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[Fanfic] Strange Events

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Well I don't think it's good because it's my first Fanfic I write I different language than mine lol. I hope You'll enjoy it

Here Begin story by the first Chapter.

Strange Events.
Fanfic by Nanoha-sama
Chapter 1 - The beginning

A morning like other, nothing different.

I yawned. It was the morning and I saw Fate-chan and Vivio sleeping next to me. I kissed them two on the forehead, and then I went put my working clothes. It’s time to move ! I went on the training ground and I saw Subaru, Teana, Erio and Caro doing exercise to wait me, maybe I’ve been too long to prepare myself ?
“Hello all, have you good sleep ?” I asked, with my usual big smile.
They all answered me at the same time : “Yes !”
“-Fine so can we start today morning training ?
-We’re ready, Nanoha-san !”

Glad to see them in good form.
“Ok, then let’s start with a ten minute battle, let’s do this as usually, If you succeed to touch me once time, you win !”
They all agreed and we started the training. At the minute six Teana and Subaru succeed to touch me and then the battle ended.
“Ok ! Come all here !”
They come and listen me.
“-Well Done first, was a nice battle. You all make lots of progress, I’m proud of you. Now, Erio, Caro, you’ll train your defence with Vita over there. Then Subaru and Teana come with me I’ll train you today.”
The training finally ended after 3 hours and all were exhausted. So I told them to rest the afternoon, and they could do what they wanted.
I don’t really know why but I was very exhausted too. I went to Fate and My room, and I went sleep.


Someone calling me but I don’t really understand…
Why they’re calling me I sleep so good.
Nanoha !!
I suddenly wake up and I saw Fate-chan.
“-Good Morning Fate-chan…Why are you looking so sad Fate-chan”
She gave me a long hug and kissed me after.
“-Aaahn Fate-chan why so suddenly ?
-D….do you know how I worried ?!”

(Uuuh ? wait why being worry I just went to my bed and sleeped…)
“-Why being worry Fate-chan ? I just go sleep Yesterday.
-Ah, you can’t remember. You did that but not really like you thing.”

(seriously ?)
She continues to say:
“-You fell down in the corridor and I was in front of you. You really don’t remember ?”
(Oh my God seriously ? I don’t remember this at all)
-But Fate-chan I sleep only a day, didn’t I ?
-N…no, yo….you sleeped a week !”

The word “week” resonated in my head, I couldn’t believe that.

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Here Chapter 2:

Chapter 2 : Fate-chan & I

(In this sort of situation I think I should Apology to all that worried at me)
I looked Fate-chan in eyes and I said :
“Sorry Fate-chan. You worry after me, don’t you ? Come here.”
I give her back a long hug and she started to cry :
“-Mouu, Fate-chan you’re such a cry baby.
-Can you only understand how I worry it’s because I love you Nanoha…
-Yes, I know, I’m sorry Fate-chan.”

Vivio entered the room and saw me, she said :
“-Mama ?
-Yes, Vivio ?”

At my word she started to cry. I tried to stand up but I mostly fell down. Fate-chan catch me and said : “-Are you ok Nanoha ?
-Yes, sorry Fate-chan. For the moment Can you take me back to the bed ?”

Vivio was crying so much I said her :
“-My sweet Vivio can you come here, for the moment it seems like Nanoha-mama can not walk.

She came in front of me and I take her head in my hands.
“-I’m sorry my sweet Vivio, Did I worry you ?

I hugged her and Fate-chan was like jealous I say :
“-Mouu, Fate-chan it’s not good being jealous of our daughter, If you want a hug just say it
-Nanoha, You idiot.
-I know”

I smiled to her and she blushed but she came to me and I hug Vivio and Fate-chan.


A week later I resumed my functions but they were still questions in my mind.
Why did I sleep so long ?
Why was I so exhausted ?
I thought that it was maybe only some fatigue, and then I didn’t mind about this anymore.
Bad choice.
The next week something happened. I was exhausted from my hard day, and I started to go back to the refectory to eat. I saw Fate-chan walking in front of me. I open my mouse to call her but my voice didn’t came out. I tried to run to her but I was too much exhausted. My vision was getting black. I fell down again. Fate-chan turn and saw me on the groud.
“Nanoha !!
Nan.h.. !

read the second spoiler after finished read the chapter 2 please.

From this point Fate is starting to talk because Nanoha isn't conscious.

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Wow! Its even better then my first attempt at writing a fanfic.


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Oh really o,o ? Well I've a really difficulty to write because I can't write what I want because It's not my main language. But I'm really good in understand texts. lol.
And I'm glad to hear you say that.

