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Fate T. Harlaown's "I Love You"

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Hello everyone! Today we're releasing a very short doujin by the Pixiv artist todo that our group decided to translate: Fate T. Harlaown's "I Love You". A couple of years ago we released You Are My.... by the same artist.

We hope you enjoy this release! We should be releasing MASULAO MAXIMUM's Love is a battlefield soon too.

Translation: kiruchi ◄► Proofreading: Crazyla, darkhalo191 ◄► Editing: darkhalo191


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I'm so very happy to see this released. ^^

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Haha I guess it would be "Nanoha" before I saw it on the next page. Fate's way of saying "Nanoha" does sound like "I love you". :)

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It's adorably cute. X3

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Thank you very much for the release
I hope we can see the release of "Love is a battlefield" soon too^^

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Have been a while, nice to see a new release! Ty!

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thks for work hard!!! :D