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Fate/Stay Night

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I'm going to make a new fanfic and as the Subject listed it's a FSN version with Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. And I want you lot to Suggest which character of the Nanoha-verse should be which class of the seven(eight) available servant classes (Those I decided already will be made into a picture and be posted on the side):


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This was discussed a bit in chat previously... I remember Hayate was going to be Caster, but nobody else.

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well Erio would be a lancer... cause Strata is a lance...

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Nano could be archer and Fate as Saber. o u o

Don't be fooled by a fool, you foolish fool!!

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As ace said earlier there was a discussion about this in chat, also worth noting is that a heroic spirit may be in more than one class, such as Heracles who could be in any class except for Assassin or Caster. That being said here are my 2 cents:

This class contains powerful melee warriors with a general balance in all attributes. The only people who fit this category I believe are Signum and Vita, Tre would also fit but I don’t remember her exact fighting style.

Lancer types are considered the most agile class and the strongest in close-combat. Fate would easily fit into this category, she loses her balance attributes from sacrificing much of her defense for speed but because she’s so blindingly fast she’s a formidable opponent. Erio is also a fast fighter so he’ll fit here nicely too.

The third of the knightly classes, the others are of course the two mentioned above. As their name suggests they used long range weaponry. Nanoha and Teana fits this category probably even Cinque since she throws her daggers.

This servant must have some degree of riding skill, which could be anything. The only person that actually displays this ability in the Nanohaverse would be Caro making Freidrich her noble phantasm. If you really need another person Subaru or Ginga could do since they use roller blades but that’s pushing it.

These servants must have a degree of skill in magecraft, making practically anybody from MGLN a candidate. Hayate however would probably fit this class best as she shows that classic trait of a Caster class: Large bombardment type spells, long cast times and high prana cost, and low defense.

Usually one of the 19 Hassan I Sabbah as they embody this class using just the name as catalyst is enough to summon them. These fighters are typically weak in combat and fights using underhanded techniques using ‘Presence Concealment’ to attack Masters directly. Due would fit this class and possibly even Teana since she has that illusion skill. The Liese twins also display a lot of cunning taking out the wolkenritter during A’s so they could fit this class as well.

People who have gone berserk during their lifetime fall into this servant class. This gives them the ability ‘Mad Enhancement’ trading their sanity for a large upgrade in all their attributes, but at the same time making them hard to control. Only Subaru and Vita went berserk in MGLN, fandom would suggest Nanoha too but I never saw her angry in the series. Lutecia and Vivio may fit but they were forcefully driven insane so I don’t think they count.

Each character’s device would probably become a noble phantasm but I’m unsure if they would keep their personality or just become a named weapon. Either way I hope this helps :)

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Maybe I should add that:

Who should be the master of which servant(Nanoha-verse only)?

Also this is where the problems arise!

Saber class is already decided by me, but thanks for the replies by ManeAstrum,_kAtWiN_,Rildok and acecipher.

Archer class is were the problem is. into Archer class are fitting Signum,Teana and Nanoha(I wanna make her a master so she's out of question this time) as for Cinque, she fittes more into the assassin.

And the other classes that make my head ache are Rider, Caster, and Berserker...

Should Jail be a master or a servant(and which class then)?

And do any of you know the servant class ''Avenger''?

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A Master serves as an anchor or passport that allows the Servant to stay in this world, and provide prana to the servant for sustenance. The heroic spirit in this case is classified as a familiar, specifically a Ghost Liner the highest classification of familiars, since they require someone to exist.

Anyways to answer your question, generally the only qualification needed to become a Master is to have magic circuits or in Nanohaverse a linker core to provide prana and successfully summon a Servant for the Holy Grail War. One the two acknowledges their respective roles the Grail will recognize the person as a legitimate Master and a command seal is created confirming their participation in the war.

