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[Fanfic][Rated M] Touch [NanoFate][Oneshot]

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This work has not gone any type of editing and nor is it ready to be posted in Please enjoy and feel free to express your hatred towards the dreaded ferret.
Whoever offers services to edit this piece please do leave a message. =3 I'm not sure when I'll be able to finish it thought lllOTL

Spoiler: 'Touch Oneshot'

Passing by an alley, her wrist was grabbed by a huge callous hand tightly, forcefully getting pulled into the hand’s origin’s direction made her things fall on the ground.

After being pulled into the dark, her wrist was half-twisted on her back; the other pair of the hand covered her mouth, bringing her free hand to her face prying the hand off her mouth. She moved her feet left and right trying to stomp on the feet of foot of her perpetrator, who in turn dodged her attempts.

A built body pressed on her back, pinning the hand on her back. The callous hand on her back moved to remove the puny hand trying its remove its pair held onto strong her mouth was freed her mind hazy. Both her arms were lifted above her head, with her mouth finally free she opened it to scream.


Before she could fully scream, quickly a strip of cloth was wrapped around her head completely gagging her mouth. “You’re late.” The huge man pinning down the brunette whispered.

“Sorry, I got held back by traffic.” The new voice rang. She knew it was a familiar tone. She knew someone there with her. She knew this was coming. She tried separating her arms and found a strong rubber band wrapping them that trying to detach them made it hurt.

“Hi~” the male voice she could recognize said. He walked into the light as her hands were lifted up behind her head strong arms holding both her arms strong and her waist close to his body. Feeling up a rather strong bump right above her waist.

She looked at the man before her. She glared. She closed her mouth biting harshly on the black handkerchief on her mouth.

“Goodness, dude. I can’t hold back this any longer.” The man behind her said again. “You were goddamn right when you said she was pretty sexy. Pretty and sexy.” He said not being able to hold himself back, he slide that hand from her waist up to one of her flesh mounds.

She moved her waist a bit trying to dodge the touch, but the man behind her trapped her legs together. His palms landed on her mound of flesh as she squirmed and moved her hips left and right. Her shoulder twisting left and right, too much moving, her shoulder hit the man’s face that sent his hand flying away, he took a step backward.

“Bitch!” the man exclaimed and landed a fist on the brunette’s stomach. Her body jerked forward her hands still held on top of her head. After she had limped the man then made way under her uniform not bothering to unbutton them and grabbed her right breast. “Perky and just right.”

“Hush, hush. Wait for a while.” The other man standing in-front of the brunette said and pulled the large hand out of her shirt. Takamachi Nanoha, sighed.

“Come on man! How long do you intend to stall this? Is hard yo!’ The large man said as he moved his hips forward and backward grinding his crotch to the poor brunette. With her feet tangled to the man’s large legs, she winced throwing her head sideways, gasping at the feeling. “Come on man~” the man said again as his free hand played at the hem of the brunette’s school skirt. “I can’t wait here forever, enjoying just her back side. I like the front too!”

The other man looked at the dark alley’s opening and has not found any other people passing by. He leaned past Nanoha’s shoulder to the large man’s face. “Wouldn’t you want to hear her voice of pleasures?”

Dark blue eyes widened, alarmed. She turned her head bumping to the man’s head. She bit tightly to the black cloth as the man yanks it out of her mouth.

“Yuuno Scrya.” Takamachi Nanoha spatted. She threw spit on his face. “You’re a bastard.” She told him. Despite her voice shaking, she felt her wrists burning up on the tight rubber band.

“I am.” He answered and removed his glasses, throwing it on the ground and then wiped the spit off his face. “I’m kind so I’m letting Harlaown keep your mouth.” She slid his hand on her right thing as she stick his tongue out.

“What does Fate-chan got to do with this?” She asked. The dirty blonde man pulled out a knife from his back pocket and started slicing off the brunette’s uniform’s buttons. One by one.

“I’m not losing to a girl, Na.No.Ha.” He told her and breathed to her face. “So I’m gonna do something that only men can but women can’t do.”

