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[Fanfic][Rated M] My Lover is a Flight Attendant (Chapter 6)

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nope... it was 2-4-2... so 25*8 =200 passengers seats

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If it's A-F, though, then that means it would be a 3-3 arrangement instead. It should be changed to A-H.

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Oops sorry, I forgot to count. Thank you for that correction. I fail. =.=

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Great chapter, but u just made me more curious! lol
Now I am thinking with who Nanoha was in love in the past, if she saw Fate somewhere and fell for her (love at first sight), but just met her (face to face) some time after that, that's why she slept with her...
I hope u update soon :)

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I really like this story =) but I was disappointed by the fact that you didn't describe the action scene. Hope you'll post chapter 2 soon

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I am sorry, because I think I was still not capable of doing that. I am working on it, I will try my best, Thank you. =D I will.

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I seriously apologize for blunders on the previews chapter. Talk about fail. I hope everyone would enjoy this chapter, as much as I put all my heart to write it in order to redeem myself from my blunder.

As usual if you find something wrong, please do not hesitate to tell me. Also as a notification, school is starting for me in a week, I might update a bit slower, but please bear with me. =) Have a nice day everyone!

[Chapter 2]

A/N: Nyaha~ Did I raise some questions in your minds? I hope I did. I will be answering some of them soon then. Maybe. <3

[b]My Lover is a Flight Attendant
So was it a coincidence?

Nanoha! Nanoha!

“We won’t be landing soon enough. Does anyone know how to do first aid; I doubt this is an ordinary flu.” Hayate, who came out of the Captain’s Room upon hearing Nanoha’s name said.

“I—“ Fate who just opened hair mouth was cut off by,

“I can do it. Leave her to me.” Yuuno offered the help first before the blonde can even do anything.

“Damn right that ain’t an ordinary flu.” The leader of the tugs said and laughed that annoying yakuza laugh. “Who would’ve thought that, the poison the guy gave us works that fast?”

“What are you saying?” Miyuki said as she walked over to the guy who talked. “So you’re saying that you poisoned my sister?”

“Exactly, girl. While boarding the aircraft I let her sniff some dust poison from my collar without her noticing, ha!” The man said and continued to laugh to himself.

As Miyuki started walking to the man to ask more info, a certain blonde had beaten her to it, going for the man’s collar.

“What are the effects of this poison?” Red eyes stared darts of mad glares at the man. “Say it.”

“I-I-It’s n-nothing too grave! It’s just flu! A-A-A bit of vomiting and t-t-t-then a slight hurt in the chest, I-I-It only lasts for 24 hours!” The man said as he panicked.

“Only? Then, I’ll make sure you sleep for 24 hours.” Fate said as she gave a meaningful punch on the man that lets him sleep together with his companions. “For now, we have to stop all of the symptoms.”

“Yuuno-kun, leave Nanoha-chan to Fate-chan, come with me, I’ll assist in attending to the passengers, you too Miyuki-san.” Hayate said, as she winked at Fate, even though it isn’t the right time for her, to wink at her.

“Hayate! That was unnecessary, mou.” Fate thought and sat down Nanoha on the back jump seat and Fate seating on the other. She slowly pushed the brown haired female down so she was lying on her lap. “You’ll be fine, Nanoha, it’s only for another... 3 more hours.”

“F-Fate-chan... I was stupid, to have not noticed. Now I’ve caused you so much to worry about... I’m sorry.” The blue-eyed female uttered a few more words before vomiting a bit on Fate’s skirt. “Sorry about that... nyaha~”

“Its okay, Nanoha, you’ll be fine soon, we will get, Shamal-san to treat you. If the poison had a duration hours, I’m sure there would be a way to shorten it. Don’t talk anymore, just calm down.” Fate said as she got a weak nod as affirmation.


After landing... in Mid-Childa.

“It must be destiny that I got added work here in Mid-Childa before I was sent back to Earth, Nanoha-chan, be strong okay? The best way I can do is to shorten this suffering for 30 minutes.” Shamal said as Fate stood beside Nanoha holding her hand. “Don’t let go of her hand okay? I will have to give her a shot, the shot itself is not painful, but since it’s direct application and that would hurt her internal organs. She probably needs someone beside her.”

