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[fanfic] Your Ace

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Umm, yeah,, reporsting this :D my account yesterday have disappeared together with my post of this fanfiction. :D good thing is i get to use my original pen name! yey me~! ahem, well am new to the whole fanfiction so i hope you guys will cut me some slack but i accept any criticism. umm,, this fic disregards the whole 'jewel seed incident' and am planning to alter the 'book of darkness' incidents when in flashbacks. so mainly AU and setting is in Stirkers. :) hope its alright to you guys.

summary: Ace of Aces came and disappeared like the sun after the J.S incident. now years has passed and the news of 'Ace of Aces' had became a rumor, can the Instructor of Riot Force 6 keep her secret to the famed Enforcer Fate T. Harlaown? find out!

Chapter 1: Ace of Aces

Chapter 1: Ace of Aces

A few years ago, a mad scientist, together with his minions, had threatened the city of midchilda and invoked the Time Space Administration Bureau to battle him. The TSAB called upon their talented and high-ranking mages and deployed them to battle the mad scientist. They are called the Riot Force 6. The battle lasted for days as the mad scientist named Jail Scaglietti had armies that dealt with the mages of Riot Force 6 and followers that can be in part to AA class mages. The mages dealt with the 'Numbers', which are the trusted followers of Jail and everyone engaged in fierce and hurtful battles. Bodies wounded, powers drained and hearts crushed, everyone fought to stop Jail's maniac plans to control the world.

The story has been cut off by a gasp from a little girl with heterochromatic eyes. Her eyes welled up of tears as she listens to the storyteller tell the story of 'J.S incident'. Her small arms clutched on the body pillow and her head hung on the pillow. "Aunti Hayate, did your team stopped that scary man?" the child of 10 years old, asked the storyteller. She knew that her Aunt Hayate lead the ground forces, Riot Force 6 and the fact that Hayate is a SS class mage without limiters.

The storyteller, a brunette wearing a brown military like uniform, smiled at the child and patted her head gently. Her smile is sweet and her hand atop of the child is gentle as a feather. "Fear not Vivio, TSAB stopped Jail's plan and the proof is that we live happily today." Hayate assured the child, stroking her blond hair.

Vivio nodded her head and beamed Hayate a childish smile that made the brunette smile aswell. "Ne, ne! This is when the 'Ace of Aces' came and beat the scary man right auntie? I really like her! Aswell as Enforcer Harlaown!" she asked enthusiastically.

The brunette leaned back on the headrest of the child's bed and closed her eyes as if she is trying to remember the past. The loud explosions, screams and the smell of dust, blood, sweat, tears and fire came to her memory. She took a deep sigh and looked at the small screen before her. A blurred picture of a woman, carrying a golden staff with a spear-like tip, is present upon the child's inquisitive fervor. The picture can only view the color of the staff and clothing as the fire along the battlefield covered the view of the woman's features aswell as the white mask that shielded the woman's face. A small smirk crept to Hayate's face as she touched the screen tenderly. "Well, rumor has it that the 'Ace of Aces' gave the 'Numbers' quite a beating which gave the Riot Force 6 to have the upper hand and finally put Jail Scaglietti behind bars.' She paused and changed the screen's image on a large pink beam. "Her power shook the very world from its strong magical power which Admiral Harlaown stated that the strength maybe of S+ rank mage." Hayate chuckled and changed the screen to a small news article that mentioned of the disappearance of the called 'Ace of Aces'. Tons of articles came to view and filled the small screen. "A lot have thought that the 'Ace of Aces' is just a false figure and that TSAB just made her up. Some said she is a being of another world since no one has ever seen such person in battle before, and some have thought she is a goddess." 'The goddess of war that is.' Now Hayate laughed, thinking of the speculations of those who heard the news about the famed 'Ace of Aces' and making stories

Lying down in her bed, Vivio looked up on her galaxy themed ceiling and sighed happily. "I want to meet her and have mama meet her aswell. I bet mama will like her." She said with a tired look as she continues to stare at the ceiling full of constellations. She heard her auntie chuckle again and she opted to turn and grab hold of her aunt's slim waist and nuzzle her head on her aunt's sides. "Auntie Hayate, I love you." The child cooed, feeling the sandman doing its magic on her. She let out a small yawn and snuggled closer to her aunt.

