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[Fanfic]The Spartan Takamachi School

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My very first fanfic, hope its interesting!

Chapter 1: The Doorway to hell

Chapter 1: The Doorway to hell

At the old riot force six headquarters…

“Morning Nanoha, are you on your way to the training ground?”

“Morning Fate-chan, yes I’m on my way to the training ground. Have you seen the latest batch of recruits? The sure have big potential! I’m so excited getting the chance to train them.”

“eh eh, take it easy Nanoha we don’t want any permanently traumatized recruits.”
“I’ll make sure not to them train them too hard. When I’m done with them they will be the next generation ace strikers”

As Nanoha approaches the training ground, the recruits saw her approach and stood to attention. Sweeping a glance over her new tactic class, she categorized each recruit and measured their probable strengths and weaknesess. “Good morning class, I’m your combat instructor Nanoha Takamachi. You may call me Nanoha. For the next 12 weeks I’ll be pushing you guys to the utter most limit, hate me if you will but at the end of the day, I’ll make you guys the next generation ace or striker. Please report back here in your training attire after you have checked in and dropped off your belongings.”

“Ne Teana what do you think of our new instructor? Isn’t she a little scary? I mean from the rumors that you hear back when we were just trainees you would have thought that she was 5-6 feet tall or something, and that she could probably crush a man’s head with one hand.”

“You’re exaggerating Subaru, She isn’t that bad….. I hope. Although you shouldn’t listen to all the rumors about Nanoha, they are probably not true anyway. My first impression of her is that she is truly dedicated to her job to train us to be the best of the best. Trust me on this, in 2 years’ time we won’t regret having Nanoha as our instructor and for bringing us up.”

(-- Later on at the training room –)

“Now then since we are all here now, starts doing your basic stretches then go run laps till you drop. I need to gauge your endurance and modify my training regimen to your level. Also to my left is riot force six head mechanic Shari, Shari will be in charge of your device tunings if you have any question or would like to have your devices modified please feel free to approach Shari. And before you start your laps please pick up a full set of limiters and weights from Shari.”

. Looking at the boxes of weights/limiters…. Everyone in the class instantly has their blood drained from their faces.
- 2 wrist limiters/weights
- 2 ankle limiters/weights
- 1 jacket limiter/weights
- Total limiter strength (0.5 rank higher then their current rank)
- Total weights 1.5kg

As the class started their laps, it was painfully clear who had the determination to improve and who were lacking in magic and stamina. Nanoha observed quietly, silently contemplating the speed and amount of training pain that the new recruits could handle. After the recruits collapsed in front of her, dead exhausted and panting for dear life, Nanoha released them to Shamal for a full medical check /nutrition planning.

“That was the most tiring thing I have ever done…… and to think that this is ONLY the first session in the afternoon…. On the FIRST day….. Teana can you continue? I don’t think I can.”

“Shut up Subaru. If you got the strength to complain get your butt in gear and lets head to the shower and some well deserve lunch! Unlike you I’m starving, and I can’t feel my legs anymore.”

“Hai Hai”

(-- at Shamal’s Den--)

“My Word, What did you guys do? You all look like your been running for your lives! Here have some vitamin enriched water! It’s iced and I think your deserve a well-earned rest. Tonight’s training is cancelled, I’ll tell Nanoha for you. Once you’re done strip and lie down on the bed, I need to take your blood pressure and some blood from you, you know the works. Nanoha’s training is not easy, can’t have you dying on us now from exhaustion and freak medical issues.”

“Her training can’t be that bad right doctor Shamal?” wailed Subaru.
“Oh you have seen nothing yet my dear, Nanoha’s the best combat Instructor for a reason. Her training while Spartan like have never ever had a fatality. She pushes her students to beyond their limits so that they improve and gain new skill and self-confidence. Most of her graduates if not all have been promoted to officers and are the respective aces of their field. Just being able to survive Nanoha-san’s training earns you the respect in the TSAB. True she does have a wash out rate of 40% but that’s because later on some of the recruits just don’t have the drive, no the burning desire to improve to endure Nanoha-san’s training.”

“But but doctor Shamal, why is Nanoha-san called the smiling White Devil? Isn’t it because she goes too hard on her recruits during training?”

“Oh that….. I’ll leave you to find that out yourself. Te he. Can’t spoil the fun surprise now can I? Like I Said There IS a reason for Nanoha being the Best combat instructor in the TSAB.”

Teana and Subaru glance at each other….. and both wonder what they have gotten themselves into. Truthfully the future doesn’t look as bright as before. Thinking over what Shamal-san said, both Teana and Subaru had nightmares that night.

Really, the door way to hell have open no?

End of chapter 1.

Chapter 2: The Hidden Talent Unleashed
Chapter 2 The Hidden Talent Unleashed

(-- The next day--)

“Ok class today we’ll be doing the same thing as yesterday. Building up your endurance; we’ll be doing this for a week. Now start running!”

There was general discontentment and murmurs of complaints for a while before the class started to run. This however quieted down after Nanoha brought out Raising Heart and donned her armor. After a few laps a few decided to take it easy thinking that they could get away with it. Oh how soon they were proven wrong.
Nanoha just stood there and smiled.

“Raising Heart, if you would please?”

“Certainly, my master. Axel Shooter”

“What the! RUN! They are after us!”

“Run Subaru Run! Who knows what those balls of energy will do to you.”

“Ahhhhh Tia help! The balls are chasing me!”