“I will not leave her.” Fate assured Shamal as she held onto tighter to both of Nanoha’s hands. This is supposed to be, Fate and Shamal’s first meeting, and it had turned into this.

“Good answer. Well I’ll be giving Nanoha-chan the shot now. Nanoha-chan, this could hurt for a bit, but please, bear it.” Shamal said as she got a bit of a nod from the weakening brunette. Shamal then got a small syringe from a tray beside her and softly injected some of its contents into Nanoha’s vein on her left arm.

Nanoha gripped Fate’s hand tighter as she closed her eyes. The blonde then proceeded to caress the other female’s hair as she went through pain that only she could feel.

“The direct application might cause for joints to hurt as if you are suddenly struck with influenza. A bearable but head breaking, head ache, and a bit of chest pains. After a few minutes, the treatment should’ve started to kick in, and she should feel better as the 30 minute mark for the medicine to fully utilize in her blood veins be seen. I’d like for her to stay for a bit more 3 days to a week so I could monitor her health, or if there are any risk of it coming back.” The short haired blonde said and gave Fate a nod as Nanoha’s struggling started to lessen.

Fate diligently wiped each of Nanoha’s sweat that trickles down from her temple, as they all waited, including Hayate, Yuuno and Miyuki, for the medicine to fully cure Nanoha, before talking about this incident.

As if it was eternal, 30 minutes had passed, and Nanoha was sleeping peacefully on a hospital bed in Mid-Childa, with Fate not letting go of her hand, and the others sleeping at the benches outside of the said room that has “301” written on it.

“Uhn...” The copper browned female uttered as her eyes fluttered due to being distracted by the sun. “Fate... Fate-chan...?” she said as looked at her hand being carefully held on to by Fate who fell asleep beside her.

“You didn’t leave my side huh? I actually expected Yuuno-kun to be persistent on this. Seems like Hayate—ouch” Being struck by a light pain on her head, as the same time Shamal came inside the room. “Oh, Shamal-san. Thank you for last night. It was a chaos, nyahaha~”

“Oh, Nanoha-chan, please keep on resting, you’ll need it. I’ll explain later what that poison was, where it was made, and what it is actually made for. I’m sure you’re hungry. I’ll have the nurse to bring some food here, okay?” The other female said as her face was suddenly struck by an expression of confusion when Nanoha signaled her ‘wait’. “What is it?”

“Please bring some food for Fate-chan too. I’m sure she’ll be hungry too when she wakes up.” She whispered to the other female and winked. As the other person smiled at her and nodded.

“You’ve been doing so much for me. Even though this is our ‘official’ first meeting. Or maybe you’ve forgotten? Or you’re just another person who looks like another. I may not be sure with what is this chance right now... but I know who my heart is totally beating for—“ Nanoha was completing a complete train of thought as she saw blonde eyelashes flutter open, revealing beautiful wine colored eyes. “Ah.”

“Uhm... Nanoha... get well soon, please.” The blonde sleeping on the side of Nanoha’s bed muttered then wiped her forehead for a bit, before going back to sleep. “Don’t blame... yourself... it’s no one’s fault...”

“Fate-chan...” Nanoha said as she tried to reach for the sleeping blonde’s face, Hayate and Miyuki barged in on the door with their crying faces on. “Hayate-chan! Onee-chan!” Quickly withdrawing her free hand for the sudden touch.

“Nanoha-chan! I was so worried! Are you okay now? Does anywhere hurt?” Hayate panicked as she was ‘sshh-ed’ by Nanoha, since the blonde beside her was still sleeping. “Oops, sorry. Yeah, she was awake the whole evening looking after you. Why don’t you give her some sort of reward?” The short haired brunette whispered, and winked.

“Ah, that’ll be great. Well, Nanoha-chan, we’re just going to get some food in the cafeteria. Get well soon~ Onee-chan is worried.” Miyuki said and smiled.

“Mou, Onee-chan, I’m not a kid anymore. Enjoy your meal.” Nanoha said and waved. “You too Hayate-chan,”

The two went out of the room, with Yuuno bumping onto them as they walked out.