A slight sigh and a warm smile graced Hayate's features and she bent down to give the child a kiss on her temple. "I love you too sweetie. Now time to sleep since you have classes tomorrow. Your mama is still training our forwards until later so I'll just call for Zafira to be beside you, alright?" she asked the child which responded by a tired nod. She giggled a bit, released herself from the tight hug of the child, replacing herself to a small bunny stuff toy before leaving the room. The hydraulics wheezed quietly as the steel door closed behind her and she saw before her a blue-furred wolf sitting and wagging its tail. "Ara, I guess you heard us Zafira. Please watch over Vivio for us?" she asked the wolf and patted his head.

"Ofcourse Mistress. Please excuse me." The wolf mentally spoke to his master and walked towards the automatic door to watch over the child.

Hayate stretched her arms up high and yawned a bit. She had a rough day but watching over Vivio was always relaxing for her and she knows that the child's mother is the same. She blinked. Speaking of the child's mother, she can't wait to tell Nanoha how her child wanted her to meet the 'Ace of Aces'. "Nanoha will definitely laugh at the thought of pairing her mama to the 'Ace of Aces'." She laughed a little louder as she walked towards her office.

"No one knew who the famed 'Ace of Aces' is or to why she even came to fight in the J.S incident. The Riot Force 6 claimed neither knowledge nor any connection to the mysterious heroine. Everyone who were at the incident has been astonished at the power of the said woman but not once did they even saw what she looked like." A sigh. "'Ace of Aces', who are you…?" a soft voice asked to no one. The sight of the bright full moon illuminated the feminine figure of a certain woman with long blond hair and wine colored eyes. Her body, hugged by a black nightdress, leaned forward to the railings as she stared at the moon from her balcony and calmly took the evening wind into tranquility. Fate Testarossa Harlaown, or as everyone in TSAB call her Enforcer Harlaown, stared at the stars and raised her slender hand to the sky and imagined of grabbing hold onto one of the twinkling rocks. "That day marked a lot to me. You have saved me but you never gave me the chance to even thank you." Another sigh. "Just who are you, miss 'Ace of Aces'…" she mused, looking at the far distance and saw the streaks of pink and blue colliding together.

She recognized the clashing streaks as the StarS team. Knowing the colors, she can bet that it was another late night training from instructor Takamachi, the 'White Devil' as everyone stated. She shivered involuntarily. She had never encountered the StarS captain for more than a few minutes or some glances whenever she passes by the training grounds of Long Arch. She can bet that it's due to the fact that the instructor has been with the Riot Force 6 for 6 months now while she had been with them for 5 years and usually out on a mission or hanging out with Erio and Caro, her somewhat adoptive siblings. She sighed and stared at the dancing lights. She wondered who Takamachi is.

Along the time she served in TSAB, she never encountered the brown haired female along missions or even official events. She ran some investigations regarding the new instructor but none out of the ordinary is taken into account. It is clear that the instructor is Hayate Yagami's cousin, as stated by Hayate herself and was living in the 'non-administrated world #97' which Hayate once lived before with her knights. Adding the reason to why she never encountered the girl in Mid. Her brother, Chrono Harlaown, had stated that the world was a little advance than MidChilda and Takamachi herself had grew up there for half of her life. She wondered what they said instructor did along the other half. She now can see that an orange one has joined the clashing lights. She recognized it as the StarS 4, Teana Lanster. After a few minutes, only the glyph of bright pink remained airborne.

"Captain Nanoha Takamachi…?" she asked to no one, taking a deep breath and pushed herself off the railings as her crimson orb focused on the now disappearing pink light.