2 balls of energy accelerated and exploded on the ground behind Subaru. Teana being the brave one stole a glance backward, what she saw made her redouble her efforts and ran faster. Subaru noticing her friend change in speed likewise look backward. Behind them was Nanoha running after them while charging up more Axel Shooters. She was now surrounded with Axel Shooters revolving around her which made it look like she was lock up in a cage.

“Run ladies! Even my child can run faster than you! And she’s only 6! Slowest runner gets my axel shooter in the back! This is training you to evade and run faster! The enemy won’t give you time to run for cover!”

Six balls of pink energy shot out from Raising Heart and started chasing the recruits. The slowest recruit got stung when he couldn’t keep up the pace. The students soon learned how to perform high speed evasion. Now if only the run was the last agenda for the day….

“Now that was just warm up! What with the tired looks on your faces? The world waits for no one. Now drop and give me a hundred push-ups, sit ups and bumping!”
Mass Groans.

(-- few hour later --)

“Ok, now it’s the time to test your skills. We will have a mock battle, all of you against me. If you manage to break my defense and land a hit on my barrier jacket you pass! However if I land a hit on you or after 15 minutes have passed you fail and your will have to run another 50 laps around the base. For this mock battle I’ll temporarily release your limiters, you all should now notice a big difference in your magic level and physical strength.”

“Wow there is really a big difference! I feel lighter and faster! What about you Teana?”

“I really feel stronger, and beside do you have the confidence to dodge Nanoha-san’s attack for 15 minutes and still land a hit on her? I know I can’t.”
“Me neither”

“Then we’ll just have to take our chances and land a hit on Nanoha-san while dodging her attacks.”

“Ready Girls?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“And GO!”

“Subaru! Break left and regroup after 5 minutes! Fake Silhouette and Optic Hide!”

“Axel Shooter!”

While Nanoha fired Axel Shooters at Teana and Subaru, Multiple illusions of Subaru and Teana appeared and run off in all directions. While their doubles were being blasted and dispelled, the real Teana and Subaru under Optic Hide stealthily met up and planed their assault on Nanoha.

“hmmm where could they be hiding? Raising Heart, Divine Buster please.”
“Alright, Divine Buster.” Nanoha sweeps the Divine Buster like a laser sword wiping out the remaining illusions. “I sense a trap. Better get ready the multi layered defense.”


“I’ll keep her busy with a barrage of bullets to cover your approach. You charge in and do what you do best Subaru. Get in close and pound away with your strike arts.”
“Sure give me 1 minute to charge up my attack”

Under Teana, a bright big Orange Mid-Childan circle appeared.
“Wired it was never that bright or big before….. Cross Fire…… Shoot! Shoot Barret! Variable Barret!”

Nanoha chasing after the 2 recruits had barely enough time to throw up a barrier against the oncoming torrential rain of bullets. Some had explosive abilities which surprised Nanoha because of their great explosive power.

“Argh my shield… its’ weakening… that explosive shot strength is probably around AA. Impressive.”

As more bullets rained down on Nanoha’s Shield… It shattered. No it broke apart.

“What?! Barrier piecing/cancelling abilities? Didn’t know she knew how to cast AAA skills. I need to get out of here and buy time. What the? I can’t move. Multiple binds? This will take some time to dispel…”

“Subaru NOW! While I still have her pinned down!”

“I Gather Thee the power of life in to my hands, revolving, pulsating, compressing. The Power and Heat of the sun I ask thee grant unto my hands….”

“Wing Road!”

Dash towards Nanoha and….

“Starlight Cannon!”

And punch against Nanoha’s Personal Barrier Field….. Meeting some resistance before shattering it completely… The concentrated magic which was compressed and revolving shoot out from Subaru’s hand and blow Nanoha very far away.
Smoking and Panting Nanoha peeled herself off the training room’s shielded wall.

“Glad I managed to form a barrier before her shot fired, or I’ll probably be naked and unconscious right now. Good thing the training room is shielded too; hate to explain to Hayate when there is a Human Shaped indent on her wall… Estimating the power output and damage caused…. That got to be a S ranked attack. Very impressive!”

Nanoha slowly limp back to the 2 panting recruits and congratulated them on their superb team work and frightening skills.

“Mission complete. You both have managed to shatter my defense and land a blow on me. You are all dismissed for today. I believe you’ve earned a break. Take tomorrow off and relax. I’ll begin your individual training when your come back.”

“Yes mam. That was great Subaru! When did you learn such a big concentrated attack?”

“Truthfully I didn’t, I was just so tired after going through all the Spartan training Nanoha-san threw at us and wasn’t thinking straight. I just gathered most of the ambient energy around me in to my fist and super compressed. After her personal barrier shattered I just released the energy towards Nanoha, the end result was surprising even to me.”

“Well I hope you can pull that off again, it’ll be real useful to have a 1 hit knock out skill. And have no wish to think about what Nanoha is planning for our individual training to get us back for this.”

“Argh! Teana! I’m starting to regret plastering Nanoha on the training room’s wall now.”

“Well, I have to admit that was a good one. How many people do you know that could even do that to Nanoha-san? You are a legend now sort of.”

“Whatever. I need a shower and so do you!”

End of chapter 2


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ooh it's very nice I can't wait for chapter 2 xO

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Poor Subaru and Teana, I really feel sorry for them, poor girls. XD

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like how you call the med center "Shamal's den." However, I'm kinda surprised to hear Subaru complaining about running considering she excelled at endurance and speed during her early training (Strikers manga). Or is this a non-cyborg Subaru? In any case, looking forward to chapter 2

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Just goes to prove Subaru is not someone to fuck with

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I just wonder what kind of hellish training regimen Nanoha will give to Subaru...

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Wow Chapter 2 is really nice