“How is Nanoha? Is she better?” The blonde young man asked as he was dragged by Miyuki and Hayate away from Room 301, one on each arm. “H-hey, Nanoha?”

“Oh, she’s fine. Still resting, let’s eat first, Yuuno-kun.” Hayate said and smiled at him.

“Wouldn’t want to disturb some quality time,” Miyuki told Yuuno too, who just raised his eyebrows. “Sleeping.”

At the same time inside the said room 301, red eyes scanned the room after seeing hands connected. In shock she bolted right up from her sitting position, and accidentally hit her head on the dextrose pole behind her.

“Ow.” Fate said as she heard a light chuckle from the person her hand was connected to.

“Fate-chan, relax.” Nanoha said and caressed the blonde’s head as red eyes rapidly blinked trying to shrug off the pain.

Fate, realizing that she was still holding Nanoha’s hands despite being already awake, quickly let go of it and apologized. “I didn’t notice. Are you okay?”

“Nyahaha~ better like always. Although my head still hurts occasionally.” The brown haired female answered and smiled. “Are you okay?”

“Wh-why are you asking me that? I-I didn’t get some injuries so... ye-yes, I’m fine.” Red eyed female answered her face becoming tomato shaded. “Do-do you want to rest longer? I can go outside so you can have some pe—“

Before she could’ve finished her sentence a silencing finger was put in-front of her mouth. “I slept well because you’re there, so please stay.”



“Nanoha... Can I ask you something?” Fate asked looking at the brown haired female, as they finished eating. “Ah, I’ll put that away for you.”

“Thanks, Fate-chan. What is it?” The blue-eyed female asked and looked at the red eyes of that other person she’s talking to.

“Um... Hayate... told me a few things. About you.”
“Hm? What is it?”

“She told me that... you were dating Yuuno,” Fate said as she closed her eyes. “This is not what I’m supposed to ask! I’m supposed to ask about ‘that’ night!”

“Yes, I was dating Yuuno.” She answered her blue eyes turning a bit sullen and sad. “What about it?”

“I... uh...” The blonde struggled to find her words. Her eyes darting from different things, to Nanoha. “Fate! Get a hold of yourself! ASK!”

“Do you want to know why I broke up with him?”
“Hayate said you were in-love with someone else.”
“Oh. That’s true.”

“Wh-what I’m going to ask is... what is my connection to... who is it that you love...?” The blonde asked as her eyes grew bigger. “WHAT ON EARTH AM I TALKING ABOUT?!”

Nanoha’s eyes turned sad, as her bangs covered them. She let out a smile, and a tear that went unnoticed. “I....”

Although, Fate seems to have noticed it and took back what she said.

“I... um... I’m asking such a weird thing. Hahaha! Sorry, even if what you needed was rest. Looks like I’m stressing you out more... I’m sorry; I’ll just go to the comfort room.” The blonde said and excused herself.

Immediately going outside the room. Outside, she leaned on to the wall beside the door, and sighed. “Fate... you are such an idiot. What are you saying?! There isn’t a break up that doesn’t hurt! Idiot! Idiot!”

As she walked away from the room she saw Hayate, Miyuki and Yuuno turning into the corner where she was.

“Ah, Fate-chan. Shamal said to go in Nanoha-chan’s room now, and she’ll explain what happened in full details. She said she just got Nanoha-chan’s medical records for this incident.” Hayate said as she stared at Fate’s shocked expression. “Going to the comfort room?”

“Uh... No, I... I-It’s nothing. Let’s go?”


“Hayate-chan... do you notice the tension? From Nanoha-chan and Fate-chan.” Miyuki said as she whispered to Hayate’s ears.

“Well... it’s there, let’s bear with it for a while? I can ask Fate-chan later.” Hayate said them as Shamal entered the room with a test tube on her hands.

“Well, is everyone here?” Shamal said as she opened a transmission panel that shows Lindy Harlaown’s and Leti Lowran’s faces, and right at the right timing where Carim Gracia entered the said room. “Alright, then I’ll start.”