Sweat ran down her forehead as she landed on the metal platform gracefully before her tired students who slumped on the platform, exhausted. Her golden staff reverting back to the small crimson jewel after she smiled at it and the device answering back in a polite manner of thanks. She smiled at the two students who panted and complained about the hard training. "Nice work, Subaru, Tea. Your teamwork is nicely planned but I recommend that you use less power from the beginning Subaru. You need to measure up what your opponent's power is." She lectured the short-haired blunette who just apologized to her. She turned to the light-orange haired female who sighed deeply and complained how her tactics didn't even landed a scratch on their instructor's barrier jacket. The instructor, bent down to Tea's level and patted the girl on the head. "Always make plans, ten-steps ahead. Now, you and Subaru should go back to your rooms now. Tomorrow, you will train with the Lightning team." She dismissed the two which they gladly obliged and left her to tend with the training area. She giggled and made her way to the platform podium and typed in the keys for the training area to be programmed for the nextday and shut down for the night. [Master, time check 22:40.] The device stated to her that snapped her out of her focused typing on the training plans for the next day. She looked at the flying red gem and nodded her head to indicate she was going to shut the training machine down for the night.

"It seems you have recovered well, Nanoha." The voice sounded gentle and concerned. Nahona, the instructor of Riot Force 6, turned around and saw her superior, smiling at her.

"Ah, it's a start. I was hospitalized for a year Hayate, and seeing how I am today is much more of a relief than not to be able to fly." Nanoha explained, laughing a little. She walked towards Hayate and offered her to walk with her back to the base.

Hayate walked side by side with Nanoha and they talked about the forward's training progress. She was proud how her forwards have improved a lot due to Nanoha's guidance and the establishment of the StarS and Lightning team in her command. She gestured for them to have a dinner since she knew Nanoha haven't eaten yet and she have to tell the reddish haired captiain about her daughter's small dream. Upon arriving at the galley of the base, it wasn't much of a surprise to see those who were dining in suddenly stopped on whatever they were doing and gave the new comers a welcoming salute. Hayate is the commander of the force and Nanoha is one of their captains. She dismissed them and let them continue their meals as they too ordered their dinner and sat down by the corner of the galley, away from anyone hoping to eavesdrop on them.

Redhead took a bite of her food and looked at Hayate with an inquiring grin. "So, I hope Vivio didn't bother you too much. She can be a handful at times and travelling from here to my home can be quite disturbing." She asked her surperiorin concern which was only dismissed by a small wave of her hand. "It's aright Nanoha-chan. I love to see my little niece anyway and its only a ten minute ride from here to your house." The brunette assured her that gave her a relief sigh as they continue to have their dinner.

"You know Vivio had suddenly profess that you need someone on your lives. Like another 'Mama'." Hayate said non-chalantly, making Nanoha almost choke on her dinner and look at her in a surprised manner. Hayate chuckled a bit and nodded her head to prove she wasn't lying, well just straight forward than how Vivio had put it. "But she do want the 'Ace of Aces' meet you. Makes you laugh really." She informed Nanoha.

The StarS captain was taken aback to what she heard. Not the fact of meeting the 'Ace of Aces' but rather the part of Vivio meeting the said figure. She was dead sure that the 'Ace of Aces' is long forgotten to the point that the J.S incident became confidential to TSAB officials only. "Mou~ Vivio really have tough demands. She does know that the 'Aces of Aces' is a woman.". She never did told her daughter about the 'types' of love and her own preferences. "And I thought she will warm up to Yuuno-kun." She pouted and wiped some morsels of her dinner from the sides of her mouth.

"But that didn't work since she thinks Yuuno as her uncle. So how are you even doing here at RF6? I hope that you are not getting bored." Hayate looked around and saw no one in perimeter that could hear them and even any electronic device that can grab hld of their conversation. "I kept all information to minimal but I think the Lightning team captain didn't take the whole bait of you being normal." She said to the StarS captain.

Nanoha tilted her head and tried to remember who the Lightning team captain is. She blushed a little remembering the beautiful blond that she encountered a few months ago when Hayate introduced her to the whole Riot Force 6. "Fate Harlaown right? Chrono-kun's little sister." She said, remembering the name of the blond. Her memories of meeting the blond is very vague as her work usually keeps her in the training grounds and getting home to Vivio is addition to her lack of knowledge on the other staff of RF6. "She leads the Lightning team together with Erio and Caro. How she not faring well on my normalcy? Hayate, I am a rank B mage. Even lower than my students. So why the sudden suspicion from your Ace?" she asked.

