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I Still Love U

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Hello everyone! This Monday our group is releasing I Still Love U, an AU (alternate universe) doujin made Astllatte Sorato.

This is a 24 pages long romance centered story which follows Nanoha and Fate in a highschool setting from their first meeting. This is a parody doujin that doesn't follow the main series' story, but is either way a very good and enjoyable reading.

We hope you enjoy this release! Our next translation may take more than usual since we don't have any scanlations to be done in our queue, but in other good news Das Resultat sagt alles ~ Ich danke allen Leuten. ~ is getting closer to be ready for release.

Raws: ShiroAka ◄► Translator: Maleficarum ◄► Proofreading: Divine Vengeance ◄► Editor: depression76


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Thanks!! ^_^

great news!.. I can't wait to read Das Resultat sagt alles!!

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Thanks as always guys !
It's a cute little story.

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It's so sweet I'mma be curling up into a ball >_> so cute <3
Thank you for translating it ^^ and yay for Das Resultat sagt alles!

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LMAO, Yuuno is not even well drawn here, haha.
Anyways, I love this circle. The style, the stories are so cute! (´▽ ` )

Oh boy, there aren't lots of material? (´Д`*) Well, I bought some doujins, (there's a +18 rated part, right?)

It's gonna take kind of a month and some weeks (less than 2 months I'm sure) to have the babies in my hands, but by that time, if you guys still do not have them in good quality, I scan for you without a problem, really d(>_<)o

Howsoever, thank you very much for the hard work!

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Thanks for offering us your scans~
I think we don't have scans of "Loving you Too much", I'm not sure. About "Fine Color Day", yes there is an adult part that wasn't scanned by Yamibo and we are missing. We have scans "Magical Love Potion" though, scans from Yamibo.

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I'm gonna check the doujin's topics every now and then. If I don't see some of my purchases there, I can scan 'em ASAP ^^

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Wow, I usually don't like this doujinka's works as much as others', but this is actually very sweet. X3 I love it. Fluffy and cute~ Thanks for the release and your hard work. =3

When I'm bored... :/

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Thanks! Great news, looking forward to the novel

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Thanks ^^