“What the robber used to give Nanoha-chan a sickness is called “Orchidust” As the name suggests, the dust is from orchid roots or leaves and it causes several symptoms of influenza to appear for a limited amount of time. Although if given the right amount, this can cause death, after the limited time ends or right instantly when it was inhaled.”

Even though the tension in the air is present. Everyone was still listening carefully even though hands fiddling with bed sheets or inconsistent eye focus are seen from the two.

“It has been confirmed that the robbers that boarded Fedikia International Airport from St. Valerie Airport, Fedikia to arrive in Earth, and took Uminari International Airlines. Orchidust is only manufactured from Fedikia, and is chemically mixed with other herbs to become a very strong fertilizer.”

“But Fedikia is--!” Hayate half-shouted, before talking time to compose herself and talk. “Fedikia International Airport is run by Regius Gaiz’s connections from Earth.”

“Exactly.” Shamal answered as she looked at Nanoha.

“So you’re basically telling me... the robbery attack was planned by Regius Gaiz’s to attack and sabotage UIA, is that it?” Nanoha said as Shamal gave her a nod.

“That is what I am trying to say but what’s wrong about this speculation is...” Carim said as she looked at her companions.

“We don’t have evidence.” Fate said as everyone looked at each other.

Meanwhile... at St. Valerie Airport...

“It failed? What did you mean it failed...? Oh you mean they got their asses kicked?”
“Yes sir, exactly.”
“Yes by pesky women? Fine, continue on to Plan A’s part two then.”
“Yes sir,”

A/N: Teehee~ I apologize if the story feels rush written. But for some of my past stories, this is normal pace for me or something. But if it does feel rushed please do tell me and I’ll do something about it. And sorry for omitting the action scenes, I definitely have not planned how either of them would fight the enemies, so this is still... a bit undecided. Sorry. But in the contrary, please look forward for more NanoFate and story development. =)

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As you said in the A/N, you raise some questions.

I have the impression Nanoha have meet Fate long before their first encounter and is the cause of Nanoha's break-up with Yuuno.

I also wonder what'll be Regius next actions.

Overall, nice and sweet chapter.

Looking forward to the next chapter !

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Fate is so sweet <3
Maybe Nanoha cried coz Fate doesn't remember her.
Now I wonder what the bad guy is going to do...

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Very nice chapter :)
And about the action scenes, if you're not comfortable with them, then take your time (but not too long)^^
I'll look forward to chapter 3

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Great work on this, Kona~ Very different story, the tension between Nanoha and Fate so early on and yet, we don't know everything. I really like your concept of the UIA too. Will keep my eyes peeled for new releases~

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Thanks for the update, this was a fun chapter, I thought that Nanoha was sick, but I'm glad that I was wrong.
As your other readers, I'm also wondering about Nanoha's and Fate's past. Maybe Nanoha is mistaking Fate witch Alicia? But it would be hard to explain how she didn't know her name... Anyways, update soon please :D

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I love updates~ They just make my day. ^ ^ Especially when there stories you love. Kona-Chan, interesting development as well, and I think Haru-san has a point. I wonder if her love was Alicia, or maybe she knew Fate-Chan from the past? That question will be on my mind for a while. Can't wait for the next update, which I hope will be as good as your other ones XD

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I sure hope it is Fate

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great chapter. i still wanna know what happened that first night. and i think nanoha's love was alicia but maybe she passed away...i don't know...

update soon!


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Great update Kona! 'Twas an excelent read you know that. But yeah, so far I'm votin' that Nanoha remembers Fate from a past life and Fate doesn't remember Nanoha, but anyways I thought it was a very well written out chapter and I can't wait for yer next update. Keep up the great work my friend and until than, here is some writting gear. *gives Kona a combat helemt, army fatigues, and combat boots* Now, go get those words soldier!

And now, here is a random video clip, Wolverines!

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Gj! hope to see chapter 3 soon >.< JyJy :]

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I love you guys who commented and still support this fanfic! Well then now I present to you chapter 3! I'm gonna start school tomorrow uguu~ ;_; Well I can't promise my weekly updates anymore but... please do look forward for my updates! I hope I can still satisfy you until this story ends. =)

[Chapter 3]


A/N: Nyaha~ I’m very very glad that everyone liked the previous chapter. Was I able to redeem myself? XD!