A smile graed Hayate's lips and her right index finger tapped on her side temple. "Let's just say she is no Enforcer for nothing." She informed Nanoha. She was aware that the Lightning captain will get the notion of Nanoha not being 'normal' as the reports says and she thought it would be fun to have atleast someone to know of the girl aside from her and her knights.

"Mou~! Now I have to watch more of my actions. Well it's not like I meet her all the time so I guess I can relax a bit and try to be friends with her to lessen the suspicion." Nanoha assured herself, finishing her dinner and washing it down with her drink. 'Though I think it would be nice to get to know more about her than just being friends with her.' She mentally noted, thinking of how beautiful the blond is.

"Nanoha, your way of befriend is not really..." she paused and remembered how Nanoha and Vita, one of her knights, had befriended with each other. It was more on pink and red blasts and a city block destroyed just to be friends with the small redhaired girl. "Safe in terms of writing a report. So please put it to minimal?" she looked at Nanoha with a 'try to destroy my base and you'll suffer' look. Her look at her so-called cousin was measure up by Nanoha's own 'I'll take you on anytime' look' despite of claiming to be a Rank B mage. "Hahaha, anyway, try to be up and train the forwards tomorrow around 0900 hours? I'll have Vivio be picked up by Nove and watch over her at te time being. I think Nove will train her again."

The instructor gave Hayate a quick nod, acknowledging her daughter's babysitter for the time being. She had faith in Nove to watch over her child so she was sure that Vivio will be alright. "Well knowing Nove, I bet she'll be doing more sparring than watching over Vivio. Mah~ time to get home I guess. See you tomorrow commander Yagami?" she stood up and gave Hayate a salute before leaving her.

"Tomorrow then Captain Takamachi." Hayate answered in a commanding manner, to keep up her authority on her staff. She giggled she her sights turn to some of her staff giving wolf whistles and admiring Nanoha's grace and beauty. She find it really ironic how Nanoha was still single despite of the long lines of suitors and admirers. "Hmm, maybe I should try to push Fate to her. Maybe she can put a chain on that trigger-happy devil. Fufufu." She noted, planning on how to have the tw meet up and hit it off.

Somehow, a certain blond getting ready fr bed sneezed and turned to look around. "Strange, someone must've talking about me." She said, now ignoring the thought and getting to her bed t rest for the night.

Chapter 2: Too many questions
Chapter 2: Too many questions

0800hrs – warship Claudia

"Are you saying that one of the numbers in prison escaped?" asked by a male officer wearing a black barrier jacket with spikes on the shoulder pads. He scanned the paper on his hand that stated the recent report regarding a sighting of combat cyborgs and some gadget drones, which looked like the ones, Jail had created. His brows knitted together as he read the paper. "What prison reported the jail break?" he asked to the green-haired male wearing overall white clothing.

Verossa Acous, the long time friend of the admiral of warship Claudia, Chrono Harlaown. He took a sip of the tea that he had prepared himself, knowing that his friend hadn't inherited her mother's taste in Earth's beverage. "Prison Gerda."

Chrono looked surprised when he heard the name of the prison. If he recalls correctly, one of the prisoners there belonged to the 'Numbers' naming Quattro. The girl who can be called the female-version of Jail himself in terms of personality. He sighed and rubbed his now throbbing temple. "Uno, Tre and Quattro. Those three never revealed what Jail had planned during that incident and even Jail didn't show any signs of other illegal actions. Our forces, RF6, just got there, arrested Jail for the creation of Combat Cyborgs and the start of project FATE. But the incident itself…" he gestured for the screen to appear before him and showed the article of the J.S incident and a picture of a woman in white with white half-faced mask.

"The Ace of Aces." Verossa stated, noticing the image on he screen.

"She came and left like a typhoon. Destroying Jail's base like it was a sheet of paper." Chrono said. he stared at the picture and sighed. He made sure to keep all information remained classified to anyone. Even his sister, Fate.

Being an inspector of TSAB and one of the few who have the rare skill of ancient Belka, he can tell that Chrono have a deep information on the so-called 'Ace of Aces'. "You called that young lady the 'Ace of Aces'. I know I shouldn't poke my nose and even my magic, but I would like to know why did you call her that and denied any information of hers to the public and even to TSAB itself." He said with an assurance of no one able to hear them.