“W-what?” Nanoha questioned. Her eyes going wide. She knew what was going to happen.

What scared her the most were…


“I’ve never felt the days go by… this slow.” She sat inside her room. Sitting in a dark corner, between two windows a blanket covering her body, her arms wrapped around herself.

A soft knock emerged from her room’s door, and revealed her mother’s figure going inside. “Nanoha-chan. You have to at least go to school, right? Fate-chan and your friends would be very worried.”

“I’m afraid to see him, Mom.” She answered. She craned her neck leaning her head to her knee. “I’m afraid…”

The Takamachi family had decided to apply a lawsuit after the man with rape. But the only conclusive evidence lies within Takamachi Nanoha, seventeen, victim. However, she refuses to talk to anyone nor go to school.

She needs to be hymen tested to take the DNA sample of Yuuno Scrya turned into a conclusive evidence that can put him into jail.

No one else has known about the incident, not even the said girlfriend,

Fate T. Harlaown.

“Fate-chan should at least learn about it.” Momoko Takamachi said the moment the blonde’s name popped out, the brunette showed a pained expression. Blue eyes threatened tears to fall.

“I’m afraid that she’ll be disgusted at me…” She told her mother. “I’m a dirty… filthy… girl…”

“But that’s not how relationships work, right?” Her mother sat at the foot of Nanoha’s bed, afraid to touch her. She stayed distant. “You need to trust her, don’t you? I’m sure you want to see her too.”

“I … do… but…” the brunette said as she wiped her tears. “I’m…”

“Nanoha!” A deep familiars voice called from in-front their house.

“No need to be scared of ferretboy if your Knight is right there beside you, right?” Momoko said and opened the blinds to her room and windows. “Come on in, Fate-chan! Nanoha-chan will be down in ten!”

Beside the room, the blonde with cheerful red eyes bowed as Shirou shouted for her to come in.

“I…” Nanoha looked at her mom who winked at her. “Thank you.” She gave her a wry smile and got off bed.



I can’t help but worry. I haven’t seen Nanoha for a week, but I trust her so I never came to her house. But last night… Momoko-san sounded concerned.

“Can you pick up Nanoha-chan here, tomorrow?”

Enthusiastically, I agreed and said yes. In some way, I feel nervous seeing her. Would she think that I’m chicken for not showing my face for two days? I wonder what happened to her? What should we talk about? What should I as—

“Fate-chan.” I saw her at the peripheral of my eyes and looked. She kissed her mom’s cheek and went out the door with Fate-chan.

She’s still as pretty as ever by something piqued my attention why her wrists, are covered in bandages. She doesn’t look too healthy as well.

“Are you ok—“ before I could even finish my sentence, I heard her speak.

“I’m fine really, Nyahaha~” Her voice was shaking and the hand that she used to shrug away my question off is shaking too.

“your hand?” I asked and took her hands in mine. She had a bit of hesitance when I took them. Like it was an instinctual reaction to pull away, suspicious of her actions, I held her hands softly I created relaxing circles on her palms.

Her hands…

…they were shaking.

“I was baking yesterday. I accidentally put my wrist in the oven, nyahaha~” She answered. I gripped her hand tightly and I felt her flinch again.

“Both of them?” I asked her and smiled, completely ignoring her behaviour, completely ignoring the fact that she lied to me.

She’s acting like, I’m some sort of threat to her.


…. I’m some kind of…



~Risa Arakawa~

“Nanoha-chan! Finally back on school eh?” Yagami Hayate told her as she tapped her shoulder. She minimally shrugged it off. “What happened to you?”

“Had some sort of accident at the bakery, nyaha~” She answered as she scratched her cheek. Fate watched her carefully like a hawk, carefully following her movements.

“Good morning, Nanoha.” A male voice suddenly rang from behind Hayate. Red eyes could definitely see the brunette went rigid.

“Oh, Yuuno-kun! You derp!” Hayate randomly spat at the dirty blonde man while pushing his back forward. “You’ve been away for a week too! Welcome back.”