My Lover is a Flight Attendant
By ~W.K.
So... you can still remember...

A certain blue-green haired female...

“Fate Testarossa. Quite an interesting ring to it.” This female said as she held Fate Testarossa’s Biography and background. “Family History, none. Childhood History, none. Oh, why doesn’t she have one?”

She then shuffled into the papers and looked into her medical records. Staring at it and giving it quite an interesting smile.

“Is that so...?” She said in an interested and questioning tone, and then sipped on her milk tea.


“We have to get back to Earth as soon as possible.” Carim said as everyone continued their discussion in Nanoha’s room.

“But, I’m sure they already know Nanoha-chan what if they attacked again thinking that she’s not yet cured? We’re putting all the passengers in danger Carim.” Hayate answered as she sipped a bit of water from the glass she had brought inside from the cafeteria.

“Then we’re leaving Nanoha-san and Fate-san here.” The blue eyed blonde answered getting into an argument with Hayate.

“We can’t do that! They can’t attack Mid-Childa’s Airport!” Hayate answered a bit agitated as Fate tried to break them.

“Ha-Hayate. C-Carim-san. Please don’t start to have a heated argument. I have an idea.” Fate said as they two looked at her, confused. “Why don’t we make Nanoha pretend as a passenger?”

“In what statistics do you think would that work, Fate?” Yuuno finally getting some screen time said.

“We have a total of 196 Passengers who have booked the return flight slated for today. If we can get Nanoha to be the 196th or the 197th as an official passenger, she only needs to conceal her appearance and pretend as a passenger seating in the front row, so front flight attendants can see her.” Fate answered as she explained. “We will then get one cabin crew short, but if we can get Hayate, to work as a flight attendant, then no one would notice that we’re missing one crew, if we asked Shamal-san to be the co-pilot.”

“Fate-chan, but aren’t you forgetting that you’ve caused quite a ruckus last time too?” Shamal said as to she was fully informed of all the events in the aircraft, leaked out by Miyuki.

“I’m going to stay in the front flight attendant as Hayate’s partner, doing the talk duties so I wouldn’t have to fully show my appearance and can only help in preparing the trolleys and talk.” The red-eyed blonde answered with a serious expression looking at Nanoha. “Nanoha, please help me.” Who received a nod in return.

Hayate and Carim, fully thinking out the benefits of the operation agreed and talked to the airport staff in charge on the booking of the flight to let Nanoha on the spot buy and book the flight and do the mission.


“We…Welcome to flight 5X-327 from Mid-childa. Destination is from Mid-childa International Airport to Uminari International Airport. Departure time is 6:45am and estimated time of arrival would be 4:45pm of the same day with Uminari’s time being behind by four hours. Your flight would be led today by Captain Carim Gracia with co-pilot Shamal.” Fate said as a sweat trickled from her forehead, despite being in an air-conditioned flight.

She then continued on speaking through the intercom. “We will now demonstrate to you safety measures while you are aboard this aircraft with our in-flight attendants, Yagami Hayate and Takamachi Miyuki...”

As Fate finished speaking through the intercom, Nanoha whistled to catch her attention. Fate looked at her with a confused expression and asked a silent ‘Why?’ with Nanoha replying her with a ‘Not bad,’ and a wink.

The blonde immediately blushed and bowed her head to hide it. “Nanohaaaa… please, stop teasing me.” At the same time Hayate returns to her seat to buckle up as the aircraft is taking off any minutes.

“Cabin crew prepare for take-off.” Carim said as her voice was heard in the entire aircraft with the flight attendants taking their seats from the front and back side of the plane.

Everything went smoothly as they made their trip to Japan. Fate occasionally walks toward Nanoha to ask her if she’s fine, Yuuno also does the same only to be shrugged away by the copper brown haired female.


Around only 3 hours left of the flight…

“Nanoha’s only been looking out the window, even if she sees nothing but the clouds… and the sun, she won’t sleep?” I asked Hayate who’s sitting beside me looking around at the passengers.

