." Vivio sighed and cranked the car again. "I'm sorry..."

"It takes a moment to get used to." Nanoha tried to sooth her as a car honked its horn behind them before moving around to pass.

"I- I should move!"

Nanoha was about to tell her to calm down, but was a little too late. The teen over compensated to make sure the car wouldn't die and the engine revved loudly before making it dart forward. The wheels hit the gutter on the side of the road before Vivio could correct it and slow down enough to move forward steadily. "Oh man..."

Nanoha grimaced, but recalled that they had wanted to black out their wheels anyway. "Don't worry, just focus." They cruised steadily, the rev of the engine getting louder and louder. "...Vivio, shift."

"Oh!" Vivio hit the clutch and shifted, maknig the engine roar dully when she hit the gas again. "Wh-what's going on?"

"That's fourth gear, sweety."

"I -I knew that!" Vivio shifted again, this time making the car almost jerk off the ground paired with the sound of a small screeching. "I peeled out! so cool!" She sunk down. "I-I mean I'm sorry."

Nanoha tried to smile. "Fate-mama will teach you how to do that properly...." Nanoha scratched her cheek. "Just stay calm- Vivio look forward!" the car jerked to a stop before rear ending the car before them. "Okay... stay calm..."

Vivio sweated heavily, gripping the steering wheel with wide eyes filled with horror. She knew she only missed by a few inches, and it was evident when the car in front of them pulled up a bit...

Should I continue?

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Oh, some Vivio learning to drive~ I would have preferred if her Fate-mama were her teacher, but please continue it if you have are having fun writing this fic.

By the way, I just noticed that your photobucket images are not loading. Did something happen? The book cover images in our front page are not loading either.

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Oh yes, you should continue, I'd like to see Vivio's adventure in learning how to drive properly.

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Oh man Satori xD this has got to be good! You have my vote in continuing this all the way~ oh also I wonder if Fate-mama would teach her a thing or two about racing. That would be priceless seeing Vivio try to drift xD *chuckles* I wonder how "teaching" Vivio to drive will turn out to. ;)

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I'd love to see this continue Tori luv, seems like a very promissing story. It may evan cheer up my day a little more and earn a few laughs out of me if you keep this carefree, so yes, you have my vote to move forward luv.

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Please continue :3

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Super well written :) I hope you get a chance to continue it because it is very interesting and also because your writing is just amazing :)

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everything you write is gold, Satori. /゚3゚/