“Go-good morning.” Nanoha greeted him as she went past him, in a hurry to their classroom. In a swift motion, Fate T. Harlaown followed her in pursuit and greeted him as well.

The day at school went by so slowly. It felt like a whole summer vacation passed by the classroom, by the world of a certain Takamachi Nanoha. It’s like… the time stopped.

After the bell rang, Hayate and their other friends had to go to their respective club activities while a Fate stayed behind with Nanoha.

“Want to go… to my house?” Fate said as she scratched her cheek a blush forming on them. “Th-there’s no one at home too… so…”

“Alright, why not?”


Fate T. Harlaown pressed Takamachi Nanoha against the door of her room. “Fate-chan… wait!”

“Nanoha…” red eyes full of lust attacked the brunette’s neck; she kissed and nipped on them. “I love you…”

“W-wait! F-Fate-chan!” The brunette grabbed the tall blonde’s shoulder and tried pushing her away. “Hold on, Fate—“ her mouth was sealed over by the blonde’s lips.

Pressing her back on the room’s door, hands grabbed her arms, tongues fighting for dominance as a heavy atmosphere clouded the blonde’s room. Nanoha’s knees buckled as they slid down the door.

Fate grabbed Nanoha’s arms, pressing on them, as she felt Nanoha’s head turn away with a yelp. “Ah!” It was soft, but her voice was shaking. Completely disregarding what was happening, the blonde continued her ministrations as she trailed kisses down the brunette’s neck, nipping from place to place, down to her collarbone.

She trailed her hands down her thighs, softly making circles on them before she gave one of her thighs a squeeze, as Nanoha let out of those yelps again, “Ah!” Surprised not in pleasure, but in pressure. “Nano—“ Red eyes widened as she pulled away.

She looked at the quivering female under her. Tears… were coming out of her eyes, her body was involuntarily shaking, her breathing uneven, sweating too much, as tears continued to pour. She wasn’t fighting her attacks. She wasn’t doing anything, not one part of her body was moving, she was just still, laying there, doing nothing.

“Nano—“ She couldn’t find her voice. She knew something was wrong. She went off on top of Nanoha and softly lifted her up for a hug, “Nanoha I’m Sor—“

“D-Don’t be sorry… I’m… sorry.” The brunette said as blue eyes darkened, her vision blurry. “I don’t want this anymore.” The brunette stood up, fixed her uniform and ran away from the blonde. Away

… from those type of touches.

“Damn!” The blonde exclaimed as she punched the floor.

“I’m sorry, Fate-chan.” Blue eyes wouldn’t stop shedding tears. “You didn’t do anything and yet… I let you suffer from this too…” She ran away from the house. She ran away from someone who could probably the only answer.

Ran away from someone who could be her only salvation.


“What is it? Momoko-san?” In a café other than Midori-ya, a certain blonde met with a certain brunette. “This is about… Nanoha, isn’t it?”

“You need to know something about her.” Momoko said as she sipped on her tea. “I may not be in the position to tell you, but as her mother, I’ll meddle with her relationship, even if it means being hated by my daughter, as long as I straighten these things up.”

She told the blonde about the whole ordeal. She didn’t expect it to be that way. She thought that she just wasn’t ready for them to be doing those things. She thought they were at that level, but someone definitely beat her to it.

Her expression changed multiple times, from shocked to anger and to softness and back into kindness.

“I’ll definitely… convince her.”

Having the situation completely analyzed, the situation has gotten a turn for the better. The Takamachi’s Lawsuit against Yuuno Scrya and the man with him, has resulted into a success. They have succeeded on taking the proof for it to be successful and he is to be behind the bars after the trials.


“Nanoha… if you don’t want this… I’ll stop.” Concerned red eyes locked onto afraid dark blue. “Trust me… I won’t hurt you. I won’t do anything you don’t like… I won’t… make you cry. I won’t… force you.” She told her, as she kissed the brunette’s nose.

