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The First Mahou Shoujo Fighting Game since 1996

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After the End Of Madoka, I and a number of other people came up with the idea for a fighting game that would bring the different girls of the different Mahou Shoujo Universes together, both as friends and foes.

What we currently need the most are
* Dedicated artists for the graphics. If you can animate using Blender it would be a definite advantage.
* People with experience in sound editing.
* People knowleadgable in MG tropes that are willing to work as our living libraries. ;-)

If you have the aforementioned (or any other) talents, or simply want to throw ideas at use please go to:
#majokkobrawl on the network.
In the unlikely case that I am not there myself, tell them where you come from and who you sent you; somebody there will help you along.

PS: Yes, Nanoha, Faito-san or both will be part of it (everything else would quite frankly be heresy).
PPS: I am NOT the project leader; pyonko is.
See you all in chat and hopefully as parts of the project as well.