The young admiral sighed again and leaned back to his chair. He closed his eyes and stopped himself from remembering his encounter to the said woman. "Her ranking, as estimated, is of S+. Lower than Lt. Col. Yagami but nuking aside, the Ace can defeat her." His voice is cold and his expression is stoic. Same expression whenever he answers confidential information.

"Well, knowing you, I know you won't leak any of your information unless its in a brink of life and death. But still, the Jail incident… I think we need to strengthen the security at Gruen." Verosaa suggested, taking another sip of his drink and smilingly offered some to Chrono. The dark-haired admiral declined and silently agreed to his plan. "We'll keep the Riot Force 6 posted. For now, make sure the imprisoned numbers are kept in tight security aswell as that madman."

Fate woke up around mid-morning by a certain brunette commander. She groggily looked straight at blue eyes, gleaming of mischief. She ignored her superior and turned to her side, burying her head under her pillow. "Hayate… morning still… Out." She muffled from under the pillow. She blindly tries to wave her hand to shoo away Hayate, which she can tell is up to no good.

But the commanding officer grinned and started to stir the blond enforcer awake. She poked, tapped and shook the body of Fate. Her attempts were in vain. The blond only groaned and buried herself deeper in the pillow and blanket. "Fate~ wake up! I have to ask you for a small favor!" she whined, shaking Fate's body again to the point the bed was rocking aswell.

The blond, tired from Hayate's continuous disturbance of her peaceful slumber and supposed to be dayoff, sat up with a pillow clutched between her arms and body. Her tired eyes looked at the cheerful commander and she groaned again in frustration. "Hayate.." she looked at the clock that showed '10:00AM' and frowned. "Early… Better excuse?" she asked narrowing her eyes as if piercing the RF6 commander with her Bardirche Zanber form.

"Now, now Fate don't be so grouchy. I just came by to ask for a small favor." She chuckled a bit by the look of Fate with her golden hair all disarrayed and her black nightgown showing a bit of her skin than needed to be. She can feel some flirting is needed to be done but the fact that Fate just woke up may not be a good idea.

Fate now reached by the side table, aimlessly looking for her triangular device, while keeping her glare at the smiling fox. "Bardirche…" she said in a threatening tone while still looking for her device.

A nervous laughter from the brunette commander gave Fate the notion to stop looking for her device. She held her hands up to the level of her chest and a nervous look etched on her face. Even if she is a SS rank mage, battling a newly awaken Fate on her dayoff is not a good idea aswell. "Ehehehe, easy now Fate. I was just wondering if you can take Nove's place in fetching my cute niece later in the afternoon at St. Hilde Academy of Magic? She's currently in fourth grade elementary there. I think…" she asked in haste, taking a step back incase Fate decided to 'Plasma Smasher' her out of the blond's room. She closed her eyes, waiting for any yellow blasts from her device but none came. Taking a small glance at the Lightning Captain, she was surprised to see her surprised aswell.

"You have a niece?" Fate asked, flabbergasted with her focus now on the brunette than the bed. "First you told us you have a cousin from that non-administered world, may I add that we all thought your only family is the Wolkenritter and now a niece? Next thing we knew you will be telling us that the 'Ace of Aces' is another family member of yours." Fate tried to make a joke about it which just made Hayate laugh nervously again. She raised a brow as she gave the nervous brunette a questioning look. 'She's hiding something.' She positioned herself on the side of her bed, slender legs now hanging at the edge of her bed and her hands fixing on her disarrayed nightgown. "Hayate, you do know that you are getting nervous. Is there something you need to tell me?" she inquired, giving the brunette a small serious glare.

Hayate laughed and gently hit Fate on the shoulder. "You're just imagining it Fate. So, you okay with watching over her?" Hayate asked again, now giving the tsundere blond a puppy pout she learned from Vivio. She noted before that Vivio's puppy pout is one of the child's powerful arsenals when it comes to gifts and favors.

Fate looked at the clock again and sighed in defeat. "Alright, alright. This 'niece' of yours. I'll pick her up but tell me first, why me?"

