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Innocent Dreamer

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Hello everyone! This weekend we're bringing to you a new release by Mekimeki Oukoku: Innocent Dreamer

This is a 32 pages long doujin divided in two parts. The first story is about young Nanoha and Fate planing to spend the holidays together with their friends, but Fate decides to be overly possessive of Nanoha. The second story is about teen Nanoha giving Fate a gift for white day, and Fate misunderstanding everything.

We hope you enjoy this release! Feedback is appreciated as always.

Raws: prime_time ◄► Translation: JustMadman ◄► Proofreading: Divine Vengeance ◄► Editing: depression76 ◄► Quality Check: ShiroAka


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Seems like another cute story <3
Thank you guys!

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Fate can be so silly sometimes... :3
A nice, cute and funny release.

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Hehe, thanks. I love Mekimeki's Hayate so much much :D

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The stories were really cute :3 Thank you for the translation!

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thanks so much