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Happy Happy Wedding

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Hello everyone! This weekend we are releasing Happy Happy Wedding, a recent doujin made Ameiro/Nanashiki.

In this 40 pages long doujin Nanoha and Fate take a visit to a church, and decide to rent dresses to pose as wife and wife. This is a story full of fluff, romance and cuteness, with a very fitting art style. The sugar level in your blood may go over the top after reading this doujin, so proceed with caution.

We hope you enjoy this release!

Raws: prime_time ◄► Translator: prime_time ◄► Proofreading: Divine Vengeance ◄► Editor: ShiroAka


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Joined: 09/11/2012
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the vow they made, gushness!, it made me shout! haha..i really like it! i really love it! good job! 4 thumbs up! ♥

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Joined: 09/22/2009
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Love the art style, it fits the cuteness level * . *

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Joined: 08/22/2009
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My poor heart, it almost killed me from sweetness overload ! X3

Thanks for the release, guys, it's a very sweet and touching doujin.

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Joined: 08/25/2011
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For me a church its a nigthmare, like amityville house ._.

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Um, I'm kinda curious to know why you think that?

Q: Where am I?
A: Everywhere.

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Joined: 07/02/2012
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Oh my... It was so beautiful, sweet and romantic that I just don't know what to say. It's serene atmosphere and huge dose of fluff made my heart flutter. I love simply everything in this work, it's art, Fate and Nanoha's wedding dresses, how they made their vows to each other...

Thank you so much for the release, as always, you've done a great job with this one.

And by the way, is there some continuation to this doujin? It's ending kind of made me want to see what was next ^^

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Joined: 11/30/2011
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and after they buy the matching rings and they're both back to work... everyone's gonna be like 'When did you guys get married???' xD

Anyway...thank you so much for the post!! totally made my day! =D also...i'm looking forward for the 'continuation' winkwink*

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Joined: 07/17/2012
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it was so beautiful and romantic and lovely. will it be contuied

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Joined: 04/06/2010
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Thank you =)

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This is lovely. I am hoping for this to be continued

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Joined: 09/18/2012
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Thank you for the translations!
The story was lovely and cute <33333333

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Nanoha-mama and Fate-mama are so cute together. ^^


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Einhart wrote:
Nanoha-mama and Fate-mama are so cute together. ^^

Nanoha-Mama, Fate-mama... Einhart? Do not want, that's gonna make make Vivio's love life disastrously awkward.

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Joined: 02/11/2012
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Well, they are my mothers-in-law. ^^


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Joined: 11/02/2012
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Thank you!!!

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I really don't understand how I didn't discover this site before! pure awesomeness!!! thank youuuuuuuuuu