Hayate placed an index finger above her chin and thought of a good excuse. A good excuse that won't reveal her plans for Fate and Nanoha. A minute or two later, she smiled widely at Fate and grabbed the Enforcer's hands. "Because I know Fate will not fail me as her commanding officer and I'll be comfortable knowing you are with my niece. Oh and I might add you will find this kid cute~" She gave Fate a wink which the blond only blushed.

"Okay you made your point Commander. Mind you today is my dayoff so you need to give me another one this week." Fate informed her superior, opting to prepare for the day and do Hayate's request. She didn't mind if her commander is still in the room as she went straight to her personal bathroom to take a shower and changed to a simple black slim pants and white shirt with a black hooded jacket. Plain choice of clothing for the famous Enforcer but didn't cease to show her feminine figure that can make any man or woman alike ogle at her slender body and beauty.

Fate turned to the fullbody mirror, looking to check if her choice of clothes is decent enough. Glancing at the other occupant of her room, she saw the devilish smirk on Hayate's face and it only meant that the woman enjoyed the mild show she had unintentionally provided. A sigh escaped her lips and a defeated shake of her head. "That's why RF6 is being called 'Hayate's Lesbian Army'. Am not sure if I should be thankful that I'm not romantically attracted to any of the crew in this force." she asked to her commander in a deadpanned voice. She was being sarcastic and the gag-name for their team is known to almost everyone in TSAB.

The commander of RF6 giggled and gave Fate a knowing smirk. "C'mon Fate, you know almost 85% of the crew members in my force is awe struck by your beauty and want to date you. The rest of those 15% are my knights, your two adopted siblings and Subaru." She informed the Enforcer, counting the people who are not 'romantically attracted' to Fate. "My, my Fate. You are one popular lady. Almost everyone if fawning over you." Hayate added. She corssed her arms and pretended to be upset. "No Fair! I want my own set of harem! This is my army!" she protested childishly.

"Not true!" Fate blushed. She still remember how some crew members asks her out and even Ginga Nakajima, Subaru's sister from the 108th battalion is fawning over her. She, being the nice and gentlewoman, (as Hayate once told her she is) couldn't have the heart to reject Ginga's advances. She sighed and tried to think of any other women not going gaga over her. "How about Tea? Isn't she Subaru's girlfriend? And what about you?" Fate defended herself with a frown. "Tea has a long time crush on you so she doesn't count. And as for me…" Hayate winked and gave Fate a flirting smile before leaving the blond haired Enforcer on her own, not giving an answer to her question. "HAYATE!"

1530hrs, Long Arch training area. The forwards are having another punishment/training under their instructor and Sub-commander Vita. Well more of Vita giving them a lesson on how to evade and construct a clear and calm strategy under the multiple raid attack using Graf Eisen's Schwalbefliegen (Flying Swallow) attack. And the number or spheres had ranged from 24 – 40. This gave Tea a hard time to cover and give support to Erio asthey battle the short Loli knight. Subaru on the other hand was now under the 'Gefängnis der Magie' magic that Vita casted on her with Nanoha and Caro, and can't even telepathically communicate with her girlfriend.

"Erio! Don't get caught with her binds!" Tea shouted as she continued to shoot at Vita. She already cast 'Fake Silhouette on her an Erio but the knight quickly noticed the real from the illusions as her projectile spheres came ramming on every illusion Tea made and successfully capturing Erio when the redhead attacked Vita with his 'Speerschneiden' move.

With the only male of the forwards caught in a bind magic, Tea opted to charge her crosssmirage, emitting a burning sphere from the tip of the barrel. She hoped that the small sub commander will be hit by the straight forward magic she is about to fire, narrowing her eyes to lock on her target. To her surrise, Vita was just standing a few meters away from her, not even showing any signs of evasion. She took this chance and fired her magic. 'Variable Shoot!"