The brunette just looked at her in a daze, her arms on her side, her legs raised up as the blonde almost sat on top of her, with the blonde’s arms outside of her arms. Inside the Takamachi Household, her whole family gave the whole house to the two of them, for them to mend their broken time together, ruined by jealousy.

“I won’t do anything like this…” Red eyes, trailed her fingers on her bandaged wrist as she took it with her and removed the bandage. Her eyes widened at the sight of burn marks on them, and slowly kissed them. “If I had known… I would’ve let you stayed that night… with me.”

The brunette shook her head left and right. Trembling under the intimate touch, a nightmare of an evening invading her mind, certain events and touches unwanted, playing inside her mind as tears started flowing from her eyes again.

“Nanoha… we will do this slow… and gentle… alright?” She received a nod, that’s the only thing she needed. “I’m going to make you forget that nightmare… do you trust me?” she told her as she stared into her eyes, blonde hair falling from her neck, glazing on the brunette’s neck.

“Un.” The brunette softly whispered. The blonde slowly leaned down to press her lips on hers pulling away for a bit to look at her. She pressed their lips together once more, this time in a more vigilant manner.

She opened her mouth to softly nibble on her lips, and was surprised to receive a reply of the same gesture. They kept going on kissing until they were out of breath. Fate removed the bandages on her other wrist as well, and held them together, kissing the marks softly. “I won’t hurt you. I won’t tie your hands. I love you.” She told her in assurance.

She wrapped Nanoha’s arms around her neck as she felt her body flinch a bit on her touch, she didn’t stop, she knew I was all instinct to reject something painful. “Nanoha I’m not doing something painful, do you trust me?” She received a nod again.

She dove to the crook of the brunette’s neck and nuzzled it with her nose. She felt her head get sandwiched and planted a kiss. Her hands softly clasping the brunette’s uniform, she slowly unbuttoned them. “Nanoha, I’m only unbuttoning them, I don’t have anything to hurt you.”

After opening her clothing, what shocked her the most were the bite marks and knife marks on her body that were randomly scattered. She slowly unclasped her bra as well to reveal her breasts and removed her skirt leaving only her underwear.

She could feel Nanoha’s body shiver under her touch, her body jerking a direction opposite of them. “Nanoha… I don’t have big hands,” she ran through her hand to the side of her body softly. “Nor are they calloused or vigilant.” She softly glazed her hand on her stomach, until the gesture became normal that Nanoha’s stiff body relaxed. “Relax, okay? Once you say no, I would stop.”

She crawled downwards to her breast as she bit on one mound that sent her body shivering again. She encircled her tongue slowly on her tip, sucking softly making sure she didn’t pull in too much pressure. While her hand softly massaged the other, playing with its tip, “ah!”

“Nanoha?” The flaxen haired female immediately stopped her movement and looked at her. “Should I stop?” She received a shake. “Alright.” She continued on her job, and moved on to the other mound as her fingers softly encircled around her underwear’s strap, when two hands held on to them.

“Nanoha?” red eyes asked curiously, as blue eyes looked at her concern written all over her face. “Do you want me to stop?”

“I-I don’t want it to hurt…” Nanoha said as she looked at the ceiling heaving up and down. “I don’t want to be hurt.”

“I promised never to hurt you.” Fate smiled at her and kissed her lips softly. “Do you trust me?” She received once more a soft nod. “Then please… allow me.”

“U-un…” The brunette answered as she let go of the blonde’s hands and wrapped them around her head again.

Fate retracted her hands from the garter and softly glazed a finger outside of Nanoha’s core. She drew a line on her sensitive spot as the fabric stick to her skin making sure she’s wet and well lubricated. She climbed down slowly pulled down the underwear, watching carefully as the brunette shows herself.

Nanoha moved her hands to her face, covering it. Fate looked at her quivering sensitive core. She grabbed up her thighs, and spread them apart. She dove her head inside her legs, as she massaged Nanoha’s thighs until they relaxed from the shivering.

“Nanoha, tell me if it hurts, alright? Tell me… if you want me to stop…” The blonde said as red eyes looked at the job she has to do in-front of her. She nuzzled the place with her nose, and kissed her tip.