However there are always of course exceptions or ways around it:


Mystic Codes
By using a mystic code such as a Rin’s gems or in Shinji’s case a spellbook artifact, the command seals are placed on this allowing the user to summon a Servant. This of course doesn’t provide them with enough prana to sustain themselve, Rider had to resort to eating humans to make up for it.

Non Magi Master
A Servant may bound with a non magi though this case is rare as in the case with Caster from Fate/Stay she made a contract with Kuzuki Soichirou who has no magic whatsoever so like Rider above as to resort to other tactics in order to sustain her form. However they cannot summon a servant, as Caster killed her previous Master and scrounged around until she found Soichirou.

Shared Mastership
This was the case for Lancer of Fate/Zero where Kayneth Archibald El-Melloi summoned Lancer but his wife Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri provided the prana for him to survive. Sola is only a proxy the official Master is Kayneth.

Three factors play a part in which class and who the Servant is:
The Formalcraft
IOW the ritual used in summoning the Servant which includes the incantation, magic circle, and knowledge used in summoning the Servant. This usually determines the class.

The Personality of the Master
The personality plays a small role in determining who is summoned as proved by Emiya Kiritsugu who noted that summoning King Arthuria may be impossible because of how different their personalities and morals are. This determines the class and the true identity.

The Catalyst
The catalyst or what was sacrificed is the most important factor im summoning a Servant as it determines the true identity of the Ghost Liner, the more closely related and important the artifact is to the Heroic Spirit the better it is to get him/her. Kiritsugu and Shirou used the Scabbard of Excalibur (In the anime its called Avalon but it was never actually named) to summon King Arthuria. Tousaka Rin summoned EMIYA because the jewel she used as a catalyst was the same one that resurrected him when Lancer killed him. Ilya used slab of stone from Heracles' temple for her Servant.

As long as a Master is alive he can make a new contract with a wandering Servant since they have some time before their mana runs out and disappears from this world. Conversly a Servant can find a new Master if only the Master is killed, thus during the Grail War its important to make sure to kill both.

Avenger was only summoned ONCE during the 3rd Grail War and no details were given to how or why it was summoned. That class is considered an anomaly and should not exist, as when Avenger was summoned it was absorbed into the Grail, corrupting it. It failed to appear during the 4th war because Kiritsugu forced Saber to destroy the grail to prevent him from materializing, he appeared again after the 5th war because of the large amounts of magic left over from the war allowing him to materializing causing the events of Ataraxia to occur. As the name suggest only a Servant with enough hate and vengeance could be summoned into this class making Angra Mainyu the only possible candidate. Fate/Extra also made an 8th class: Saver but again these are not official classes and should not appear during The Grail War.

Sorry for the extremely long winded answer, I’m a nausverse freak, but to answer your question anyone can be a Master and it doesn’t matter who they are, it only matters how the Servant is summoned that determines the class and identity. Again Avenger is an anomoly that happened once which caused the corruption of the grail.

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You're quite knowlagable and I'm thankful for you listing of neccassary information.

As for the story itself (thanks to the info I've already gathered) it will take some time and affort.

When but when it's about the vengeancefullness of characters, some of the hückebein or even Touma himself could be (might be) considered avengers right? the hate the world for different reasons and their killing either out of revenge or need(the later it seems most likely not)or out of business.

As for the 'saver-class' please tell me more about it.

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Well a couple of problems that keep me from answering your question properly,

One is that Avenger was only summoned once, meaning the requirements for summoning it are vague leaving the name as the only clue. I don't really consider a class but more like a bug in the system.

Two is that Angra Mainyu actualy purpose is to hate humanity:

Spoiler: Avenger's true identity

He's actually just a village boy, but through the immature beliefs of his village he was chosen to be the "source of all evil in the world" since rather than living chivalrously they decided to blame all of the world's problems, evils, and sins onto him, so that they may feel clean. Thus they tortured him daily never allowing him to die except by old age. In the end Hate became not an emotion but rather a natural state, Hating everything.