Vita awaited for the right moment and when the magic was now a meter away from her, she smirked and cast her own barrier. [Panzerschild] her device, Graf Eisen said, covering Vita in a red coating and shielded her from the attack. Seeing how Teana was surprised on her sudden move, she tighten her hold on her metal hammer and cocking a few cartridges and the silver sphere on the middle of the hammer gleamed. [Gigantform] the device chaned mode, making it grow larger and its sides turning octagonal in shape. "Giganthammer!" The short loli-knight shouted as she swung her giant ahmmer to Teana which the forward hadn't got time to dodge. by the last minute, Vita halted the attack, making her hammer a few inches away from Teana's head. "That's it for now!"

meanwhile, inside the enclosed barrier. "Tsk! You okay Aibo?" Subaru asked her device after lashing out wing road and the combination of her shield break and Knuckle duster. She tried to break her instructor's round shield with the help of Caro's Boost up spell. [I am fine.] the device assured her partner. The device gleamed again and auto casted 'Protection' on Subaru as it sensed the oncoming 'Divine Shooter' spell from Raising Heart. Subaru blinked a few times upon realizing the blasts that came to her and Caro.

"Oh my, don't forget you still have an opponent Subaru." Nanoha pointed happily at Caro who is now captured by the 'hoop bind' magic, passed out. She had thee of her pink 'Divine Shooter' spheres targeted Caro and hit the pink haired girl. She giggled when Subaru surrendered to her and she motioned for Vita to release the barrier around them.

Emerging from the barrier, Nanoha saw Vita poiting Graf Eisen at Teana, who was now frowning and full of dust and some scratches. "Vita-chan?" she tried to grab Vita's attention and the small instructor looked at her and nodded her head. "Work on your evasion and reflexes when it comes to stealth attacks. And you, Erio." Vita pointed her metal hammer on the sole male in the forwards and she smirk when the guy tensed up. "Fast you may be like Fate but remember to guard up. Sheesh, your defense is still low."

Teana mumbled some incoherent annoyance from her failed battle strategy again and huffed. She glared at Subaru who was now close to Nanoha. She knew that her girlfriend admired the instructor due to the fact that Nanoha reminded her of the 'Ace of Aces'. She crossed her arms and pouted. 'Really now? Nanoha and the Ace of Aces rae just similar to their choice of color clothing and magic color. Aside from that, Nanoha is a B rank mage.'

Caro an Erio stood side by side, watching how Vita and Nanoha are discussing their training improvement then their focus strayed to the two lovebirds who are now bickering over on how Subaru had admired Nanoha even more being a cool instructor even though the said instructor is scary in a hellish way. 'Who can even think Nanoha-san is a Rank B mage…' both thought of, wondering if Nanoha has any limiters placed on her. But still, they too admire their instructor. Even if she is a little-err-harsh than the normal military/navy/airforce instructor.

Subaru and Tea's small jealousy bickering came to a halt when a call from Nove suddenly interrupted them. Subaru answered the call and the voice of her little sister, Nove, came to her hearing. Sounding panicky. "Umm, Nove? You do know I'm in training with Nanoha-san…" she responded to the caller who was now sounding desperate. She nodded her head, acknowledging her little sister's explanation on the call and once Nove stated the exact reason of her call, Subaru's eyes had opened widely in shock. "You lost WHO? Nove! Seriously, don't joke about losing Vivio." Her answer caught the attention of her co-forwards and turned pale when they heard the words 'Vivio' and 'losing' used on the same sentence. "Look Nove, I care for you but that news is BAAAAD news. Seriously. If Nanoha-san found out about Vivio she-"

"Found out about what Su-ba-ru?" an icy voice had cut Subaru's continuous panic ranting and she stiffly turned around, only to see her instructor, smiling at her maniacally. And it gave her an intense goosebumps and she even heard the other forwards gasp in fear. She grabbed hold of Subaru's shoulders tightly, still smiling at the blue haired tomboy. "What did Nove say about losing Vivio?" her voice was like ice daggers that pierced Subaru on every word. Subaru looked behind Nanoha to find some

Subaru tried to step back but the hold on her shoulders and the fact that her friends already took distance at them was not a good sign. "U-umm… N-Nove Nanoha-san needs to talk to you." She said in panic, handing the communicator to Nanoha. Once she felt the grip on her loosen a bit, she took this opportunity to jump back, away from her instructor in 'White Devil' mode.

"NOVE!" Nanoha's voice caused some birds from the nearby tress to fly away and Vita, immediately calling her mistress to inform of the oncoming disaster.