“She won’t. She’s one of those people who have got a hard time sleeping while sitting down. She only manages to fall asleep whenever she’s dead tired, or having a head ache. She falls asleep maybe but for around 5 minutes 30 minutes the longest, if she’s not too tired.” Hayate explained as a slight ‘ding!’ was heard signaling for a passenger looking for a flight attendant. “Hold on, Fate-chan.”

Nanoha really does look tired… ah her head dropped, she hit it on the window cover… she shrugged it off. She put her elbow on the arm rest, reclined the seat a bit, and then rest her head on her palm. Ah, her head fell again. She must’ve been really tired, but she’s still doing her job, looking out for everyone.

She looked at me and caught me looking at her. I immediately blushed as she flashed me a smile. ‘Isn’t it in situations like this, the person who turned to look should blush…? Maybe not.’ I walked up to her and smiled.

“Do you need anything?” I asked her. She then looked at me and smiled again.

“If I answered ‘You’ would you give it?” She told me and chuckled. I half-raised my eyebrows, and stared at her. “I’m only kidding. I’m okay. Don’t worry about me too much ne?”

I watched only her for the last few hours of the flight and I actually had fun since we were silently talking from a far. I wonder if we understood each other fully… maybe. There’s something with her that makes me feel complete, although I don’t know what it is.


After all passengers had gotten off from the plane, the crew went back to the main office with Nanoha and Shamal going straight to the clinic, and the rest giving a report to Lindy Harlaown.

“Oh, so that’s what happened… Griffith-kun, please ask a few male flight attendants to have a stake-out on suspicious people in Fedikia. Chrono-kun, go with them.” Lindy explained as men inside the main office hustled out. “And Fate-chan~ Even if it’s your first day, technically second, I give you three day offs to take care of your senior.”

“E-Eeeehhh? We-well… that felt a bit unreasonable… but reasonable at the same time.” Fates muttered under her breathe and looked at the Admiral. “Yes Ma’am!”

“Good answer. Carim-chan, Hayate-chan, come into my office for full reports and planning, and Fate-chan, come to my office after you’ve seen Nanoha-chan, okay?” Lindy said as the two followed them, whereas Yuuno went back to his post and Fate gave her a stern nod and walked towards the clinic.

“Shamal-san…? Nanoha…?” Fate called as she entered the clinic and saw Nanoha slowly buttoning her office uniform. “What are you doing, Nanoha?”

“Nyaha~ Shamal-san said that I can start working toda—“

“Fate-chan, I didn’t say that at all, Nanoha-chan is just a workaholic, that she says she’s fine so she’s going back to work, ‘nyahaha’” Shamal said as she perfectly quoted Nanoha’s signature laugh at the end of her sentence that made Fate chuckle.

“Lindy-san just gave me a 3 day day-off to take care of my ‘senior’ so I guess it goes for you too, Nanoha.” Fate said and smiled.

“Tch. Shamal-san, you were 10 hours ahead of me.” Nanoha said and pouted, whereas Shamal just gave her a pat on the head. “Oh well, I’ve been cornered by a Doctor and a worry-wart, I guess I have no choice.”

“Wh-who-who is a wo-worry-wart?” The red eyed blonde said as she stuttered, perfectly caught in the moment that she had been worried. “D-Don’t tease me, please.”

“Takamachi Nanoha, please proceed to Lindy Harlaown’s main office after your check up.” The base intercom called on to her as they all agreed to let Nanoha go while Shamal talked to Fate more.

“What happened to Nanoha?” Fate asked as Shamal walked around her office and sat on her table.

“Oh, she’s fine. She’s having breathing difficulties though, no matter how she denies it.” Shamal said as she wrote some prescriptions on paper and rips it to give to Fate. “That is the side effect of the injected medicine it’ll last for roughly 2 – 3 days. She needs complete rest, and she can’t tire herself or it’ll be harder to breath. Don’t do anything vigorous okay?”

“Wh-what…? Vi-Vigorous… activity..?” Fate said as she blushed, remembering the remnants of that ‘night’ and vigorous activities. Shamal raised her eyebrow at the long haired blonde and winked. “I-I won’t do that!”

