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Today we're releasing Harmony, another Tokoharu doujin that goes in the line of the previous works of this artist. This one is for all ages, and is 100% fluff, so be prepared, because this thing can kill unprepared readers. Seriously.

With this doujin done, there are two more unfinished scanlations (Naked Feels and Sweet Sweet Time) to have all the works from this artist translated to English, so please look forward to them.

Raws: poun
Translator: Kivani
Proofreading: Anon2111
Editor: raizoo


Torrent: NyaaTorrents
Direct Download:

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Nope. Not a thing.

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Thanks a lot ^^

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Soooo cuteeee!

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this is so cute :3
thanks for translating it can wait for more :3

~what happen if nanoha and fate are real~

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Sweet! Thanks a bunch (as usual).

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It's one the sweetest thing I ever read !

Thanks !!!

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Was really looking forward to new Tokoharu work! Thank you!

P.S. Can we also have the short message at the end of the doujin (from Tokoharu) translated as well? (Image #21.png) It was done for Evening Rain...and it was great. Thanks....

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Blargh i'm ded.

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Thanks for the new release!!.. looking forward to more from Tokoharu doujin!!

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So Cute!! I love all the fluffyness in it. I want more. Thanks for the scalation.
and Viva NanoFate.

I stumbled upon this Doujin and I have to say it is the sweetest one I've read as I'm fairly new to doujins. The last one I read a friend sent me...a hentai Railgun doujin X_X hahaha!

Anyways just wanted to shout out my thanks for translating and sharing it with the rest of us!

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ADORABLE. My favorite NxF doujins are the ones where Fate is getting "spoiled."

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This doujinshi is really cute, I can't wait to read it. Thank you all for your hard work Nanofate team :)

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Thank You!!! I Love Tokoharu and your doujins.
Harmony is perfect. Thank you very much (>.<)

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I swear I never saw a warning as true as the one at top of this post XD
I really love this doujins.

PD: Nice work, raizoo ;)

So many fanfictions, so little time XD

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thank you as always~~ :D

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Thanks for the translation you guys :)

So cute ^_^

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Hehe :D sweet X3
Even I'am delaying my sleeping time just to read this lol XD

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I dont know how that comment got past the sensor net...but that was definitely spam *marks*

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A pair of spam messages have went through our filter in the last few days. If this persist I'll have to see if I can do something about it.

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This doujin is really cute .... And also touching