“Hya!” She heard her moan. It wasn’t strained nor did it sound painful, it made her… go on. Yellow hair sprawled on the bed went closer to Nanoha’s core. She licked at her tip and softly nibbled on it. “Ah! Hya!” Nanoha’s knees closed on her head as she used her left hand to at least open up one of them.

She continued licking that same tip as she saw more juice flow out of her entrance, as she could feel her spasm, little by little. “Nanoha… I’m gonna put my finger in… alright?” She didn’t receive a response, but she knew that in order to remove the memories, she needs to paint over those events with her own. She softly slid in her right index finger inside, feeling Nanoha tighten up on her finger on first sight.

“W-wait!” The blonde immediately stopped on her tracks, looking up at the brunette, “S-slow…” She nodded at her, and the blonde slowly, slid it inside her. After fully putting inside one in, she slowly parted her lower lips some more and slowly inserted her middle finger, watching her skin contract and get used to the gesture. “O-Ow…”

“I-I’m sorry!” The blonde said as she stopped dead on her tracks. When Nanoha became silent again, she continued putting inside her other finger… and successfully placed them in. “Is this alright?” She received a squeeze on her free hand. “I’m… going to move it in and out, alright?” She received a soft hum and moved her fingers, slowly…

She moved her fingers slowly in and out, gaining speed at a moderate manner. She could feel Nanoha’s hips following her movement. “Y-You’re… getting tight.”

The air got filled with moans. Sounds Fate never heard from her lover, sounds that, hopefully was the first time, Nanoha has ever made. The blonde noticed the brunette move slower as her fingers became more pressed inside her, as white juice overflowed from inside her, her legs quivering more. She slowly pulled out her fingers and wiped it on the bed sheet and climbed over the brunette.

She kissed the brunette as she wiped the sweat off her forehead. “Are you okay?” She asked her. She received a small nod and a sigh. “I know that… this won’t probably replace your bad memories… but at least… you have something to cover all the patches. I’ll help you forget that it ever happened.”

“I know… Thank you… Fate-chan… Someday…” The brunette caught her breathe and put up a freehand to cup Fate’s cheeks. “I’d like to return this favor to you,” She pulled herself up to kiss her and topple over her.

“but for now…

…Thank you for helping me.”



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But I love the Ferret! D:

Check out my stories! Tell me what you think!
Just Like Fate

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Oh god!!! O_O
He- he raeped her?! *raaaaageeeeeee*

anyway, this is a very good written piece. and its a oneshot too, I can now rage over said ferret without having a cliffy hanging over my head. Cant wait till you put it up in!

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Ehe~ Spoiler control please ;_;

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Anonymous wrote:
Ehe~ Spoiler control please ;_;

OOPS Sowwy ;_;

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Courtesy of: ayahdiamon -- --

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I feel so sad for Nanoha, but it's very good piece you've produced.

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Eeeh, like the ferret?but I hate him...

I like the story but it's kinda tragic.but stil very good

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Spoiler: Review
I enjoyed that story, and liked how you made rape as your topic, since it still is a kind of taboo.
I also played with the thought of writing a story with Yuno as the "bad guy".
Now to the but-part: In my opinion you're progressing too fast in the sense of them getting intimate again.
And i also think that a person would react stronger when she's confronted with "her own" rapist, like freezing up or breaking down.
But these are just my own two cents to the topic @__@
All in all, I liked your story. Write more so I can review them, k? x3

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I like how we think the same. xD I did say that this story is unfinished. It really is supposed to be hecka longer but I was too lazy to write everything in between. LOL, ish why it's not ready yet. *thumbs up* Thanks Uke! :3 I skipped everything in between, cause I just wanted to write down the smut since it's the hardest part, @_@

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*looks up*
True, unfinished. Sorry xD
Gonna get myself reading glasses soon, I promise 8D
But yeah, smut really is a very hard part especially when you're not used to writing it. Anyway, I'll look forward to seeing it up on someday if you should finish it :3