“Do what?” Shamal said as she chuckled a little. “Vigorous activity with Nanoha-chan?”

“N-Nothing! If y-you’ll excuse me!”

“These two, it’s going to be a looooong road.”


Lindy’s Office…

“Ah, Nanoha-chan, you’re finally here.” Lindy said as she took a sip of her milk tea. “Can you… get the File #010 Incident Report on the bookshelf inside that room?” She said as she pointed to a room, inside her office, she opened it and revealed a smaller room that has around 3 book small book shelves.

“Eh? O-Okay.” Nanoha, although puzzled, agreed anyway.

At the moment Nanoha went inside the room, the door to Lindy’s Office once again creaked open.

“I’ve arrived Lindy-san.” A certainly long-haired blonde with red-eyes came inside and sat on the couch in-front of the table as Lindy-san instructed her to, whilst standing from her table to sit adjacent to the blonde. “What is it, Lindy-san?”

Inside the small library, Nanoha, leaned her back onto the door and was shocked to find Fate inside the office, even if she was still inside. Panicking on what she should do, she stayed behind the door, half-eavesdropping into the conversation.

“I read over your profile yesterday evening and found something peculiar.” Lindy said as she presented Fate’s bio data on the table. “That you have no Family History, Family Background, and Childhood History, why is that?”

“Ah, I didn’t know you would ask but… I have a sickness. It’s called Repressed Memory Syndrome.” Fate answered and looked at Lindy who signaled for her to explain. “It’s a sickness whereas a particular incident or trauma causes the memory of that incident and all the memory before that to be forgotten.”

“You don’t have any intentions to get them back?” Lindy asked as she waited for Fate’s response.

“I… Even if I know that the past would be painful, I would like to know everything that I’ve been through, even if it would hurt me in the present.”

“But why is it that you haven’t regained any of them yet?”

“It’s because, I haven’t found any person connected to my past yet, who might’ve known me from way before, who can remind me, and tell me what happened.” Fate said and smiled.

“When did this start?” Lindy asked sipping on her tea.

“Since I’m currently 20 years old, around 11 years ago.” Fate answered and slightly noticed Lindy stop drinking her tea for half a second before resuming. “And the earliest that I’ve remembered is that, I was raised in an orphanage, with Bardiche since I woke up holding on to him, and medical records said that my name was Fate Testarossa.”

“Oh, That’s pretty much everything in your Bio data, grew up in Uminari City Orphanage since you were 9 years old until you were 16, studied in Seishou Middle School/High School, and a Criminology Graduate with Honors.” Lindy said as she re-arranged Fate’s bio data.

“Yes Ma’am, that is about it.” Fate said as she played with her skirt’s hem.

“What would you do… if I told you that I know someone who might’ve known you from the past?” Lindy said as she saw Fate’s shocked reaction.

“I’d like to know them, and of course ask about myself… but I just can’t do that out in the open, but if given the opportunity, I’d definitely want to… know more about myself.” Fate answered and smiled.

“I see. Well that’s all about this interview, take care of your senior okay? I’ll call you again, if I found someone who might’ve known you from before.” Lindy said and waved goodbye as Fate exited her room. “Heard that Nanoha-chan?”

Nanoha then opened the door from the back room dropping the Incident Report from her hands as it softly hit the ground. “Why?”

“Because I know that you’re the only person who can help her.” Lindy said and approached Nanoha, picking up the Incident Report and hands it back at her. “It’s in your hands. The decision on what to do about this.”

“So… I was right all along…?” Nanoha said as she looked at the incident report title that said “File#010 Jewel Seed Incident”


“What was that all about?” Fate wondered as she walked towards her office table to clean a few stuff and arrange her desk.

Meanwhile Nanoha entered from the front door as to she had escaped from Lindy’s hidden backdoor.

“Ah, Fate-chan, you’re little baby of a senior is here to fetch you.” Hayate said as she almost bumped into Nanoha entering the room.

“Hold on, I’ll just finish a few of these.” The blonde said and quickly shuffled through her desk.

“Warning! Intruder Alert!”

The whole base echoed as a horde of men wearing kabuki masks appeared.

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