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Happy Birthday Nanoha! Yamibo's Nanoha Calendar Release

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Hello everyone! As some of you may know, today is Nanoha's birthday, so to commemorate this special date 閃光家族@Yamibo did a huge project. It's a calendar for March 2012 to March 2013 drawn by various artists (17 artists in total, for 12 months, so there are months with two arts as opposed to one).

This is a pretty big project, the art is really good and is full of great NanoFate images. Each picture is perfect for desktop wallpaper too, so you can change your wallpaper monthly if you so wish to!

Spoiler: Artists list


March -- 秋田いぬ
April -- ababc13,Ayah Diamon
May -- 淡漠的魚
June -- B.K.
July -- meguaim
August -- 鬱悶的DE,EnseiSong
September -- 白逸,有花無名
October -- 暗黑
November -- 悠,pandagirlz
December -- Iceky


January -- rissole715
February -- aegisz
March -- 映夜


Torrent: NyaaTorrents
Direct Download:
(If you want to link these files in other Web, please ask prior permission to 閃光家族 from Yamibo, or link this post instead of the files).

Big thanks to our buddies from Yamibo for this project and letting us distribute it trough our Website!

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Thank you so much for this!! All of the artists did such an amazing job. *^*

(Are any of the pictures available without the dates?)

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It's Nanoha's bday but we receive the gift, wow! >8D
Thanks Yamibo, . It looks very very good :3

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I don't comment much on releases but this is indeed really nice surprise!

Big HNNNGGGGG worthy one!

Thanks Yamibo!

Most of them are gorgeous, but as favourite go it's September one.
Somewhat the orange themed colors and the very cute and simple picture got me.

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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you :D

July, September and November <3

Zenryoku Zenkai!

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Yamibo makes another great release during Nanoha's bday, last year it was an awesome compilation novel. This calender is way beyond awesome, they've got my favorite artists contributing to this too ;____;

Thanks thanks alot!

Otanome Nanoha~~~~ lulz

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This is really cool. Thanks.

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Thanks ^^

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Thank you so much for all the releases :)

November is my new favourite month now ;)

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November and December are so * A * <3

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November is the sexiest for me. Darn! I love that artist D8

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Thanks to Yamibo for doing that nice project, and thank you guys for sharing it. :3

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Oh, today's Nanoha's birthday. I'm wondering if Fate's going to give herself as a happy birthday present. :D

Thanks for a nice calendar.

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Naked Fate-chan in the bed. With some satin ribbons all over the body, hmmm... And a bday cupcake between the breasts, yaho-hoo~ >8D

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Happy Birthday Nanoha

I love the Calendar i think my fave is June, July and March(13)

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Looool I can't believe my Nanoha character is actually older than myself now !! She was supposed to be 15 as I am but what?! She is now 16 ! I'm older than myself o_o What a logic ! xDD H-B Myself !

Anyways this calendar is awesome guys ! I love it ! Yamibo powa !

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o-o Hmmms 16 march is nanoha bday so whn is fate bday? Lolz

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*15th actually.

and Fate has no birthday *insert sad face here*

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True, but its her choice to do that, she could of used Alicia's but refuses to.

I understand they celebrate something on the anniversary of the day she and Nanoha first met instead, that would be sometime in April or May as the original series took place in a few weeks in spring.

And Vivio is the same, rather than use the Sankt Kaiser's birthday, a church holiday, they celebrate the day she and Nanoha met in the garden of the Church hospital.
From the first chapter of Vivid that also seems to be in the spring and apparently is the day before the start of the new school year in Mid-Childa. If Mid-Childa follows Japanese practice than the school year starts on April 1st and the day they celebrate is March 31.

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Very detailed, where did you get all this? O_o

So vivio's bday's in march 31st? if this is canon all otaku in japan would celebrated it next week.