Bodin Marussia
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Even though your English isn't perfect, you've made me wanting more. I can't wait to find out what's causing Nanoha-dono to be so exhausted! (=3>.>)=3

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Ah Ah I don't really have idea to make it
I my mind I don't really know what sort of think can exhaust Nanoha so much lol.
I think I think. But I wonder what feeling will take part in Fate from now x")

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And here the Chapter 3 of Strange Events Hope you'll like it ^-^

Chapter 3 : Investigations.

Already a week has passed, and Nanoha was still sleeping. I had started an Investigation about the cause of why Nanoha was this much exhausted and then sleeping so much.
That was hard seeing Nanoha sleeping like that, it seems like it was a……. a dead Nanoha.
When I talked to her about what I did, she never answers me.
“Nanoha, Today I wrote some report of previous event….Please wake up quickly…”
I quit the room where she was sleeping, and I started to go eat. I saw Signum.
“Hey Testarossa !”
“Ah..hi Signum. How are you…?”
“I’m fine, I’m fine, but I’m right now more worried about you ! You’re over doing ! It’s not like ‘If you do your best, Nanoha will wake up’ !”
“I know that ! I..I know that…but….But !”
“But why Testarossa ?!”
“I need do my best and investigate in the cause that force Nanoha to sleep ! Because, I know that usually, she’s is not this much exhausted ! Even that she train peoples !”
“Well, do what you want.”
At these words the conversation ended and I hurried to go eat to saw Nanoha again.
When I had reach Nanoha’s sleeping room I noticed something was wrong. The last time I came here I thought they were some medicines. After I had inspected the room I looked at Nanoha. I told peoples to don’t come in room because I was investigating. They agreed.
Nanoha was normal, sleeping but normal. But I was still thinking that something was wrong. I told to myself: “Keep thinking Fate, remind all think in this room at the first !”
Nanoha, on a bed, this bed next to a window. Next to the bed, they were a small table. On this table they were a lamp and….. some medicine. But where did this medicine went ?
I looked in all the room, and…. I saw the paper of the medicine in the bin, I took it.
The question was now, “who take the medicine ?”. I looked Nanoha’s mouth, I smell it. It was like I was a pervert… But I smell the paper that I was holding and where the medicine was a the first. And… what ? It was the same smell. So It was Nanoha that eat them.
I thinked “Your on the good way Fate ! Continue !”.


I went to Shamal’s Clinic, to ask her if she knew what this medicine was.
In front of the Clinic, I knocked at the door, then I heard “Come In !” .
I entered the room, and I saluted Doctor Shamal.
“Good Afternoon, Doctor Shamal.”, I say
“Oh, Hello Fate-Chan ! What bring you here ?”, she asked me
“Well Shamal-san, I have a request. Actually I need you to identify a medicine that I found in Nanoha’s Room, but…” I stopped.
“But.. ?” she answered me
“Well, hmm… I have only the paper where the medicine was. So there is only the smell…” I finally said out.
“Ah, ah, Fate-Chan you under estimate me ! Yes I can identify it here give this paper to me !”
I did as she said, and gave her the paper. And after a few minutes she finally open the mouth to tell me :
“It’s a Drug.”

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Awwww too short I wanna know what's next ! >.<
Keep up the good work ! :)

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Very interesting story! Can't wait for the next one. I just have to say though, medicines, such as pills, are drugs.

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thanks >w< but I don't really have an idea to make the next chapter ^^' I keep thinking ! 8D

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Hope you can get some ideas and inspiration soon!
I just read this, and I want moreeeeee. :D

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Hello hello after this loooong waiting I'm proud to present you the part one of the final chapter of Strange Event ! Yay :D

Chapter 4 ; The final Chapter..

Author’s POV

“Ah ah ah…ah… You must me kidding me, aren’t you just kidding me…? You do, aren’t you ?!”

Shamal Looked the ground, don’t really knowing what to answer.

“At least say something!” Fate’s voice cracked. She felt like nothing would be worse. But knowing Nanoha drank this entire time drug made her even angrier, yet sad, and almost crying.

“Sorry, Fate.. But trust me, I am not lying to you…I would never lie to someone I take care of!”
Shamal felt bad because of Fate reaction… At first she didn’t really wanted to tell what that was. But as Shamal is honest so she told it to Fate.

After few minute of a long and hard silence, the blonde girl finally opened the mouth and said out as she as regained her calm :

“Is…is there any ways to make Nanoha wake up ? To identify the culprit ?”

As Fate looked Shamal in eyes, the doctor nodded and said with confidence:

“There is many ways to make Nanoha wake up, of course each different from others. But to identify the culprit of her coma, it will be harder since we need to identify digitals prints of the paper we both touched. And even Nanoha touched it. So, it got a maximum of 4 different prints on it. I think there is also another way. The culprit maybe wants desperately to keep Nanoha in coma. The instant we will wake up we’ll need to observe people who come in and out of the room, if they bring some presents to Nanoha.”

Fate stared at Shamal like she was surprised how professional she could be.

“Is there anything I can do ?”

