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Ichaicha wa Ouchi ni Kaettekara!!

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Today TheRon surprised us for the third week in a row with a new scanlation: Ichaicha wa Ouchi ni Kaettekara!! by Nagomi Kissa and Hirayama.

This is a 26 pages long doujin full of comedy, sexy moments, some cuteness and a lot of cheerleader outfits. It's very in the style of the previous translated doujin by Nagomi Kissa, Icha Icha wa Ouchi ni Kaette kara.

But not only that, he started translating Vivid Strike! and uploaded the first available version of the third episode, with good quality translations as always. You can check episode 3 here. And in case you missed it, last week TheRon released a Nanoha Picture Drama with some NanoFate cuteness too, you can check it here.



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Fate is so adorable in this doujin, and as expected, the cheerleader outfit worked well to get some "quality time with Nanoha"