In an ironic twist even though he was believed to be the manifestation of evil he gave others peace with themselves elevating him to a heroic spirit.

So for one to become an Avenger class they really have to hate for the sake of hating. I also believe that they also have to hate humans as I don't think Gaia would accept anyone into the Throne of Heroes if they hate the world/planet.

Three: I never read Force so I can't tell which class they properly fell in. However I believe that the eclipse virus drives them to kill, so they kill for the curse not for the sake of killing so they wouldn't even fit in the berserker class let alone avenger. Again though I don't know anything about Force, so if they hate people enough then it could work, just take my answer with a pinch of salt.

Saver class is an eighth class introduced in the game Fate/Extra (which is being localized November!!) it plays the role of the "Final Boss" of the game.

Spoiler: Game Spoilers

Fate/Extra takes place in an alternate universe, where they created a virtual holy grail but it serves the same purpose to grant a wish. The only difference between this war is that there are hundreds of participants, most die during the preliminaries (you'll see a pile of bodies if you play the game) leaving 128 who fight in tournament matches (you as the player fight 7 rounds one against each class) At the end the game master tries to force a wish out of you, you being the hero of course refuses thus fighting his hax servant: Saver who's true identity is Vairocana.

Again no details were given about the class except for the name. However I find this class even worse than the Avenger. As the name suggest a Saver class has done a great deed to the world, either liberating humans from suffering or stopping an apocalypse. Which is the same qualification to become a heroic spirit so its a rather redundant class IMO.

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Who would most likely be Masters, or who is the most suitest as a master for the respective Servant?

Some wise opinions would be helpful and appreciated!!!

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OK, the only problem I see in your fic will be the servant-master relationship, or do you only want to see a fight between the servants?

I don´n know any character of Vivid or Force, so here I go:

1.Saber class: Signum/ Master: Shamal
Strenght: A- Endurance: B - Agility: A - Magical energy: C - Luck: B - Noble phantasm: A

2.Archer class: Fate/ Master: Nanoha
Fate fit this class perfectly because: All the archers in Fate universe are hot XD, also the archer has independent action if the mana is cut out, in personality they are cynical bastards and I´d like to see Fate pissing of Nanoha for once
If you know Archer (F/SN) he´s not a former "archer" and prefers to use short swords rather than a bow, he shots only noble phantasms with or without a bow... Fate shots lightning, and wields Bardiche in his scythe form and sword form.
Strenght: B - Endurance: B - Agility: A - Magical energy: B - Luck: D - Noble phantasm: EX

3.Rider class: Caro/ Master: Erio
Strenght: C - Endurance: B - Agility: B - Magical energy: C - Luck: B - Noble phantasm: A

4.Caster class: Reinforce (A´s)/ Master: Hayate.
It could also be Precia, but in my opinion Reinforce is more badass and I´d like to see her dark past
Strenght: C - Endurance: B - Agility: B - Magical energy: EX - Luck: A - Noble phantasm: EX

5.Assasin class: Scaglietti / Master: Unknown
Strenght: C- Endurance: A - Agility: A - Magical energy: D - Luck: C - Noble phantasm: Unknown

6.Berserker class: Sankt Kaiser Vivio/ Master: ---(She/he has to be a powerful magi)
It also could be Subaru (obvious reasons lol)
Strenght: A+ - Endurance: A - Agility: A - Magical energy: A - Luck: B - Noble phantasm: EX

7.Lancer class: Zest/ Master: I have no idea...
Strenght: B- Endurance: B - Agility: A - Magical energy: C - Luck: C - Noble phantasm: Unknown

Zenryoku Zenkai!

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Your reasoning, as well as your suggestions are quiet good but... Well wait for chapter one, so that you can understand what I meant. The Master Servant System I worked out by myself with this fic is nearly finished and Three of the Masters and ( of the Servants are already choosen ... although I still have to choose whose the rest....

Confused? That's intended, as I said look forward to the first chapter on new year!