Shamal nodded and before answering the question, she started to think of something.

“Hmm… It will be hard, but the thing you can do, is stay next to her, the time she is wake up, to refused presents like food, drinks, sweets, candies, and roses.”

Fate though confused “Why rose ?”.

“As you look confuse, you must be thinking, “why rose ?” or something like this, am I wrong ?”

Hearing that, Fate looked even more confused finally replying “Yes, you are absolutely right.”

“Well, this is truly simple. Rose got many thorns, right ? If they got poison, or even drug, it can just be dangerous if you hurt your self with those, so no roses.”

She was right, and it was taking a risk to accept flowers with thorns, so they both conclude to don’t accept any flowers like those.

“Well, Shamal, what are solutions to make Nanoha wake up ?”

Shamal though a little and sometimes was blushing, Fate seen it and asked herself :
“I wonder to what sort of solutions she is thinking…”
When Shamal finally came out of her own thinking world, she opened the mouth and said :

“Weeeelll.. There are many solutions, as I said before, all different from each others. Still I think the best way, is…”

She paused; Fate didn’t take care of it.

“…is kiss her with all your love, your tender, all you feelings.”

Fate smiled, before say

“Ah I see kiss, okay.”


“Wai-----Wha-…… Kiss ?!”

Fate finally realized what Shamal means and hardly blushed look the ground.

“Ah ah, your reaction is really cute, Fate-san, but it mean that you can do it, right ?”

The blonde girl was hardly blushing and embarrassed a lot, but she had no solutions but do what Shamal told her. Of course, kissing Nanoha wasn’t a problem for Fate because they were usually to do more then just kiss, but yeah.. This was the fact that Shamal told her to kiss Nanoha that surprise her.
Gaining her calm again, Fate looked Shamal with serious eyes and saif out with confidence :

“Be sure, that if it can wake Nanoha, there is absolutely no ways I won’t do it. If this is something I can do, I must do, then, I will do it, no matter what will happen after.”


Two days later, Shamal and Fate has told to all peoples they knows, that they will wake up Nanoha and to don’t give her as present food, drinks, sweets, candies, roses… well all accepted.


Fate entered Nanoha’s room and look behind her if Shamal was really not watching the deep kiss she was going to give to Nanoha.

“I need to do it, for Nanoha sake.”

And then…

Fate approached her lips to Nanoha’s, and when they was both touching, Fate instantly lose her mind in the kiss.

“Oh, god, heaven… for how much time I didn’t feel those...sweets and beautiful lips. They are so warm even if Nanoha is asleep, they still are so tasty… If I could I would only like to eat hers… Hmm… Nanoha…”

As the girl was such enjoying her kiss, she didn’t notified that Nanoha was, and yes, slowly waking up…

Nanoha was slowly regaining her mind, starting to feel her lover deep kiss.



Without knowing Fate let her feeling appear as she said through the mind to Nanoha :

“I love you… so much… I don’t want you to disappear from my eyes, from my mind; don’t leave me, my princess…”

The Blonde was still kissing Nanoha when suddenly, she felt as she was hugged and tacken to kiss even more deeply as they were already.
Fate slowly opened her eyes to finally see that Nanoha was hugging her puching her in the kiss even more.

“Hmm… Fate…”

They kissed like five more minutes before stopping to finally hug.

“Nanoha…Nanoha… Nanoha!” Fate let happy tears fall down her cheeks as she was so happy Nanoha was waking up again.

“I’m here Fate, don’t cry anymore. I won’t disappear anymore of your eyes and I won’t leave you either, because I love you too much.” Nanoha said facing Fate.

“You heard that ?” Fate seemed to be surprised as Nanoha said that to her.

Nanoha nodded smiling.

Shamal entered the room smiling brightly saying : “I guess you are done, right ?”

Fate blushed as she didn’t remember at all that Shamal was listening to all that were goings on. Nanoha laughed as she seen Fate’s red face.

“I guess we must say our plan to Nanoha.”

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So... who is getting a Starlight Breaker for druggin Nanoha?

Zenryoku Zenkai!

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wait wait~~ I'll post the next of story in few hours :P

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<33 This is great! No more words, but only the word, great.

Cry baby Fate-chan. 8DDD

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Nanoha-sama wrote:
Oh really o,o ? Well I've a really difficulty to write because I can't write what I want because It's not my main language. But I'm really good in understand texts. lol.
And I'm glad to hear you say that.

HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME, PAST-SELF. HOW. "I have a real difficulty" or "I really have difficulties" AND WHAT'S WITH ALL THE BECAUSE. "But I'm really fine in UNDERSTANDING." *cough* ahem sorry.

GUYS. HOW DID YOU DO TO UNDERSTAND ME. I don't even understand what I've been trying to say at the end. LOL Anyways I'm planning to rewrite every chapter posted so far.