At a park a few kilometers away fromSt. Hilde Academy of Magic, 2 blonds are having a small bonding time while eating some ice cream. The older blond smiled at the ten year old lovingly as she watch her happily eat the cold dessert.

"Vivio is it? Why were those other kids bullying you? Don't you have any friends at school?" Fate asked the child who looked up to her with a sad expression.

Vivio shook her head, denying the inquiry about her friends. "I have. But they went home already. Those boys are teasing me that's all." Vivio then continued to eat her frozen dessert.

The enforcer recalled her encounter with the child upon arriving at the school. She saw a bunch of kids ganging up on Vivio, teasing her about being an adopted child and that she doesn't have any real parents. That struck some vein to her and she opted to defend the child. To her surprise, the child wasn't even crying or even fighting back. She just stood there, taking all the insults as if it's the normal thing to her. She defended the child and lightly lectured the kids who teased the blond child. When the child looked at her, she was awestruck when a pair of heterochromatic eyes stared back at her own crimson ones. "Why didn't you react to those kids Vivio?" She asked again. The child tilted her head to the side, as if she was thinking.

"Mama said that I shouldn't fight to other kids. Especially those who are weaker than me." She said to Fate, remembering how her mother always tells her to never to fight unless needed and a stronger opponent.

"You have a weird mother Vivio. So, you're Hayate's niece eh?" the child nodded her head. "I see. So do you know who I am?" a nod of affirmation again. This time Fate smiled and patted Vivio in the head. "Then can you tell me who am I?"

The child smiled widely when she saw Fate's smile at her. "Enforcer Harlaown. Auntie Hayate told me that you are a strong mage and I really think you are cool!" her tone was full of adoration and enthusiasm. Her eyes gleamed of amazement as her mind processed that she is now talking with the famous Fate Harlaown.

Fate smiled gently. Seeing the child's gleeful smile was a relief to her. And the fact that the kid she found happened to be Hayate's niece since the RF6 commander gave her only the hint of the girl having heterochromatic eyes. She find it very luckyof her for finding the child she had no idea on how she looks aside from the coloration of the eyes or even the name as her commander had forgotten to inform her of it. "So what time does Nove take you home?"

Vivio chuckled a bit, noticing that the older blond kept asking her questions. "You ask too many question. umm, Harlaown-san. Nove always teaches me some strike arts before mama, auntie or auntie's friends come to pick me up."

Harlaown-san. Hearing the name made Fate feel uneasy when she heard it from the child. "Vivio, you can call me Fate if you want. Hmm, let me call Hayate then since its already 5." She took out her device and instructed it to contact Hayate. The device robotically obliged and contacted the head of RF6.

[Sir contact cannot be reached. Call routing to Raising Heart.] Bardirche informed its master which made Fate raised a questioning brow. "Raising heart? I'm not familiar with that device." She said audibly, wondering who is the master of the device that Bardirche is contacting. She turned her attention to Vivio who tugged her shirt. "Yes?"

"That's mama's device. Can I talk to her? I'm scared she might be worried about me."

Fate gave the child an affirming nod and waited fr the master of the device to pick up the call. After a few minutes, a voice from the other line came to hearing and to Fate, the woman, assuing it is a woman since Vivio said it was her mama, sounded both angry and worried. "Um, hello?"

"Yes? I'm sorry, I'm kinda busy at the moment…" silence and cursing from the other line. "Sorry about that again. Can you call back later?"the voice was now a little calm after hearing some explosives and other female voices sounded like in a panic, groaning in pain and asking for forgiveness.

Fate, being oblivious of the current situation, was about to answer back to the master of the device when Vivio had beat her to it.

"MAMA! Calm down okay? I'm safe with Fate-san. Fate Harlaown, auntie Hayate's friend." Vivio assured the receiver of the call, sounding very cheerful.

The voice of the master of Raising Heart suddenly changed from raging concern to just plain concern. "Vivio! where are you? wait, did you say Fate Harlaown?" the tone of surprise and relieved mixed together resounded from the triangular device. there was silence yet again and a small 'eep' before the loud "HAYATE!"

Well that's it for now. i'll be uploading the other chapters later or tomorrow. :) hope you guys like it... Snow-Shuriken Out~!

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